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Court in a sentence

Court to wait in the.
He halted in the court.
I rode into the court.
Court of Delhi in the S.
A court brought a lot.
Yeah, you can court me.
They lied to the court.

Day in court, my ass.
The court is in recess.
That court a new belief.
Even if a court of law.
Even the court saw that.
Court knew what he meant.
Now crawl off the court.
The court starts to begin.
He lost the case in court.
He also told the court:.
The ball is in your court.
Mark was holding court *.
The ball was in her court.
They went out on the court.
They are useless in court.
The court has admitted it.
Supreme Court in May 2009.
You got a court date?
No court would convict you.
When I came to court, the.
The court will be closed.
You’d need a court order.
He is in Court at present.
The court is about to begin.
I was damn good in court.
We drove on to Fulrose Court.
Court of Appeals shows how.
She cannot make it to court.
Court handed him his orders.
It had a gym, tennis court.
Best you punch, Court said.
Court slowly got to his feet.
Court leveled at 30,000 feet.
From the Big Courting Mergers and.
He’s been courting her ever since.
The words bring back our courting days.
He always did his courting before the public.
What happens if you break the Courting Rules?
Courting is as distant from my mind as it can.
Always know a fellow courting: collars and cuffs.
Charles thought about courting his wife for a change.
Rosemary West, that man has a notion of courting you.
Uther struggled to slide back into his courting personae.
Or instead of courting a gorgeous girl, one settles to be.
My mother and this man were courting and they were intimate.
Crowd leaders are always visible and always courting publicity.
Since then, David started courting me, becoming my first boyfriend.
Atlai courting Nathifa, was a nod (not that they told him anything yet).
Meredith is too shy to go courting a second wife, said Susan solemnly.
A little bird has told me that a certain young captain is courting you.
Silas felt nothing hearing at Rose Topbranch and Rob Robin were courting.
It is courting disaster, attempting to buy anything over £100 with cash.
No, this mouse is courtesy of one of the remaining courting gentlemen.
A woman, after all, has certain expectations when it comes to courting.
We were courting the wife of sir Odysseus, who had been away a long time;.
Her mother was excited about the idea of the Crown Prince courting her daughter.
At that, he wondered what gave him the courage to think in terms of courting her.
No, unless Therese was less than she seemed, he would spend his time courting her.
Between ourselves, I think that simpleton of a lancer has been courting her a bit.
Good, a young man should be scared of the father of the young lady he is courting.
You got the young lady into your service, and there Woodley was to do the courting.
Some of the old women was knitting, and some of the young folks was courting on the sly.
There are couples who’ve broken those rules that never made it past the courting phase.
She was a rich girl, and was afraid that Mahin had been courting her because of her money.
Her voice had been the first thing he had fallen in love with, back when they were courting.
Watching someone you cared about almost being killed seemed to accelerate the courting process.
He would thus have to temper his temptations towards her for a few months before courting her favors.
Beating his brains out trying to get that log house built and you’re suspecting him of courting me.
Those playing favorites are courting dangers because it breeds resentment to those who were not chosen.
His way of courting wouldn't be,--she searched about in her uneasy mind for a word, and found vegetarian.
My girlfriend, Simplicity, and I have been courting for several months and she has now agreed to ‘give’.
Charming while he was courting me and at some point when we two broke up I went to his flat and we made love.
None of us in ‘wartime’ had even the slightest chance of a normal relationship, a normal courting process.
I courted K ignoring V.
It must be vigorously courted.
He courted her now like a lover.
She had been courted by a thief.
Jes had courted Emma under this same tree.
Joyce courted by, 68–69, 73–75, 80.
Thomas courted me for quite a spell, though.
Des Crawley Courted Solicitor Before His Death.
Sometimes, however, he courted the causes of his fear.
For Ian Murdock, the programmer courted by Stallman and.
Kendra and I courted for roughly a month before I began to.
Monique had at times courted danger with a lover's enthusiasm.
The two courted for two months before he took her as his mate.
I believed this even as it courted me, and I tried to control it.
If Aaron is hundreds of years old, how many girls has he courted?
Wherever Tom and Huck appeared they were courted, admired, stared at.
The Ava that courted them wasn't listed as Yingolian, he noticed that.
Remember the way he courted and won my mother? To many, he was charming.
She was constantly stalked and courted by most of the male sex-scavengers.
We had courted for a year before we were joined together as husband and wife.
We flirted and courted for a year and some months; made love and fell in love.
So your mother and this mysterious man courted, were intimate and then what?
He remembered when Theron courted the firebrand, her eyes flashed all the time.
As a wealthy woman, presumably a widow, Leucania was courted by Aetes, the most.
He joked that if he couldn’t have me back, was it okay if he courted Joyce.
One of the many men that courted me was a good-looking man called Bill Andersen.
Our strength would have been dreaded, and our friendship courted by both nations.
Nixon and most major GOP leaders openly courted them with their southern strategy.
She felt like a courted princess and entered his wagon willingly, with anticipation.
Other Divisions within the Area Office also needed to be courted and invited to the.
The Kings were courted by everybody, began to spend like crazy, and behaved like stars.
Among all the gods she was at one and the same time the most courted and the most cursed.
When I left college, I was sent out to Jamaica, to espouse a bride already courted for me.
We courted for three years and got married in the first month of our fourth year together.
I could not share the outings at the nightclubs, the girls they courted, their excursions and escapades.
His brother Ricardo courted the girls then took them to their house in the village of Taborda outside Natal.
His method of operation was the same: he courted the owners using his Southern charm and reputation as a sharp businessman.
He courted her for a time, and finally they found their way into bed together, where the lovemaking proved to be incredible.
In books too, as well as in music, she courted the misery which a contrast between the past and present was certain of giving.
I think no one has been more courted than she, she went on, but till quite lately she never cared seriously for anyone.
Tried In The Law Courts.
Courts for over 150 years.
I appealed to the courts.
You in the courts of Hell.
It also had tennis courts.
A corridor of the Law Courts.
There are also tennis courts.
Youth In The Courts To Defend.
Most courts were held in halls.
His Courts Have Triumphed Outside.
The ruler of the Courts of Chaos.
Muun courts for months or even years.
You mean the Courts of Chaos?
The courts had nothing to do with it.
It is the busiest of criminal courts.
By the courts of commerce themselves.
She eventually prevailed in the courts.
I have seen their tlachtli courts also.
Then with active courts ready to help.
We have prepared five courts for you.
A huge wave of litigation hit the courts.
The courts have held that ordinary means.
The Courts Are Usually On The Heroes' Side.
Meanwhile back in the courts of the palace.
I can have you courts marshaled for this.
I went to the courts behind the high school.
Courts can do neither the one nor the other.
I cannot influence the courts or the police.
We believe in the total abolition of courts.
So deportation has been refused by the courts.
It is in the fate of the courts and the twin.
So they both needed to be familiar with courts.
We walked down the steps from the tennis courts.
He remains under indictment by courts in Europe.
Nuuke and Meo's fate is a matter for the courts.
Maryland, one of the Courts landmark decisions.
Although federal courts have already ruled that.
There were two swimming pools, tennis courts, a.

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