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    1. With one more social comment, she went up the path

    2. ’ I said, kicking myself for the fatuous comment as soon as I hear it

    3. For someone as smart as The Operator was supposed to be, Johnny’s simple comment had completely stumped him

    4. Stephen’s comment in the car about my job being on the line is coming back to me now … on the floor I can see a letter with the school crest on it lying where I dropped the post

    5. ‘Why should she have hated me?’ I asked, surprised at her comment

    6. He laughs at her comment

    7. ’ Emma said slowly, considering my comment

    8. Estwig called a lewd comment to him ("baldcrotch") but they were probably out of hearing range already so doostEr didn't scold him

    9. They refused to comment further, saying that they have no observation to make as to why he should have said such a thing

    10. As a final comment, I add that it is now nearly one o’clock

    11. ’ Stephen explained in response to my admiring comment

    12. ’ I started, my brain only then catching up with the last part of his comment

    13. ’ Came the comment from the bed

    14. Stiffened his neck and hardened his heart - 2 Chronicles 36:16 offers the tragic comment upon this attitude that Zedekiah possessed

    15. Every comment was carefully read and considered

    16. That view is amazing!’ She smiles approvingly at my comment as Nick disappears off to the kitchen, and I call after him ‘Do you need a hand at all, Nick?’

    17. Trying to repress a smile at that comment, I reply to his message :

    18. ‘And that’s not intended to be a negative comment

    19. Fred drops in just after half eleven – he’s been round to see his lady friends and doesn’t comment at all about them being ill, so I can assume they haven’t had any adverse reaction to the food

    20. I don’t know whether to be relieved or ashamed by his comment

    21. I am still pondering Rose’s comment when Nick turns up to collect me

    22. A wink accompanies her last comment and Apollo begins to understand the situation, but he still doesn't trust her completely

    23. ’ Iain said softly, accepting this comment … at least for the time being

    24. Without comment, he pushed across a sheet of paper for her to write on; she waited while he dug in one of the drawers for a pen that worked

    25. ’ He said, pre-empting any further comment

    26. ‘Used to what?’ he asked, picking up the tail end of my comment

    27. ’ I assured him as Joris mutters something about my land legs being pretty good too – Gilla bats him over the head with the cloth she is holding, giggling at his comment

    28. Smiling, the woman makes a comment which I don’t understand … but who needs translation? A reassuring moment of normality in a turmoil of madness – this, after all, is the reason it is so important that I succeed in my quest

    29. ’ I put in before he could comment

    30. ROBERT: Objection! The comment is pre-judgmental

    31. The jury will ignore the last comment

    32. ’ He reminded me, shaking his head at my – to him – stupid comment

    33. I take the comment as it is obviously meant – as a statement not a question

    34. My presence is accepted without question or comment

    35. ‘What is the plan for the day?’ I asked, eating quickly and ignoring this comment

    36. ’ I said, appreciating his comment and the warmth it kicks off in me

    37. ’ Berndt said when I comment on it, ‘It’s only a small foundation, nothing like Prinnish, but there will be beds and food

    38. His comment surprises me

    39. I have to smile at the absurdity of comment, as he intended I should, and start nibbling one of the sandwiches

    40. I take refuge in practical comment as my emotions threaten to overwhelm me

    41. "Remember Darryl's comment that logic loops could simulate a higher order condensate?" he asked

    42. Duncan practiced a short bow and the speech the Guild had given him, over and over until Rayne made the comment that he should just be himself

    43. To my surprise, rather than coming back with an amusing comment, he sits thinking about my definition of love

    44. I laugh at the comment – as a child he was always getting the front of his clothes covered in goodness knows what … I wouldn’t mind a pound for every time I’ve said that to him

    45. In my earlier avatar, this was my cue to frown, to comment about the grease

    46. That caused a lot of rustling of chairs, but no actual comment

    47. ’ I comment, trying not to sound hysterical

    48. public protest prior to this, preferring to comment quietly from the

    49. I hand him the letter from Mrs Foster that he’s been waiting for over a week and he doesn’t even comment!

    50. Only they can comment on this

    1. “That was very impressive,” Nancy commented

    2. “You should see my notes on Ackers,” Vinnie commented

    3. “I can’t believe how sharp you keep this thing,” Nancy commented as she kept her eyes locked on Scar

    4. “We’re going to have to jump when we get to the door, the handle is too far above us,” Johnny commented as they neared the door

    5. “You must have dropped it while the gravity was shifting back to normal,” Johnny commented, putting the Chip back in his pocket

    6. They'd had sex on the boat already while waiting for the next wagon, he'd commented on how lusty she'd become since he left for the Gengee fourteen decades ago

    7. ’ He commented apropos of nothing

    8. ’ My persistent daughter commented as she steers the empty buggy round a corner

    9. ’ I commented, more than capable of imagining the conversation they must have had

    10. ’ He commented quietly, looking thoughtful

    11. ’ He commented, pursing his lips

    12. ’ Emma commented, clearly surprised at the speed with which matters have moved

    13. When I was rambling on about Emma as a child … Molly commented on how lucky I was to have a grandson

    14. ‘That good, eh?’ he commented dryly

    15. ’ I commented, remembering the paraffin heater my parents had when I was a kid

    16. ’ Molly commented, looking at my reflection

    17. Tom Dunne, her partner and senior had of course commented

    18. ’ Stephen commented taking his seat beside the bed

    19. If I commented on anything like that, I would fall out with Yota and all the other colleagues would hate me

    20. You are a very capable woman, aren’t you, Kate?’ he commented

    21. ’ I commented as we walk out to his car

    22. Finally, seeing I hadn't phoned her till yesterday afternoon, she called me at about 4:00 pm and asked me whether I intended to come or not; then she commented jokingly: “Those who don't bring an expensive present, won't come in!”

    23. ’ I commented as he drives out of the gates

    24. ’ Nick commented as I follow Rose down the path to his front door

    25. ’ I commented, heaping roast potatoes into a dish

    26. I often have the impression that my inability to perform certain moves correctly has been noticed and commented by the rest of the pupils

    27. ’ Angie commented, diverted from the subject of the hotel

    28. ’ He commented, closing the door of the machine and setting it going

    29. ’ He commented, driving out of the station compound and joining the traffic

    30. ’ Iain commented complaisantly, striding towards the entrance

    31. ’ Iain commented as they walked away from the station later that afternoon, having seen Renald onto the London train

    32. commented on the passage of time

    33. ’ Gilla commented, watching the boy go

    34. ‘Ah …’ he commented, his eyebrows rising as he chews on that fact

    35. ’ He commented obviously impressed

    36. ’ He commented dourly

    37. ’ Drens commented with the wisdom of a man who battles with the sea on a daily basis

    38. ’ I commented to Berndt as we head for the galley an hour later

    39. ’ Gilla commented dryly

    40. ’ Betta commented, ‘I think that will have done the trick nicely

    41. ’ He commented thinking hard

    42. ’ Berndt commented, going back to his bag and digging out a cloth so he can wipe his hands

    43. ’ I commented with relief, another night in the open just would not be funny

    44. ’ I commented, catching up with Berndt, who has got a little ahead of me

    45. ” Elizabeth commented as her eyes looked over the house

    46. ’ I commented suddenly aware that I have said more than I should, ‘There are lots of practicalities to be sorted out

    47. ’ I commented, handing him the milk jug

    48. ’ I commented, watching Alastair as he sleeps

    49. ‘You sound as though you know Wales pretty well,’ I commented, as he pulls out to overtake a caravan

    50. That was the end of the incident in the log she had playing so Ava commented on Yellelle's parting words, "What a bitch!"

    1. Inspector Ditton gives his sidekick instructions and suggests that I might like to take my jacket off – commenting that it is quite warm in here

    2. ’ Emma said, tactfully not commenting on the slamming of the door, though I can hear a faint giggle in her voice

    3. ‘I shall refrain from commenting on that

    4. “You were all commenting on how beautiful Lady Sally was and how lucky Michael was to have her

    5. Another group of pilgrims passes us, their voices commenting on the messenger bird as their eyes show their awe – it is a fine specimen, there’s no doubt about that

    6. Rayne admired a huge mountain rage covered with flowers of various colors; commenting that it was beautiful in the sunlight; which seemed to please him very much

    7. Maria paid full attention, never interrupting or commenting, but staring at the floor herself and wiping a tissue over her face from time to time

    8. One of my girls makes a mistake in an important document during the afternoon and I snap her head off publicly … this is not normal for me, and I can see that people are commenting which makes it all worse than ever

    9. She laughs, commenting that Simon is just as bad

    10. of the United States, the State Department denies any involvement, commenting

    11. The White House released a similar statement commenting that it

    12. Really, it is much the same protocol as posting in forums or commenting

    13. You practice mindfulness without commenting on or judging the way you find the world

    14. Jodie wasn't sure if Albert was offering her the only seat in the lift or commenting on the attractiveness of her behind

    15. He imagined Josh’s derision at such a sentimentally compromised design, commenting how people always looked to the past, finding some kind of solace in a false nostalgia

    16. Shelagh didn't remark on Frank as they strolled home, only commenting on the freshness of the night

    17. Your goal is always to preserve the self-image, whilst at the same time commenting on negative behaviour

    18. After commenting that I was a Canadian and making some innocuous comment about how cold the winters were in Canada, Cooper wrote my name, current address and phone number in a little black spiral wire hinged notebook

    19. Commenting on the cold and rainy weather, he

    20. We repaired to the map room where we spent the rest of the morning examining terrain, commenting on

    21. Anyone commenting on the Old Testament and the Pentateuch in any way would also

    22. Jack was being congratulated in the same breath for his handling of the crisis at the bank and certain luminaries were commenting on his tenacity to steer the bank to greatness

    23. Matthew opened the door for me, commenting that I looked beautiful; I blushed and thanked him

    24. Commenting on our training and what will be expected of us as CIA agents from now on

    25. Your aim on Twitter is to build relationships and you can start by engaging in conversations with your industry peers and thought leaders in your niche by commenting on something they have tweeted about

    26. You can start a conversation with your industry peers and thought leaders by commenting on something they have tweeted about

    27. You can start a conversation with people in your target audience, industry peers, and influencers by commenting on something they said in their tweet, something they wrote about on their blog or just something you found interesting on their website

    28. commenting that she could see the other teams campfire from the

    29. Commenting on the ruling, Dr

    30. Instead of bluntly asking how sales were going, he would slide into the topic by commenting on how business was faring, and the state of the economy

    31. Two years ago I welcomed you at the Lab of O, commenting on the impressive range of backgrounds your class brought with you

    32. The clerk again shrugged without commenting

    33. Just didn't work as hard as a white man, he would say when commenting to his fellow Americans about the tough life at TSN

    34. commenting here," said Joshie

    35. Titus proved to be more than willing to make further small talk with her, commenting on the rations and even asked some questions about her mother

    36. the community on a particular blog, is through commenting

    37. After commenting a few times on a blog, it becomes evident that you are a

    38. couch, proudly cradling his son in his arms, commenting on his colour and straight hair

    39. At times she’d annoy Chantal by commenting

    40. Case in point: Comcast announced the acquisition of Plaxo, and within hours there were hundreds of bloggers commenting on the move and their post went viral, one-to-one to millions

    41. The Daily Strip wishes her the best as well, during this time of transition and thanks her for commenting at such short notice

    42. Commenting on the events assured her some minutes of deference on the part of the small hearing

    43. Volcan was just commenting that he hadn’t heard such a cacophony shake through the mountain in eons

    44. He had a long talk with him, commenting on how grown up he had become

    45. In commenting upon this, the Bodhisattva said that

    46. Commenting on the Lord's Prayer, St

    47. In the repetitiveness of work, of contacts with the usual colleagues commenting time or lamenting

    48. 1 One evening Simon Zelotes, commenting on one of Jesus' statements, said: "Master, what did you mean when you said today that many of the children of the world are wiser in their generation than are the children of the kingdom since they are skillful in making friends with the mammon of unrighteousness?" Jesus answered:

    49. In commenting on the legend of the walls of Jericho falling down, Jesus said: "I am not concerned with such walls of brick and stone; but I would cause the walls of prejudice, self-righteousness, and hate to crumble before this preaching of the Father's love for all men

    50. commenting upon each other's appearance, including hairstyles and clothing

    1. post your comments for this book here

    2. As I had left my Cat Woman suit at home that day, I natural y assumed that these comments were aimed elsewhere

    3. Men need to learn to deal with stress through mental shielding which involves developing the ability to disengage from hostile comments and remain in control, first by achieving a calm, relaxed state, and then creating a mental shield between yourself and person responsible for causing stress

    4. For further information or comments

    5. Ask questions about their interests, and when you disapprove, keep negative comments to yourself

    6. Our comments may be resented and we may even be accused of interference, but it is worth it to try and intervene

    7. The negligee I have to wear in the last scene before the interval is not mine, though Andy has made certain comments about it on the way home which have made me wish it were

    8. I giggle as Nick comments on how impossible it would be for me to have an illicit relationship with this lot around, then giving me a hug, gets into his car and drives off

    9. informed them of plans and happenings and invited their questions and comments

    10. anyone could write comments, criticisms, commendations or suggestions pertaining to any part of the activities of the local church

    11. He had to remember to keep his comments guarded however, the odds that this was a set-up to get opinions out of him were great

    12. From there, other users can click on the tag, will see the latest submissions and will see the submissions with the most comments

    13. Another simple way to grow in the number of likes, comments and followers is to offer incentives for these simple tasks

    14. Or, if a follower on Instagram likes or comments on a photo, they are entered to win a ticket or a product that has not been released for sale by the company yet

    15. The hall was full to bursting and the comments I heard afterwards were very complimentary – I enclose a cutting from the Readersein describing the event

    16. Gilla laughs as Joris, already mounted on Black Hofnarr, pointedly ignores our comments and makes his stately way towards the gates

    17. The moaning wind outside raised eyebrows and comments and sniggers in the room

    18. His suggestive comments and the grating, dirty laugh got on everyone's nerves

    19. ” James was directing his comments to Daniel

    20. I told them about Ariadne and Theo's conversation with Nino and Tsitsanis on the evening in the Antonis, about the comments from Athens Tourism and the reaction in there the other night

    21. ’ Muttered Alastair, which sets Karen and I off debating whether men ever grow up, accompanied by the affronted comments of the male sections of the company … no-one, but no-one is ever going to believe this evening

    22. She nods as though she is not surprised and comments that Abi is very like her father

    23. Duncan took her comments to heart

    24. He was even more surprised when, instead of standing there and making sarcastic comments about the state of the room, she smiled and asked him for some help

    25. However, Jake weathers the comments without obvious signs of strain and Abi does what she can to suppress Ben

    26. Gary is in a very good mood and comments on how well the service had gone

    27. She wasn’t at all happy that I've given Kevin the old heave-ho … and I could have done without her comments about becoming an old maid, however humorously presented

    28. One after another they made various comments

    29. ‘Your comments are very much what I was thinking

    30. Dilly’s the receptionist we share with the rest of the building – she’s a nice girl, but definitely not Brain of Britain and regularly drives Dave crackers with her inane comments and general incompetence

    31. The place erupted in laughter and, of course, from then on no-one took his comments at all seriously

    32. usual comments from his employers; old Ted worked quietly and

    33. When someone comments of your post, that is called a comment

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    Synonyms for "comment"

    comment commentary input remark gossip scuttlebutt annotate gloss notice point out observation suggestion criticism opinion wisecrack report critique note addendum annotation elucidation expansion explanation exposition observe say discuss pronounce expound elucidate clarify disclose explicate

    "comment" definitions

    a statement that expresses a personal opinion or belief or adds information

    a written explanation or criticism or illustration that is added to a book or other textual material

    a report (often malicious) about the behavior of other people

    make or write a comment on

    explain or interpret something

    provide interlinear explanations for words or phrases