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Toss in a sentence

toss of her head.
Toss it up and.
Toss it here!.
toss on the floor.
Toss you for it.
a toss of the head.
coin toss and, 36.

Toss beans in the.
It was full of toss.
toss, and serve cold.
Benoni won the toss.
coin toss and, 1–5.
They would toss a coin.
I had him toss me a bomb.
Add lemon juice and toss.
and toss with lemon juice.
Like the toss of a coin.
Toss in the mustard seeds.
The grasses toss and shimmy.
Just toss it into the trash.
gloves and we can toss a few.
As for leftovers, toss them.
Toss the noodles to coat well.
I grin and toss the gears.
and toss it into her trashcan.
it's easier to toss the animal.
He saw the spades toss up dirt.
down and toss you in the trash.
Add oat flour and toss to coat.
it was mind tossing,.
tossing it to the floor.
Are tossing in the gale.
I kept tossing on my bed.
Tossing the shirt aside,.
Tossing in the other sword.
You enjoy tossing curveballs.
tossing and turning restlessly.
incurables, tossing and moaning.
She started tossing clothing on.
The tossing waves seemed darker.
He said, tossing his brief case.
tossing someone into the Hell-fire.
Tossing them into her mouth, she.
in by tossing his head up and down.
The comrades busted in, tossing pad.
My stomach was tossing and turning.
Tossing her backwards onto the bed.
"Try tossing a coin," said Rincewind.
The waves are tossing backward spray.
Tossing a rawhide ball Cal had made.
Okay, he said, tossing it back.
Tossing an insult back at them could.
He was in his backyard tossing a ball.
With the dining came much food tossing.
sweater before tossing it on the ground.
Red bast tassel tossing on top of my hat.
tossing back and forth in the high winds.
Here, she said tossing her the key.
Thandi was stirring, murmuring, tossing.
I tossed all.
I tossed the.
We tossed them.
He tossed them.
Then he tossed.
net was tossed me.
As he tossed it.
He tossed it back.
He tossed it away.
and a tossed salad.
I tossed the mop.
He tossed the head.
tossed around a bit.
Or torn and tossed.
’ She tossed the.
She was tossed out.
tossed on the river.
He tossed it aside.
Merrick was tossed.
I tossed Frank the.
She tossed hers back.
Tossed his cigarette.
He tossed the paper.
tossed the bird aside.
The study was tossed.
Lisa tossed her hair.
He tossed it to Sonja.
We’ve tossed ideas.
tossed it on the table.
tossed into the toilet.
She tossed and turned.
(She tosses a piece.
Sigyn tosses the bag.
He tosses it to Raiden.
Matty tosses his shoulders.
She tosses the paper in the trash.
He tosses the shears to the floor.
He groans and tosses his head back.
Tosses them in one by one, pack by.
She tosses the phone into the street.
tosses the lifeless body to the ground.
tosses her over to the flipside of life.
Gibbons tosses a wrench into the plans.
pieces and tosses me into the fire pit,.
With a sneer Odin tosses him to the side.
Let’s ride, Jane tosses you the keys.
She tosses a handful of sand into the air.
Rico, take this and tosses it in the stove.
On the job, she thinks, and tosses her hair back.
He tosses the mobile phone into the air repeatedly.
This night is filled with many tosses and turnings.
That’s anything except coin tosses and dice throws.
The city bloomed up in great tosses of heat and light.
He tosses his cable cutters in through the open window.
He breaks a twig off a nearby tree and tosses it high.
The pile grew, as her possessions were tosses aside,.
He casually tosses the book out the window beside him.
She tosses it over two rows of heads to Xzavier standing.
She tosses the sword in her right hand towards the ground.

Synonyms for toss

flip toss pass pitch sky chuck convulse slash thrash thresh discard dispose fling