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Fudge in a sentence

This fudge can be frozen.
Oh, fudge! Don't lecture me.
This is really yummy fudge.
Fudge, The Fire That Consumes.
Son of a pup! What the fudge?
They are good refrigerated as fudge.
Edward Fudge version: The short Hell.

This recipe is for the good fudge.
This fudge always comes out great.
My family really loves this fudge.
Ooh, chocolate fudge, I think I have a.
When he goes through the fudge machine:.
This famous fudge will make you a star.
Toasted Nutty White Fudge: Omit cherries.
Edward Fudge, "The Fire That Consumes" 1982.
Keep fudge covered tightly with plastic wrap.
Pour the fudge into the prepared pan, and let set.
I love fudge and this is the best recipe I have.
Use foil to lift fudge out of pan; peel off foil.
Edward Fudge version: The short Hell that will end.
Peterson and William Fudge give two competing views.
It is the best fudge I have had and it is very easy to make.
I fell onto the stinky chocolate fudge while I was walking.
If that means indulging in a hot fudge sundae, then eat the.
Actually, it was a gargantuan mound of stinky chocolate fudge.
Edward Fudge, "The Fire That Consumes" 1982, church of Christ.
Edward Fudge, "The Fire That Consumes" 1982 (church of Christ).
This recipe is healthier than chocolate fudge and just as tasty.
This was my aunt's recipe for fudge, passed down through the family.
I have had this recipe for years; it makes an especially creamy fudge.
Once this is well blended, pour fudge into a buttered 9x13 inch baking pan.
Beat the fudge with a wooden spoon until it thickens and loses its gloss.
I guess that means you don’t want a bowl of chocolate fudge ice-cream.
In the NewAge we fudge, by talking the talk of conscience, but walking the.
Yes, its wise in the sense that avoiding that double-layer chocolate fudge.
Cut fudge into squares; garnish with candied cherry halves and sliced almonds.
This was my Grandmother's recipe for fudge that she sold in her candy shop.
In his more than 45 years as a pastor, teacher and lecturer, Edward Fudge has.
From the kitchen of Nestle, chocolate fudge with chocolate covered raisins.
Oh, fudge! he said, kicking at the ground before he stepped out of the line.
F stands for fudging or, as Kai puts it, fraud.
We were fudging the line a little between client meeting and date.
The extra-vehicular activity was all part of a plan he was fudging up as he went.
Fudging the numbers on an expense report might be considered poor form and fraud in some circles.
We know that different sports have had fudged.
As usual, it seemed the Ministry of Supply had fudged their official.
Evidently, they’re afraid I’ll have the results fudged or something.
From my experience, the fudged resume might be a result of someone else’s efforts.
Accounts being late or fudged, lack of information on auditors’ qualifications, suggestions of window-dressing in the accounts and extremely sophisticated financial dealings are causes for concern.

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