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  1. Manipulate as many of the.
  2. He could manipulate the evidence.
  3. We can manipulate them with our.
  4. Maybe I could manipulate the Mist.
  5. They manipulate weak and confused.

  6. And she will be able to manipulate.
  7. Anger with the intent to manipulate.
  8. If I could somehow manipulate him….
  9. Was she really so easy to manipulate?
  10. He can of course manipulate my thoughts.
  11. He knew they were trying to manipulate.
  12. It learned how to locate and manipulate.
  13. Co-operate with God, don't manipulate Him.
  14. That they manipulate and postulate to gain.
  15. There are two ways to manipulate essence.

  16. If they are good at it, they can manipulate.
  17. Use an object that is difficult to manipulate.
  18. That’s how he was able to manipulate Bernard.
  19. When manipulated it can manipulate the physical.
  20. This character can't grasp and manipulate things.
  21. A little fear will manipulate the minds of the.
  22. We have the power to manipulate peoples emotions.
  23. It is the only material that I cannot manipulate.
  24. Thinner paint is easier to refine and manipulate.
  25. Since he can manipulate heat, it follows that he.

  26. Management can manipulate earnings in several ways.
  27. It could manipulate its own perceptions as a tool.
  28. The fact that you can manipulate muscle spasm with.
  29. Hades: Chronos was the one who could manipulate time.
  30. She hated thinking my dad could manipulate her, and.
  31. It was hot and slippery and quite easy to manipulate.
  32. Too long have I let my parents lie and manipulate me.
  33. And we know how easy it is to manipulate this number.
  34. Yes, I certainly knew how to manipulate my Dear Papa.
  35. He sat at the city gate, and did cleverly manipulate!.
  36. If this were true, then advertisers could manipulate.
  37. It was so much easier to manipulate someone when they.
  38. Use an object that is easy to manipulate with the hand.
  39. It can manipulate gravity also and suck matter into it.
  40. To improve the ability to manipulate a pen with the hand.
  41. He may be able to visualize and manipulate concepts --.
  42. To improve your ability to manipulate a pen in your hand.
  43. To improve the ability to manipulate objects with the hand.
  44. He's trying to manipulate you, make you angry at your dad.
  45. To improve the ability to manipulate objects with the hands.
  46. Did you design to manipulate the students into your own.
  47. To improve your ability to manipulate objects with your hand.
  48. Use an object that is difficult to manipulate with the hand.
  49. To improve your ability to manipulate objects with your hands.
  50. Because rulers know how to manipulate the masses by using fear.
  51. They also possess the potential to manipulate things anywhere.
  52. It is much more difficult to manipulate the cash flow statement.
  53. Who had the knowledge and skill necessary to manipulate Lester?
  54. So when you try to manipulate it, it doesn't work, because the.
  55. To improve the ability to manipulate small objects with the hand.
  56. There is one available and it can manipulate other technologies.
  57. He will use and manipulate, and take and never give anything in.
  58. To improve your ability to manipulate small objects with your hand.
  59. I think, I say, that Jeanine Matthews will manipulate him.
  60. By comforting him I mean that I psychologically manipulate his.
  61. A faery can also manipulate the size of his or her body to shrink.
  62. It is simply in the alterators nature to manipulate instances of.
  63. He had hoped to manipulate her, to use what N’robo had told him.
  64. Through those strands, she would be able to manipulate the objects.
  65. Sympathetic magic is al about using a smal copy to manipulate the.
  66. Demonic powers manipulate and deceive, but they do not bring wisdom.
  67. But, he still can’t manipulate or delete the events in the RAM.
  68. They must have thought if they could manipulate him into agreeing to.
  69. This permits shadowy, hidden entities to manipulate entire economies.
  70. She knew what he was about to say and how to manipulate the poor man.
  71. During his lonely childhood, he had taught himself how to manipulate.
  72. In concentrated doses, I could override her system and manipulate her.
  73. It is the voice of the devil to accuse, blame, manipulate, and slander.
  74. Many times it is required to manipulate the data in table format or in.
  75. In the same way, we can manipulate and change outcomes in the physical.
  76. He left his room in search of this new player, someone new to manipulate.
  77. These places of worship are cleverly designed to manipulate the emotions.
  78. These undead scum: have learned how to manipulate living humans very well.
  79. You can then manipulate those keywords with the terms people are actually.
  80. They hate truths they cannot get around and manipulate to suit themselves.
  81. He’d better leave you alone or I’ll manipulate his face, he said.
  82. Sometimes I can manipulate the ending when I remember that it is my dream.
  83. Humans are all idiots, easy to manipulate if money and power are involved.
  84. Carla tasked her subconscious to manipulate this negative into a positive.
  85. United States government manipulate the media?’ and resubmit the question.
  86. He could even be days away but he was not as easy to manipulate as Hemlock.
  87. He could manipulate the election without being suspected of selfish motives.
  88. To improve the ability to flex the thumb or manipulate objects with the hand.
  89. He seemed amused that I was trying to manipulate the established order in D.
  90. And it’s because they are cats and dogs that I can manipulate them so well.
  91. It’s easier to manipulate a mind when no one knows your abilities are real.
  92. Not only could she control an unprotected mind, but now she could manipulate.
  93. To improve the ability to abduct the thumb or manipulate objects with the hand.
  94. To improve your ability to pick up and manipulate small objects with your hand.
  95. Xuxa used her PADD to manipulate information being presented on the big screen.
  96. The Mayor is a Werelynx so I couldn’t manipulate his brain if I wanted to.
  97. This is because golf balls are hard to control and manipulate when in the sand.
  98. To improve the ability to reach for objects and manipulate objects with the hand.
  99. I think she tries to manipulate him but she certainly has some affection for him.
  100. They communicate things as they are and do not attempt to manipulate information.
  1. She could be manipulating him.
  2. You and your manipulating mother.
  3. He himself manipulating her body.
  4. He is manipulating and controlling.
  5. Manipulating it with her left hand.
  6. One of the gods was manipulating Kirk.
  7. Imagine that, me manipulating the system.
  8. Other manipulating method is the surveys:.
  9. Secretly manipulating them to do their bidding.
  10. How clever he was at manipulating these things.
  11. Manipulating the audience is considered good form.
  12. He was manipulating her for some reason … but why?
  13. Pat kept manipulating the cloud oblivious to his own alias.
  14. And I’d push him right out if he kept manipulating Katie.
  15. An unseen hand, a powerful hand, is manipulating this game.
  16. He was manipulating something on a thin metallic structure.
  17. The one more capable of making, using and manipulating tools.
  18. Ralph began manipulating the controls to enter the destination.
  19. Various built-in functions can be used for manipulating numbers.
  20. To them, religion was a form of magic based on manipulating the.
  21. He was sure they were manipulating him to their own ends as well.
  22. I can't handle the lying and the duplicity and the manipulating -.
  23. Manipulating her should be easier than he had expected, after all.
  24. A chiropractor may be able to help by manipulating affected joints.
  25. The IF-ELSE statement is used for manipulating multiple conditions.
  26. One’s body might not be used to manipulating honoi in various ways.
  27. It is a technique of inserting and manipulating the fine needles into.
  28. After all, they concluded, the only reason for manipulating the press.
  29. Manipulating it, a picture of what Bev had taken showed up in our visors.
  30. Either way Cognoscenti had a gift of manipulating people to do his will.
  31. To him, manipulating you and stealing children was all in a day’s work.
  32. He could also be a brilliant sociopath who’s manipulating every one of us.
  33. This involves manipulating the router's configuration register, and that is.
  34. She keeps doing things to me, and she is manipulating me, making me depressed.
  35. Chiropractors work by manipulating the joints and the spinal cord in particular.
  36. Now they are now manipulating their new mistakes to cover up their old mistakes.
  37. When the experiencing structure is not manipulating consciousness (or whatever.
  38. This Van Thorn is good— very good— at manipulating people and their emotions.
  39. Len function is one of the most important and basic string manipulating functions.
  40. Actually, manipulating interest rates is not the proper mechanism for controlling.
  41. Weal created your beliefs by generating your emotions by manipulating your desires.
  42. There was a massive lawsuit pending against her for manipulating investor returns.
  43. She’s manipulating her Raman spectra (graphs) to remove unwanted laser lines/peaks.
  44. Eddie Corton admitted creating these conditions by manipulating the process controls.
  45. Ask next time, Garcia said, manipulating the files on the terminal in front of.
  46. She had learned that the United States might be manipulating factions in the Delta.
  47. They are masters at manipulating and controlling others for their own gain and profit.
  48. But subtlety, except in manipulating stock values, is not a Wall Street characteristic.
  49. He believed her to be a cold manipulating woman who used Michael Sands for her own ends.
  50. In fact, depraved ideas of manipulating behavior might involve those basic requirements.
  51. She was manipulating the fork with her right hand, while her left hand rested in her lap.
  52. It’s a pretty safe bet that someone has been manipulating the lumber (see Figure 10-4).
  53. The orthodox party had set a bold example of manipulating the words of the New Testament.
  54. He had only one talent, and it was the same as Godwyn’ s: a flair for manipulating people.
  55. He hadn’t dismissed the possibility that Richard may be manipulating things in his favour.
  56. The Time Patrol was then certainly going to erase the Imperium by manipulating past history.
  57. To improve your ability to use the appropriate force when manipulating objects with your hand.
  58. They are masters at manipulating anyone into a state of senselessness…but mostly they do it.
  59. This is the insiders manipulating the market in preparation for an extended price move higher.
  60. They are masters at manipulating anyone into a state of senselessness…but mostly that they do.
  61. She must have a weak spot he's manipulating and using against her to influence his own agenda.
  62. The best was mixed with the worst: with the worst of both sides manipulating the best of both sides.
  63. Cognitive behavioral therapy for migraineurs is aimed at recognizing at consciously manipulating the.
  64. Let’s blow it up a bit, said Clayton, manipulating the computer programme to enlarge the image.
  65. To improve the ability to modulate thumb and finger flexor force when manipulating objects with the hand.
  66. Bush was quite adept at outmaneuvering his political opponents in Congress, and in manipulating the media.
  67. They are masters at manipulating anyone into a state of senselessness…but mostly they do it onto themselves.
  68. On one occasion on the phone tap tape she spent three hours manipulating Roy’s wife who was sick with a cold.
  69. When you use a computer: you are manipulating a mechanical human brain by controlling which root keys to punch.
  70. This is a major area of teaching itself – How to conduct relationships, without sexually manipulating someone.
  71. Then, there was the smart, manipulating LD, who would look to control this situation and turn it to his advantage.
  72. There's a high probability that companies that score high on those six measures are actually manipulating earnings.
  73. Do you think these undead things have stopped manipulating all living humans when Ovid died? They are still doing it.
  74. This absorption happens through an ongoing process of manipulating the minds and consuming the soul energy of others.
  75. I must understand what Dammar knows, how he is manipulating current and past events, and what his overall objective is.
  76. They can create anti-gravity barriers and they can prevent us from controlling or manipulating objects too, Mani says.
  77. Eugenics is a movement dedicated to manipulating the normal working of human biology with the goal of improving the race.
  78. He was a man who had grown used to controlling and manipulating others, and this time it was he who had been manipulated.
  79. Manipulating living humans to invent weapons that can kill at long range just by looking at what you hate and presto: its dead.
  80. He had an unerring instinct for attracting money, and, having attracted it, for manipulating it with the easy mastery of genius.
  81. Oh God, this is great, Parker thought, manipulating the throttle and the rudders, trying to keep the plane straight on the taxiway.
  82. What is this mystery of iniquity that Paul speaks of? It is the mystery that we have explored already: Satan manipulating humanity.
  83. The reason why he had made Max peer close to the screen, was to ensure he captured his whole face without manipulating the screen.
  84. When it was the brightness of a normal lamp bulb he stopped manipulating it and raised his arm in front of him to shoulder height.
  85. Oh God, she was manipulating me, pushing the chemicals of my brain into overdrive, destroying me in the same manner the Fae would.
  86. What have the politics of the Arabs manipulating the world oil markets done? A tiny backwards Nation tying to dominate world politics.
  87. Then, around 300,000 years ago, the Anunnaki decided to create a race of workers by genetically manipulating the primates of planet Earth.
  88. With the Kelvan computer he raised their arms of his hostages and slipped data disks into their hands, as easily as manipulating puppets.
  89. You were mistaken: you were fooled by hidden undead things who have had millions of years of practice fooling and manipulating living things.
  90. As I said earlier, market manipulation is not so much about manipulating the price, but manipulation of the twin emotions of fear and greed.
  91. By manipulating the hooks he had for hands, this guy could button his shirt, light a match, and do anything you could do with all your fingers.
  92. Now, even if she escaped, she had lost the only physical evidence that Hollowcrest was manipulating the emperor and that Sespian was in danger.
  93. The insiders are simply manipulating prices, and in this case, the long legged doji is NOT signalling a reversal, but something very different.
  94. When manipulating the Information of VEC, all physical laws radically change up to the appearance of opposite manifestations relative to them!.
  95. Endless levels of manipulators manipulating manipulators… none of them willing to admit they are being manipulated by someone or something else.
  96. The undead cannot recreate their own un-experienced past lives by manipulating unaware living humans and using them as innocent dupes and victims.
  97. It was later discovered that Dunlap was manipulating earnings by taking large restructuring charges and then reversing these charges in later years.
  98. From the way that she had seen the smoke being manipulated around Madison's body she was quite able to see how she was manipulating the environment.
  99. What to do first? Make the explosives or fake the data? Someone might come into the lab at night and see you unethically manipulating the IR spectra.
  100. A linear, one-way process of taking something that is useful, manipulating it, and combining it; so, it becomes not only useless, but also poisonous.
  1. He manipulated the guy in.
  2. It is easy to be manipulated.
  3. As he manipulated the controls a.
  4. I didn’t like being manipulated.
  5. As Kandras gently manipulated the.
  6. We’re being used and manipulated.
  7. There are those who are manipulated.
  8. They were manipulated into doing it.
  9. Unit price of manipulated reinforcer.
  10. Thus, these levels can be manipulated.
  11. That was how he manipulated the people.
  12. God cannot be controlled and manipulated.
  13. The perspective had also been manipulated.
  14. Light had been specifically manipulated to.
  15. He manipulated the guard into letting him in.
  16. When manipulated it can manipulate the physical.
  17. Sodden, beaten down, and ready to be manipulated.
  18. Your uncle manipulated you into thinking it was.
  19. Craving was manipulated with a video containing.
  20. Kandras manipulated the computer and inserted the.
  21. You manipulated the simulation; you’re Divergent.
  22. Can the image be manipulated in the same way?
  23. He has been manipulated by power beyond his control.
  24. Consumers are manipulated and cheated and sold lies.
  25. He had manipulated their lives together for a reason.
  26. All of the events were manipulated by the Power Base.
  27. This smaller structure is manipulated By a larger one.
  28. The fact remained he had been manipulated by them both.
  29. They both had been so easily played, easily manipulated.
  30. But I haven’t manipulated you at all since that night.
  31. A uniform that could have its appearance manipulated by.
  32. They sympathize with being manipulated, powerless victims.
  33. Some child beggars are manipulated and trained in the art.
  34. It's strange that nature may be manipulated so thoroughly.
  35. How much had been manipulated by L76M was open to question.
  36. All of this theater was being manipulated by undead ghouls.
  37. It cannot be molded, manipulated, or damaged like Human Hope.
  38. In our case we manipulated level of teacher presence to see.
  39. He felt the honoi in his body, and manipulated the flow of it.
  40. These costs can also be manipulated in order to smooth earnings.
  41. He manipulated her with his hand as she moved to her own rhythm.
  42. The curious and nosey nature of humans can often be manipulated.
  43. I manipulated it so that the water gushed and hit Rage directly.
  44. Hutton had been a weak man, a weak lover and easily manipulated.
  45. Manipulated? That means you did like it when I made love to you.
  46. Their conversation had been so natural, not forced or manipulated.
  47. Was he a yes-man or was he just manipulated? Wickland asked.
  48. Kandras went to the computer and expertly manipulated the keyboard.
  49. A slave? A thing? A body, a will, a fractured and manipulated will.
  50. This light wasn’t the same as the elemental fire she manipulated.
  51. I refuse to play their game, I refuse to let my mind be manipulated.
  52. Doctor Wayne’s motivations were so blatant and easily manipulated.
  53. All along, he had been his mother's puppet, controlled, manipulated.
  54. So he started off dirty? He was most likely manipulated into being.
  55. But the body obviously cannot be infinitely manipulated and decorated.
  56. Markets are blatantly manipulated at times, of this there is no doubt.
  57. Davis had manipulated him, and she was going to nail him to the wall.
  58. Can you check if this was manipulated or not? I asked Boy Valdez.
  59. He achieved nothing, because I don’t allow myself to be manipulated.
  60. The content can be so manipulated so that it suits display on larger.
  61. He was hand-picked by Agrippa, and agreed to have his mind manipulated.
  62. By accepting superficiality, you can be manipulated by those around you.
  63. We know exactly how far we are depraved and how far we are manipulated.
  64. The extent to which Victoria must have manipulated his brother scared him.
  65. The young woman manipulated the Cloud Modulation band on her car’s radio.
  66. Consumers are manipulated and cheated outrageously and openly by producers.
  67. Feng Shui experts believe this color suggests an ability to be manipulated.
  68. The American public has been manipulated time and again by their corporate.
  69. It’s amazing what a person’s actions are, if they are manipulated wrong.
  70. Human history has been manipulated by these undead scum for untold millennia.
  71. Buttons were undone, belts and zips were manipulated and clothes kicked off.
  72. Wherein, the Singularity manipulated matter through one’s internal energy.
  73. So he says, but love is just an emotion, and emotions can be manipulated.
  74. It also kept them easily brainwashed, easily manipulated and easily governed.
  75. Afterwards, I couldn’t believe I had been manipulated by a sixteen-year-old.
  76. How these hundreds of millions of poor were oppressed, lied-to… manipulated.
  77. The Dragons were there trying to undo the effects of manipulated Nova-MER-code.
  78. He arrived and, with a little piece of metal in his hand, manipulated the lock.
  79. He manipulated the atmospheric converter to circulate cool air inside the suit.
  80. Living human rulers are used and manipulated by them while they are still alive.
  81. They knew his sympathies toward the Communist Party, so they manipulated him.
  82. The real racist is the Jewish Left which have manipulated too much of the black.
  83. We believe the population has been manipulated and lied to over the centuries.
  84. She still felt coerced, manipulated, but his words also made sense on some level.
  85. Soon it was manipulated until huge humanoid figures were formed out of pure honoi.
  86. His dragonhunger manipulated his magic, and he felt himself connect with his power.
  87. And it is said that Cognoscenti manipulated them both in order to have the spirit.
  88. Silk flowers can be manipulated much easier than real ones, so keep that in mind!.
  89. I assumed it to be a secondary security measure in case Medusa was ever manipulated.
  90. Of course, this mechanically manipulated person may experience pain and exhaustion.
  91. The vaccinations are manipulated to render the girls infertile and the boys sterile.
  92. Ethan manipulated the image with his hand and spun the map so the east side faced him.
  93. Yes, and even our photography experts say that it was manipulated, Patrick said.
  94. She could have manipulated that energy he was sending her and even reversed the outcome.
  95. You have to realize that when you are actually involved and being manipulated, you can.
  96. In a story of irony, when Qin Shi Huangdi died, his chief eunuch, Zao Gao, manipulated.
  97. The rich American planters and owners had used and manipulated the poor white colonists.
  98. They argue that earnings can be easily manipulated by a clever chief financial officer.
  99. These very same leaders are also secretly manipulated by and/or directly conspire with.
  100. This is Federation technology and you have somehow manipulated us to look the other way.
  1. It manipulates sense.
  2. He manipulates others by.
  3. He merely manipulates things and.
  4. A chiropractor gently manipulates the.
  5. The simulation manipulates him, says Jeanine.
  6. Someone else, not in need but just greedy, manipulates the market.
  7. Both the modern Vatican and the national governments it manipulates and.
  8. Oedipus’ mother is a mother who seduces her son and manipulates him to.
  9. That part of you which initiates-controls and manipulates your thought is you.
  10. In the United States, the Federal Reserve manipulates the money supply by changing.
  11. The Vatican secretly instigates and manipulates the conditions that cause widespread.
  12. Language is learned, thought manipulates air, air transfers meaning to auditory receptors.
  13. Oded manipulates the chauffeurs’ thoughts and orders them to bring them back to the airport.
  14. The only kind of energy that science manipulates and uses is energy that has a killing potential.
  15. Donna reads and manipulates DNA sequences, much in the same way as a mathematician does calculus.
  16. I’m not sure how, but the sorcerer manipulates the energy from the trinial element to wield it as a weapon.
  17. This kind of lust for power that is exerted by the principalities and powers is the very thing that jerks and manipulates the nations.
  18. He manipulates his victim’s emotions based on his inner problems with other women to make her admit guilt’s; suffering before dying is the pattern.
  19. There are several ways that management manipulates earnings despite being within the technical bounds of what GAAP accounting standards consider acceptable.
  20. When a higher negative being successfully manipulates your mind and consumes your soul energy, you lose your freewill and become an instrument for that being.
  21. He never ceased to marvel at how ductile iron became when heated red hot and he worked the metal with tongs and hammer as easily as a sculptor manipulates clay.
  22. In the same way, the Window Manager informs the application when the user manipulates screen elements by moving the cursor, clicking buttons, or resizing a window.
  23. It might also help to rethink our legal system that outright lies / twists the language / delays and delays and delays and manipulates until ‘they wear you down’.
  24. Now you know the true shadow government which rules, controls and manipulates the people who belong to these organizations whose every meeting is held behind closed door in secret and never divulged to the public.
  25. While Campbell assumed the point which should have been first proved, Butler goes one better and manipulates the “ifs” with the artifice and knack of the “sorcerers” of Egypt in the days of the “Pharaohs.
  26. These are dimensions and qualities, which affect how and what we think, how and what we feel, and how and what we do, and which ultimately, significantly manipulates and influences how Self views Self, others, and the world.
  27. This Unseelie is one of the most complex and powerful the king ever created, capable of opening holes in space-time to travel, similar to the Seelie ability to sift but with catastrophic results for the matter it manipulates.
  28. How much more complex than this is the game of war, which occurs under certain limits of time, and where it is not one will that manipulates lifeless objects, but everything results from innumerable conflicts of various wills!.

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