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Cluster in a sentence | cluster example sentences

  1. It is called the Beehive Cluster.
  2. The touch of a cluster of leaves.
  3. You inhale a cluster floating away.
  4. Kat entered a small cluster of trees.
  5. A cluster of dark nods replied, Yes.

  6. He eyed the cluster of green leaves.
  7. Truth is not some cluster of concepts.
  8. Cluster: A collected group of like things.
  9. We walk back to the train in a loose cluster.
  10. This is what’s known as a cancer cluster.
  11. The cluster is known simply as Planet KULMOOG.
  12. You watch super clusters of super cluster unfold.
  13. They found a large cluster of rocks and matched.
  14. Nearby, there’s a cluster of anti-aircraft guns.
  15. In the middle of a cluster of trees was a clearing.

  16. A bomb is not a cluster of dynamite sticks any more.
  17. These turned into what looked like a galactic cluster.
  18. A small cluster of a dozen monsters advanced on his.
  19. A cluster seldom lasts longer than five or six weeks.
  20. There was a cluster of willow trees that blocked the.
  21. Halfdan chased him through the cluster of silent tents.
  22. He said, Computer, locate the nearest meteor cluster.
  23. I withdrew from the cluster that had formed around the.
  24. There was a cluster of police officials on 72nd Street.
  25. Grapes hang in a cluster that has the shape of the heart.

  26. The cluster of goblins and orcs were pushed from the rear.
  27. A cluster of red orbs flashed to life in the mounds center.
  28. A cluster of three gathered around one of the new emitters.
  29. McLean regained his footing and bull-rushed a cluster of Rot.
  30. Silas found a cluster of branches that hid him from all sides.
  31. Shortly after, they were in sight of the Nebar Cluster itself.
  32. Look, I say, pointing at a distant cluster of buildings.
  33. There was a cluster of oxygen tanks in the center of the room.
  34. Ren throws something disc shaped into a boxed cluster of cars.
  35. At this point, every Cluster warship was a precious commodity.
  36. A study of smoking and patients with chronic cluster headaches.
  37. Another family stood in a cluster at the other end of the room.
  38. Around each gathers a cluster of friends, and gay children and.
  39. Jack pointed past a cluster of large rocks and granite boulders.
  40. There’s a cluster of visible small blood vessels on my chest.
  41. The white tents cluster in camps, the arm'd sentries around, the.
  42. He found the boulder cluster where he and Tannon had stood before.
  43. While I was inside the cluster of buildings, I also decided to cut.
  44. The latter was the furthest cluster, symbolising danger and threat.
  45. Fifty or so of the females formed a tight cluster, joined hands and.
  46. Past the fence is a cluster of trees, most of them dead, some green.
  47. At a crossroad there was a little cluster of white wooden buildings.
  48. I know one thing, Credit said as he observed a cluster of lines.
  49. When the SST entered the next cluster of clouds, he raised his coffee.
  50. We cluster together to form teams, and then turn against one another.
  51. He looked around at the cluster of Guardians, who were shaking their.
  52. Suddenly the green light in the middle of his gauge cluster clicked on.
  53. Chances are that it’s an internal security matter for the Cluster.
  54. The Nebar Cluster is a group of small islands off of our eastern coast.
  55. Ahead, out of the morning mist, began to appear a cluster of red lights.
  56. Next, carefully downshift to the biggest gear on the rear wheel cluster.
  57. However, from what I know of the Cluster, only a fool would attack them.
  58. Where was Tom? There he was, surrounded by a cluster of adoring Audreys.
  59. That means that the Nebar Cluster is even more in the dark than you are.
  60. In addition a cluster of pods around the lower half of the vessel also.
  61. I did notice a cluster of domes near the north pole, Rashi offered.
  62. Though, the Cluster probably thought this was just an unscheduled drill.
  63. Ariella followed his gaze to a cluster of bright stars on the far horizon.
  64. As he approached the first cluster of men, hoots and whistles arose and.
  65. A bronze pin fashioned into a large cluster of mistletoe closed his cape.
  66. Captain, I have another drive signature inside the cluster to the left.
  67. A well was there, and a cluster of stone towers, occupied by the Zaheemis.
  68. She looked ahead once again as a cluster of mountain peaks came into view.
  69. The following command gets the nodes that are part of the Hyper-V cluster.
  70. His children and grandchildren, who cluster around him, think he is crazy.
  71. Closing prices tend to cluster near the day’s high during an upward move.
  72. It was the red lever among a cluster of others that controlled the winches.
  73. Unbelievably there was a small cluster of space ships contained within the.
  74. In a cluster at the end of the corridor, he saw Valeriya and the other girl.
  75. It looks as though they are pinned down by those guards in that cluster of.
  76. In front, along the edge of the wood, was a cluster of low red farm buildings.
  77. He spotted the wyassies in the center of the cluster, along with the headman.
  78. With that, the Cluster would probably never find out what this was all about.
  79. First stop on the West Coast was Haast, a small cluster of houses and one shop.
  80. The following example gets the details of all the nodes of the Hyper-V cluster.
  81. He further calmed himself by trying to remember all he could about the cluster.
  82. Still, Kierd would have enough ships to effectively blockade the entire Cluster.
  83. NCI says that none of them are a match for even the smallest Cluster warship.
  84. It seemed that the enigmatic Smiljan was the rumoured owner of the Nebar Cluster.
  85. Each pier consisted of four oak beams in a cluster, held together by plank braces.
  86. Before long, he stepped down and cautiously approached the rain-drenched cluster.
  87. He walked over to where the bales of hay were pushed together in a small cluster.
  88. Though, upon reflection, the Archipelago was a cluster of close-knit communities.
  89. The three of them moved off down the road towards the large cluster of tents ahead.
  90. There in the Zeta Gabulon cluster is where the Lorien was apparently abandoned.
  91. A cluster of high-volume down days generally implies that institutions are selling.
  92. A cluster requires an expiring important count, as do all successful target ranges.
  93. Luke approached the fire, bowed his head, and tossed in a cluster of fat red grapes.
  94. Like swarms of angry hornets, Cluster warships began streaming out of the causeways.
  95. It wouldn�t be more than two hours before they would intercept the Cluster fleet.
  96. I was just wondering what kind of traffic you get out here in the Hyperion Cluster.
  97. As they neared home, Ancor was glad to see that the Cluster had received his warning.
  98. She smelled an intoxicating mix of floral scents as they passed a cluster of flowers.
  99. From a cluster of green, curiously leafed stalks, great black blossoms nodded at him.
  100. This had to have been the fastest replacement of a senior commander in Cluster history.
  1. So we will continue on the premise that clustering happens.
  2. Tom ran to join the other Guardians, who were clustering at the.
  3. However, clustering can also provide fault tolerance in ways that SMP cannot.
  4. Its chief village was Bucklebury, clustering in the banks and slopes behind Brandy Hall.
  5. Here there were neither farms nor villages, no white-walled villas looming among clustering trees.
  6. Clustering can provide two basic advantages over a single server: load balancing and fault tolerance.
  7. Ten robots were busy as well cleaning up the debris clustering the courtyard, dumping them in a corner.
  8. The restaurant was crowded, people clustering near the bar while they waited for indoor and outdoor tables.
  9. Miriam looked at the tower, proud among the clustering roofs, and remembered the sketches he had brought her.
  10. It was a nest of octopi, clustering up great arms of fleshlike weed, wavering, flowering in this brief spring.
  11. Then he’d been swallowed up in the crowd clustering around him, along with the rest of the fleeing Garland Roses stars.
  12. This clustering may not seem a big deal, but the researchers say they are confident that it can’t be attributed to chance.
  13. As he soared closer Ryan’s eyes were caught by the sight of a familiar glint in a clustering of vegetation at the forest edge.
  14. In addition to these new units, the new structure provided a coherent clustering of units completing the core process work of IT.
  15. She was the center of a bargain sale, ladies clustering in twos and threes, everyone talking, laughing, offering, accepting at once.
  16. The boys were just then clustering round the large desk, climbing over the precentor's footstool, opening the missal; and others on.
  17. The wild-fowl's notes at night as flying low migrating north or south, The psalm in the country church or mid the clustering trees, the.
  18. He made out the ancient broken-paved avenue, wandering away to the south, lost amid clustering masses of fronds and thick-leaved bushes.
  19. In today’s clustering products, a group of computers can be clustered in a failover configuration without leaving some of the machines idle.
  20. His high forehead, with clustering black hair and sharply marked brows, bore the impress of passionate feeling and turbulent thought strongly repressed.
  21. Since she had a pre existing disease and together with the clustering of such a number of triggering factors, the consequences were tragic, replied Dr Hike sighing.
  22. I marched on recklessly towards this Titan, and then, as I drew nearer and the light grew, I saw that a multitude of black birds was circling and clustering about the hood.
  23. There are two areas in which the use of server clustering can affect the hardware used to construct a network: the network connections themselves and the server’s mass storage hardware.
  24. The boys were just then clustering round the large desk, climbing over the precentor's footstool, opening the missal; and others on tiptoe were just about to venture into the confessional.
  25. At one of these ends there was an enormous camera on wheels, and a whole army of Oompa-Loompas was clustering around it, oiling its joints and adjusting its knobs and polishing its great glass lens.
  26. She waited until Browning had left before rushing to the table to grab the magazine, with the other women clustering around her to read over her shoulder as she opened it to the article about Ingrid.
  27. In fact, of the twenty rose-trees which formed the parterre, not one bore the mark of the slug, nor were there evidences anywhere of the clustering aphis which is so destructive to plants growing in a damp soil.
  28. Clustering can provide the same advantage as having multiple processors in a single server since it is possible to divide the server’s workload between the processors in the various computers that make up the cluster.
  29. Server technologies such as clustering and remote disk arrays require high-bandwidth connections, and using the same data network as the client computers for this purpose could easily result in massive amounts of traffic.
  30. One of the elements that complicate the implementation of a clustering solution in a failover configuration is that each of the computers in the cluster requires access to the applications and data running on the other computers.
  31. And whereas the expression of Death is supported and emphasised by the hard, square forms and texture of the stone steps, the expression of Love is supported and emphasised by the rounded forms and soft texture of the clustering roses.
  32. This book is aimed to help you kick-start with analytics including chapters on data visualization, code examples on web analytics and social media analytics, clustering, regression models, text mining, data mining models and forecasting.
  33. She made the sombre crowd cheerful by her erratic and glistening ray; even as a bird of bright plumage illuminates a whole tree of dusky foliage, by darting to and fro, half seen and half concealed amid the twilight of the clustering leaves.
  34. Looking up, we saw fully a score of wild shaggy heads thrust out from the clustering foliage; but before we had time to collect ourselves, another fusilade of feather-like missiles descended upon us, penetrating our thin clothing, and pricking us most painfully.
  35. But as this posture was certainly not the easiest, and our imaginations, wound up to the height, could suffer no delay, he first, with the utmost eagerness and effort, just lip-lodged that broad acorn-fashioned head of his instrument; and still befriended by the fury with which he had made that impression, he soon stuffed in the rest; when now, with a pursuit of thrusts, fiercely urged, he absolutely overpowered and absorbed all sense of pain and uneasiness, whether from my wounds behind, my most untoward posture, or the oversize of his stretcher, in an infinitely predominant delight; when now all my whole spirits of life and sensation rushing, impetuously to the cock-pit, where the prize of pleasure was hotly in dispute and clustering to a point there, I soon received the dear relief of nature from these over-violent strains.
  36. Declaring an intention never to marry, his relations were ever clustering about him, paying the grossest adulation to a man, who, disgusted with mankind,.
  1. We were clustered on the porch.
  2. IV poles were clustered in one.
  3. The three women clustered together to.
  4. Al of the targets need to be clustered.
  5. Smythe looked at the men clustered around.
  6. He saw small brown balls clustered near the top.
  7. Clachan: A small clustered settlement of houses.
  8. They clustered around, until they saw the burden.
  9. And the soaring palm trees, with clustered dates.
  10. Immediately every cave above clustered with heads.
  11. Both he and the other Guardians clustered around.
  12. The dates in the diary were only vaguely clustered.
  13. Most of these latter reports were clustered around.
  14. Above was the dark velvet sky, clustered with stars.
  15. Officers clustered around her with pens and note pads.
  16. Flaming brands appeared over the brink and clustered.
  17. They were also clustered, happening much too frequently.
  18. Swann nodded toward the others, clustered in and around the boat.
  19. A crowd had gathered and a few reporters were clustered together.
  20. Bigger even than the many fur-clad brutes who clustered around him.
  21. Diamonds that are clustered on a jeweler’s worktable, before they.
  22. We clustered in a corner of the cemetery, more than two hundred of us.
  23. The family piled down from the cars and clustered about the touring car.
  24. The Agarthians clustered around her, their voices filled with excitement.
  25. The host was bivouacked in the pine-woods that clustered about Eilenach.
  26. A group of people were clustered around the large table, poring over maps.
  27. A crowd of men followed him, and stood clustered about the big troop tent.
  28. They clustered together, as if in consultation; then straight out of the.
  29. She looked back at the adobe houses that were clustered about the mesa and.
  30. Below them, brightly colored caravans clustered around smoldering camp fires.
  31. Slope after slope he traversed, each with its even sward and clustered groves.
  32. They were sitting at a podium, microphones clustered around in front of them.
  33. There were dull-edged silhouettes rather than faces clustered all around her.
  34. Three perfectly grouped arrows were clustered within the center of the target.
  35. There was a group of people clustered to one side speaking softly to each other.
  36. Little boys clustered to touch the magnificent paper-mâché head, the real horns.
  37. Little boys clustered to touch the magnificent papier-mâché head, the real horns.
  38. Someone stood against the dark section of the woods behind clustered groups of teens.
  39. Mitchell subsequently veered into the neighboring lot, clustered with shiny vehicles.
  40. His 'guests' are clustered around the table each with a mug of coffee in front of them.
  41. They stood in clustered rows like parked train cars, with large open areas in between.
  42. Clustered inside the Oval Office were most of the members of the National Security Council.
  43. The pickers clustered disconsolately back to the barnyard and stood in line to be paid off.
  44. At last the woods rose; the rookery clustered dark; a loud cawing broke the morning stillness.
  45. The boats got off cleanly at the start and stayed clustered together for the first hundred yards.
  46. The wigwams were clustered around an open space and there were cultivated fields on the periphery.
  47. As I understand it, the entire colony is clustered around a single river delta near the equator.
  48. The dark sky is decorated by a bright moon and clustered stars shine down on Zachary’s beach house.
  49. In the moonlit dark, with the group clustered all around them, they were protected from prying eyes.
  50. The houses appeared made of unburnt brick dried in the sun, and clustered together in an oasis of trees.
  51. Yet they were as nothing compared to the eighty-eight major rings that clustered near the apex of the dome.
  52. On the doorstep all the whores clustered talk volubly, pointing to the right where the fog has cleared off.
  53. Pack ice had clustered around the point where the coupling was to be made, and the operation was postponed.
  54. A brood of kids was clustered behind him, trying to see who had come to the house in the middle of the night.
  55. The wolves clustered around the base of the tree looked up with interest at their next meal talking to himself.
  56. A few students clustered at the top, the supposed friends he wanted me to meet, but everyone else was in class.
  57. Godwyn and his caravan crossed a chequerboard of frozen fields towards the clustered buildings of the monastery.
  58. Heather laughs; �Yeah I know, there's a few garages clustered together there, that's where this one came from.
  59. When he knew their identity, the faceless little creatures turned on him and clustered thickly about his couch.
  60. Red starfish clustered on the rocks and the sea pulsed up and down against the barrier waiting to get in again.
  61. The two British soldiers took seats at the far end of the car, leaving the Americans clustered around the stove.
  62. Reeling momentarily on braced legs, his fists clenched wrathfully, he glared at the figures clustered about him.
  63. Turning about we saw, clustered at the entrance, the band of Indians who had met us so inhospitably at the beach.
  64. She carried a small enamel tray upon which were clustered several small cups, some spoons and a bottle of medicine.
  65. Families clustered in small modular communities where they could walk or take a trolley to the shops or restaurants.
  66. They clustered around a table that could have seated a two dozen people, although today it was only at half capacity.
  67. Here there were a few tourists clustered around, taking pictures and chattering with one another, but they ignored me.
  68. In time, the stimuli of their clustered existence would have induced in the onams of the world the instinct to spread.
  69. There were fewer than a hundred Catholics on the planet and most of them were clustered at the Federation installation.
  70. Suddenly a small building, several buildings, in fact, clustered together at the eastern end of the Inlet caught her eye.
  71. The six Jewish Cadets ended the spring term clustered around the borderline that marked the top ten percent of the class.
  72. There they sat, clustered under the embroidered canopy with fringe balls all tailored in gold, silver and purple threads.
  73. You might think that 4 high gap trading days clustered so close together would indicate some major movement in the market.
  74. The symbols and political boundaries clustered tighter as the map contracted, then vanished when the redraw was complete.
  75. Clutches of expensive cars, fluorescing affluence, were clustered together on sweeping driveways of freshly washed gravel.
  76. A mud ramp led down to the tents and wooden huts of the quarrymen, who were clustered around their fires cooking breakfast.
  77. At the same moment his companions suspended their efforts, and the chasing canoes clustered together, and became stationary.
  78. She was at work, of course, standing in one of the hospital’s rooms, clustered in front of a TV with a dozen other nurses.
  79. With great and solemn ceremony it was set up over the door of the new palace: and everybody then clustered round to look at it.
  80. I left her and entered the depression with shacks, three clustered around a central area that had the burn marks of a fire pit.
  81. Again we all clustered round the Doctor as he carefully lifted off the glass lid and let the big beetle climb out upon his finger.
  82. It is an obvious point in the market and you can sometimes incur severe slippage due to many orders being clustered at the same price.
  83. The blue of the sea merged with the blue of the sky, and both turned to soft dark velvet, clustered with stars and the mirrors of stars.
  84. How friendly and dear the Agonquitt station suddenly seemed, with the neighbors clustered on the platform with their little last gifts!.
  85. In today’s clustering products, a group of computers can be clustered in a failover configuration without leaving some of the machines idle.
  86. Where are you driving to, all in a heap! he cried to the transport wagons piled high with gabions, which had clustered about the entrance.
  87. Little as he knew of Pictish ways, he was aware that the number of men clustered about them was out of proportion to the size of the village.
  88. The Stalactite Orcs and their kindred turned the reins of their mounts away from the clustered Arboreans and galloped into the eastern horizon.
  89. With the children gone, the two men stood studying the lions clustered at a distance, eating with great relish whatever it was they had caught.
  90. However, lower annual recovery rates clearly coincide with higher annual default rates, compounding the adverse effects of clustered defaults.
  91. Sam sprang in, inside the arches of her legs, and with a quick upthrust of his other hand stabbed at the clustered eyes upon her lowered head.
  92. Men were clustered thickly outside the door; grim, dark-faced men with swords gripped in their teeth—and their fingers thrust into their ears.
  93. Wheeling, he saw that the entire band had followed him in; a group clustered in the arch, and the rest spread out in a wide line as they approached.
  94. From the plain the stamp sheds and the houses of the mine appeared dark and small, high up, like the nests of birds clustered on the ledges of a cliff.
  95. If you are correct and shorts have their stop orders clustered there, those stops will trigger and a rush of additional buying will come into the market.
  96. Jake looped his arm in mine and we strolled down a lantern-lit pathway where intimate tables clustered around a fancy buffet under the African night sky.
  97. Douglas finished the list and the boys clustered round, their faces shining with sweat, eager for the next lightning bolt to let loose its electric shower.
  98. A seventeenth-century globe as big around as a small car, with rubies to mark volcanoes, sapphires clustered at the poles, and diamonds for world capitals.
  99. Points representing singularity clustered to form solids that became material and points that later became liquid and much later became gas and outer space.
  100. Now, with the parade, hundreds of feet rang and clustered on the grille as the carnival strode by on stilts, roared by in tiger and volcano sounds and colours.
  1. Leaves in clusters of 2 to many?
  2. Clusters of primroses and towering.
  3. And the other flower clusters, now.
  4. Hang clusters of cloves to repel flies.
  5. In it are fruits, and palms in clusters.
  6. You watch super clusters of super cluster unfold.
  7. New flower clusters have developed since the first.
  8. Were the units sampled in clusters or individually?
  9. Clusters of crushed garnets made spots upon its back.
  10. It blossoms and brought forth ripe clusters of grapes.
  11. We walked down the steps, past men smoking in clusters.
  12. Clusters of them, crushed by the wheels, lay in the dirt.
  13. Hairy-Eared Dwarf Lemurs have clusters of long wavy soft.
  14. On these ladders strange clusters of men were being drawn.
  15. They reached a cliff sprinkled with clusters of thrift and.
  16. The Dauntless mill around the glass room, talking in clusters.
  17. The Gaeans tethered their steeds to clusters of cattails nearby.
  18. Some ceremonial centers have clusters of ball courts around them.
  19. I behold the sail and steamships of the world, some in clusters in.
  20. For a while, he concentrated instead on the final two star clusters.
  21. Where there was no grid, large clusters of crystals emerged in clumps.
  22. The larger entries meant that there could be more clusters on a drive.
  23. It had a squarish stem with pointed leaves growing in clusters of four.
  24. Leaves in clusters of 2 to 5, sheathed, persistent for several years?
  25. To the west, clusters of bushes spread about to a group of rice fields.
  26. The admiral used a laser pointer to highlight the three clusters of ships.
  27. There was a fireplace at the far end surrounded by clusters of arm chairs.
  28. The clusters broke up, as men scattered along the beach in search of fruit.
  29. Other men sat at tables or stood in conversational clusters along the walls.
  30. Clusters of strong flowers rose everywhere above the coarse tussocks of bent.
  31. Many of them were huge and ugly, others were fine and in magnificent clusters.
  32. He'd hung the clusters of holly that Willie had painted silver onto the walls.
  33. Clusters of tornadoes ripped through Oklahoma in the US, killing and injuring many.
  34. Or one cue converges on many neuron cloud clusters Into the dialectic of the absolute.
  35. The wings had clusters of strange circles, like characters from a beautiful language.
  36. The clusters of lounging men came closer into sight and Anne prepared to impress them.
  37. Me and you riding through voids, super clusters, and to the end of the universe….
  38. Everywhere between the broad translucent leaves, ripe, heavy, black clusters peeped out.
  39. Clusters of insider buying tend to have a better predictive value than clusters of selling.
  40. Groups of men, boys, pilots, soldiers, miscellaneous clusters like myself and Corporal Bill.
  41. Stars hung in great clusters like chandeliers, as though drawn by a child, to light their way.
  42. Arrange chocolate sandwich cookies in 20 clusters of 3 on large lightly greased cookie sheet.
  43. There are very many clusters, and they are either completely or partially filled with Information.
  44. He wanted to hold her in his arms and watch the fires in the Camarnerie Clusters dance in her eyes.
  45. The flat roofs of the outhouses were all spread over with the dark amber clusters drying in the sun.
  46. Clusters of white kerchiefs and caps gleamed through the darkness near the houses and by the fences.
  47. Clusters of families stand on the Pit floor, most of them Dauntless families with Dauntless initiates.
  48. The small task force carefully wended its way between the clusters of debris that littered the system.
  49. They entered the arches under the trees, and the leaf clusters and the limbs were dark against the sky.
  50. These hang from the arched vault above in clusters, and often reach the ground, forming massive columns.
  51. He saw highways ringing the city and clusters of buildings within the ring, the Potomac River on one side.
  52. Planaria also have two clusters of nerve tissue (ganglia) at the head end that function like primitive brains.
  53. The two worked on health studies for the area, even creating maps and plotting different problems by clusters.
  54. And as if there weren’t enough there to overwhelm him, additional clusters were tied to buoys at either side.
  55. In her mind she could see the great star clusters, as they swung the turning of the year-cycles across the sky.
  56. Grobut looked in the indicated direction, not sure which of the bright clusters of light Stick was referring to.
  57. The wounded lay on two rows of beds just inside the cavern, with clusters of visitors and Healers gathered round.
  58. Until you see thousands of galaxies that make up our clusters and super clusters of galaxies from which we live.
  59. Presently Conan grunted in pleasure at the sight of golden and russet globes hanging in clusters among the leaves.
  60. Christina holds the flag up high, and everyone clusters around her, grabbing her arm to lift the flag even higher.
  61. In it were two bronze oak-leaf clusters, awarded to Allen for his valor in the missions of Makin, Tarawa, and Nauru.
  62. We’ve marked the path with ribbons, they reported, as clusters of people were being organized by the NCO’s.
  63. That year, distribution day clusters often did not lead to a falling market, as the market continued to grind higher.
  64. He stared down at the tiny lights beneath, clusters connected by slender strings, sprinkled all over with single stars.
  65. On the far side were holly bushes loaded with clusters of bright red berries that looked like drops of fresh blood oozing.
  66. The Amity sit on the floor, most with their legs crossed, in knots and clusters that vaguely resemble the tree roots to me.
  67. On the far side were holly bushes loaded with clusters of bright red berries that looked like drops of fresh oozing blood.
  68. The vines had spread, indeed, over the trees, and the clusters of grapes were just now in their prime, very ripe and rich.
  69. The vaulted ceiling was of lapis lazuli, adorned with clusters of great green stones that gleamed with a poisonous radiance.
  70. Next, we will explore the cmdlets that allow a Hyper-V admin to manage virtual machine migrations across hosts and clusters.
  71. And out toward the edge of this galaxy, far away from any major star clusters, lies a lonely little planet circling a red giant.
  72. They wanted to know what that of the living was below the crystal gardens and gem clusters of the Cavern of the Dead, soon to be.
  73. We are surrounded by hills covered in pale gold, sun-bleached scrub grass, with clusters of vivid green trees nestled throughout.
  74. Soon the ship flows with wine; then a vine with hanging clusters stretches along the sail-top, and the mast is entwined with ivy.
  75. In all booths, caste-based clusters were created based on the numerical strength of each caste, and volunteers chosen accordingly.
  76. He bore in mind secrets confessed and he smiled at smiling noble faces in a beeswaxed drawingroom, ceiled with full fruit clusters.
  77. I was in a forest of tall pines and spruces, their limbless straight trunks culminating in clusters of dense branches high above me.
  78. These silent rooms and halls with their gleaming green clusters of ornaments and burning crimson floors were beginning to depress her.
  79. They appeared in clusters, as if by prior accord: fat white babies lounging like satraps in conveyances of aluminum, canvas, and elastic.
  80. This resembles me computer hard drive clusters used for writing and temporary storage of some snippets of Information contained in files.
  81. It is grown as much for its long-standing, tasty mustard-like tops as for their multiple small florets with clusters of broccoli-like buds.
  82. He could see clusters of the trees that bore it at various distances, and a nearby tree had even shed some of its fruit of its own volition.
  83. In October I went a-graping to the river meadows, and loaded myself with clusters more precious for their beauty and fragrance than for food.
  84. He landed in front of them, scattering the people into terrified clusters, folded his wings and in two strides was his more human counterpart.
  85. Israel is a vine brought out of Egypt; At a later period vine leaves or grape clusters figure prominently on Jewish coins or in architecture.
  86. The reef was beautifully decorated in a kaleidoscope of marine life, from clusters of colorful anemones to large sponges, coral, and starfish.
  87. Scrolling leaves and grape clusters were welded on in an attempt to soften the hard steel lines, to make it look more artistic than utilitarian.
  88. Pending final determination of your son’s status, the cover letter read, the Oak Leaf Clusters are being sent to you for safe-keeping.
  89. On visiting days, Thursday and Sunday, the prison yard became a large picnic ground where prisoners and their visitors relaxed in small clusters.
  90. They passed a fishmonger's, where clusters of crawling crabs and lobsters, inert cockles and shellfish, were placed in the front window on display.
  91. They met no patrol boats, although they did pass scattered clusters of fishing boats and caught glimpses of the occasional freighter on the horizon.
  92. The distraught members of two dozen families have rushed here on short notice, and they’re scattered in clusters throughout the forty rows of seats.
  93. On the little ridges, wherever the land is not too moist, the oak or the hickory has taken possession, and there grows to a moderate height, in clusters.
  94. Suddenly, I was standing above all of them, looking down on a gravel road that bisected the marshes wandering between giant clusters of Bluestone outcrops.
  95. Conan stared at the sweep of the monstrous shoulders, the breadth of the swelling breast, the bands and ridges and clusters of muscles on torso and limbs.
  96. I also noted long, whitish strings of salps, a type of mollusk found in clusters, and some jellyfish of large size that swayed in the eddies of the billows.
  97. Today, with server clusters and other advanced server technologies becoming more popular, there is a drive toward storage arrays with greater capabilities.
  98. The rows of columns in a Greek temple, the clusters of vertical lines in a Gothic cathedral interior, are instances of the sublimity and power they possess.
  99. Maryanka, her face flushed, her sleeves rolled up, and her kerchief down below her chin, was rapidly cutting the heavy clusters and laying them in a basket.
  100. However, as nature could have caused more and more of them to come into being, in time, there could have been the onamic clusters in their trillions all over.

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