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    1. The wizards of the Kassikan have been thru this, personally, since before people on Earth could write, you can't sustain a society that uses energy at a greater rate than that supplied by the sun

    2. They couldn’t sustain the gate for

    3. When I get home from work I grab a slice of toast to sustain me, then, after a quick shower, I change into my ‘recital’ dress which is a long black draped thing which not only has the advantage of looking seriously classical, but also enables me to breath properly without having to worry about my stomach sticking out

    4. With little exceptions, everything to sustain life was to be found within her mountain walled paradise

    5. Our job is to find something here that can sustain a permanent base and so sustain a proper study

    6. helped to sustain him during the worst moments

    7. He couldn't sustain it

    8. I still sustain that It is impossible for us to learn where the Universe comes from, what 82

    9. All that it has advanced to the public must be lost before its creditors can sustain any loss

    10. It might sustain her on the

    11. The greater part of goods, besides, are more perishable than money, and he may frequently sustain a much greater loss by keeping them

    12. "Anyway, the gambling business only provided for us for a while, and eventually its ability to sustain us… died out

    13. The loss which Spain and Portugal could sustain by this exportation of their gold and silver, would be altogether nominal and imaginary

    14. Wushidao (Bushido) and other skills I have mastered and use to produce a happiness and peace in my life that was formulated to guide and to sustain the true human peaceful warrior and

    15. Absent these conditions, it is difficult to sustain motivation and psychological well-being, unless the individual has sufficient inner resources to compensate for and override the lack

    16. enough fresh water from it to sustain a city

    17. Unlike a physical human body, the spiritual being does not rely on food and water to sustain life

    18. The planter, no doubt, by the high price which he pays for the goods from Europe, by the interest upon the bills which he grants at distant dates, and by the commission upon the renewal of those which he grants at near dates, makes up, and probably more than makes up, all the loss which his correspondent can sustain by this delay

    19. Maximal pressure of water (W, MPa) which standard specimens with height and diameter 150 mm can sustain without water infiltration

    20. What it might lose by the high price of those goods, could seldom be equal to the loss which it would sustain by the distraction of a large portion of its capital from other employments more necessary, or more useful, or more suitable to its circumstances and situation, than a direct trade to the East Indies

    21. “I did what was needed to sustain my Temple

    22. In any case the escape pod would eventually no longer be able to extract enough energy from whatever few particles were in space – to sustain him

    23. With nothing to sustain him Torbin’s consciousness waned

    24. Ground-rents, so far as they exceed the ordinary rent of land, are altogether owing to the good government of the sovereign, which, by protecting the industry either of the whole people or of the inhabitants of some particular place, enables them to pay so much more than its real value for the ground which they build their houses upon; or to make to its owner so much more than compensation for the loss which he might sustain by this use of it

    25. assessment happened to produce, and required no compensation for the loss which the state might sustain, either by those who could not pay, or by those who would not pay (for there were many such), and who, by the indulgent execution of the law, were not forced to pay

    26. She knew her mother’s faith would sustain

    27. Then with the money from these to sustain me for a while I would sit down and write the story I had been told and try to check up on William Lamb

    28. She had to wonder why it would be so discerning; why the apparent need for this level of security? Enough, then, surely to sustain her interest through all the mundane work of minutely adjusting interface responses to get the TIAR computer to take the bate and do its thing

    29. “When lifting a light load to failure, the smallest motor units that were initially recruited will become fatigued, producing less force or ceasing to ire completely, at which point larger motor units will be recruited to sustain the lifting movement

    30. To be in this realm needed far more effort to sustain

    31. When all was in readiness, even the day before the battle, the army could have moved forward the eight miles toward El Pozo, and made the attack, well fed, and with an abundance of supplies on hand to sustain it

    32. Lieutenant (now Colonel) Miley, who represented headquarters at the front, made superhuman effort to sustain relations with the various brigades, fearlessly exposing himself in the performance of the work of a full staff

    33. Despite these reinforcements, Toral, that afternoon, sent out a defiant letter to Shafter, stating that he could sustain a long siege, and reiterated his refusal to surrender, save with a safe conduct for his army with full honours

    34. It (naturally) follows that the less gifted should (otherwise) entrust their confidence to individuals who are better informed or suited to sustain or encourage them and that the beneficiaries of such gifts should never breach their sacred trust as it relates to their fellows, whatever their (social) position or rank, as emissaries of God‘s Kingdom and therefore equal in His Eyes, whatever their (inherent) differences

    35. The ability to create and sustain a definite goal, or purpose

    36. A car in every garage and a television in every room is the stuff that middle-class dreams are made of! It is questionable, however, in light of diminishing incomes and job displacements precipitated by the emergence of cheap(er) labor from across our borders and the outsourcing of jobs overseas, not to mention a bubbling economy, that American families will be able to sustain its frenzied lifestyles once that bubble bursts

    37. The persistent flickers of electricity even then trying to sustain their contact, crackled about her head

    38. For instance they were well equipped with an inboard water tank to sustain the occupants for water was always scarce

    39. In his times of weakness shall My strength sustain him,

    40. That many individuals seeking salvation have oftentimes found themselves in a State of Grace at one time or another only to have it rescinded, is a humble reminder of how difficult it is to sustain; a blessing suddenly conferred and taken away just as quickly through spiritual despondency or neglect

    41. This rather dim view of convention is never mindful of the perils of excessive tolerance that must inevitably find expression in an environment where unlimited freedom will eventually be unable to sustain itself

    42. A well-order society requires the cooperation of all its citizens; that they work at resolving their differences in manner bounded by common goals, apart from common ideology, if that society hopes to flourish and sustain itself

    43. The plan to install huge concrete blocks in the river to help sustain water levels will have unforeseen results

    44. The surrounding country became too dry and too barren to sustain amphibious animals

    45. The Germans figured their fleet was a threat to the convoys which were the only thing that could sustain the British war effort, and the idiots never gave a thought to their own lines of supply

    46. He would dig, with either his knife or his hands to find a few mouthfuls of water to sustain him

    47. The lake that had once fed them, now threatened to poison them as they searched far and wide for what little was left that would sustain them in the danger of a new and dreadful beginning

    48. The lake that once had fed them, now threatened to poison them as they searched far and wide for what little was left that could sustain them in the danger of a new and dreadful beginning

    49. Hilkea had collapsed in every way, a horribly mournful moan passed over her lips, continuing as if it needed no air to sustain it

    50. In addition to those 15,000 direct jobs, the industry has an "induced employment" effect, which helps create and sustain an additional 153,000 jobs

    1. He sustained he had no recollection of that, since he was not himself while under her influence

    2. same ease with which you create love, joy and sustained happiness

    3. Shaun is half way down his pint and the bottle of Grouse has sustained substantial damage

    4. When the mortuary technician found him on his knees in the mortuary’s ante-room, he tried to help, making a sustained but weary effort to persuade Billy to sit down and have a cup of tea, assuming that he was related to the girl on the trolley, but there were no handles by which he could get a hold of the flaking singer

    5. He shook it off as if he had sustained similar

    6. The forecast was for a sustained increase rising to its maximum forty centigrade on the Sunday and that's when the Cleary boys decided on their plan to eradicate the Perols from the area

    7. "We wish the planet really could have sustained you

    8. "It could have sustained him," Victoria said

    9. So is turned into matter the idea that is sustained and cultivated

    10. As to religious answers, they appear to be based much more on fear and mythical hope than on logical and sustained reasoning

    11. That dream was intense, emotional and sustained

    12. To your subconscious mind, which is the entity that holds the power to create new conditions of life for you, the absence of a strong, sustained, and clearly imagined wish is equivalent to the acceptance of the present situation

    13. The great question is: “How can I modify the realities - past and present - of my life?” The answer is: “by working on it in an intelligent, methodical, and sustained way”

    14. be sustained for periods long enough to grow roots in the brain and starts the process of growing new physical structures in your gray and white matter

    15. Monk-Key 1 responded, “The cross wiring of the random Emotions sets forth new considerations of word relations Which while not communicating in standard idiom still Manage to produce idioms randomly to the accommodation Of sustained communication without linear deliberation—

    16. He took in our group and the injuries that Ash and Liam had sustained

    17. The injuries had been sustained when he’d tried desperately to defend himself

    18. “Ignorance is the field for the others mentioned after it, whether they be dormant, feeble, intercepted, or sustained

    19. He thought of that natural constancy of the rivers, which had sustained people along their banks for centuries

    20. When the breach of contract consisted in the non-payment of money, the damage sustained could be compensated in no other way than by ordering payment, which was equivalent to a specific performance of the agreement

    21. Did it think this was extraneous information? He knew the wormhole couldn’t be sustained for the journey back, in any case, and would have to wait it out in the ship

    22. “Negative, sir,” stated the computer unexpectedly, “The fire could not be sustained once the atmosphere within the aft section has been exhausted

    23. It augmented, however, their trading stock, it being equally liable with the other three millions two hundred thousand pounds, to the losses sustained, and debts contracted by the company in prosecution of their mercantile projects

    24. 35 A continuous mist watering system would also have ensured sustained plant growth all through the year all over the earth as plants would not have been dependent on rainfall for their water

    25. The village we heard had been abandoned in 1914 and the lane as it passed through was now overgrown some of the cottages had sustained damage but others were intact so these were used as Battalion offices and aid posts

    26. Millicent had sustained only one small injury – a minor cut to her lip, which bled lightly

    27. The only damage sustained was that a

    28. They put on their own sustained drive and kicked a 36 yard field goal for a 23-21 lead with 3:30 to play

    29. By the latest reports, the regularity of attendance has been sustained, the Cuban officials have without exception proved satisfactory

    30. But tactful administration today, sustained by Cuban officials elected by the people, will assuredly foster the desire of the people to become an integral portion of the United States

    31. A sustained practice of creativity and a continued willingness to

    32. She called out the one thought which sustained her, which kept each foot placed after the last, which glowed through her soul

    33. As a graying sixties generation quickly approaches middle age, sustained by a wistful desire for the ―good old days‖ that typified its youthful idealism, many can‘t help reflecting on those formative years without forlorn regret over a progeny whose slackening awareness and indifference to social ―causes‖ and other immediate issues that continue to trouble our society has given way to self-gratifying designs, like amassing ―huge‖ fortunes, for example

    34. emit a sustained bleating that gets louder as they become more hungry

    35. She tried again; this time sparks flew, but they didn’t result in a sustained flame

    36. Spring had not yet arrived, however, and there were few days when the sun was in the sky for any sustained period

    37. To keep with the fire-related analogy, the huffing and puffing started in earnest almost as soon as the Presbytery of Aberdeen first sustained the call to Queen’s Cross

    38. Because it lies in a geographically north to south alignment, the beginning of the last retreat of the ice sheets covering the northern latitudes could have poured vast, sustained floods of meltwater over this double river system

    39. “Since the race has progressed beyond two-thirds distance; and due to the damage sustained by the actual track safety features, including the energy-absorbing barriers, it has been decided that it would be unsafe to continue, not just for the drivers, but for the hundreds of thousands of spectators scattered all around this facility

    40. She tried to hold on as the spasm ratcheted up the pain and was surprised as she felt her mouth form the plea “Mamaaa!” It was more a softly sustained moan than words that escaped her tightly pursed lips this time

    41. EPA officials admitted that, “asbestos was harmful only if breathed at high levels and over sustained periods of time

    42. could be sustained under the existing constitution

    43. Decorated veteran officers Miguel Sanchez, age 41 and Jamal Harris, age 44 sustained gunfire from the vehicle which caused their police cruiser to crash into an abandoned building on West Kinney Street

    44. Each time that we are allowed to reenter a physical body, our new life has to be entirely organized and sustained by the Higher Forces

    45. We couldn't have sustained the intense heat at lower altitudes

    46. Their wisdom and patience sustained Maureen, Audrey and me

    47. He said Nick may have sustained a concussion from the fall

    48. He could have invaded Japan and sustained huge

    49. prevailed because of the tactics of Major Ringgold, who sustained fatal wounds

    50. helped, and the Lord sustained me

    1. I am also frustrated by the knowledge that, even if I could present you with such tokens, you probably wouldn’t wear them … I have never met a woman who wears less jewellery or who is so difficult to buy presents for! This being the case, I am sustaining my ego by building up a little store of surprises for you – one day I shall dig them out of storage and watch as you open the various boxes

    2. by sustaining a negative vibration

    3. That pastry at the cafe was very nice but not exactly sustaining and it is now getting on for two in the afternoon

    4. He might be rigid in his disdain for women’s minds, and insensate to her personal disasters, but they shared a deep, sustaining love for poetry

    5. A child who fails to develop these skills will have difficulty developing and sustaining personal relationships, since their immature behavior, such as acting out verbally or physically when angry or afraid, tends to destroy social connections

    6. In the above control room an array of fixed, curiously antiquated display screens were giving the various intermix ratios, projected stability levels coupled with the power requirements for sustaining negative energy

    7. Pre-exhaustion training is the answer to not only sustaining, but building muscle during a cutting phase while still losing fat

    8. Social Welfare agencies have assumed a life of their own that seeks to penetrate the viability and scope of their operations by carefully orchestrating and sustaining the ―needs‖ of the people entrusted to their care

    9. Written expressions are not (merely) impartial bystanders indifferent to an author‘s tireless efforts to create something meaningful or consonant with the author‘s intended designs; exhausting its own emotional and intellectual energies by sustaining elements of singular merit however dire or tiring such efforts might (otherwise) be

    10. Breast: See also Mother and Breastplate: Endearment; armor; life sustaining substance; loyalty and devotion between the Comforter and His

    11. They are judging the sustaining values of America, that shining city on a hill, out of existence

    12. always go beyond what was sufficient for sustaining us as a family

    13. sumes that it makes sense to talk about fundamental particles (or interactions) in isolation without considering the external conditions that contribute to sustaining those particles

    14. Against this negative view of material compatibility, the compatibility between a self-object and intentional source means that the self-object contributes to sustaining the source, and that a source cannot be understood as an isolated object independent of external factors for its persistence

    15. Sticking to it, effectively implementing, sustaining and if actual fact, in essence ‘using’ it is the ultimate goal and achievement

    16. Ogres weighed as much as an average unicorn and came equipped with skin that was tougher than gargoyle hide, and they were capable of fighting with almost undiminished capacity after sustaining wounds that would reduce most warriors to thrashing and screaming

    17. Each of you is capable of creatively inventing your life and sustaining it

    18. They couldn't cross the intersection without sustaining heavy losses, but they had to get across somehow

    19. Efficiently Creating and Sustaining Collaborations 3

    20. Systems have self sustaining feed back loops and also non-balancing loops which may throw it out of control

    21. LT from the moment the ship had left Los Angeles docks, but the bartender just wasn´t very receptive to her offers of sustaining him for the rest of his life in exchange for being her very private bartender

    22. She would have liked being provided with our comprehension and assent, after all we were her only family, and only because of it she considered to share the concepts that were sustaining her position, knowing, in advance, that we would consider it to be unacceptable due to the proper nature of our characters


    24. That stated, I believe that sustaining a profile

    25. Prayer is spiritually sustaining, but worship is divinely creative

    26. 7 They learned that, when religion is wholly spiritual in motive, it makes all life more worth while, filling it with high purposes, dignifying it with transcendent values, inspiring it with superb motives, all the while comforting the human soul with a sublime and sustaining hope

    27. 7 More than once during the long and weary hours of this tragic day, the only sustaining influence of the group was the frequent contribution of Nathaniel's characteristic philosophic counsel

    28. Grailem is amazed at the quantity as the readings show two hundred and eighty three planets and four thousand nine hundred and twenty other celestial objects capable of sustaining humanoid life

    29. It is self sustaining as long as it

    30. this should be when I explain to you that the self sustaining vortex is the basis for

    31. He asked after the boy’s condition and was told that he had been dragged out by the rescue services after sustaining a multiple broken leg, and he was now recovering in hospital with his leg in traction

    32. The vaccines in question, any vaccine, these are not requirements for sustaining life of any kind on this planet

    33. in sustaining the necessary type of intense practice

    34. “If his forces were not composed of retirees and old-timers I doubt that the huge losses his forces are sustaining would be acceptable

    35. 2 We as a species which values its survival need to increase our technology in order to get off this planet and find another life sustaining home

    36. Around him his subordinates busied themselves with monitoring the advancement of the enemy, the ship’s weapons and the damage it was sustaining

    37. all fours, without sustaining any injuries

    38. When I returned to my senses the thought of sustaining me

    39. 4T transfer of other income (that went for investment the previous year) then it is my contention that the transfer will be made up in the economy with better than job sustaining income in the business

    40. � The camera was centered on Nancy and showed her as she fought furiously with both bayonet and pistol, killing dozens of Waffen-SS soldiers while sustaining a number of wounds herself

    41. who will callously extort the sustaining funds

    42. Whenever you “dip into your capital base” you are effectively destroying your wealth building, and wealth sustaining, capability

    43. Given a week or two, it will be next to impossible for the Japanese to retake by force those islands without sustaining horrendous casualties in the process

    44. Germany was quite incapable of sustaining this effort

    45. Lazarus is now resting over on the other side of life, alive, at peace and enjoying the fruits of his sustaining Lord

    46. Building space housing and living facilities and sustaining them is both expensive and time-consuming, apart from needing to be carefully planned in advance if you don’t want to end up with a major disaster in the near to medium future

    47. Earth is a limited space, with finite resources, capable of sustaining a limited population with moderate standards of consumption and comfort

    48. Despite of these handicaps, however, the American colonists fought on for years, sustaining many defeats, but eventually won through sheer resilience and strength of spirit

    49. The effort of sustaining the power hiding in his cornea resulted in constant

    50. sustaining a breathable atmosphere around him

    1. Sustains the elasticity of the skin

    2. sustains that some are predestinated at everlasting

    3. That this extraordinary profit, however, is no more than sufficient to put his trade upon a fair level with other trades, and to compensate the many losses which he sustains upon other occasions, both from the perishable nature of the commodity itself, and from the frequent and unforeseen fluctuations of its price, seems evident enough, from this single circumstance, that great fortunes are as seldom made in this as in any other trade

    4. It is as if, as you let go, your true self catches you and sustains you

    5. It sustains the body system, Increases vigor and there is a marked growth of happiness

    6. So, in reality, what sustains a good person is the same as that which sustains a notorious one

    7. moderation, not excess…the confluence of Mind and Body that sustains the ―Whole‖…

    8. to and sustains our lives

    9. “What sustains a couple through ice-enshrined winters and through sultry summers, through the parched deserts and the stormy seas, is an absolute trust in each other, and a friendship which backs each other up without question

    10. Such characteristics precede a universal fellowship that, however vaguely uncertain, exceeds the salient features that normally sustains the Whole in a manner that seeks to promote natural rather than artificial solutions to its social commitments

    11. It sustains a man when nothing else will

    12. What is the source of your life? What sustains you? What keeps you alive?

    13. regulations can be crafted in a balanced way that sustains both the environment jobs

    14. And with it sustains

    15. through hell and the strength that will sustains you through it all

    16. builds the memory that will sustains you when all else are bleak and

    17. of Christ sustains so completely in our walk with

    18. Still, the truth is He sustains us, and

    19. That which creates and sustains the world, you may call it

    20. We crave it, we live on it, and it’s what sustains us

    21. and the winning content becomes an influential part of a whole that sustains that content

    22. Contradiction is the tension that sustains change

    23. A whole sustains its parts, and the parts create the whole

    24. The unknown of the source generates and sustains the theory,

    25. He decides on leadership and He sustains it

    26. products, which builds and sustains that all important trust and familiarity

    27. The LORD sustains him on his sickbed; in

    28. sustains him on his sickbed; in his illness you restore him to full

    29. A long moment of silence sustains the reality of their dysfunctional family

    30. Ra sustains us

    31. Today, printed books remain the primary revenue stream that sustains the commercial publishing trade, and I predict it will remain so far into the future

    32. Packaging is nice, but in the end it’s content, not packaging, that sustains a reader’s soul

    33. Truth is eternal; it sustains the universe

    34. The Supreme overspreads the universe and sustains it all

    35. wherein love reigns and sustains

    36. The energy of their love sustains it

    37. This would certainly apply if you eat food that is tainted by the soil used to grow it or the water that sustains it, and the result happens to be cancer

    38. • Water – Water sustains life and is a valuable source of energy

    39. 8T would be expected, so that the system sustains itself with increasing net worth of 3T /yr

    40. doctrine creates and sustains a wealthy income for the religion

    41. Such a doctrine creates and sustains a wealthy income for the church through tithing a

    42. minds, as transient as the flesh and blood that sustains it

    43. Our love for each other is real, and when I’m gone for so long, it loses nothing, it sustains us both, we are both able to love each other the same, whether we’re near or far apart

    44. I now know that Love, Mercy, and Grace never needs to be propped up, for it is Life in the deepest of meanings, and sustains itself with no effort of man, and is truly the character of God

    45. Jesus alone sustains Lazarus, and he is no longer in the same world as that of Martha’s or Mary’s

    46. But once digested, it sustains us and gives us energy

    47. sustains the city of Shasta is the flood of money brought in from

    48. love fulfills and sustains all of us

    49. experiences is that which creates and sustains the split alters

    50. which sustains the splits

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    Synonyms for "sustain"

    get have suffer sustain affirm confirm corroborate substantiate support keep maintain nourish nurture hold hold up keep up prolong bear undergo uphold carry bear up subsist aid help defend supply furnish befriend cater approve ratify justify establish

    "sustain" definitions

    lengthen or extend in duration or space

    undergo (as of injuries and illnesses)

    provide with nourishment

    supply with necessities and support

    be the physical support of; carry the weight of

    admit as valid

    establish or strengthen as with new evidence or facts