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    1. devastating commentary on the NHS for example

    2. The sad commentary is that those who the attitude of Diotrephes will exercise

    3. Kai continued with a running commentary on the different landmarks they passed over

    4. It was impossible to hear the TV commentary, as the

    5. She walks over, watched by the crowd and the comic, who provides a running commentary

    6. The volume of a hundred conversations is matched by the commentary that fills the upper atmosphere, an atmosphere you can see despite the hum of industrial filters hanging from the ceiling

    7. On the opposite side of the hole, Sheila was hauling her top over her head with appreciative commentary from Mickey, now standing on the side of the pit beside her

    8. ” Although the few 'customers' in his shop at that moment were all staring, transfixed by the Sportsman's invited commentary of the fishing pole

    9. up the momentum of the commentary

    10. billowing laughs and commentary that's as clever as the

    11. “This is unbearable! Once again, I’ll have to ignore your commentary and move on

    12. The worst part was the running commentary from Tragus

    13. ” The artificial smile she presented wore thinner with each passing moment and bit of brusque commentary by Mercer

    14. Again, the same thing is said in another evangelical commentary:

    15. The dream may also be a commentary on your own views of marriage

    16. He waited for commentary that did not come - the silence almost frustrated him

    17. You see the game, as it is, without the play-by-play commentary, and without the constant stream of opinion and analysis

    18. [41] Ajahn Sucitto, Turning the Wheel of Truth: Commentary on the Buddha's First Teaching, Shambhala (2010), Kindle Locations 933-944

    19. " Probably the most beautiful commentary I have ever read of the dog, bless Galsworthy"s heart

    20. His scathing commentary on the decadent manners and morals of ancient Rome is a classic that will last as long as men can still read

    21. The commentary began in a deep, throaty voice

    22. Milo switched on the TV, scanning the channels for commentary relating to the storm

    23. Some modern philosophers believe that apart from the writings of the author, it also contains commentary and clarifications from later military philosophers, such as Li Quan and Du Mu

    24. There was a lot of commentary then, let me tell you! But I could tell they liked the plan

    25. Colling defused the worst of the annoying commentary by refusing to deny anything, and just smiling and saying that he would never be indiscreet

    26. While he had been standing on the chair, Elizabeth had kept up a vocal one-sided running commentary about their stay in Prague compared to Warsaw, the Polonia’s restaurant, and the elevator operator, while walking noisily around the room

    27. “No, we’re running the Navman and a thing called Cruse, which gives a running commentary via satellite

    28. Elie Wiesel, in an extra-biblical commentary, has this to say in his opinion on a closely related matter

    29. Hilderich was frowning heavily, finally showing his exasperation at the cryptic commentary and the alternating, almost maddening, mood swings of the machine, and actually shouted at it angrily, spitting as he did so:

    30. Which leads me to the commentary of Hitchen’s “God of the Gaps

    31. I will send each of the debaters a commentary on how I thought you did, and where you might improve

    32. [10] Yangsi Rinpoche, Practicing the Path: A Commentary on the Lamrim Chenmo (Somerville, MA: Wisdom Publications, 2003), 184

    33. The above is the slightly modified commentary written by Matthew-Henry as his

    34. There is noting that I could more I could add to this commentary!

    35. will be other commentary about this later, or in other places in this series

    36. Commentary to the king, he prepared his request to destroy the Jews with a lie

    37. Commentary Jews have he right to defend themselves in any way they wish

    38. Commentary and all Job’s possessions, and also states that if Job’s posses-

    39. Commentary that the Devil has, indeed I would make it clear - Satan’s power is

    40. Commentary of two or three witnesses that agree with each other

    41. In writing a commentary on the book of Psalms, I intend to follow the latter

    42. Commentary In this Psalm David states that the Lord does not need animal

    43. Commentary purpose of Psalm being in the Bible is to help us with a further

    44. Matthew Henry remarks in this section on Romans in his Commentary of the Whole Bible:-

    45. to the last statement that I made above about faith later in this commentary

    46. To Gary Rosen, editor of Commentary, Ravitch’s book demonstrates that the villain of the language cleansing enterprise is the “multicultural left” and its advocacy of “diversity

    47. A provocative commentary on popular culture springs from an unlikely source, Thomas S

    48. Commentary – a monthly operations overview with suggestion for improvement and

    49. Midrash allows great scope of commentary on Biblical text, with only the most tenuous connection or even with no apparent connection at all to the actual text

    50. In the Latin west during the 12th and 13th centuries the goal of commentary was to

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    comment commentary note addendum annotation elucidation expansion explanation exposition

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    a written explanation or criticism or illustration that is added to a book or other textual material