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Field in a sentence | field example sentences

  1. Lute was in the field.
  2. But in all his field.
  3. In the field of energy.
  4. In the field I guess.
  5. Trees of the field cont.

  6. That field at the back.
  7. The field, hemmed in by.
  8. Ross Field and I decided.
  9. Adjacent to the field on.
  10. In our system, the field.
  11. In the heart of the field.
  12. It is a flat energy field.
  13. Field headquarters of the U.
  14. The left side of the field.
  15. Jack was having a field day.

  16. Since that isn't his field.
  17. The force field should hold.
  18. Cook, an expert in the field.
  19. And the lilies in the field.
  20. The force field shows signs.
  21. The event was held in a field.
  22. It is there in the field of.
  23. Is not this field the table?
  24. In the Earths' magnetic field.
  25. Rather like a tree in a field.

  26. NLP is a vast subjective field.
  27. To march upon this open field.
  28. The attribute "in any field".
  29. It was his field of expertise.
  30. Recall that we set this field.
  31. That became his field setting.
  32. The static of his force field.
  33. This is the Onyx Field to thee.
  34. I’m a trained field agent.
  35. A ploughed field here; a tree.
  36. Will it hold? The force field?
  37. The king profits from the field.
  38. Now, maybe he had a clear field.
  39. Cutting across the field, they.
  40. This would be true if the field.
  41. Probably not, even field dressed.
  42. But wild grapes filled the field.
  43. And the result is a whole field.
  44. The 7-Wood - The Best Field Wood.
  45. Joey was there on the field alone.
  46. The plow stands there in the field.
  47. Shift an idea to a different field.
  48. The field house was so long that.
  49. Bereavement is like a mine field.
  50. Now his older son was in the field.
  51. It is my preferred field of study.
  52. Her voice carried across the field.
  53. That answer came out of right field.
  54. He created a colossal force field.
  55. I will give the price of the field.
  56. She's very good at her chosen field.
  57. Okay, the force field protected our.
  58. But he let the Marshall field this.
  59. She vanished from the playing field.
  60. Lemurians emit a higher energy field.
  61. The human body is a field for combat.
  62. Joey watched her walk off the field.
  63. The cage has a force field around it.
  64. And I went back to bat in the field.
  65. I’m in the communications field.
  66. So the field of Ephron, which was in.
  67. I’m qualified as a Field Healer.
  68. This was his first field assignment.
  69. Click on the text field to select it.
  70. Today, the playing field has changed.
  71. That field is pretty well monopolized.
  72. Clifford would have a field day here.
  73. You plowed her field! I spat with.
  74. They would have home field advantage.
  75. Caramarin pulled up in a field of cars.
  76. For any status we return in the field.
  77. What to Expect? A View From the Field.
  78. Cherry leaned into his field of vision.
  79. Several ambulances arrive in the field.
  80. A new field study – carried out by Dr.
  81. Walk along the Mine field with the Cat.
  82. The IRS has about 25,000 field agents.
  83. The world in this field,.
  84. In the middle of the field,.
  85. In field watching their fold,.
  86. Leaping over the force field,.
  87. That dwells beneath this field,.
  88. Here a field with crops allotted,.
  89. At the field where animals grazed,.
  90. On a red stained gory Hately field,.
  1. Then Fielding had added to it.
  2. Fielding knew what was coming.
  3. Waugh, fielding in close to the.
  4. Where were Comben and Fielding?
  5. He phoned Fielding on his mobile.
  6. Fielding got back home before ten.
  7. Fielding could see it on his face.
  8. Fielding looked at him — puzzled.
  9. Fielding relaxed back into the seat.
  10. It complicates life, Fielding, R.
  11. Cross: The History of Henry Fielding.
  12. My Lord, I am William Ross Fielding.
  13. It meant fielding ground balls with.
  14. Fielding and he had responded in kind.
  15. It wasn’t as though Fielding had much.
  16. It was a surprise but Fielding kept calm.
  17. Anderson waited as Fielding took her time.
  18. Fielding decided to ignore the ’love‘.
  19. Tammas stood, as he could see Fielding, R.
  20. I’ll relieve Fielding by the park later.
  21. Fielding found it hard but she kept smiling.
  22. Fielding sucks, but other than that, he is.
  23. Fielding had already thanked him in advance.
  24. Fielding got out of her car to speak to him.
  25. The friends were kept busy fielding questions.
  26. Did William Ross Fielding tell you about them?
  27. He also exercised and practiced his fielding for.
  28. Let‘s hit a few before fielding and wind sprints.
  29. Fielding could see now why Lesley had been so upset.
  30. We practised fielding, fielding and then some more.
  31. But she couldn’t say anything with Fielding there.
  32. He phoned Fielding at home; she might have something.
  33. Fielding saw immediately that she had made a mistake.
  34. And then there was Fielding — that was a worry too.
  35. Fielding wondered where the poor working people lived.
  36. Philip took his fielding place at the boundary near me.
  37. Fielding imagined he was good giving evidence in court.
  38. I figured he was fielding a lot of calls on the first one.
  39. Fielding didn’t look up as Anderson came into the office.
  40. Fielding wondered how she would put all this down on paper.
  41. Outside the interview room, he discussed it with Fielding.
  42. Fielding wondered who was supposed to be interested in whom.
  43. Fielding could see that the idea had never occurred to her.
  44. In this position, you'll be fielding questions from customers.
  45. In this position, you'll be fielding technical questions from.
  46. Still he would like to hang on until he saw Comben and Fielding.
  47. Fielding wondered whether he had hired the suit for the occasion.
  48. Fielding imagined the place must have been besieged by the press.
  49. I stood in our training room fielding a question from a new trader.
  50. Fielding could see he couldn’t yet spell it out even to himself.
  51. Amanda seemed shaken and Anderson allowed Fielding to question her.
  52. Fielding came into his office with an exaggerated air of confidence.
  53. Fielding knew what that meant: he didn’t think much of the police.
  54. Clarissa didn’t know but she looked pleased when Fielding told her.
  55. Fielding gave her a small prod, she was sure it wouldn’t need more.
  56. Ali the freak, Ali the freak,' a kid fielding at mid-on shouted and.
  57. Lesley looked up, startled as though she had forgotten Fielding was there.
  58. He heaved himself up and saw that Fielding was in the room with Anderson.
  59. Fielding and Comben? Of course not and not only because of loyalty to him.
  60. He seemed very calm and, as Fielding expected, had a plausible explanation.
  61. Fielding suggested I drop by, Tammas said, feeling compelled to rub the.
  62. Fielding, An inquiry, en The causes of the late increase of robbers, 1751, p.
  63. The same slow walk — Fielding just knew they had been practising for hours.
  64. He nearly blushed as he remembered his talk with Fielding, and the thoughts of.
  65. It wasn’t long after he had relieved Fielding that he felt distinctly sleepy.
  66. When Lesley came out, Fielding stopped her in the road before she got into her car.
  67. She had no idea who had ordered it but it was a relief when Patricia Fielding arrived.
  68. Was she worth it to him? Fielding wondered what conclusion the young man would come to.
  69. They both looked at Fielding and she felt that they must have a great deal to talk over.
  70. He helped her back to bed and called for a nurse, then he called Fielding on her mobile.
  71. Fielding assured him that her questions were unofficial and that no record would be kept.
  72. The garage was not hard to find and Fielding had her forensic team at work within the hour.
  73. Fielding nodded and he went out of the room, returning a few minutes later with a snapshot.
  74. It wouldn’t help and it would get Fielding and possibly Anderson into trouble if he told.
  75. Fielding couldn’t imagine she would see so much money change hands so rapidly ever again.
  76. Lesley lent on the bonnet of her car and Fielding could see her chest move up and down fast.
  77. Fielding wasn’t sure whether she was asking a question or trying to establish his innocence.
  78. Fielding did not imagine that Turney would have left any evidence connecting him to the place.
  79. When he got back to his office, Fielding and Comben were poring over a detailed map of the area.
  80. They chatted a while and discovered that Fielding had been Anderson’s sergeant before Comben.
  81. MPD had been fielding literally hundreds of tips every week on a newly dedicated sniper hotline.
  82. To tell the truth I’ve been fielding my calls in case Morton or O’Brien pulled me off this job.
  83. And the odds would be even longer if Fielding couldn’t be sure the stuff was relevant to England.
  84. Fielding could see by the prompt way Clive answered that he had also been doing some quick thinking.
  85. Didn’t they know that women talk? Fielding wondered just how much self-deception men could handle.
  86. Was that it? Did Clive imagine that would satisfy his boss? Fielding waited but she had no need to speak.
  87. Fielding thought that, if he existed at all, this particular mother’s little treasure lacked imagination.
  88. If she had failed it would have been as much a black mark against himself as against Fielding, perhaps even more so.
  89. He did pause for a moment at the foot of the stairs but it wouldn’t do — and especially not with Fielding outside.
  90. But was she as sure? Fielding knew how easy it was to get a fixed idea and then interpret everything to fit in with it.
  91. They had tea together and Fielding spent the next hour or so fending off questions about John Anderson’s private life.
  92. Fielding wondered whether this was all but looking up at Wright’s face, she saw it was clear there was something else.
  93. Fielding was pleased about that; she didn’t want to get the young man into trouble but, if he was in the way, so be it.
  94. There were times when it was necessary to be unavailable and he hadn’t thought Fielding essential to the investigation.
  95. Fielding imagined that this constituted an adequate explanation for whatever the man was guilty of in Carstairs’s mind.
  96. They had left the club at the same time, so Fielding didn’t think it was too early when she rang the doorbell the next morning.
  97. He had been fielding questions all morning about the current state of Harry’s health and the likely timescale for his recovery.
  98. Why had Comben waited until Fielding turned up before telling his story? Why his reticence? Was this what they called teamwork?
  99. Fielding could tell by the length of time she took to open the door and then by the smallness of the crack through which she peered.
  100. One particular heavily pregnant woman was asking some very awkward questions which the spokesman for the company had trouble fielding.
  1. Joel fielded all.
  2. Peterman fielded the ball.
  3. While Loyd fielded questions.
  4. It was he that fielded the question.
  5. Olsen fielded the call from dispatch.
  6. Another member from the Ministry fielded that one.
  7. Lucy and her mother fielded phone calls for about.
  8. I FIELDED PHONE CALLS for the next couple of hours.
  9. Morristown had fielded just two teams in the past ten.
  10. However, Skowron fielded the ball but couldn’t make a play.
  11. She said she had fielded complaints about his behaviour while.
  12. I sat down, and fielded a few questions about my adventure the night before.
  13. Noah fielded a bunch of questions, and Manda listened carefully to his answers.
  14. Johnson fielded that question, That is a definite yes but they would be kept.
  15. Department was the front end of financial reporting for the Area Office, it fielded all.
  16. The Colonel fielded half a dozen calls on three different communication devices before he.
  17. I had thrown a few casual questions at Jon during the morning, which he fielded automatically.
  18. Before leaving the press car, he dutifully congratulated Ky Ebright and then gamely fielded the barrage of questions leveled at him.
  19. Lancandia had always been known as the most peaceful of the seven kingdoms and as a result they fielded the smallest of the seven armies.
  20. Philanthia was a kingdom long at peace and, while they fielded an impressive army, there were few with much, if any, battle experience within the ranks.
  21. The mayor fielded questions about the shooting, then took questions about the SFPD, specifically about the crime rate and why so many crimes were unsolved.
  22. It wasn’t classed as a full international by Wales,’ Watkin recounts on his subsequent return to the club, ‘who fielded a Wales XV, not the 1st XV,’ he continues.
  23. Just how desirable is a call-center job at Zappos? In a recent year when it hired 250 new employees, the company fielded 25,000 applications—for a job that pays only $11 per hour!.
  24. The messenger caught up to us two hours into the march, we learned that the enemy were fifty strong, warriors of the Eagle, the much-feared personal bodyguard to the Teoti, we were very disappointed, we had fielded three thousand soldiers against a measly fifty, it looked as though our revolt was not being taken serious, they were heading in the direction of Tulancingo proceeding at a slow pace, they had no scouts out, the whole operation seemed to be very sloppy and undisciplined, the Teoti were not taking us serious at all, this captain of the Eagles certainly thought he was dealing with a rabble of misfits, a mistake he would not live to regret, with this information we sent the bulk of our forces back to Bo-elon, keeping only a hundred Toxon to engage the Eagle squad, we then hurried ahead to lay our trap in the small valley Coatl had chosen, we arrived there with plenty of time to spare, we took our places on either side of the valley, as we had planned time after time, six archers spread themselves every hundred yards to the road, Coatl and I had a vantage point on the highest ledge of the narrow valley, we watched as the column came down the road, the captain must have belonged to a Teoti noble family, he was being carried on a chair by eight slaves, the chair had a canopy to keep the sun off the aristocrat, as they came close to the valley, the first archer revealed himself, fired two shafts and scored two hits, the column halted and he released another arrow and another warrior collapsed, he then began to race away along the valley floor, the Teotihuacan army in hot pursuit, fifty feet further on and two Toxon arrows passed him and brought down the two leading Eagle warriors, he was joined by his two grinning companions as they ran ahead of the pursuit, the other four concealed bowmen remained hidden not being needed yet as the Eagle warriors showed no signs of giving up the chase, on reaching the fallen tree both archers turned about and stood waiting, bows at the ready, as the Eagle warriors came to within twenty paces of them, a whooshing noise filled the air, the Toxon warriors were exacting their vengeance, swift and bloody, each archer had been assigned a target and it became a matter of pride to see how many shafts you could put into the target before it dropped to the ground, it was over almost before it began, an almost comical ending came when the captain came around the bend, escorted by the remaining four Toxon bowmen from further down the valley, all of his arrogance and pride gone as the Toxon took it in turns to move him along by kicking his backside.
  1. Out here in the fields.
  2. I hop about in the fields.
  3. He has gone to his fields.
  4. They are fields of energy.
  5. We are needed in the fields.
  6. We were out in the fields.
  7. Reagan fields them with ease.
  8. The Playing Fields of Harrow.
  9. We passed huge, empty fields.
  10. The labor in the fields was.
  11. Look at my fields, Osgrey.
  12. Inside these fields, the 802.
  13. The fields were nothing but.
  14. John gazed at the green fields.
  15. And civilians in their fields.
  16. In the fields of our homelands.
  17. The two fields are passed to.
  18. He moved away into the fields.
  19. Among the frozen fields of love.
  20. Courses in more than 50 fields.
  21. Wheat fields were less affected.
  22. Tara, should work in the fields.
  23. He owned large fields of grain.
  24. The lush open fields are ideal.
  25. She walked to the fields beyond.
  26. Fields of wheat waved back and.
  27. Here there were woods and fields.
  28. He'll be out in his fields later.
  29. In the green fields of Lebennin!.
  30. The fields soon shrank into the.
  31. But Robert was not in his fields.
  32. The cars move to the cotton fields.
  33. He raced off to the soccer fields.
  34. Robert would be out in his fields.
  35. It was surrounded by three fields.
  36. They water the fields and the woods.
  37. The fields were once again filled.
  38. A hush was on the fields and bills.
  39. But he passed by fields that held.
  40. Each of the aforementioned fields.
  41. He and I started through his fields.
  42. To the fields and pastures of green.
  43. It’s surrounded by fields of corn.
  44. Oh! on the fields of life how bloom.
  45. I see this in many other fields too.
  46. Out through the fields and the woods.
  47. And the twice told fields of infancy.
  48. Fields with fences and fields without.
  49. Punk looked around at the fields of.
  50. Segment valleys into farms and fields.
  51. They were always running in the fields.
  52. Check the star fields and the screens.
  53. What are auras? They are energy fields.
  54. Showering glory on the fields, and fire.
  55. These were the top men in their fields.
  56. There are two fields for you to fill in.
  57. You’re in the Elysian Fields Holly.
  58. The earth across the fields and hills.
  59. My view encompassed the fields where Mr.
  60. They sicken the industry of your fields.
  61. Even the wild things in the fields and.
  62. Over the sky fields and cross the moon;.
  63. The far fields were tasseling with corn.
  64. Lines of people moving across the fields.
  65. We passed the Fields of Gazing Grain—.
  66. Finally, they took it to the corn fields.
  67. Jean Valjean loved to haunt these fields.
  68. The bobolink makes his nest in the fields.
  69. I’m one with the toilers in the fields.
  70. Electromagnetic Force Fields that Shield.
  71. He’d play this game on fields of wheat.
  72. Thjoden lay dying on the Pelennor Fields.
  73. They flew over skyscrapers, water, fields.
  74. Beyond the fields a very tall stonewall.
  75. There were melon patches and grain fields.
  76. The fields give their fruit in their time.
  77. One day when Joseph was out in the fields.
  78. I would have bombed their training fields.
  79. Woe to those who houses and fields expand.
  80. The fields were severed into sections by.
  81. I am driving to my fields at five o'clock.
  82. I am below the fields of southern America.
  83. The fields of warriors were quiet and still.
  84. There was little to do in the fields anyway.
  85. I looked around at the fields we passed by.
  86. The fields of the Mark lay bathed in light.
  87. The fields below the hill were all cleared.
  88. Fields have fled where we matched our voice.
  89. Chapter 6 The Battle of the Pelennor Fields.
  90. Some of the fields still won’t bear crops.
  91. And time will never play in the fields again.
  92. The functions of the fields are as follows:.
  93. Presently the workers in the fields returned.
  94. Fields and groves were spread out before us.
  95. Lydia remembered searching fields and rivers.
  96. The poppy fields were more precious than gold.
  97. Once in the fields, the children began to run.
  98. The fields are vast, the grain whitens, the.
  99. He’s out in the fields with the farmers.
  100. I wandered around and looked at their fields.

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