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  1. Then he would return to his composing.
  2. Another way of composing a powerful P.
  3. He hesitated before composing his words.
  4. Thomas shook his head, composing himself.
  5. Hendersen is composing does not really.

  6. Our basic building blocks for composing.
  7. Eric saw a black swarm composing that hand.
  8. He could have used composing precious rhyme.
  9. After composing his thoughts, the General went on.
  10. After composing ourselves we contemplated the matter.
  11. On this subject he was then composing a disquisition.
  12. After composing himself, he continues with a serious face.
  13. Composing himself, he thanked her for her concern for him.
  14. Composing his thoughts, he bit his teeth and solemnly said.
  15. The matter which we have just described as composing His.

  16. Pothana always believed that it was not he who was composing.
  17. I shall come to that now, said Bwonqa, composing himself.
  18. Intelligence aims at Gods protection in composing such a thing.
  19. Composing herself as best she could, she stood and walked over.
  20. Composing himself, Charlie’s father continued with his story.
  21. First he sang a song of his own composing accompanied by a dance:.
  22. My understanding is that they are part of the 144,000 composing all.
  23. After composing himself, he buried the hapless goat in the back yard.
  24. The number of alternatives composing the Pareto set may be different.
  25. Dena was composing the communique and muttering as Jista was explaining.

  26. Stephen King has been composing short stories and novels since the late.
  27. She took a sip of Merthin’s cider, composing herself; then she went on.
  28. While composing text on my computer, I create a reality: the text itself.
  29. Everyone stopped what they were doing, including the one composing a ballad.
  30. You should imagine when composing your copy, that you are sitting in their.
  31. In the center of the city, Jacob was at his desk composing a sermon when his.
  32. I think that the methods of composing headlines explained thus far, gives the.
  33. Composing himself, searching the onlookers for any recognisable features, but.
  34. After composing himself, he took out the CCTV sd card gently and very carefully.
  35. The surgeon gave him a composing draught and ordered us to leave him undisturbed.
  36. These are not contradictions that Homer is unaware of while he is composing his poem.
  37. Stepan Arkadyevitch was absorbed during the drive in composing the menu of the dinner.
  38. The worth of the state in the long run, is the worth of the individuals composing it.
  39. You mentioned composing a long epic in the Cave of Loizos, Homer said when she.
  40. She was just composing this letter when she was handed the letter from Lidia Ivanovna.
  41. Composing myself and accepting my fate, I decided that I should need all my theatrical.
  42. Nodes composing these optimal sets are grouped in several areas in the coordinate space.
  43. I could have spent a lot longer composing this letter --- I could have included a better.
  44. From very young she gave free rein to her imagination composing short stories for children.
  45. Candice began the rudimentary stages of her writing, at the age of thirteen, composing essays.
  46. What was more, Rathi was the neighbor’s neighbor, he continued after composing himself.
  47. He finally got over it and grabbed the handset of this telephone, composing an internal number.
  48. Annie was composing cantatas on Christmas and Easter themes to librettos by Cecile, a gifted writer.
  49. Which was the occasion, says Mr Vincent, of the composing by a boatswain of that rollicking chanty:.
  50. In another part of the country, Gloria Flanders was composing some more anonymous e-mails, using various.
  51. Her husband spends the morning of Election Day in his office, composing handwritten letters to supporters.
  52. He did the voices on cartoons such as Hey Arnold! and Garfield, composing songs for those feline episodes.
  53. Accordingly, stocks composing this index were used as underlying assets for options included in the portfolio.
  54. When she left the room, he let out a long breath, then stared at the ceiling for a moment, as if composing himself.
  55. At last only that part of her body composing her chin, nose and cheeks, as well as her forehead were out of the water.
  56. For this criterion we suggest using simple averaging of implied volatilities of all options composing the combination.
  57. The necessity of composing her appearance so that it should attract no special notice in the streets, was another relief.
  58. He did a double-take, his eyes popping open, before composing himself and coming over to greet me with a kiss on the cheek.
  59. I could have spent a lot longer composing this letter --- I could have included a better hook, and included the book's blurb.
  60. I had just finalized my choices and was composing an e-mail to the candidates, inviting them to interview with me for positions.
  61. You remember that I used to believe our spirit might be the force that determined the actions of the material composing our brain.
  62. In our monasteries the monks busied themselves in translating, copying, and even composing such poems—and even under the Tatars.
  63. We were driven to Cape Town CBD; we stopped in front of a beautiful modern building, architectural art composing of glass and steel.
  64. For I can tell thee, though composing it cost me some labour, I found none greater than the making of this Preface thou art now reading.
  65. A structural design pattern focuses on providing a simple way of composing objects for creating new functionality [GOF95, page 155], [j.
  66. You think the undead can’t manipulate the living? : Keith Richards can’t remember composing the most famous rockn-roll song ever composed.
  67. Composing the limbs as decently as I could, and averting my eyes from the pathetic, innocent looking sex, I wrapped it- him in an old blanket.
  68. Zach hissed a curse, ground his teeth and nearly slammed his phone into the table before composing himself again to continue the conversation.
  69. What fascinated her most at that time was the idea of these toasts; she wanted to propose them herself and was continually composing them in anticipation.
  70. Byron took a few moments to compose himself , but then realised a lifetime of composing would not be enough to douse the heated nausea in his empty stomach.
  71. A piece can sometimes be divined on the enunciation of the personages; in the same manner a band can almost be judged from the list of ruffians composing it.
  72. As he neared Petersburg, Alexey Alexandrovitch not only adhered entirely to his decision, but was even composing in his head the letter he would write to his.
  73. As he neared Petersburg, Alexey Alexandrovitch not only adhered entirely to his decision, but was even composing in his head the letter he would write to his wife.
  74. One must realize that the various systems composing this world are copies of larger systems, one inside the other, culminating only with the ultimate one that is the Universe.
  75. He suggested, too, that he should treat her to music, and write verses in her praise, and if he was unwilling to take the trouble of composing them, he offered to do it himself.
  76. The fourth step: Composing, begins with a first paragraph that states your intent, introducing what you are setting out to prove and summarizing, briefly, the nature of your evidence.
  77. But, what best consults the honor of a Republican Government? Those measures which maintain the independence, promote the interest, and secure the happiness of the individuals composing it.
  78. That is because all the dying, decomposing energy turns around and gives its energy back to composing living things by dying completely; these undead filth do not do this, they do the opposite.
  79. It was similar to the four lines above except that he used woman instead of idea, Santa’s reindeer instead of technology and her instead of the last my, thus composing a Christmas blues number.
  80. Closing that line and then composing the satellite telephone number of Nancy Laplante, Moore then waited with growing dread as the connection was made and the phone started ringing at the other end.
  81. While composing the letters, Robert had conjured up a picture of the headmaster; recalling conversations, turns of phrase, the letter written to his parents, and harangues from the stage at assembly.
  82. Already overwhelmed by the maelstrom entailed in composing, peer-reviewing, and defending his thesis, what he managed to accomplish was to almost utterly derail himself by inducing a living nightmare.
  83. While composing a little treatise on Eternity, I had the curiosity to place a mirror before me; and ere long saw reflected there, a curious involved worming and undulation in the atmosphere over my head.
  84. From year to year Tou grew more serious; his figure increased in dignity, even his double chin wore a solemn expression, and he spent his whole time composing moral inscriptions to hang over the doors of his pavilion.
  85. She threw herself into the task of composing a letter that would say it all, including even the possibility of a mutually beneficial shared future, so much more concisely than attempting to stumble through it face-to-face.
  86. I thought he intended to cut a caper round the bed; but, suddenly composing himself, he fell on his knees, and raised his hands, and returned thanks that the lawful master and the ancient stock were restored to their rights.
  87. I thought he intended to cut a caper round the bed; but suddenly composing himself, he fell on his knees, and raised his hands, and returned thanks that the lawful master and the ancient stock were restored to their rights.
  88. They even faked up some ancient texts with my name all over them, said Hartle, composing his thoughts While the temptation to spill his guts all over the place was very high, this alien kid had no common terms of reference.
  89. He went to sleep and woke up the next morning to find his cassette recorder on: he did not remember turning it on…he did not remember playing anything onto the recorder: to this day he still does not remember composing this song.
  90. What’s the big deal, some may ask, as direct mail fundraising efforts don’t come cheap as those composing such epistles can command up to six figure salaries according to a classified employment ad that use to run in Human Events.
  91. After the meeting, Ulbrickson huddled with Royal Brougham and George Varnell, and within minutes they were composing headlines and writing special columns to be wired to the Post-Intelligencer and the Times for the next day’s editions.
  92. William Hogarth and Master John Cleland; their opposing Views of her Character, their Predilections both in Life and Art; together with our Heroine’s Motives in composing this True and Compleat History of her exotick and adventurous Life.
  93. Composing a compelling letter of accusation was no longer necessary: that would be wonderful news for her, but it left him wondering who provided the police with their information of when and where to capture Mike red-handed – Caroline?
  94. Kacher was classically trained on the piano beginning at age 3, composing his first song at age 5, which he called Night Fog, and performing as a concert pianist from ages 5 to 12 in high-profile cities in the United States and Japan.
  95. If you examine an entire forest over the period of one million years, you will find that all the tiny acts of separation are also inextricably part-of the connective regeneration of that eco-system composing itself back into living organisms.
  96. The insight behind portraying polytheism composing deities without limited number can be explained as follows: when God is false, lacking absolute power, he throws many philosophies for religions to oppose the real divinity of Christ the God.
  97. The Italian opera composer Giuseppe Verdi died in 1901, but Giacomo Puccini was still composing operas in the style opera-lovers were used to: Madame Butterfly was the big hit of 1900 and in 1904 he had another success with his opera-thriller Tosca.
  98. The Judiciary would have been appealed to; and, from the known opinions and predilections of the judges then composing it, they would have pronounced the act of incorporation, as in the nature of a contract, beyond the repealing power of any succeeding Legislature.
  99. How is it possible, under such circumstances, to conceive of Euripides as composing tragedies in the country? How could the general Lamachus be living out of the city in such a time of danger? Certainly the play itself gives us authority that this scene also is in Athens.
  100. And I couldn’t resist pointing out to the group, during a brief lull in the dialogue, that the girl in the bathing suit walking down the path to the docks was singer Taylor Swift, who was then dating my cousin (and probably already composing the song about their breakup).
  1. To her an elegy composed.
  2. He had composed ten epic.
  3. Here's a list i composed.
  4. The floor was composed of.
  5. Western song will be composed.
  6. She was angry, though composed.
  7. The romance is composed of any.
  8. Everything is composed of energy.
  9. While Flute Playing, He Composed.
  10. It looked composed, almost serene.
  11. UFOs can be seen to be composed of.
  12. Composed, I stand to face my destiny.
  13. Her composed demeanor infuriated him.
  14. She seemed more composed and at ease.
  15. The tall blond woman seemed composed.
  16. The story they tell was composed of.
  17. To which a calm and composed Dam said.
  18. They are composed of the same atoms.
  19. She composed herself in the curve of.
  20. BLOOM: (Composed, regards her) Passée.
  21. He sat up in bed and composed himself.
  22. She was perfectly composed and at ease.
  23. On the ground he was wise and composed.
  24. But masses are composed of individuals.
  25. We say matter is composed of molecules.
  26. It is a song that was composed by THEM.
  27. He had composed variation on this motive.
  28. He had composed himself and was smiling.
  29. When prose is composed, we write to the.
  30. Some of these were composed or begun by.
  31. Keta was composed as if barren of emotion.
  32. Pranjit was composed and sitting silently.
  33. He closed his eyes and composed himself.
  34. The lad who looked the most composed said.
  35. He was positively composed, at least in.
  36. Diane was very composed during the entire.
  37. Reed grew more composed, and sank into a.
  38. When it is composed, the mind is composed.
  39. Nangong Ping remained as composed as before.
  40. Prior to Mohammed, Arabia was composed of.
  41. The ‘Big Brother Ren’ remained composed.
  42. Carrie had felt composed when Sam arrived at.
  43. This church was composed of all those.
  44. The population was composed entirely of boys.
  45. The MACD message is composed of three parts:.
  46. We say, matter is composed of molecules ….
  47. Moreover, Fauchelevent was perfectly composed.
  48. The most generous who's provision composed of.
  49. She composed herself and pressed the door bell.
  50. He composed Guide to the Bodhisattva’s Way.
  51. Muscles are composed of striated muscle fibers.
  52. In this world, space is composed of only two.
  53. Although he was very composed in all matters.
  54. Each section was composed of about thirty men.
  55. Material in our field is composed of constant.
  56. It is composed chiefly of oxygen, sodium, and.
  57. Marta by a commission composed of military men.
  58. Composed of the 40th and 705th MP Battalions.
  60. The basolateral amygdala (BLA; composed of the.
  61. He took a deep breath and composed his features.
  62. Tania gave a shriek but quickly composed herself.
  63. This time composed mostly of women and Children.
  64. He was very much affected by her composed power.
  65. Suzuki broke the silence, his tone more composed.
  66. She then cut the line and composed another number.
  67. When I was sufficiently composed Roy brought us.
  68. Sean took a deep breath and composed his thoughts.
  69. For that reason he composed the following poem:.
  70. Each option is composed of the following fields:.
  71. WE SHALL BE [what a spiritual body is composed of].
  72. However Qian Chi still remained very composed on.
  73. Otherwise, she looked perfectly calm and composed.
  74. Katie is pale but composed; Abi is starting to cry.
  75. She was still quite composed, seemingly unaffected.
  76. The composed young girl was momentarily at a loss.
  77. They composed a song, had another celebration, and.
  78. The counterpart dark matter Earth, composed of low.
  79. No, she answered once she had composed herself.
  80. After he composed himself, Howard explained that it.
  81. He was positively composed, at least in 871 of 967.
  82. The ditch was deep, uneven and composed of soft loam.
  83. Thinksandthings paused as he composed the message in.
  84. When he had composed himself he slowly made his way.
  85. My mother is not easily scared and remained composed.
  86. The security force was composed of two hundred local.
  87. They were composed of oddly familiar pieces of ivory.
  88. All human societies were composed of bands of people.
  89. He quickly composed himself and got back to business.
  90. When he retired from service his students composed a.
  91. God now are composed only of mind? There could not be.
  92. The model itself is composed of three basic concepts:.
  93. What do you mean by that? she is composed again.
  94. Homais had composed it with verve the very next morning.
  95. Including the bacteria that our bodies are composed of.
  96. Jean Ristat had composed the poem with the ambition to.
  97. During that meal he appeared just as composed as usual.
  98. But God has so composed the body, giving more abundant.
  99. As he reached them they saw his face was more composed.
  100. Soon I heard him earnestly entreating me to be composed.
  1. Patrice nods as she composes herself.
  2. That’s a hell of a pipe, Ren composes herself.
  3. Who composes the human of such faultless composition?
  4. Ricci composes himself, takes Ahmed firmly by the shoulders and looks him directly in the eyes.
  5. Silence composes the nerves; and as an unbroken hush now reigned again through the whole house, I began to feel the return of slumber.
  6. And afterward he composes music of his own on this theory, in conjunction with another still more erroneous system of the union of all the arts.
  7. I wish to soothe him, yet can I counsel one so infinitely miserable, so destitute of every hope of consolation, to live? Oh, no! The only joy that he can now know will be when he composes his shattered spirit to peace and death.
  8. If asked to relate directly to his emotions, the narcissist intellectualizes, rationalizes, speaks about himself in the third person and in a detached "scientific" tone or composes a narrative with a fictitious character in it, suspiciously autobiographical.
  9. But why is it necessary to know, on this occasion, whether the President did call for these powers or not? The inquiry composes no part of the resolution; it is neither expressly mentioned nor glanced at; and why this inquiry is raised, I confess I am utterly at a loss to know, unless it was to prove that the President of the United States had a knowledge of the instructions, and that they restricted Mr.
  10. All that seems so unimportant, and yet in these seemingly unimportant acts, in our aloofness from them, in our readiness to point out, according to our strength, the irrationality of what is obviously irrational,—in this does our great, invincible power consist, the power which composes that insuperable force which forms the real, actual, public opinion, which, moving itself, moves the whole of humanity.
  11. Can the sun be angry with the infusoria if the latter composes verses to her from the drop of water, where there is a multitude of them if you look through the microscope? Even the club for promoting humanity to the larger animals in tip-top society in Petersburg, which rightly feels compassion for dogs and horses, despises the brief infusoria making no reference to it whatever, because it is not big enough.
  12. The higher the quality of Configuration of the focused-by-You Form (that is, the lower the coefficient of density of Energy-Plasma that composes it), the less dense Time Flows may be projected on it, and, therefore, the more “bits” of Information “the processor” and “the video card” of the “computer” you use are able to process for one moment; this will fill this moment with much more content than it would happen in lower-quality Formo-systems.
  13. From that time on Maupassant no longer does what he did in his first two novels,—he does not take for the foundation of his novels certain moral demands and on their basis describe the activity of his persons, but writes his novels as all artisan novelists write theirs, that is, he invents the most interesting and the most pathetic or most contemporary persons and situations, and from these composes his novel, adorning it with all those observations which he has happened to make and which fit into the canvas of the novel, without the slightest concern how the events described are related to the demands of morality.
  14. I imagined, indeed, that you would have been cloyed and tired with uniformity of adventures and expressions, inseparable from a subject of this sort, whose bottom, or groundwork being, in the nature of things eternally one and the same, whatever variety of forms and modes the situations are susceptible of, there is no escaping a repetition of near the same images, the same figures, the same expressions, with this further inconvenience added to the disgust it creates, that the words Joys, Ardours, Transports, Extasies and the rest of those pathetic terms so congenial to, so received in the Practice of Pleasure, flatten and lose much of their due spirit and energy by the frequency they indispensably recur with, in a narrative of which that Practice professedly composes the whole basis.

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1. While she tried to compose.
2. These compose this war party.
3. Adam needed to compose himself.
4. Sammy paused to compose himself.
5. Nick managed to compose himself.
6. My lasting pieces of this compose.
7. She struggled to compose herself.
8. She struggles to compose herself.
10. I just need a moment to compose myself.
11. Nicky took a moment to compose herself.
12. The glories that compose Your Name.
13. JC gave her a moment to compose herself.
14. Aiden noticeably tried to compose himself.
15. Giving Helga time to compose herself, he.
16. Josephine took another moment to compose.
17. Caramarin sat and tried to compose himself.
18. I have my headline below, I shall compose my P.
19. His tan deepened and he began to compose again.
20. It will give you some ideas on how to compose.
21. I'll have to compose a suitable eulogy, and then.
22. He would read just one chapter to compose his mind.
23. Should I invent a lover new to compose my music to?
24. I need another few milliseconds to compose myself.
25. The molecules that compose the screen are different.
26. Alexia could not think how to compose herself either.
27. She was given a few moments to compose herself, before.
28. And all Gordon could do now was sit and compose himself.
29. Newspapermen frantically scrambled to compose headlines.
30. He just needed a minute or two to compose himself first.
31. Clayton looked away and gave her time to compose herself.
32. He had to compose himself, think quickly Harry he thought.
33. Nicky stopped talking for a while as if to compose herself.
34. Management, that is, with the other teams that compose the.
35. Roger’s mother was given a few minutes to compose herself.
36. She was trying to compose herself after the shock I assumed.
37. I shall compose an ode to your beautiful blue eyes, I think.
38. Mei Yinxue remained as compose as before and nodded her head.
39. Colleen leaned against the wall and tried to compose herself.
40. Their leader was beginning to compose a ballad about this day.
41. He swallowed with difficulty and managed to compose his voice.
42. I wished I could write poetry and compose musical arrangements.
43. Finally, Mad Cousin managed to compose himself enough to speak.
44. More than I have charged myself, heeded or unheeded, to compose.
45. Before she left she sat to compose a careful letter to her father.
46. In the Rock of Congosto you compose its tune and I intone its song.
47. He stopped talking for ten seconds or so, trying to compose himself.
48. I paused for a moment to wipe away some tears and try to compose myself.
49. Tukaram and fulfill his urge and compose for him, a hymn in the praise.
50. It took him a good fifteen minutes to compose himself after the fit of.
51. But his thoughts wandered, and he could not manage to compose a letter.
52. He took a moment to compose himself and looked up at the dark sky that.
53. We shall be calling the myths that compose this pattern the existential.
54. Kate waited a moment for Eileen to compose herself, and then tried again.
55. He knelt there, next to her poor mutilated body trying to compose himself.
56. She did compose herself enough to come out and face him, but she was wary.
57. Singh is more that welcome to compose the entire petition if she wishes to.
58. He tried to compose himself, not allow any more of his fear to show itself.
59. He put his glasses back on and adjusted his tie, trying to compose himself.
60. She put her fists on her hips and glared at him, unable to compose a phrase.
61. I had been limping along for several years attempting to compose spontaneous.
62. David clicked on the hotlink and began to compose a brief tip for the reporter.
63. It is true that sales letters are a one-way conversation, but you can compose.
64. He knew she played the harp, but had no idea that she could also compose music.
65. He inhaled deeply, taking in the breath he always used to help compose himself.
66. Then, indeed, my little wife will not wish to write letters or compose sermons.
67. The waves of energy which holographically compose matter could be digitised and.
68. I jumped off of him and buttoned my uniform while Duncan tried to compose himself.
69. He hesitated, trying to arrange his words, and compose himself as to convince her.
70. It had never been this bad and he allowed himself a few moments to compose himself.
71. But he was unable to compose himself enough to feel the slightest bit of loneliness.
72. Manfred seemed to compose himself somewhat and continued, looking directly at Simon.
73. Dynasty called it the ‘Flower Guarding Bells’ and later poets would also compose.
74. That night it took Court a long time to compose his first TWX to DOCB at Tan Son Nhut.
75. She took a few minutes to compose herself, wiped the rain and tears away from her face.
76. Spring is one of a handful of poets in the country who compose in the ancient oral mode.
77. At one point Linda almost became hysterical again, but managed to compose herself again.
78. You helped Lebyadkin to compose it yourself, yesterday very likely, to create a scandal.
79. The administrators had thought it best if she were to take a few days to compose herself.
80. When she pulled up at her parents’ house, she had to compose herself before she walked in.
81. In truth, she’d lost the ability to compose words out of the alphabet letters on the keys.
82. She made a strong attempt to compose herself, and stammered that he was as punctual as ever.
83. At least that part added some extra leaves and fallen trees to the compose pile to be re-used.
84. Andy and his friend give me a little time to compose my thoughts, but we don't have very long.
85. One could not simply compose a number and get an instant connection, like in the 21st Century.
86. Teri— David rubbed his hands together, trying to compose his thoughts before he continued.
87. I was still trying to compose myself when the door opened and another girl walked into the bathroom.
88. The Chief Of Police almost passed out, but managed to compose himself just in time by turning away.
89. If you compose music for people and never repeat what you play; you become a more creative musician.
90. She decided to give him some time to compose his thoughts, in hope that someday he would come to her.
91. Knees shaking, she went back inside and took the phones off the hook until she could compose herself.
92. Instead, he paced slightly, his hands on his hips as he tried to compose himself and control his anger.
93. You had me fooled, but I see and hear it now: you've had a repressed desire since childhood to compose.
94. I released her arms, and called the woman to assist me to compose her figure and the dress she had torn.
95. He walked to the front of the room, it was only a few feet but he needed a few seconds to compose himself.
96. She struggled to get her feet under her and compose herself, shaking the snow from her hands as she got up.
97. Gripping the back of her chair for a moment, she tried to compose her face into something resembling normal.
98. If he does not earn a fortune for himself, he is granted a pension, in order that he may compose the better.
99. He waved his hand in the air to indicate that he needed a moment to catch his breath and to compose himself.
100. He said he wanted me to need him, you know, and I … I try to compose myself, taking in a deep breath.

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