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    1. Jorma took the cook pot she'd mixed the batter in to the lake to wash out

    2. He hadn't met her yet, but she was practical and could cook and helped a little with the garden and had a nice enough body and wanted to play with his

    3. There was a washwoman who did the clothes, floors and bowls every other Nightday beforelunch, a cook every evening they entertained, and Athnu

    4. They took on another load of fuel in the freezing air, stopped for a couple bowls of fish diddle from a cook with a nice warm fire that she huddled close to, clutching her nightcoat tightly

    5. "While you cook," Herndon was saying, "I'll go down to the boat and do my teeth, I left my stuff down there

    6. By that token she should be more confident that she could survive on this planet, she'd owned a few properties during her meander to the north where one had to get a cook fire going with twigs for every hot meal

    7. Does he think I can’t cook a decent meal?

    8. A cook came by with a push cart to Taktor's yard every day of the week and that was where they took their lunch

    9. Dacreea is the cook on Morningdays and she usually does a variety of zhlindu rolls and a pot of a pretty good diddle

    10. You were the cook?

    11. I was the cook

    12. I could use a good cook

    13. Unless you’re travelling somewhere or, like me, live alone and can’t be bothered to cook something, everyone eats at home with the family or whatever group they share their home with

    14. Oh it was good to be out of all those fumes! The odour of cooked food quickly filled the room as Friede, the cook and general factotum of The Centre, brought in plates piled high with savoury pastries

    15. Desa's cook pot lay a ways further behind it but there was no sign of the tent, the maps or Desa's cup

    16. I don't think I'm going to need it out this way, something tells me we're out of the neighborhoods with friendly little yaagatoria and cook stands at the crossroads

    17. We picked the best kind, got to cook it in the oven

    18. They had no way to cook now, anything that needed a pan was going to have to wait til after they passed a cooking supply shop

    19. ‘That is the galley – Tonio is our cook

    20. They found some roots that needed a cook pot so they had to leave them, but they also found plenty of wild thesh

    21. We'd cook up his island foods and he'd teach me bits of Greek

    22. To a cook who is imaginative and adventurous, this need not be so

    23. To one who is not, a flesh diet is equally as unpalatable for a good cook can show her talent with any kind of food

    24. Always cook potatoes in their jackets, either

    25. Sir, I am many things - cleaner, engineer, cook, whatever you want

    26. But he remembered what a great cook the cherub Chatuum had been, the one who was the partner of Desa’s son Dara

    27. ‘We have, but we have some potatoes which I shall endeavour to cook for your delectation, lady

    28. It so happened that old Ted’s niece was the pastry cook in the politician’s kitchen

    29. I pictured food in the pot and someone, perhaps the cook from his ship, wiping down the wooden table then shaking out the cloth through the window - not realising he was scattering seeds

    30. The table was laden with all sorts of food, and Mistress Sera and another man, obviously a cook, were bringing the main dish into the room and placed it in the center of the table

    31. Gary had gone into great detail over dinner in the pub about what a capable cook he is - he laughs – acknowledging the hit

    32. a pain to cook on that

    33. few years Karen learned to cook and to sew

    34. 'Ok, we have to cook one more dish in the kitchen

    35. It so happened that old Ted’s niece was the pastry cook in the

    36. While I cook, I give thought to what I shall do with this weekend? Typical! Easter weekend - the only long weekend of the year, and the man in my life is going to spend it with friends of his in the north of England! Still, he was very apologetic and it has been arranged for months so I can't really complain

    37. it's too much for one person so I'd have to cook it up into something and then freeze down half of it

    38. I could cook something

    39. Dave follows me into the kitchen and stands chatting to me while I cook the spaghetti

    40. It will take a couple of hours to cook properly which will give us time to shower and change before preparing the rest of the meal

    41. Chrissie, in her new role of cook and housekeeper, found herself enjoying the job

    42. His kitchens had the equipment for a way to cook them that Ava knew; and it was superb

    43. There was a new diddle cook in the kitchen up here who wasn’t bad

    44. They kept the fire in the hearth and the cook stove always burning for warmth and comfort against the cold and dimness of the days

    45. If Sheila was the cook, she’d hardly be likely to have put whatever it was in the food

    46. “I don’t know if I’ll have him cook or not this meal

    47. She would make a point of going to a different cook for noonmeal

    48. 'The cook, the gardener, the manager of the estates,

    49. 'The gardener, the cook, the estates manager, and the

    50. Instead he let another of his cases take over and stopped at a cook stand and watched his supplies and suppliers for a few minutes while he ate

    1. "I need to find out if Athnu cooked first, he'll be highly insulted if he has and we leave

    2. She went into the kitchen Athnu used if he cooked for more than himself

    3. He'd done all the bookkeeping till she joined the household and he cooked most of the meals

    4. We cooked my fish, but we did it at her place

    5. I'd sat with him for several evenings while he drank himself silly and even cooked food for him, egging him on to eat when his appetite failed

    6. coms where they cooked the

    7. and buy a small piece of cooked meat and some potato

    8. They have cooked, cleaned, sewed, served and been ready for

    9. They tried to fly past without opening fire as the junk’s reactor cooked off like a low-yield bomb

    10. He had a few pennies in his pocket, enough to sleep in a barn perhaps and buy a small piece of cooked meat and some potato

    11. delicacies cooked for them

    12. Oh it was good to be out of all those fumes! The odour of cooked food quickly filled the room as Friede, the cook and general factotum of The Centre, brought in plates piled high with savoury pastries

    13. They then baked it, and then cooked over the

    14. "He'll be back", she said to herself as she tucked into the first plate of proper home cooked food she'd had in a long, long while

    15. During the week Cyberia cleaned the house, cooked meals and performed a range of other wifely duties while her husband, under the guise of bringing euphonic enlightenment to the masses, rescued black bin liners full of old clothes, books and partially complete jigsaw sets from the doorways of London’s charitable retail outlets

    16. Where once a stout Edwardian family had warmed themselves by the great living room fire and eaten roast meats on Sundays in the capacious dining room, there now existed within these walls a selection of small private worlds inhabited by transparent people who warmed themselves next to two-bar electric fires, who shared bathrooms and cooked tinned meals on single ring electric cookers

    17. Jo cooked lasagne for us, Mum

    18. lay on the kitchen table all day while Karen cooked and mopped

    19. cooked, the bed bath a little rough and the afternoon story reading

    20. plate of proper home cooked food she'd had in a long, long while

    21. During the week Cyberia cleaned the house, cooked meals

    22. He had skinned and cleaned it as best he could and cooked it on a large flat rock he placed in the fire

    23. He’s cooked for the woman, for Christ's sake, pleading guilty, under house arrest, but he loves her and he wants to make amends

    24. Kev, never one for early morning chatter, was silent as usual, helping himself to the fatty bacon and fried bread which was Sheila’s usual nod towards a cooked breakfast

    25. Preparing dinner, she deliberately cooked enough for the six of them

    26. cooked breakfast, gratefully accepting the alternative offer of a slice

    27. They ate, talked, played and read aloud, cooked, cleaned, washed and mended, paced, hummed, sang and told stories always with the twins in someone's arms, lap, or perched on a hip

    28. cooked before, not like this anyway

    29. The aroma of the chicken in the oven fills the room … but the pasta’s not cooked yet … that needs to be freshly cooked

    30. The pkattas were really good, especially with some of the berry juice squeezed on them while they cooked

    31. He cooked a savory meal for his guests and they promised to return for another visit whenever they were invited

    32. my teeth and the juice squirted down my throat, like I just ate a cooked grape

    33. There was now no doubt in his mind that the whole YingolNeerie trip was just RNAcid that Desa had cooked up to get him back under her spell

    34. the mercenary deemed that it was sufficiently cooked

    35. and cooked on the premises

    36. "Oh, one last thing," he turned to her, "when we have to beans, maybe they not be cooked quite so much this time?" he asked hopefully

    37. Her goose was cooked, they told her, it was time to roll over on Mr

    38. His stomach rumbled as he breathed in the smell of spices, honey and freshly cooked meat

    39. He even admitted that his boss thought it was all a scheme she and Luray cooked up

    40. The meal of miniature dumplings riding on a sea of onion pea soup was cooked in a large black pot

    41. "Had I known you were coming I would have cooked you hot soup and dumplings," he said with a grin

    42. The saucepan burped and shifted its lid in fright, but that night it cooked two lovely fresh eggs, a cup of milk for the cocoa afterwards, then boiled water for the washing up

    43. Only he exploded out a seconds later shouting “Who cooked this

    44. In the morning, we cooked a breakfast of dried pompano

    45. The hermit left again that morning, returned that night with animals he’d trapped, cooked

    46. The fire pit where he cooked must be the same one where they burnt their offerings

    47. The second race’s name caused the thief’s ears to perk up and over an icy tankard of mead and a plate of freshly cooked meat and baked potatoes, he casually inquired about the city’s apparent problem with troublesome Bretons and asked if he bore a particular one or two in mind

    48. She cooked a hearty supper each night, then encouraged Tragus to reveal the things that

    49. She cooked his food, and

    50. They always got the best of whatever Mom cooked

    1. · When it comes to preparing and cooking food, naturopaths advise the following:

    2. “The only way I could snag a girl like that was through my cooking

    3. If you live alone in a large home, consider having a housemate / companion who would be willing to do the grocery shopping and cooking in exchange for rent

    4. Pour boiling water on to the leaves, flowers, roots, seeds and place in a cooking pot or container with a lid

    5. ’ Molly said firmly, relegating me to childhood firmly, as she starts cooking

    6. The music could be heard over the cooking

    7. Later that day, cooking the evening meal,

    8. “So what are you cooking for the main meal” asked Lardy

    9. They had no way to cook now, anything that needed a pan was going to have to wait til after they passed a cooking supply shop

    10. "Let me take the empty skin, and what's left of your camp cooking kit," which was just a little plastic plate and some plastic tableware

    11. " She didn't want to get into the fact that it was Valla's cooking that got her the house because her own cooking is not something the average person would long to come home to

    12. They were paying their way to Zhlindu also, but by cooking instead of tending sail

    13. If you are a housewife, and your cooking is good and tasty, then perhaps your husband and your children will become vegetarians too

    14. Maybe the jar you once bought was a blended honey, better used in cooking

    15. Lemony herby rice and onion spilled into my mouth still hot from cooking

    16. A cup of tea was one thing, but when it came to domestic chores, cooking and the generality of tasks that comprise sound household management, Cyberia was a complete novice

    17. “So what are you cooking?”

    18. She had taught him a lot about cooking, and he wasn’t up for acting with cherubs this evening

    19. " She leaned forward over her elbows and sniffed toward the little fireplace where they did their cooking

    20. "You have yoolin in your cooking?" he asked

    21. "Cooking," he answered, "I've been trying a lot of new recipes lately

    22. “Not my problem”, answered Danny and he turned away, heading towards the kitchen where Annie could smell beans or spaghetti hoops cooking and toast burning

    23. She asks sensible questions about heating and cooking facilities and I explain that the cooker, washing machine and fridge are staying as I shall be taking over the stuff in Anna’s cottage

    24. chores, cooking and the generality of tasks that comprise sound

    25. He considered her cooking and the desert later

    26. One of the evening classes I did all those years ago, was on cooking and covered all sorts of things from the very basic to the more ambitious

    27. There was a large lump of cooking lard on a

    28. There were smells of fine grill cooking coming from within, karga and big fish

    29. The clatter of dishes carried towards them on the air, a faint odour of something hot evidence that Sheila was cooking

    30. White Feathers turned his hand to cooking, encouraged by Mandy to turn simple dishes into feasts

    31. He needs to lie low and, on balance, where better than Devon's mellow back lanes, especially if he starts cooking up exotic little snacks for the local clubbers and smack-heads

    32. After all, the most she had ever done in this line was cooking for herself and one of the other dancers in the troupe who had camped on her floor for a few days when between digs

    33. But out of the depths of her memory, marched skills she had long forgotten – her mother may have been a complete arsehole when it came to some aspects of parenting, but she had taught her daughter the basics of cooking and these now stood Chrissie in good stead

    34. The water seethed in the pot beside her, cooking the potatoes

    35. She opened the oven door to check on the minced beef cooking inside, the steam wafted up into her face, making her close her eyes suddenly

    36. The succulent scent of cooking food filled the room, tempting even her taste buds

    37. When White Feathers took up cooking as a hobby for himself, he encouraged Jameson to also experiment with the activity

    38. “Mother told Father, and Father told White Feathers, and I think he was invited along so he wouldn't feel like we were trying to avoid his cooking or anything

    39. “Would you like to join me or has Athnu already started cooking?”

    40. These quarters have no cooking facilities, so she would have to have noonmeal out

    41. He helped clean it when they set up camp that evening and assisted in cooking the meal

    42. Harry nodded off into a contented sleep long before it was all told and awoke next morning to the aroma of cooking bacon seeping through the tent flap

    43. The stairway was wide to the floor above that held the dining and cooking areas

    44. I think a moment, trying to remember which night the girls will be cooking,

    45. A bit later, having changed out of my office kit and into something decidedly sloppy and comfortable, I stand in the kitchen … food … need something to eat … what’s in the freezer? … don’t fancy that … or that … oh dear … is there anything in any of those tins … no, not really … cooking for one can be pretty mindless at times

    46. ‘How is Thursday, Anna? I have to warn you that the girls will be cooking that evening, though

    47. Mandy could not have been more pleased and proud of her protege, whom she had originally taken on to handle odd jobs around the kitchen and to simply encourage his native cooking and baking talents

    48. ” Why else would she be cooking it even before he arrived? She really hadn’t expected him for breakfast, but it was lucky she put extras in

    49. “I could write out the letters for you while these are cooking,” she said, “I never did find that alphabet paper I used to have

    50. ” Maybe they thought God should have put some corollary into physics or biology that would prevent the organs from functioning unless conception would take place? Or maybe they were advocating some lab cooking up a mod that would remove desire from everyone who didn't plan on parenthood? Probably some lab had somewhere, but she doubted that it sold very well

    1. In this most affluent of cultures on this world, more than half the population cooks with the dead sticks that fall from the trees

    2. doostEr climbed up behind him and Tahlmute said, "It looks like you think we'll be beyond inns and cooks?"

    3. A court off the third level of the khume is called Jillaroo Cooks Court

    4. she cooks all of the dinners and always gives in

    5. Both cooks in the village set up at his fireplace, one with a hearty thonga stew and the other with some crispy, tasty, spicy, thin rolls with lots of lorv and kalic seasoning the thonga strips

    6. The packet stopped for meals at some larger docks where there were plenty of cooks around and often a bit of street music

    7. There was plenty of foot traffic on the plankwalk and sheds on the pier had second floors where there were even a few cooks set up

    8. Luray and Yarin collapsed on the bed as soon as they'd gulped down a few bites of some hash that Yendee brought in from the dock cooks

    9. It was dark as night in here, each booth might have a candle near the change box, and there were the low fires of the cooks under their simmering caldrons

    10. The Vikenvor had three full-time cooks

    11. With a quick apology about neglecting her duties, Mistress Sera returned to the kitchen issuing orders for lunch, and admonishing the cooks for not having the sense to begin on their own

    12. The two cooks who arrived before us are both ill with something that is sapping their strength

    13. I was wondering if the cooks required

    14. He was only three floors above the floor of a tiny atrium, a break area used by cooks from the apprentice sorcerer’s dorms

    15. In the stillness he could hear the voices of the cooks as they made breakfast for the dedicated wizards that lived in the wings of rooms around him

    16. It required constant vigilance to keep sleazy people from targeting the cooks

    17. The exotic cooks pay anything for the lowland stuff

    18. It was a good place to people watch and a couple of the cooks were quite tasty for the price

    19. They talked of canoes for rent, produce markets, and lots of public cooks set up in plazas everywhere

    20. Sharnie lived a rather urban lifestyle for these parts, spinning lots of yarn in the weaving barn and spending the proceeds on cooks and cups around the pond

    21. Although you might be smart not to get swindled by the Yoonbarla cooks

    22. He looked like he really would be afraid of the cooks now

    23. The traditions of the cooks and why there are so many cooks

    24. Large awnings hung from the two or three story stone buildings where craftsmen and cooks would set up in the busy part of the day

    25. Jameson got to look over the train kitchen and offered his compliments to the cooks on their managing so well in such a limited space

    26. The cooks all set up under their awnings along the foundation of the thirty story building that is the plaza's south wall

    27. This show was sponsored by a whole list of cooks, kegmen and a few pill pushers who worked this courtyard and one of the local halls

    28. Klowa used up the last of his funds snacking on the tasty morsels the Plaz's cooks turned out

    29. Dyinholm cooks here every Nightday, sometimes Afternoonday lunch and supper too

    30. He wears a clean clout and braids his waist-length hair around his head when he cooks

    31. He saw all the cooks in that area, he knew most of them, then passed all the way down into the pottery and plumbing foundries of the Karthuum Valley and then all the way across to the huge Jaignvin photochemical labs beyond the south Karthuum print shops

    32. They spent the day on the highest outdoor footpaths they could find and sampled the tiny exotic delicacies toasted over the lab-sized grills cooks would lug up this high

    33. He wandered around down here and engaged the cooks and potters around this atrium in some conversation about the residents of Kadak's service house

    34. One of the cooks remembered when Alfred and Viktor first found Kadak's

    35. After hearing that the picture was worthless he had little hope of hearing from the cooks or from readers of missing persons

    36. It gave him a chance to talk to some of the cooks while he was at it

    37. He felt so poor having nothing to offer this castle creature other than some cheap yaag and a tour of the local cooks

    38. She was interested in his business and talked of his methods and a lot about cooks

    39. He left him near the friendliest of the cooks with instructions to rest until Morningday

    40. So it was a bumper meal my son had organised and had it delivered right on time, I think he ordered most things on their menu, then followed the remnants of Cooks tarts and cream that had not curdled

    41. "As it gets late and the crowds thin, we'll find some cooks still out where there's a bathroom

    42. The cooks here had marble counters and flaming gas grilles behind them with racks of cookware and insulated storage chests with ice

    43. Cooks had gas stoves, not open fires, and in a few places waitresses showed you to tables

    44. ”And what a vulgar price to pay for a dal that my mom cooks

    45. The ego cooks up any number of reasons to dish out fear, anxiety, physical pain, sadness, despair, and all of the “thousand natural shocks that flesh is heir to

    46. Cooks, generally, are an anxious and complaining lot, and Josiah was not an exception to that rule

    47. - and how serious cooks generally opted for five litre cans instead

    48. Later that morning it was drizzling steadily as we went over towards the farmhouse were the field kitchens had been set up by the wall of another barn now that they had arrived by the Battalion cooks? We walked past Captains’ Melstone and Thornley who had maps and lists in their hands which they were comparing and studying intently we saluted them but they never even noticed so they must have been studying something important

    49. ” As we walked over to where the cooks were dishing up breakfast our mouths ran with saliva like a lock gate in full spate and our stomachs rumbled like a cannibals drums at a feast

    50. We finished our breakfast off with a fag and then washed our mess-tins and utensils then we begged some hot water off the cooks in old kerosene tins so we could have a wash and shave in relative comfort

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    cook captain cook captain james cook james cook fix make prepare ready fake falsify fudge manipulate misrepresent wangle boil mull coddle parch parboil dry chef

    "cook" definitions

    someone who cooks food

    English navigator who claimed the east coast of Australia for Britain and discovered several Pacific islands (1728-1779)

    prepare a hot meal

    prepare for eating by applying heat

    transform and make suitable for consumption by heating

    tamper, with the purpose of deception

    transform by heating