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Comfortable in a sentence

Sit in a comfortable pose.
It was comfortable to him.
It was odd but comfortable.
The bed was so comfortable.
That is a comfortable chair.
When she was comfortable, Mr.
It was simple and comfortable.

I felt comfortable around him.
It was pretty, comfortable Mrs.
I was in a comfortable rhythm.
Bras are not that comfortable.
Fe2O3 is the most comfortable.
He will be so comfortable and.
What are you comfortable with?
I'm not comfortable with that.
He was safe, rich, comfortable.
That is where I am comfortable.
They are quite comfortable in.
It really was quite comfortable.
I am not comfortable without it.
They are more comfortable with.
I’m not comfortable with that.
Friendly but not too comfortable.
They’re comfortable, as I say.
This is very comfortable for you.
As I became comfortable with my.
It wasn’t a comfortable thought.
The bed was soft and comfortable.
Many will see what is comfortable.
Sig seemed a bit more comfortable.
You never let him get comfortable.
The bed was warm and comfortable.
It’s so comfortable under here.
Life in the house was comfortable.
All the same I was not comfortable.
The bed is especially comfortable.
I am just not comfortable yet in.
It felt as comfortable as an old.
Bill was not comfortable with that.

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comfortable comfy easy prosperous

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