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Successive in a sentence | successive example sentences

  1. Through all the successive ages.
  2. Through all the successive kingdoms, the.
  3. I have diagnosed three successive attacks.
  4. Richer than that which four successive kings.
  5. It increased in volume with each successive hit.

  6. By the successive changes in Points 1 and 2 and.
  7. But each successive path closed off other options.
  8. Each successive dimension relies on the dimensions.
  9. The phases of this change were numerous and successive.
  10. Q: Is there a causal link between the successive body-.
  11. Each successive study unveiled more of an inner beauty.
  12. With each successive indictment the skin pul ed tighter.
  13. In spite of our knowing that the successive strokes are.
  14. The probability that they’ll make successive purchases.
  15. Each successive grimoire will be better than the previous.

  16. The moves appeared one by one in successive pronouncements.
  17. First win of 100 m and 200 m sprints at successive games.
  18. We want to measure what happens in successive weeks: are the.
  19. But, when successive engagements had broken and inured me, I.
  20. He came here on two successive evenings to see Sofya Semyonovna.
  21. The singers of successive hours of centuries may have ostensible.
  22. The entire image of successive conquering beasts (empires).
  23. Statistics for seven successive days of performance: % Winners, Avg.
  24. Successive development of fi ve features: thinking that is directed.
  25. After successive additions to the wall during the Han, Tang, Ming and.

  26. The reason being: memory is reinforced through successive recollection.
  27. In the course of successive naval engagements and marine landings the U.
  28. The seven great sages or rather the seven successive stages of yog-vir-.
  29. A combination with successive numbers (23, 24, 25, 26, 27) has never been.
  30. On the slow and successive appearance of new species—On their different.
  31. This type of formula can be used over successive rounds of external funding.
  32. It was during these days that there was the largest wave of successive UFO.
  33. The technique of pyramiding is well illustrated by the successive maneuvers of O.
  34. Gilead and Alex fired successive volleys of electric missiles at the giant creature.
  35. Each small successful, and successive increase, adds weight to his own bigger picture.
  36. We shall keep our readers informed as to the successive phases of this remarkable cure.
  37. If you want to understand how this successive ascent happens, here are some more details.
  38. Look, for years the United States has been trying to get co-operation from successive.
  39. Llewellyn and his companions fired successive volleys of arrows from their enchanted bows.
  40. A shift change eased into the successive realm, polishing things at home and what have you.
  41. It was thus, he concluded, they came to have hegemony over money for successive generations.
  42. My spirit is actually 9,000 years old and I can draw on the memories of 93 successive lives.
  43. In addition, it has usually been assumed that successive changes are identically distributed.
  44. Yes, universal history! It's the study of the successive follies of mankind and nothing more.
  45. The purpose of the blood is to keep successive generations either blessed or not draw awareness.
  46. Ingrid obeyed immediately, imitating Jesus as he dove between the two successive waves of bombers.
  47. Four successive revolutions had built and cemented the pedestal upon which his fortune was based.
  48. The above system may be put in practice on the organ, by making the successive Vths CG, GD, DE, &c.
  49. In successive generations a great development both of bodily and mental qualities might be possible.
  50. Successive governments of independent India have followed the Western model with disastrous results.
  51. The whole arrangement of successive platforms was in turn contained in the center of a large sphere.
  52. Reincarnation–One of the great truths of life on Planet Earth is that you, the soul, live successive.
  53. Three successive applications of this theorem to each degree in the scale, in the manner described Prop.
  54. Leading stocks will begin to come apart and break down on each successive down leg during a bear market.
  55. E raises a critical point about trend lines: They are lines drawn between successive swings in the market.
  56. Our little voyages of discovery were often prolonged by the successive objects that presented themselves.
  57. The variability, however, in the successive generations of mongrels is, perhaps, greater than in hybrids.
  58. Successive plantings every three weeks will extend your harvest of fresh, juicy carrots for a longer time.
  59. She had got rid of them all in her soul's life, in all her successive conditions of life, maidenhood, her.
  60. For instance, a trader might start with one contract, adding two, four, and then eight at successive steps.
  61. Simulation of long-term trading requires successive processing of data relating to thousands of trading days.
  62. They speculate that there may be a progressive diminution in the size of the bubbles in successive universes.
  63. The amount of organic change, as Pictet has remarked, is not the same in each successive so-called formation.
  64. More likely the Rotham trust for the Imperial Military is degenerating with each successive attack by Raidan.
  65. Each successive time a stock revisits a price, the call will almost certainly trade lower thanks to time decay.
  66. Two successive dates are selected and combinations corresponding to each of them are sorted by criterion values.
  67. The operative concept here is usually lower highs into support, as successive bounces find fewer willing buyers.
  68. And so have successive believing generations lived on earth entertaining the same inspiring but disappointing hope.
  69. According to legend, that "smile" was handed down by 28 successive masters and much later became the origin of Zen.
  70. Through all the successive ages in which his spirit has urged man up the height, God has gone on seeking expression.
  71. After a long price run, each successive base that a leading stock forms on the way up becomes more and more obvious.
  72. We can go through this process for each successive calendar spread, calculating the implied volatility of each spread.
  73. The successive generations that went out to sea from these Isles went out to toil desperately in adventurous conditions.
  74. Madame de Saint-Meran had three successive attacks, at intervals of some minutes, each one more serious than the former.
  75. Passing one another refers to the qualities of this race; for example it is successive, based on order…and so on.
  76. Moreover, between each successive formation we have, in the opinion of most geologists, blank periods of enormous length.
  77. As such it was modified; and as such preserved and applied to successive Territories, as governments for them were given.
  78. But when successive Allied blows brought the war nearer to the Italian homeland, the people turned on and ousted Mussolini.
  79. She was pulling out just a little too far down each successive straight to overcome the pressure differential in clean air.
  80. Sig Sauer then let off four successive shots which hit Ercilia causing to slide as if she were trying to steal second base.
  81. He showed great skills in checking successive Soviet thrusts and imposed delays on the westward advance of the Russian armies.
  82. Our Version of Events by Emeli Sandé (UK) spent its 63rd successive week inside the UK Top 10 – including 10 weeks at No.
  83. It was fresh and sweet smelling again after successive tides had washed away the last of the debris from yesterday’s debacle.
  84. As a result, on each successive day a wide set of option combinations is obtained for each of the three nearest expiration dates.
  85. And it could only be accomplished by the successive unfolding of the various powers and possibilities latent in the human brain.
  86. Every successive struggle brought them nearer to the verge, where Duncan perceived the final and conquering effort must be made.
  87. The idea of successive imitation, that a cascade is a sequence of choices made over time by different people, is important here.
  88. The businessman consulted his scientist friend during the successive months and every time decided to postpone his son’s wedding.
  89. Daniel says that the statue which represents these successive pagan empires is still standing when the kingdom of Christ is set up.
  90. For example, the arithmetic average of two successive returns of +50% and—50% is 0%, but the geometric average is—13% {[(1 + 0.
  91. Then another and another in a similar manner until all the soldiers had formed up in successive lines, a leader at the head of each.
  92. After these successive noble Verse s – which give us a series of examples of God’s Care for us – should we not obey His Orders?
  93. Both hybrids and mongrels can be reduced to either pure parent form, by repeated crosses in successive generations with either parent.
  94. This usually means that you will make progress in easy steps, with each successive step building on the results of the previous steps.
  95. Two factors that it ignores are the likely correlation between successive returns and the mean-reversion characteristic of volatility.
  96. The shadowy hands held small blades, which, with the hiss of metal sliding through flesh, cut into his body with quick successive moves.
  97. Now suppose we were to take successive representative samples from this population consisting of 250, 1000, and 2000 dots, respectively.
  98. The plural is also used, aeons of the aeons, signifying all the successive periods which make up the sum total of the ages collectively.
  99. Successive nations perchance have drank at, admired, and fathomed it, and passed away, and still its water is green and pellucid as ever.
  100. Hien looked left and right at the long, successive rows of white grave markers they were passing, then looked up at Ingrid with sad eyes.

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