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    1. We heard two consecutive roars in the pol

    2. in the garden, and now fed very well on two consecutive mealtimes,

    3. George lowered each plank down through the channels of the consecutive posts, Harry nailed the once leveled planks into place and once again put on quite a show---He made one hammer blow per nail

    4. consecutive screens inside of it

    5. We've had a total of 8 consecutive encounters in the jurisdiction of the Ravenwey outpost and 9 consecutive ones in the jurisdiction of the Oakneil outpost, which means our rat moved again between the outposts

    6. My perfect attendance record at the office has extended into its seventh (consecutive) year; a testimony to my physical endurance, company loyalty and stupidity! Old habits, however, are hard to break!

    7. ” When Beth lost on three consecutive spins, he abruptly announced it was time to cash her chips, but quickly discovered that getting her to quit was far more challenging than getting her started

    8. The bleary-eyed and stubble-faced man who answered the door had just seen Caroline through her second consecutive all-nighter of sex and cocaine

    9. be of 03 (three) years and it will allow consecutive reelections

    10. be of 03 (three) years and it will allow consecutive reelections

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    Synonyms for "consecutive"

    back-to-back consecutive straight sequent sequential serial successive sequentially whole entire uniform continued regular solid unbroken

    "consecutive" definitions

    one after the other

    in regular succession without gaps

    successive (without a break)

    in a consecutive manner