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    1. cannot manipulate Him to have your way

    2. At one point she couldn't manipulate it with the android's limbs but had to call bots in and Ava only had the bare minimum here on the station

    3. It is the voice of the devil to accuse, blame, manipulate, and slander

    4. Demonic powers manipulate and deceive, but they do not bring wisdom

    5. The mystery that needs to be revealed is just how much of an influence those powers truly have to rule over and manipulate humanity

    6. The principalities and powers manipulate such motives because the restoration of Israel is their end – the coming of the Lord

    7. "Because most of them were in the water and would drown if I couldn't manipulate them out in time

    8. She could have taken over my personification and used it to manipulate my systems screens to encapsulate me and put her in my place

    9. Manipulate as many of the

    10. Maroclos took over, “Our hands, feet and tools can only manipulate heavenly matter here in the spiritual realm, or information realm if you prefer

    11. It is simply in the alterators nature to manipulate instances of

    12. You can then manipulate those keywords with the terms people are actually

    13. It took him a moment to manipulate the keys and open the message – his fingers were stiff in the chilly morning air and reluctant to work

    14. James thought, not for the first time in this conversation, how easy it was to manipulate people

    15. dabbling in a new technology that uses electromagnetic pulses to manipulate brain

    16. leaders in the past had tried to control and manipulate them

    17. The table had not been created by the chisel and hammer of a craftsman, but planted and nurtured to life by the hands of the ancient elves who had been skilled in the lost organic arts -- a mastery of nature which allowed them to manipulate the development of various forms of life

    18. I think she tries to manipulate him but she certainly has some affection for him

    19. Even the Elders could not alter their own genetic codes, no matter how strong their ability to manipulate the Oneness

    20. hand in hand with politics, used both to manipulate

    21. manipulate scenarios greater and greater, so that the

    22. Through those strands, she would be able to manipulate the objects

    23. For her own part, the Elf, under the careful instruction of the Guardians, was taught how to manipulate the forces within herself, the planets and parent stars, to restore balance as much as was possible for her as a novice trainee

    24. However you cannot change, copy, or manipulate any text, links, or graphics in any form

    25. know you could actually manipulate your

    26. In Torbin’s mind that only underlined the fact that the man was not to be trusted, that somehow he had used his devious charm to manipulate them (though privately he envied the man, especially when he told tales of his exploits with women)

    27. Had she betrayed Khan because he was becoming dull? Did she just want a new person to manipulate? Khan had kept her out of the ring, so would she use Raven to do the same? His mind was in pieces, and conflicting ideas jostled for space in his thoughts

    28. If this computer is all I have heard it to be, it can certainly manipulate the readouts

    29. It was never a malicious gesture, and I can assure you that I haven’t meant to manipulate anybody

    30. He had hoped to manipulate her, to use what N’robo had told him

    31. (But do not let your children manipulate you by playing on your sympathies either – they will try!)

    32. But, with his lusting after her so blatantly obvious, she thought to take advantage of the situation by allowing a friendship - and nothing more - to develop and as it grew, it afforded her ample opportunity to manipulate things such that she was able to use La Hacienda as her personal resort as freely as did he

    33. It even seemed possible that she might manipulate herself into a position to assume control of La Hacienda

    34. �That bitch sure knew how to manipulate people in this town

    35. Do you realize that Gordon has at his disposal a treasury that rivals Costa Rica’s, and that he uses it in large part to manipulate public opinion to his benefit? Do you really believe that it’s any different in the United States? These men who work for Gordy are no more public enemies than employees of Exxon – and in my opinion, less so

    36. What else came out of my chat with Terry? I found out that the senior Bullock could easily manipulate his son, just as he had done when he sent junior out looking for me

    37. “If they could manipulate you, in some way help to fulfill at least some of the Prophecies, then maybe they could use the situation to their own benefit,” said the kid

    38. For many eons of time he remained in the incubator of the natural world, slowly gathering the limited resources that were attuned to his ever-changing ability to manipulate

    39. When animals came into his growing ability to manipulate, the difficult, dangerous ones were invested with a power beyond that which could be seen and accounted for

    40. For many eons (ages) of time he remained in the incubator of the natural world, slowly gathering the limited resources that were attuned to his ever-changing ability to manipulate

    41. But what is so threatening about my ability to manipulate the simulations? Why would it matter to the representative of the Erudite, of all people?

    42. I just have to remember that I have the power to manipulate the simulations, and that I have practiced it before

    43. “It’s like the fear landscape simulation—you were aware while you were in it, and you could manipulate it

    44. “I think,” I say, “that Jeanine Matthews will manipulate him

    45. I want this new reality to be a simulation that I could manipulate if I could only make sense of it

    46. Not only could she control an unprotected mind, but now she could manipulate

    47. The super-corporations manipulate the military industrial complex through the guise of freedom

    48. Many times it is required to manipulate the data in table format or in

    49. I hated to manipulate him like that, but I could not risk losing the staff when we would soon be facing Larath

    50. without much thought, it was really easy to manipulate

    1. " Ava manipulated a keyboard only she could see and feel

    2. We know exactly how far we are depraved and how far we are manipulated

    3. When Satan is then released and sent out through the nations at the end of the 1000-year reign of Christ, those nations and peoples that decide to be subject under that manipulated again show their loyalty

    4. It is easy to be manipulated

    5. He wasn’t manipulated

    6. Besides, we have reason to believe that their population has been manipulated; we are pretty certain they do not know the truth

    7. “We believe the population has been manipulated and lied to over the centuries

    8. It's strange that nature may be manipulated so thoroughly

    9. Concentrating on not dropping the tray he was holding, the uniformed policeman kicked the door gently with one foot while he balanced on the other and manipulated the tray through the doorway, protruding tongue demonstrating precisely how much effort it was taking him

    10. And of course the fact that Jack could never say no to anything meant he could be quite easily manipulated by those who cared not for Jack’s feelings

    11. After much direction, the boy was finally beginning to see the Singularity's signature, but most of the time he did not, and manipulated it blindly and by sheer will alone

    12. You are a machine, and you are being manipulated by some technological ghost of a person that has died

    13. Wherein, the Singularity manipulated matter through one’s internal energy

    14. We know that most terrorists are also indoctrinated and manipulated by people with a political, religious or financial interest

    15. which proved the masses can be manipulated in

    16. manipulated against of their own interests

    17. This smaller structure is manipulated By a larger one

    18. As she was speaking she manipulated her wrist control so that only the main viewer on Husim's bridge slowly panned

    19. Phil's body, not knowing that its thoughts had just been manipulated, reacted as though it had suddenly devoured an enormous quantity of its favourite foods

    20. Whilst he manipulated the joint and Chris winced in pain, he tried to ask the Doctor about the previous patient

    21. put some cold gel on his left forefinger and as he manipulated

    22. Adem didn’t understand how gold could be manipulated in such a way, even an enchanted spear, though he tried not to think on such things for too long

    23. The fact remained he had been manipulated by them both

    24. ‘It’s clear how they’ve been manipulated

    25. You see because REM-sleep had been constantly manipulated to overcome the natural random tendencies of dreaming, and the TIAR computer would stimulate a memory engram, the experience of TIAR can be as real as everything you are experiencing now

    26. How much had been manipulated by L76M was open to question

    27. ‘Milo always believed we were all being manipulated into that

    28. He is a clever conjuror, and manipulated his paraphernalia cleverly, but greeted every movement with a well-feigned astonishment, not lost on the people

    29. You have to realize that when you are actually involved and being manipulated, you can

    30. Just because someone else manipulated the encounter doesn’t take away my responsibility for that person’s death, a person who didn’t deserve it

    31. “What if he wants to kill the emperor and put a figurehead on the throne, not because he wants a leader who’s sympathetic to capitalist interests but because his government wants someone who can be manipulated into working for them, maybe even helping to set up an invasion? The Nurians might not hate us as much as the Kendorians or other nations we’ve conquered, but they would certainly gain a lot from our fall

    32. manipulated the economy, to revive his dream of the German Kaiser Reich

    33. manipulated stories and bombs

    34. Boys from the age group 11 to 16 are popular to recruit because they don't question orders and are easily manipulated

    35. Early progressives wanted to reform politics and end corruption, but they assumed such corruption came from easily manipulated poor or nonwhite people unable to govern themselves

    36. It was an ―accident‖ waiting to happen! Now President Bush is allowing himself to be (further) manipulated by his political opponents into revitalizing the area through spending initiatives and designs modeled on the wasteful, economically improvident urban programs of the sixties instead of providing relief and (financial) assistance on a needs basis

    37. Worse, there was a good chance that, like the police who had stopped me earlier that day, they weren’t even acting of their own free will but were innocents who were manipulated by the vampire who wanted me dead

    38. The Baron could be manipulated, if we could ‘safely’ predict his reaction to our ‘stimulus,’ to use a word that was popular before the war

    39. He wasn’t a professional, just an underpaid driver manipulated into smuggling cocaine across the Costa Rica - Panama border

    40. Ted had manipulated, Terry, into taking out Langdon because he was worried that Langdon would find out that his wife had murdered Vickie

    41. He leaned his right shoulder against the wheelhouse and watched perspiration drip from his nose, as his cousin manipulated controls, lifting the illicit cargo from the hold

    42. ” The still-shaken kid sat and manipulated the buttons on the communications panel at the right-hand seat

    43. A slave? A thing? A body, a will, a fractured and manipulated will

    44. He was hand-picked by Agrippa, and agreed to have his mind manipulated

    45. I refuse to play their game, I refuse to let my mind be manipulated

    46. “Honest” Titus has shown that he could be manipulated by anyone clever enough, but few in authority have taken much notice of the church recently, except those miserable Jews and the Gnostic “worms” within

    47. You manipulated the simulation; you’re Divergent

    48. A link was established when humans figured out that time can be manipulated by controlling what and the speed of an object moving through space

    49. This light wasn’t the same as the elemental fire she manipulated

    50. revenge she manipulated you into murdering the original White Herons! I knew it

    1. This kind of lust for power that is exerted by the principalities and powers is the very thing that jerks and manipulates the nations

    2. “The simulation manipulates him,” says Jeanine

    3. It might also help to rethink our legal system that outright lies / twists the language / delays and delays and delays and manipulates until ‘they wear you down’

    4. aggression again (that’s how she manipulates Tony), although this time he made no

    5. A chiropractor gently manipulates the

    6. manipulates the spine to relax these subluxations

    7. He merely manipulates things and

    8. which the therapist manipulates your muscles in a massaging fashion

    9. Language is learned, thought manipulates air, air transfers meaning to auditory receptors

    10. Oded manipulates the chauffeurs’ thoughts and orders them to bring them back to the airport

    11. (b) manipulates any part of his or her body or the body

    12. “Donna reads and manipulates DNA sequences, much in the same way as a mathematician does calculus

    13. It manipulates sense

    14. In the United States, the Federal Reserve manipulates the money supply by changing

    15. Someone else, not in need but just greedy, manipulates the market

    16. He manipulates others by

    17. He manipulates his victim’s emotions based on his inner problems with other women to make her admit guilt’s; suffering before dying is the pattern

    18. years later where time, uniquely eroding, manipulates and leaves nothing bar the love and beauty that the mind blinkeredly remembers

    19. Oedipus’ mother is a mother who seduces her son and manipulates him to

    20. ’ In that manner, the government manipulates the

    21. He never ceased to marvel at how ductile iron became when heated red hot and he worked the metal with tongs and hammer as easily as a sculptor manipulates clay

    22. That part of you which initiates-controls and manipulates your thought is you

    23. When a higher negative being successfully manipulates your mind and consumes your soul energy, you lose your freewill and become an instrument for that being

    24. ’ Until it makes them incapable of being honest about so many things; their selective tool-brain whitewashes, avoids, censors, deflects, changes, manipulates so much of the human psyche; that you get a twisted, stunted, deformed version of reality, of their humanity… until you get pride, arrogance, smugness, blindness, inhumanity

    25. The only kind of energy that science manipulates and uses is energy that has a killing potential

    26. Now you know the true shadow government which rules, controls and manipulates the people who belong to these organizations whose every meeting is held behind closed door in secret and never divulged to the public

    27. These are dimensions and qualities, which affect how and what we think, how and what we feel, and how and what we do, and which ultimately, significantly manipulates and influences how Self views Self, others, and the world

    28. and manipulates the world’s financial systems

    29. The Vatican secretly instigates and manipulates the conditions that cause widespread

    30. nature of the “Beast” that created their religions and manipulates all leading politicians

    31. outside the control of Congress and manipulates the credit of the United States

    32. Both the modern Vatican and the national governments it manipulates and

    33. I’m not sure how, but the sorcerer manipulates the energy from the trinial element to wield it as a weapon

    34. While Campbell assumed the point which should have been first proved, Butler goes one better and manipulates the “ifs” with the artifice and knack of the “sorcerers” of Egypt in the days of the “Pharaohs

    35. This Unseelie is one of the most complex and powerful the king ever created, capable of opening holes in space-time to travel, similar to the Seelie ability to sift but with catastrophic results for the matter it manipulates

    36. In the same way, the Window Manager informs the application when the user manipulates screen elements by moving the cursor, clicking buttons, or resizing a window

    37. There are several ways that management manipulates earnings despite being within the technical bounds of what GAAP accounting standards consider acceptable

    38. How much more complex than this is the game of war, which occurs under certain limits of time, and where it is not one will that manipulates lifeless objects, but everything results from innumerable conflicts of various wills!

    1. What is this mystery of iniquity that Paul speaks of? It is the mystery that we have explored already: Satan manipulating humanity

    2. Even more nervously, I do what he suggests, and, to my utter surprise, find that Sefir appears to understand my hamfisted attempts at manipulating the reins

    3. interaction, manipulating the model, and ultimately choosing a view to render to display UI

    4. prevented by adjusting or manipulating the energy

    5. For a while now, a rival group has been studying the village, through studying and manipulating one of its inhabitants; a mere child that goes by the name of ‘Sunil Yohannan’, even going so far as to install a brainwashing device

    6. Imagine that, me manipulating the system

    7. On the return path light from the suntower was synapsed into the nerve endings, giving him an effective mind-link with the most powerful information storage and manipulating entity on the planet, and with any other minds so linked

    8. The third scenario, even more troubling, is that there is some one or some people capable of so manipulating the minds of the Naud that they destroyed their own vessels out of blind obedience to powerful suggestion

    9. He was sure they were manipulating him to their own ends as well

    10. Manipulating it with her left hand

    11. She could be manipulating him

    12. Now, even if she escaped, she had lost the only physical evidence that Hollowcrest was manipulating the emperor and that Sespian was in danger

    13. To him, manipulating you and stealing children was all in a day’s work

    14. grievances, coupled with its lackadaisical application of the law(s), are not lost on attorneys eager to exploit such grievances by recruiting and manipulating prospective jurists from the ―community‖ who might prove (potentially) sympathetic to their argument(s)

    15. He was manipulating her for some reason … but why?

    16. Bush was quite adept at outmaneuvering his political opponents in Congress, and in manipulating the media

    17. Before the next body of water fell across the cockpit, Dave grabbed the smallest spokes, re-inserted them and carried on steering, his huge fingers nimbly manipulating the slender strips of bright metal

    18. Len function is one of the most important and basic string manipulating functions

    19. Eugenics is a movement dedicated to manipulating the normal working of human biology with the goal of improving the race

    20. lick, manipulating my cock with both her tongue and her hands

    21. This involves manipulating the router's configuration register, and that is

    22. When his critics become firmly planted in his thoughts, they have a stranglehold on his every move and are capable of manipulating him to doing their bidding

    23. By manipulating everything

    24. I can't handle the lying and the duplicity and the manipulating -

    25. than mine, and to let him know that I was probably manipulating

    26. limitation is but a mirror of the success of the premeditated racist actions of the Jewish Left in manipulating the black community

    27. Other manipulating method is the surveys:

    28. Oh God, this is great, Parker thought, manipulating the throttle and the rudders, trying to keep the plane straight on the taxiway

    29. consciously manipulating the role that a patient’s behaviors play in the

    30. without the least bit of intimidation, and manipulating the knife

    31. Cognitive behavioral therapy for migraineurs is aimed at recognizing at consciously manipulating the

    32. she was manipulating him

    33. Chiropractors work by manipulating the joints and the spinal cord in particular

    34. their bodies by manipulating their ‘breath ’ a force field that covers the

    35. ” The fact is, counting or manipulating numbers is a lot easier than managing the “soft issues” that create the numbers

    36. But true justice cannot be achieved by lying, cheating, withholding or destroying evidence, manipulating and coercing witnesses, or by using psychological brainwashing techniques to implant pseudo-memories into witnesses‘ minds

    37. She’s manipulating her Raman spectra (graphs) to remove unwanted laser lines/peaks

    38. What to do first? Make the explosives or fake the data? Someone might come into the lab at night and see you unethically manipulating the IR spectra

    39. ‗Now for the ride of our lives!‘ and Reginald was away galloping gently while Sebastian stroked his chest, abs and thighs before tenderly manipulating his lover‘s erection

    40. A chiropractor may be able to help by manipulating affected joints

    41. Is your partner really a controlling, manipulating old whingebag? Could it perhaps be that she is trying to create a loving home and relationship for you both instead?

    42. Eddie Corton admitted creating these conditions by manipulating the process controls

    43. Molecular genetics studies allow many different types of behavioral traits to be examined by manipulating genes and studying the effect(s) of the manipulation

    44. A number of molecular genetics studies have focused on manipulating candidate aggression genes in mice and other animals to induce effects that can be possibly applied to humans

    45. Either way Cognoscenti had a gift of manipulating people to do his will

    46. From the way that she had seen the smoke being manipulated around Madison's body she was quite able to see how she was manipulating the environment

    47. negotiation or by manipulating the situation so that the woman would back off and her

    48. It was not locked, and manipulating it delicately, he pushed it open a crack, with a reckless disregard for possible consequences that only he could have explained or defended

    49. operating 'pools' that were actively manipulating stock

    50. manipulating her needles so expertly that she could finish a pair of

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    Synonyms for "manipulate"

    manipulate control keep in line rig pull strings pull wires cook fake falsify fudge misrepresent wangle guide manage command lead govern subject

    "manipulate" definitions

    influence or control shrewdly or deviously

    hold something in one's hands and move it

    tamper, with the purpose of deception

    manipulate in a fraudulent manner

    maintain influence over (others or oneself) skillfully, usually to one's advantage

    treat manually, as with massage, for therapeutic purposed