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Assure in a sentence | assure example sentences

  1. I beg to assure Mr.
  2. I assure you of that.
  3. In order to assure a.
  4. I can assure you, not.
  5. That I can assure you of.

  6. I can assure you that.
  7. I can assure you of that.
  8. I assure you it's nothing.
  9. I can assure you, I am not.
  10. This, to me, you did assure.
  11. Oh, I assure you there is.
  12. I assure you, nothing cheap.
  13. Yes, truly; and I assure you.
  14. Yet I can assure you that we.
  15. Which I can assure you he did.

  16. I can assure you, you are safe.
  18. I assure you that I am innocent.
  19. It’s not vanity, I assure you.
  20. I assure you that he is not safe.
  21. British propaganda, I assure you.
  22. Blood does run cold, I assure you.
  23. I assure you that you'll be fine.
  24. Let me assure you once again, Mrs.
  25. That would assure them of victory.

  26. Nothing of the sort, I assure you.
  27. Oh, I meant nothing, I assure you.
  28. But vee have met, I can assure you.
  29. I can assure you, Scully said.
  30. I assure you that it will bore you.
  31. But, I assure you, it was logical.
  32. I can assure you though, it will be.
  33. I can assure you that you don’t.
  34. I assure you that these data, just.
  35. I assure you that is not the case.
  36. They’re real, I assure you, sir.
  37. The fee is worthwhile, I assure you.
  38. Perkins, But I assure you that Mr.
  39. The humor was one-sided, I assure you.
  40. She wanted me to assure you that.
  41. No-one has done that I can assure you.
  42. I assure you though, this will never.
  43. And I assure you it wasn't an insult.
  44. I assure you that I desire it greatly.
  45. And that certainly was so, I assure you.
  46. I assure you I shall be faithful to it.
  47. I can assure you, they’re quite dead.
  48. I assure you, that they know already.
  49. I can assure you that you will love it.
  50. That was no bullshit, I can assure you.
  51. No it doesn't; I assure you it doesn't.
  52. I am convinced now—I assure you I am.
  53. Nothing of the sort, I do assure you!'.
  54. I assure you no disrespect was intended.
  55. The Guardian paused to assure itself of.
  56. All of you is still intact I assure you.
  57. Make the effort to assure her that your.
  58. I assure you, you will want to learn.
  59. His death was an accident, I assure you.
  60. Not serious! never more so, I assure you.
  61. Very healthy and peaceful, I assure you.
  62. I assure you that I was not in the wrong.
  63. I suffered, too, gentlemen, I assure you.
  64. It cost many hundred marks, I assure you.
  65. I can assure you from experience, indeed.
  66. She tried to assure herself that she had.
  67. You will be saved from this, I assure you.
  68. But, again I cannot assure you anything.
  69. Let me assure you that you are welcome here.
  70. For You assure me, You will always be there.
  71. I assure you, he’s big enough to take it.
  72. I can assure you that as time goes on the.
  73. I assure you he's not going to back out now.
  74. I assure you that it wasn’t meant as such.
  75. It was not malicious, I assure you, he-he!.
  76. I’m very boring in real life, I assure you.
  77. I assure you I was his enemy eight years ago.
  78. They have no Moral Imagination, I assure you.
  79. I gave a small nod to assure her that I was.
  80. I assure you that wasn’t the way with Paul.
  81. So I can assure you, that is not what this is.
  82. But I put him in his place, I can assure you.
  83. I can assure you the signs were unmistakable.
  84. I can assure you this was no mere coincidence.
  85. And I can assure you, young lady, said M.
  86. I can assure you that if you are new to this.
  87. Which I can assure you my old buddy they will.
  88. And you assure me that an operation is needful.
  89. I can assure you that she was not out shopping.
  90. We assure you that it is absolutely harmless.
  91. I assure you I am proud of these breeches,’.
  92. This is a good way to assure that you are not.
  93. I assure you; it has nothing to do with Mark.
  94. Today schoolmen assure us the money barons have.
  95. Be assure though that I am on your side on this.
  96. Not the least in the world, I assure you!.
  97. This activity is unprecedented I can assure you.
  98. I assure you, I will win this, Garcia said.
  99. I assure you I did not send you these flowers.
  100. He glanced around quickly to assure himself he.
  1. She nodded to him, assuring him it was.
  2. Years, we have, Ishan kept assuring him.
  3. He started by assuring its internal front:.
  4. They chortled, assuring her they'd be decent.
  5. I kept assuring him I understood it perfectly.
  6. Danny kept assuring them that the frothing white.
  7. I am fine, Hanor said, assuring the rest of them.
  8. Again, I offered her assuring words actually carrying.
  9. After assuring Corey that the coast was clear we entered.
  10. The children had joined her, Heidi assuring her that it was.
  11. Dunit, who was nearby, rested an assuring hand on her shoulder.
  12. I apologised, and began assuring him that I was not inquisitive.
  13. The documentation accompanying the pills wasn’t very assuring.
  14. Roberts mother, assuring her that he would visit them that afternoon.
  15. Manning called out to him, assuring Margolis that everything was okay.
  16. Rod went home at five-thirty, assuring Lester that he was making headway.
  17. On the beach, she looks around again, assuring herself no one is in sight.
  18. The woman begged me to give her some old clothes for the child, assuring.
  19. His attendants had great difficulty in assuring him that this was not the case.
  20. Max asked Carla to go back in the launch, assuring her he would be along later.
  21. Kathy shook her head politely, assuring the woman she could board the plane on her own.
  22. I transported her with the Kelvan transporter, Garcia said, assuring them it was.
  23. She observed they were looking into each other’s eyes assuring that they were normal.
  24. After ascending, they pulled them up, assuring that the horde would be unable to follow.
  25. It was the second time he spoke to his son assuring him that he was handling everything.
  26. Sitting up, Elise felt her face and neck assuring herself that she was intact and unhurt.
  27. Krista was silent for a moment and then spoke her tone, softly assuring in its confidence.
  28. In a last desperate effort, Jan laid out his blueprint for me, assuring me that by placing.
  29. FRATERNITY assuring the dignity of the individual and the unity and integrity of the Nation;.
  30. I let the others walk on ahead; assuring them I just needed time to myself to assess the plan.
  31. Grandpa David placed his hands on his son's shoulder assuring him that everything would be okay.
  32. I sent the letter off with another note to Watomika assuring him that his son was still in good health.
  33. This raised the possibility of raising the stop loss order to 80p, thus assuring a profit of 18 points (29%).
  34. She sensed trouble but Teller pacified her by assuring her he would not mention her name in any way whatever.
  35. The prophet (May the blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) started by assuring the security of this new state.
  36. As soon as you disbelieve in me completely, you'll begin assuring me to my face that I am not a dream but a reality.
  37. It appears he has known him for several years and he was assuring Pete that he was good for several ounces each week.
  38. She heard him moving too, removing his own clothing and then felt his hand on her abdomen, assuring himself of her nudity.
  39. The trader adjusts the stop level to 90, thus assuring at least a 32-point profit while letting the profit continue to run.
  40. Featherstone was still applauding the last performance, and assuring missy that her voice was as clear as a blackbird's, when Mr.
  41. He flicked the TV over to a film channel and settled back, assuring himself that his taste buds would be back to normal tomorrow.
  42. I sent Giovanni home with a letter to his sovereign assuring that he had honorably served the ambassador and earned his gratitude.
  43. Those are basically contracts with someone assuring you they’ll buy from you at an agreed-upon price within a given time period.
  44. A gorgeous old woman in a pristine pink pantsuit gave me an assuring smile and told me not to listen to the rest of these bastards.
  45. That very night she began an appealing letter to Clare, concealing from him her hardships, and assuring him of her undying affection.
  46. Father Andrew gave the sermon, assuring us all that the murderer would be punished, that God was just, and the murderer would get his.
  47. They attacked the trim, deciding to ignore minor flaws, assuring themselves no-one would notice once everything had been newly painted.
  48. She tried to dispel the thought by assuring herself with the fact he never spoke to her brothers, with the exception of Jake of course.
  49. I have a vague recollection of Don Jaime assuring me hastily that the fellow had been detected putting poison into the dishes at supper.
  50. Colling skidded to a halt, and Kwonowski told him to drive between the trees, assuring him that there was enough clearance for the truck.
  51. Here was a more reasonable proposal, to which Crystal agreed, assuring the nurse that she would stay off of her foot and keep it elevated.
  52. When I showed her the money, she had a second or two with herself before shaking my hand as if her life depended on it and assuring me that Mr.
  53. He resolutely denied these rumors, assuring everyone that nothing had happened except that his brother-in-law had proposed to her and been refused.
  54. He sat beside her and, after assuring each other that all was well, Siri recounted all the events that had occurred during his encounter with Hatch.
  55. Theodore was also taken aback by the question, but the Khakhan had insisted, assuring him that he respected his opinion above that of his advisors.
  56. And the method of assuring quality care is that simple: track patient experience and let that experience guide patients to the best quality of care.
  57. I kept my cadence kindly informative, replicating the gently assuring voice that had weaned them from their iCrib-monitor to their iCrawl sen-zoo-sery.
  58. Treating others as I want to be treated, though potentially assuring an equality of love for self and others, depends upon how one wants to be treated.
  59. Clark, a nephew of the senator, said that he had seen Colonel Astor put his wife in a boat, after assuring her that he would soon follow her in another.
  60. Directly the assuring and prosaic light of the world's active hours had grown strong, she crept from under her hillock of leaves, and looked around boldly.
  61. She shot him a wink, assuring him that even if there had been no rooms available, he would most definitely have a place to sleep that DRAFTChapter 9 155.
  62. It then became Olin's task to care for the Negro assuring that she had food and drink and that she remained undetected by the daytime patrons of the library.
  63. Coming out with a product means responsibility for assuring that no unsafe byproducts are indiscriminately dumped into the water or the air or onto the land.
  64. Eclipse delivered her demonic words back to him in a tone less sharper, seemed like assuring for help, not knowing that her god was no longer on her side now.
  65. This, in turn, has given rise to various forms of regulation and supervision, with the design and general result of assuring against unsound financial practices.
  66. His torn side ditch, with Fiver searching his wounds and assuring him that he could stand and throbbed and the pain in his leg seemed to have affected his senses.
  67. The Italian government under Marshal Badoglio, while assuring the Germans that Italy would remain in the war, was negotiating secretly with the Allies to surrender.
  68. Stepan Arkadyevitch sat down at the table and began joking with Agafea Mihalovna, assuring her that it was long since he had tasted such a dinner and such a supper.
  69. I informed her father of my plan, assuring him my parents would pay for her to fly back every Christmas to visit him, until I was working and paying for this myself.
  70. Or we can promote a decentralized world economy that would have the aim of assuring to every nation and region a local self-sufficiency in life-supporting goods.
  71. Despite Akito assuring me that the fence was full proof, he decided to take other necessary precautions in case the charms failed or the fox managed to sneak through.
  72. He’d tried to confiscate the scrolls so that he could sell half of the Well’s power to Big Jim Dailey, assuring him an eternal life of money, power, and riches.
  73. Pilate began his talk with Jesus by assuring him that he did not believe the first count against him: that he was a perverter of the nation and an inciter to rebellion.
  74. She cackled, assuring him that she would never work the bars again, where she might have contact with anyone interested in her story, because of a slight disfiguration.
  75. And on receiving an assuring nod from Alexey Alexandrovitch, he went on, stealing a glance now and then at Alexey Alexandrovitch’s face, which was growing red in patches.
  76. Among many animals sexual selection will have given its aid to ordinary selection by assuring to the most vigorous and best adapted males the greatest number of offspring.
  77. Another elf entered the room: a cautious, white eye on the hallway behind her and a caring eye on the Magi and elves, assuring they were all safely deposited into the room.
  78. If he had tugs of conscience over what he’d done, he shrugged them away by assuring himself that the lifting of the fugitive-apprehension order was a personal exoneration.
  79. I wanted to be out of there before Chief Porter and his CSI team showed up; however, I was intrigued by Lou’s request, and intuition kept assuring me that this was A Moment.
  80. Finally, assuring himself with the satisfaction that all things would eventually be known, which were at present simply unknown and not in the realm of the unknowable, he rested.
  81. Lebedeff had been much struck by this point of view, and he terminated his confession by assuring the prince that he was ready, if need be, to shed his very life’s blood for him.
  82. All of these quotes suggest that our existing kinds of nature forms are not to be considered out as being our lives, thus assuring us that another kingdom is in store waiting for us.
  83. On the third day, D Cubed made an appearance before the supporters assuring them that everything was being done to secure the release of Badger, Jebongo, Rogerdonia, and Smittytania.
  84. Adjusting the stop order to 80 when the higher support level had been identified; thus assuring some profit with the risk of over-trading and the risk of closing the position prematurely.
  85. With one foot on each prow of the yoked war-canoes, the Lakeman laughed him to scorn; assuring him that if the pistol so much as clicked in the lock, he would bury him in bubbles and foam.
  86. As soon as the exhibition was over he brought forward the accomplishments of his ape, assuring the public that he divined all the past and the present, but as to the future he had no skill.
  87. I try to make her change her mind, assuring her that I have been in this cafeteria before, that the environment is alright, that there is no danger -in vain: Helen remains as solid as a rock.
  88. I returned to the inn in the evening for my meal and found the keeper bowing and scraping excessively and assuring me he wouldn’t dream of accepting any payment from me for my accommodations.
  89. He expressed great pleasure in meeting Elinor, told her that he had been just going to call in Berkeley Street, and, assuring her that Fanny would be very glad to see her, invited her to come in.
  90. I was a bit overwhelmed by all this attention and wondered what he wanted from me, but I replied with all due gratitude and politeness, assuring him that I would report his kindness to the Khakhan.
  91. He clasped the telegraphist close round the neck, assuring him that all the officers of the Esmeralda garrison were going to be made colonels, while tears of happiness streamed down his sodden face.
  92. Assuring her that I avoided women of the night during this trip, I was also assured by my parents that it would be the last trip I would take to New York during the remainder of my Lawrenceville stay.
  93. Project managers and teams need to shift their attention from assuring the achievement of task estimates and intermediate milestones to assuring the only date that matters--the final promised due date.
  94. One contrarian indicator of the stock market boom that properly began in 1982 was the popularity then of money market funds, which were regarded as fail-safe vehicles for assuring a prosperous retirement.
  95. When it wasn’t Ficus nitida, it was the plump woman with the masses of curly auburn hair, giving me the admission ticket and assuring me that I would be a big winner at 11:45 if I remained on the midway.
  96. He was cross with the stupid old man (as he called Rostov), who had made him stay by assuring him that some necessary documents had not yet arrived from town, and he was vexed with himself for having stayed.
  97. So if Nahrmahn’s little brainstorm about fire control works out anywhere near as well as he keeps assuring us it will, we ought to be able to cope with anything the Temple Boys come up with over the winter.
  98. He was cross with the stupid old man (as he called Rostóv), who had made him stay by assuring him that some necessary documents had not yet arrived from town, and he was vexed with himself for having stayed.
  99. The old cynic chose to be vastly offended at this nicety; assuring me, repeatedly, that "the bairn was every bit as good" as I, "and every bit as wollsome," and wondering how I could fashion to be so conceited.
  100. As to the tendency of the measures in agitation in America, he could afford the right honorable gentleman some consolation, by assuring him that they would not have all the ill consequences he seemed to apprehend.
  1. I assured him I did.
  2. We are assured of it.
  3. He assured me he was.
  4. I assured him I would.
  5. He assured me I could.
  6. He assured me this job.
  7. Rest assured I will be.
  8. You can be rest assured.
  9. With a wink, he assured.
  10. But you may rest assured.
  11. Norman assured him he was.
  12. I then assured them that.
  13. He had been assured many.
  14. He assured me that he did.
  15. Death would be assured now.
  16. He assured me that it was.
  17. Later Roman assured me it.
  18. Assured that they had not.
  19. But you can rest assured.
  20. I love, he assured her.
  21. Rest assured it'll be well.
  22. For us, she assured him.
  23. But her husband assured her.
  24. He assured me they would not.
  25. Of course, I assured her.
  26. They assured me they would be.
  27. Be assured of this, Christian.
  28. TEPCO has assured me that.
  29. This was one self assured kid.
  30. As much as she assured me the.
  31. Rich had assured him that the.
  32. She's dead, he assured me.
  33. Oh, it did, I assured him.
  34. Stacey assured him it was okay.
  35. Be assured that I told him no.
  36. Davidson assured her that only.
  37. She assured me that she was not.
  38. You can rest assured they will.
  39. I will, Tammas assured her.
  40. All in good time, I assured him.
  41. He laughed and assured me he was.
  42. Rest assured that if you start.
  43. Rory was assured his tenure was.
  44. Oh, yes, Feltus assured him.
  45. Safe--you can be assured of that.
  46. I did, Wickland assured him.
  47. Brittany assured Lucy she would.
  48. Leave it to them, he was assured.
  49. She assured him she would be back.
  50. It had to be nonsense, he assured.
  51. I assured him I would prefer that.
  52. No way, luv, he assured her.
  53. Just one, Stokes assured him.
  54. Had to be a hot flash she assured.
  55. Your Candidacy is almost assured.
  56. People later assured me I blacked.
  57. Be assured that I will use it well.
  58. I assured Orville as I flicked the.
  59. She assured me some time ago that.
  60. I assured him that would be enough.
  61. You got it, Derek assured him.
  62. Nothing serious, I assured her.
  63. The man sounded assured, bored even.
  64. Rest assured that you will be great.
  65. No, no, you are, I assured her.
  66. All here, Chalmers assured him.
  67. Rest assured Amy, you are safe here.
  68. Not at all, Thomas assured him.
  69. I’m fine, I assured him again.
  70. We need to be assured that the only.
  71. It’s all there, I assured him.
  72. I shall try my friend, he assured her.
  73. She assured me that wouldn’t happen.
  74. Be assured that he is well cared for.
  75. Mia smiled and assured me she was ok.
  76. Major, you had assured me that these.
  77. Fully assured by these words that Mr.
  78. He assured himself that the Doc was.
  79. You will, Van Thorn assured him.
  80. Any way at all, she assured him.
  81. She smiled and assured me that I had.
  82. I was assured they’d be unharmed.
  83. The specialists assured me there was.
  84. Not a problem, Derek assured him.
  85. It will, the attache assured him.
  86. Sebastien, you may be assured that Mr.
  87. President, the General assured him.
  88. He assured Sylvia she needn’t worry.
  89. But be assured that this is the last.
  90. Thomas assured him that his scouting.
  91. You’ll fit in fine, he assured her.
  92. Be assured he cares for nobody but you.
  93. Its okay, Ket, Garcia assured her.
  94. He assured me that the one who was.
  95. He assured me that he had spare clean.
  96. Oh, I know us, Egeria assured him.
  97. No! I asked for it, he assured me.
  98. They will want to be assured that the.
  99. That is all right, I assured him.
  100. Rex was assured that the mini star was.
  1. My mind assures me of it.
  2. This Sam assures me that.
  3. She assures me that she means it.
  4. She will, Caleb assures her.
  5. He assures me he has a sleeping bag.
  6. He assures the crowds over and over.
  7. This assures that any search for truth.
  8. She assures me that would be fine and rings off.
  9. He assures him that he would ultimately attain him.
  10. The force that assures continuity of attraction is love.
  11. For this is no ordinary prophet who assures his hearers.
  12. Trevor assures me we can do it without causing a tsunami.
  13. Luke assures us that Pilate is hoping that the crowd will.
  14. But she assures me that of late the habit has not returned.
  15. But she assures me that this is what men expect these days.
  16. Princess and she assures me that you are a genuine, sensitive.
  17. She assures me that she can cope and again asks if Rob is all right.
  18. The ghee also assures the proper texture of the bread, so moisten.
  19. This is unrealistic and is a formula that virtually assures failure.
  20. Danglars assures me that his fortune is majestic—that is his word.
  21. And Candace assures me they are every bit as ornery as their dad!.
  22. Jane assures him that we will pass the information on and shows him out.
  23. And she assures me of her commitment to be there with me no matter what.
  24. The account of what was imported under register, he assures us, is exact.
  25. And Tony again says thanks and assures them that everyone is part of this.
  26. How well they deserved humiliation, and how solemnly the parable assures it.
  27. Archan assures the Shelto that everything will be okay, then exits the mouth.
  28. Your father assures me you have traveling money for this journey, said Mr.
  29. His ‘honesty audit’ assures all dates and revenue are reported precisely.
  30. I have no reason to lie to you, she assures me, as if she could read my mind.
  31. Venarya smiled, �She assures me that the whole experience will be rather painless.
  32. Captain Grant, my special liaison officer, assures me that we simply can’t go faster.
  33. However, a spokesperson assures me that the situation will shortly be returned to normal.
  34. I have him working on a port at the moment and Theodore assures me it is going quite well.
  35. But that is all over now, Tony assures me when he sees the disillusionment on my face.
  36. It is magnetism, she says, and when she dreams a thing it is sure to happen, she assures me.
  37. I understand, the visitor assures, nodding his acknowledgement, so, what is it you'd.
  38. Superintendent here before Captain Holdness, assures me that he is certain that the procedures.
  39. I am nervous about having the pistols when we walk in, but Tori assures me that we will be fine.
  40. However, he assures us that his client will be completely and quickly cleared of any wrongdoing.
  41. Having the Crown and the Church tied together only assures that this country stays close to God.
  42. Gavrila Ardalionovitch has just told me of his discovery, and assures me that he has positive proofs.
  43. And why? Because she, not they, must bear the Great Belly that assures all Humankind of its Survival!.
  44. Anyway, she assures me she has backed me up to Mr Gryparis by explaining to him the reason for my absence.
  45. Upon this principle God invites all men to act, and assures them He will abide by it, even though they refuse.
  46. Since this stops everything until something is keyed, this assures that it will stay on the screen long enough.
  47. Never sign over the title of your home to a private buyer who assures you he will pay the debt once you move out.
  48. She assures me that the Citroën is in good order and that no one else, except me, has put his or her hands on it.
  49. Joe is sure to give us some great knickerbocker glories with raspberry and chocolate topping,’ Wat assures Tracey.
  50. Pete thinks he has the problem cured, and assures us the Handley-Page airplanes are top-notch, the Major continued.
  51. They are made by Polaris, and Babsie assures that these fancy machines will be able to take us to where the antelope are.
  52. Major Murphy, to whom I owe most of my facts, assures me that he has never heard of any misunderstanding between the pair.
  53. Yes, replied Rinard, I have no idea how he’s managed this, but he assures me that the siege will be broken tonight.
  54. Such a childhood training produces a type of loyalty which assures me that you will go through with the course you have begun.
  55. He then assures them that that 'day will not come except there come the Apostasy first (hJ ajpostasi>a), and the Man of Sin be revealed.
  56. A sale of assets under Section 363 in a Chapter 11 case is always a bidding contest where open bidding more or less assures a fair price.
  57. Conscience assures us that God its Maker must be righteous; and Nature teaches that to break His laws will bring destruction to the offender.
  58. The New York Times assures its readers that, It should be clear by now that this scandal is only incidentally about forcing sex on minors.
  59. It gets you to buy just as the market is embracing the stocks, while the price-to-sales constraint assures that they are still reasonably priced.
  60. Pat assures me he's really going to live in my house because she said his parents in Saudi Arabia have already decided this is where he will live.
  61. Will, would you be willing to make another attempt? Corbin has some tweaking on Gateway to do but he assures me that he can resolve the problem.
  62. Needless to say, he immediately exchanges my battle-worn sock for a new pair, and assures me that I'll have no problems with my three other pairs.
  63. This eternal struggle carried out in order to assures existence at the price of living is the first lesson given to us in the Genesis in chapter IV.
  64. He also assures me that, should I be unsuccessful, he still has a couple of other campsites up his sleeve; he won't let me leave without a grizzly.
  65. Expressing his concern that the area appears too small, Irin Gspa assures him that many of the buildings will be removed so that he may land safely.
  66. This beauty assures that the man and the woman will have immortal life, a type of immortal life that is superior to the kind that even the gods have.
  67. Extensive investigations into the authenticity of the existence of a brotherhood called the Prior of Sion, categorically assures that it was, and is, non-existent.
  68. It comes to rest against a concrete ruin and, as his life drains away, he has no regrets, as his faith assures him that he and his beloved wife will soon be reunited.
  69. But if they persist in disobedience they bring it upon themselves contrary to his will, and he assures us the execution of the sentence will be absolute and without remedy.
  70. It bears the evident marks of having originally been, what the honest and downright Doctor Douglas assures us it was, a scheme of fraudulent debtors to cheat their creditors.
  71. Exactly the same mathematical advantage which practically assures good results in the investment field may prove entirely ineffective where luck is the overshadowing influence.
  72. The UCLA statistics professor who serves as consultant to the California State lottery assures me that the winning numbers on successive days are completely independent of one another.
  73. This second bailout negotiations were dragged on for so long because Mr Cameron again and again fought for assures that Britain would this time make no contribution to this new bailout.
  74. How was it he never thought that he was covered with blood and would be at once detected? But the prisoner himself assures us that he did not even notice that he was covered with blood.
  75. It is his arrogance, and the arrogance of his fellow travelers, that assures him that he is a modern-day Moses who can decide for the masses what they should and should not believe.
  76. Lestrade, of Scotland Yard, is acting already in the matter, but he assures me that he sees no objection to your co-operation, and that he even thinks that it might be of some assistance.
  77. Of course this is what every relative wants to hear, it makes them feel good inside to know that the minister (a man of God) assures them that their dearly departed is in heaven, with Jesus.
  78. Your position as it’s leader is unassailable, particularly since your insistence on the informality of your position assures everyone that you’ve no interest in gaining power for it’s own sake.
  79. Man’s greed, added to his society/media-created and fed appetite for recreational sex, assures our burgeoning population of pedophiles and rapists that they’ll never be deprived of their pleasures.
  80. One man serves as an emperor, king, minister, official, soldier, and assures himself and others that the deviation from the truth which is necessary in his position is more than redeemed by his usefulness.
  81. I moan about this to Wally on Monday when I see him and he assures me that the village garage is okay, stressing that they have a good reputation and going on to mention that it’s where he takes his car.
  82. Perhaps such foresight at such a moment may strike you as unnatural? But he assures us himself that a month before, at a critical and exciting moment, he had halved his money and sewn it up in a little bag.
  83. By the time I catch up with Sefir, Berndt has settled her in a makeshift stall, hobbling her more from the point of view of preventing her doing herself any damage than anything else, as he assures me quickly.
  84. At this time, all I have is his preliminary semaphore message to that effect, but Captain of Horse Hywanlohng assures me that a complete written report, including maps, will arrive by courier as soon as possible.
  85. Pat assures me she's told his parents everything about us and has emphasized to them that we do have two dogs and a cat and a little grandchild and according to his parents and I guess according to Wesam that is fine.
  86. That baptism is appointed to be a seal of the righteousness which is by faith, as circumcision was: That it assures us of the remission of sins and the gift of the Holy Ghost; and that this promise is to us and our children.
  87. I don't believe they did laugh; I refuse to believe in such barbarians; but Frau von Lindeberg, grown frank about that disastrous story now that it has been so handsomely wiped off Vicki's little slate, assures me that they did.
  88. Which means, 'What hurts my pocketbook the least?' This assures that Money will always out vote people and that governments will forever be limited to regulating markets rather than liberated to instituting equitable distribution.
  89. This, of course, will take a little more time, but she assures me that her colleagues’ signatures will be ready and the disgust the American Pediatric Association has for obesity epidemic’s escalation certifies an easy approval.
  90. Oh, every one laughs in my face now, and assures me that one cannot dream of such details as I am telling now, that I only dreamed or felt one sensation that arose in my heart in delirium and made up the details myself when I woke up.
  91. Further, while investing in readily ascertainable NAVs at a discount may be a good way to enjoy a reasonable absolute return, it in no way assures an OPMI that favorable relative returns will be achieved compared with other investment approaches.
  92. If, therefore, thou wouldst have me enjoy what can be called life, thou wilt at once engage in this love struggle, not lukewarmly nor slothfully, but with the energy and zeal that my desire demands, and with the loyalty our friendship assures me of.
  93. The power that love has over all things comes with blessings when you pull this card; it assures you that if you hold yourself, your thoughts, feelings and body in a place of love, there is no end to the beauty that you will allow to flow into your life.
  94. This man assures me, said Aglaya, scornfully, when the prince had finished reading the letter, that the words ‘break off everything’ do not commit me to anything whatever; and himself gives me a written guarantee to that effect, in this letter.
  95. He also admitted that you had some interest in a mill news to us) that necessitated your riding about alone, or attended by a ruffian who, or mills (we did not press him on this, being most upset at this information which was Captain Butler assures us, is a murderer.
  96. There’s no point diversifying across all the horses – including the lame mares – at the beginning of the race; and if you know anything at all about horse racing, you’ll know that placing a bet on every single horse in a race assures you a net profit of zero (or worse).
  97. Although Sheridan and her mother tried their best to find her a suitable husband, Marcus upset all of their best laid plans when he married Desiree’ in a surprise service on her 18th birthday, but Sheridan assures me it won't be long until her fate is signed, sealed and delivered.
  98. If, at other times and in other countries, the effect of individual exertion has been distrusted, the unexampled gallantry of our citizens, in that way, since the declaration of war, assures us that, with Americans, even the individual arm can make an efficient impression on the foe.
  99. All that we are now learning of the inner and spiritual life of millions of men beyond the pale of the visible Church in ancient and modern Asia, assures us of the reality of the divine operation contended for, in numbers who on earth have never known the revealed Word of God and His Messiah.
  100. The Scripture, recording the revelations of God, assures us that man's history as a moral being cannot be understood apart from its relations, because it is interwoven with that of higher orders; just as the history of inferior species on the globe is entangled with a system of prey prevailing over all the Kosmos.

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