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    1. While composing text on my computer, I create a reality: the text itself

    2. One must realize that the various systems composing this world are copies of larger systems, one inside the other, culminating only with the ultimate one that is the Universe

    3. “You mentioned composing a long epic in the Cave of Loizos,” Homer said when she

    4. Dena was composing the communique and muttering as Jista was explaining

    5. Hendersen is composing does not really

    6. Parmayan was composing himself

    7. She threw herself into the task of composing a letter that would say it all, including even the possibility of a mutually beneficial shared future, so much more concisely than attempting to stumble through it face-to-face

    8. After composing his thoughts, the General went on

    9. They even faked up some ancient texts with my name all over them,” said Hartle, composing his thoughts While the temptation to spill his guts all over the place was very high, this alien kid had no common terms of reference

    10. Composing a compelling letter of accusation was no longer necessary: that would be wonderful news for her, but it left him wondering who provided the police with their information of when and where to capture Mike red-handed – Caroline?

    11. At last only that part of her body composing her chin, nose and cheeks, as well as her forehead were out of the water

    12. Annie was composing cantatas on Christmas and Easter themes to librettos by Cecile, a gifted writer

    13. He did a double-take, his eyes popping open, before composing himself and coming over to greet me with a kiss on the cheek

    14. We were driven to Cape Town CBD; we stopped in front of a beautiful modern building, architectural art composing of glass and steel

    15. After composing himself, he continues with a serious face

    16. his throat, composing himself a bit before speaking

    17. or if he was composing it on the spot – but whatever it was, it

    18. Then he would return to his composing

    19. spent his travel time composing a new album based on the inspiring and profound

    20. Everyone stopped what they were doing, including the one composing a ballad

    21. I could have spent a lot longer composing this letter --- I could have included a better

    22. From very young she gave free rein to her imagination composing short stories for children

    23. Our basic building blocks for composing

    24. While composing the letters, Robert had conjured up a picture of the headmaster; recalling conversations, turns of phrase, the letter written to his parents, and harangues from the stage at assembly

    25. I think that the methods of composing headlines explained thus far, gives the

    26. You should imagine when composing your copy, that you are sitting in their

    27. Another way of composing a powerful P

    28. The matter which we have just described as composing His


    30. Composing himself, he thanked her for her concern for him

    31. out after some 20 years of composing and lacked the

    32. not composing in their native language

    33. of young poets composing in the traditional style

    34. keep on composing free verse poetry, why force conformity with

    35. Candice began the rudimentary stages of her writing, at the age of thirteen, composing essays

    36. It was similar to the four lines above except that he used woman instead of idea, Santa’s reindeer instead of technology and her instead of the last my, thus composing a Christmas blues number

    37. He did the voices on cartoons such as Hey Arnold! and Garfield, composing songs for those feline episodes

    38. Composing the limbs as decently as I could, and averting my eyes from the pathetic, innocent looking sex, I wrapped it- him in an old blanket

    39. emerges from the building blocks of neurons (nerve cells) composing the brain

    40. He finally got over it and grabbed the handset of this telephone, composing an internal number

    41. My understanding is that they are part of the 144,000 composing all

    42. Closing that line and then composing the satellite telephone number of Nancy Laplante, Moore then waited with growing dread as the connection was made and the phone started ringing at the other end

    43. Zach hissed a curse, ground his teeth and nearly slammed his phone into the table before composing himself again to continue the conversation

    44. "Captain Thane," Picard began, composing his words carefully

    45. “I shall come to that now,” said Bwonqa, composing himself

    46. into relevant productions - arched vanity composing late into the night excited rolling

    47. (b) In the second place, the mode of forming, composing, and electing these Houses of Laymen appears at present far from satisfactory

    48. ‘I was only trying to measure,’ said Roopa, composing herself readily, ‘my friend’s fortune in the making

    49. Composing himself, Charlie’s father continued with his story

    50. “What was more, Rathi was the neighbor’s neighbor,” he continued after composing himself

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    composing composition partial integral constituent basic fundamental elemental

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    the spatial property resulting from the arrangement of parts in relation to each other and to the whole

    musical creation