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    1. confirm any revelation that you have

    2. Several studies examining the media confirm that young girls are

    3. I can confirm to you that, subject to formal ABC accreditation, it easily fits in the category of [0 – 10] copies [and sadly I do mean easily!]

    4. He’s afraid that what’s at the end of this fuse will confirm his greatest nightmare

    5. Confirm plans verbally with your surgeon; mark areas to be treated

    6. We need to learn how to take on this authority so that we could confirm

    7. But Africans; an encounter which would have helped to confirm what you may not know is that one year later Malcolm X, we did in fact have African ways

    8. "I had to confirm what he knew," Alan said

    9. At the end of the meal the two men said their goodbyes to the landlord and headed for the car park, the businessman promising to drop his friend a line shortly to confirm the details discussed

    10. He needed to confirm what he suspected about Rayne before he made a move

    11. out of your body, and then confirm that they have been

    12. continues to confirm over and over again that we are

    13. To confirm that the emotion has been released, simply

    14. businessman promising to drop his friend a line shortly to confirm

    15. Linda was able to confirm that a new

    16. She had prearranged a greeting with Rital, ‘to the bitch that rules Aura’, to confirm that it came from him

    17. “The purest blood belongs to Lady Rayne, tests confirm she is of the First Ones," Naria informed him stonily

    18. His next words confirm this

    19. He knew what that meant, he didn’t have to question her to confirm it

    20. I had suspected as much; it is very kind of you to confirm those suspicions,” answered Belle tactfully

    21. ‘Maybe we could drive over there and have a look see if your friends are still around – just to confirm your story, sir

    22. I’ve got to confirm all this with the men who will take the workstations to pieces and need to talk to IT about the computers

    23. You’re here to confirm or deny the other one percent

    24. “Just to confirm that I really need a fuck?” Tahlmute had told him this girl was also a hopeless slut

    25. A quick glance around the warmly decorated kitchen and she was able to confirm her suspicions by the clock hanging over the sink

    26. to confirm that the Templars did have a close relationship

    27. “I have, and the spirits confirm it, and he feels like the one

    28. confirm all the words of this law by

    29. ‘That seems to confirm that she’s a witch, then,’

    30. We shall handle the passengers by starving them of oxygen und Brian und the other two will confirm they are dead before repressurising the aircraft

    31. you once I confirm what’s happening

    32. confirm for the jury that you were the first wife of the

    33. We cannot confirm the official reports at this time

    34. It may also confirm the interpretation that some have and are not sure about

    35. God can confirm his word in many ways but rather

    36. Later trips were to confirm that it certainly did exist – you

    37. If such direct proof could require any collateral evidence to confirm it, I would observe, that this has likewise been the case in France, and probably in most other parts of Europe

    38. Now he will pretend, no doubt, that I have said anything which he may invent which will confirm his insane suspicions

    39. Heavens to confirm the prophetic words they gave

    40. He had plenty of witnesses to confirm his

    41. They were hoping you could confirm that address but eventually said they would have to do it themselves

    42. this will confirm that we are both on a Holy Mission to

    43. So far, however, as they prove any thing at all, they confirm the account which I have been endeavouring to give

    44. "You willingly told us," he continued, "and your memories confirm, that a military attack from your expedition could destroy our whole world

    45. notary to confirm the death of his first wife, and

    46. natives confirm this statement

    47. abacus, we could confirm that figure

    48. would decide to call my parents to confirm the excuse

    49. “Yes, yes! That is it, doctor, I just wanted to confirm, there are so

    50. opt-ins, let them know they need to confirm a link in an e-mail that is

    1. If it can’t be confirmed it can’t be proven

    2. His nose confirmed that Herndon was not afraid to couple with a body haunted by an electric ghost, but then he was Yingolian also

    3. ‘No, Liz told me something of the kind … but it is good to have it confirmed

    4. "After I have confirmed it with Garda HQ obviously

    5. That as much as confirmed for him that he had not gone far reaching his compound

    6. was possible confirmed the Countess’s assessment of the situation

    7. "She’s taking the capacitors offline from the reactors," Parker confirmed

    8. " Pardue confirmed over comms

    9. He hated it because of what it took from her eyes, but most of all, he hated it because it confirmed what he felt for the girl, this other girl

    10. Whilst not always the sharpest knife in the box, Stu’s libidinous sense of what was possible confirmed the Countess’s assessment of the situation

    11. ‘As I thought, Berndt’d worked out for himself what I meant about Angie – he’s confirmed that she’ll be accepted

    12. ’ The Yeti have confirmed that the area has already been renamed in her honour and there will be a suitable stone cairn built once the locale has stabilised

    13. The White confirmed it by handing Collin the Staff of Light

    14. This confirmed what he thought, people were running more and bigger cherubs

    15. Heymon noted that, “All but seventeen were either confirmed at their destination or destroyed en-route

    16. No! Denair had just confirmed what he had only half-guessed, but he also gave him devastating news

    17. She noted the look on Rayne’s face and her worst fears were confirmed

    18. ” That statement pretty much confirmed the reality of that letter, as well as its origin

    19. the puppy and confirmed that they were gone

    20. Rumour had it that they had been lovers for years but I’ve never had that confirmed

    21. the pitch of a fortune teller, a guess that was confirmed as the three

    22. ‘Good isn’t it?’ I confirmed ‘You can imagine what it was like at school when they found out

    23. pain confirmed his success

    24. “So he says,” Ava confirmed

    25. turn of the handle confirmed her fears

    26. That confirmed that she had no confusion about her origin

    27. ‘Oh shit!’ she thought to herself, unhappy to have her doubts confirmed

    28. up,” Fred confirmed, “There was supposed to be a lighthouse keeper

    29. This certainly confirmed what Kemberra had told him and Ava suspected

    30. ” The fact that she asked pretty much confirmed that it was, he tried to look distracted

    31. I have confirmed that there is no record of a Tdeshi fitting your description

    32. confirmed, looking directly into Tom’s eyes, “And that’s what your

    33. It raised the query in his mind that perhaps Andy hadn’t been there when it happened – something Kev confirmed, saying that he didn’t remember seeing the scientist in the room at any time

    34. “Yes,” Briz confirmed, “But they’ve all been quietly closed over

    35. ’ Middlesex confirmed, gulping gratefully at his hot coffee

    36. “It was,” Bram confirmed, “And, he was an agent for the Board of

    37. “Yes,” Bram confirmed, “In an exceedingly distant way

    38. ” It must have been his tone of voice when he confirmed that Bentack knew her

    39. Publicly the Kassikan tested those who volunteered but had not confirmed any as being the ‘real’ Yingolian

    40. confirmed what they had each figured out

    41. the information had confirmed his suspicions, then downed

    42. My suspicion was confirmed by the

    43. She confirmed for herself what Kaitlyn would not confess, nor what Harry would yet acknowledge

    44. confirmed the impression of habitual insobriety

    45. The phrase, to count your blessings, can therefore quite confidently be confirmed as a useless adage, yet it has somehow managed to survive the test of time, even though the advice in question is most clearly totally detrimental, totally idiotic and totally ill-conceived

    46. “Agents have confirmed the location of Kazar in a small village in Syria,”

    47. confirmed that it belonged to the Jewish woman they’d

    48. confirmed her information with a brief nod

    49. " Her smile, confirmed the agreement

    50. ‘I arrived this afternoon,’ confirmed Jean

    1. was confirming the existing situation

    2. One for Renald, suggesting a meeting … another for Pippa and Liesse also suggesting a meeting and one for Berndt at his home, confirming her safe arrival

    3. Wiesse comes to see us off, confirming that the main luggage was sent off early this morning by wagon

    4. " He noticed she was using the phonetics of Alan’s world, confirming where this cherub was from

    5. Faced with the possibility of failure, I suddenly realise just how much I want Alastair’s child … I suppose it shows in my face; Dr Jim nods as though confirming something to himself

    6. times, each time confirming the result, I finally told

    7. Confirming Release of, 213

    8. Shaking his hand, and confirming that he is correct, I take a seat at the table and put my pad on the table

    9. He had no way of confirming the

    10. whisper, confirming Tom’s view

    11. Chrissie didn’t need his confirming ‘It’s gone!’ to know that Kev had taken the car and left them stranded

    12. expression confirming he’d overheard the old man’s

    13. Markham confirming his approval of Tom’s vacation plans

    14. he remained resolutely silent, neither confirming nor denying Tom’s

    15. The stranger sitting next to him in the silver Ford is confirming his worst nightmare, but all he can think about is a hot shower

    16. Have I said too much? … but it seems that Abi wanted facts, she nods her head as though I am confirming what she already suspected

    17. confirming that the dwelling was empty, he unpacked his

    18. that prophecy is always confirming rather than directing, and no Body of Christ

    19. Brontes nodded back at him, confirming the new-comers had friendly intentions

    20. “So you’re confirming that my father was here to help deal with the Stormcloak rebellion?”

    21. Maileena in turn gave him a sharp, cold look, confirming that horrible detail about her life with her eyes alone

    22. He kept his thoughts to himself and acknowledged the king’s instructions, confirming the details

    23. Roycen became silent, drifting his eyes away, confirming Edward's fear

    24. they could buy while waiting for the e-mail confirming their request for the free

    25. Write a “thanks for confirming” e-mail that is sent to the requestor as soon as

    26. The researchers found that pretreatment of cells with lutein dose-dependently protected the cells against inflammation associated with LDL plaque formation, again confirming lutein’s protective effect against atherosclerosis

    27. ’ But, she remembered, every news report seemed to go one step further toward confirming that the passengers had not survived

    28. For what it was worth he checked the sensor logs, confirming they had not wanted him to know of their visit

    29. Once the customer signs up for the workshop they will begin the double opt in process of confirming they indeed want to receive this information from you

    30. “It was my choice,” she said, confirming his earlier suspicions

    31. Thus ROMEO had a few anxious minutes confirming the whereabouts of those elite units whilst we contained the situation and hunted Strydom

    32. confirming our (own) ―goodness‖ however contradicted (at times) by our (own) decided thoughts or actions; that is to say, the perception of the quality of our (own) thoughts or actions are (oftentimes) self-fulfilling appraisals that either inform or condition such

    33. We parted on that note, Smith-Barry heading to the dining hall and I took a quick side trip, confirming that there was indeed a bathroom behind the curtain

    34. heard the whistle and Pete excitedly confirming orders

    35. He would be redeemed with the bosses, particularly when the fingerprint ID came in confirming his identity as a wanted murderer but undoubtedly, Edgar would be shuffled back to obscurity, listening to scum inform on scum, while being locked out of even those inglorious arrests

    36. He moved on after confirming there was no pursuit

    37. Raul couldn’t provide the answer to that question, but he shared what little information he remembered of his friend’s often-repeated suspicion that Michael and his friends were into cocaine smuggling and his frustrations at confirming it

    38. Her eyes came up and she looked at me, and then around the room at all the others, confirming our attention

    39. The first stream of tracers passed over the deck just in front of the wheelhouse, confirming for Colling that the cutter’s armament consisted of a heavy machine gun

    40. I said, though speechless, nothing more confirming

    41. She nodded confirming and they continued their talk

    42. Then confirming my suspicions, he busted out into floor gliding, moon walking, poppin’, and tickin’ and such as he drew more near – that was just how he walked, which inspired Slim Jim to bellow, “Kid Mojo – in the Emmer Effin’ hiz ouse!”

    43. I hadn’t heard anything that she said after confirming that Monique was pregnant before we met

    44. confirming to me that the entire trip was completely orchestrated

    45. God was without doubt confirming to me that

    46. So again, God was confirming His leadership and direction

    47. and two put to flight ten thousand,” 2 confirming that God’s power is

    48. given us so many confirming signs that we were to purchase the house

    49. you on the inside, confirming to you that you are indeed forgiven

    50. After confirming the

    1. "I guess this confirms we were doing this for the Brazilians

    2. Then Apollo says something that helps my spirits and definitely confirms he has fully embraced his gifts

    3. I go and wash my face trying to restore some normality – a glance in the mirror confirms the fact that I look a mess, but I plead a headache as I go from house to house checking everyone is okay

    4. When he can get a word in edgeways, Simon confirms that he’s made a note of the dinner

    5. The card validates and confirms WOC-

    6. He is on his mobile and Davie confirms that Shaun has had a good night at Caligula's

    7. The display on the reader confirms the transaction and a printer on a desk behind the receptionist churns out two copies of his invoice

    8. She confirms Alex’s impression, reducing the conversation to a formally official negative

    9. 'I’m afraid this confirms the cause of death

    10. Listen to what seasoned prophets are saying and see if it confirms what you are hearing

    11. "I'm glad you told me because it confirms what Nimblefax had said, or rather communicated to me, I was asked to go along with this little ploy of Grandpa's

    12. "They have noticed, Ava confirms that, they know that you are here

    13. that his starting position confirms my intuition

    14. This simply confirms yesterdays seed, and simply because of the repetition, it becomes more ‘true’ in the subscribers eyes if you say it again

    15. Arbuthnot, in ancient than in modern times; and the very little variety which we find in that of the ancient statues, confirms his observation

    16. I was informed by Elaine and Stephan upon their arrival there have been attacks in other cities as well, and Cupid confirms this

    17. The New Testament also confirms the fact that only Eve was deceived and that Adam knew what He was entering into when eating the fruit they were told not to eat:

    18. E: -- Having the ELS wrap the Old Testament 9 times extracting 12 letters from the text in each pass, proves and confirms that the entire Old Testament is word-for-word and letter-for-letter exactly what it was designed to be and that not a letter was lost or misplaced over the ages

    19. 24 If we only consider prophecies contained in the Bible that have already been fulfilled, it further confirms with absolute certainty that the Bible is unlike any other book

    20. The Bible says God created everything and performed his creation work over a period of 6 days and confirms this twice in Exodus

    21. Here, God clearly confirms directly to Moses twice; by giving him the Ten Commandments, as well as a clear affirmation in Exodus 31 of the fact that everything, including Heaven and Earth, was created over a period of six days

    22. God actually confirms twice in the Bible, outside of Genesis, that the creation of everything occurred over a period of 6 days

    23. In the sections above, we see once again that the Bible clearly confirms God’s exclusive responsibility for and intensely detailed involvement in the creation process

    24. Step 4-Visitor confirms by clicking on the link in the email and is immediately taken to a sales page for the Affiliate product you have chosen that is relevant to the topic you created the videos on

    25. I am aware of the existence of other people who have a similar likeness to me that confirms my own existence‖ (Freely adapted from Rene Descartes) The troubling assumption with most (nihilistic) existential thinkers is the idea that the universe is fundamentally evil; without purpose or meaning and that alienated Man must overcome the evil dynamics of Nature through his or her own (determined) efforts or by exercising Free Will that ironically lends force to conscious expression

    26. The choices that its citizens make, however, confirms the extent of that society‘s (collective) moral and spiritual evolution or its regression, whatever the case may be

    27. The Rebuke of Conscience, I believe, confirms the existence of God

    28. This confirms that a silly act by the Security Forces can indeed create a new terrorist

    29. Everyone does” she confirms

    30. Lets just take a few notes from the above – this article confirms that the bones are gathered after the cremation

    31. Then the article confirms that the bones are ground

    32. It simply confirms yet again that man has now become his own “god”, works out his own salvation and decides for himself what is acceptable and what is not and stuff the bible

    33. and makes their knowledge foolish; 26 Who confirms the word of his servant, and performs the counsel of his messengers; that says

    34. This also confirms that there is no such thing as co-incidence, only God incidence!

    35. His word, the Bible proves this, It consistently and repeatedly confirms

    36. mindedness behind, and it confirms that we have no

    37. Lawson confirms that those who express skepticism about global warming, including politicians and scientists, “are treated as heretics for questioning the received wisdom

    38. 53 (Enoch confirms the word from the Lord's lips to his children that they must obey the will of the Lord)

    39. Provided that, of course, your qualified doctor confirms that you’re

    40. The first article confirms my fears: "Fires and Firefights Level Coptic Territories"

    41. When you’re approved, you’ll get an email from Twitter that confirms that the card has been activated

    42. 14 But if her husband altogether hold his peace at her from day today; then he establishes all her vows, or all her bonds, which are on her: he confirms them, because he held his peace at her in the day that he heard them

    43. “And, fourth, I also have information obtained as a medium that confirms this location

    44. Paragraph 3 confirms the principle that parties to this Convention may, on the one

    45. The cruel finding on the island of Kos in March, 2008, confirms this

    46. If you snap ‘I’m fine you fucking twat, get out of my face!’ it immediately confirms you have a problem

    47. Yet, the tremendous expansion of viewership of the Fox News Channel proves that people want to hear both sides of political and international news, and this confirms the tenuous position of the one-sided presentations by ‘liberalism’ through its voices in the many major news outlets in the visual media

    48. "Intel Wing confirms the Avenger is inbound to board us, six clicks away

    49. that the energy flows along lines of force confirms that these are Birkeland

    50. He confirms the open invite, and

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    Synonyms for "confirm"

    confirm affirm corroborate substantiate support sustain reassert sanction accredit approve authorise authorize endorse establish verify bear out resolve authenticate justify fortify reinforce assure invigorate make firm

    "confirm" definitions

    establish or strengthen as with new evidence or facts

    strengthen or make more firm

    make more firm

    support a person for a position

    administer the rite of confirmation to