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Crouch in a sentence

We’ll have to crouch, then.
Crouch, the maid said to me.
Crouch, but I could not move.
I jerked into a shooting crouch.
He would have to crouch and jump.
Crouch down on your hands and knees.
Chevalier was in a defensive crouch.

Crouch the owner of TBN come to our.
He moved up the stairway in a crouch.
It was a time to crouch and be silent.
Two crouch on the bed right next to me.
He was still in a police school crouch.
Crouch the 'ousekeeper to watch out for her.
Crouch down on your skis and don’t move.
They were both able to crouch in the small cave.
Santi rose from his crouch and folded up his map.
She dropped back into a crouch and broke into a.
I got up and ran in a crouch away from the house.
He stayed in his low crouch and increased his pace.
I just wanted a dark corner that I could crouch in.
They crouch, back to back, in a sort of hut of fate.
He pushed himself up into a crouch and began crawling.
Cops! hissed Zaphod, and span around in a crouch.
I walked in a near crouch in the direction of the sound.
They entered each small room in a careful police crouch.
He was moving into a martial arts crouch, almost dancing.
He moved to kneel in front of me, coming out of his crouch.
Libuse rose slightly from her crouch, clutching her spear.
Then, seeing all suddenly crouch and cover, he understood.
She felt Marcus crouch beside her, and knew what was coming.
Amaranthe sank into a crouch and buried her face in her knees.
Hillary’s father proceeded to crouch down to the heavy oak.
Sandy yowled, went down into a crouch, hands covering her head.
She had the stranger crouch down, then she continued her search.
Catwhiskers came in first, Joe and Fred both had to crouch down.
He and two others crouch over a little boy, no older than Sammy.
You need crouch there no longer on the cold ground with forehead.
What is there more, that I lag and pause and crouch extended with.
Dave moved to crouch behind a sofa and could hear frantic breathing.
He could sit on the floor, crouch, or lie down—curled into a ball.
He was crouching down in fear.
They both moved in a crouching.
He ran, crouching, into the dunes.
They sat crouching round the corner.
Still crouching on top of Enzo’s.
I found her crouching between two cars.
Crouching low, Enzo palms the pavement.
The anthropoid is barely crouching on.
The man crouching down failed to notice.
Crouching down he checked under the bed.
I could tell by the way he was crouching.
There was the cat crouching on the floor.
Crouching in the snow, she was whistling.
Position the patient crouching on the floor.
Just as he saw the group crouching in the.
Sorren reappeared, crouching on the ground.
He is still crouching in the fetal position.
Kyle watched him, still crouching defensively.
Crouching, creeping, skulking— stalker words.
He did not see Lucy crouching at the top of the.
Crouching down, she waves her hand over the rock.
I saw Captain Farid crouching inside a shell hole.
Crouching down, Katie calmly took a sip of her cola.
Travis assumed the crouching position as he crept.
He was crouching ten yards away, vomiting seawater.
Crouching in back of the car, Stacey finally exhaled.
Crouching in front of the child, she grinned to her.
Morel was half crouching, fists up, ready to spring.
I don’t have the hidden talent of a crouching.
We don't move a muscle, crouching on the open ground.
Don't do it, Kyle said, crouching near the door.
She dropped on the grass, and remained crouching there.
PPSH burp guns! Said Ingrid, still crouching down.
Conan sprang back, crouching in the shelter of the rocks.
When he saw Max crouching there he gawked, open mouthed.
There is a seal of red wax stamped with a crouching lion.
It was still crouching a little inside the run, on a him.
Alex is no crouching tiger, but he is quick and definite.
Even with crouching, he could only fit in up to his waist.
Crouching behind a stone means you have something to hide.
He was crouched over her.
She crouched close to the.
I crouched down and ran on.
I crouched unto my haunches.
Kurt crouched down next to him.
Again he crouched and plunged.
Snarling, it crouched on its.
Joseph crouched next to Martha.
He crouched and began shooting.
He sat crouched up on the sofa.
Then, the next one crouched in.
He crouched down, as if to hide.
He crouched down beside the kid.
But she crouched, and dared not.
The other three crouched low to.
While they watched, she crouched.
He crouched, preparing to spring.
Esyth crouched still by her side.
Shoving my head down, he crouched.
The limousine crouched in its spot.
Emily froze and crouched slightly.
I was crouched over on the floor.
They crouched and huddled together.
He stooped down, he crouched as a.
Caramarin crouched in the deepest.
I crouched down and waited patiently.
He crouched lower and inhaled deeply.
There he crouched down behind a tree.
She crouched and tensed her shoulders.
She was crouched down two trees over.
The two officers crouched behind him.
Asmodeus threw me off him and crouched.
It found Penn and his group crouched.
They crouched on the grass, sniffing.
Thaniel crouched down to see the prints.
He reached her as she crouched beside.
The doctor crouched to attack just as.
There, in a black recess, crouched fear.
Satan must have occasionally crouched.
She crouched lower as she darted for it.
She crouches over her knees.
Aaron crouches in front of me.
A naked man crouches on the floor.
She crouches and locates it with her fingers.
They do, and she crouches over the stretcher.
At the first of the bridges, Isabella crouches down.
Christian crouches low and concentrates keeping the seal.
They stop right next to me, and he crouches by my shoulder.
Tobias crouches in front of me, his hand on my left shoulder.
He crouches by the three guns on the floor near Eric’s feet.
She crouches against the wall of the grotto, knapsack in her lap.
Susan collapses to the ground, crying, and Caleb crouches next to her.
He crouches as he feels the ground pulling his body in that direction.
Tobias crouches next to the computer and pulls the side of the case off.
As we ascend the snowy peak, the others drop to low crouches near the ground.
Four, however, crouches and presses his back to the metal support, breathing heavily.
I sit down in my allotted seat, and he crouches beside me to strap me into the harness.
On a step a gnome totting among a rubbishtip crouches to shoulder a sack of rags and bones.
Tris crouches on the ground inside, shoulder to shoulder with Christina and diagonal from Cara.
He crouches in the tub and puts my foot in his lap, dabbing at the deeper cuts with a washcloth.
His face was twisted with amazement and anger to the likeness of some wild beast that, as it crouches.
Etienne crouches on his popping knees beside Madame, then scurries to the telephone and speaks a few words.
Round and round they circled each other in the defensive crouches that kept their weapons well out in front.
He crouches next to one of the other Dauntless traitors, this one young, not even old enough to be a Dauntless member.
Feel this, says Harold Bazin, and crouches and brings her hand to a curved wall which is completely studded with snails.
Clad only in his underpants, he crouches in the doorway of the tent for a moment as though choosing his goal, then sprints off.
When she stands no more than a few inches away from the edge of the first scorch mark, she crouches down, then begins to drag her hand through the impressions.
I am like a hunter who crouches by his small fire amid the forest, and hears stealthy feet padding in the darkness, and almost sees the glimmer of burning eyes.
Guns drawn The cops start to fan out ,cop 1&cop 2 rush towards the back of the house, cop 3 crouches by their car near the gate, and the inspector and cop 4 cautiously approach the front door.
As Ralph crouches on the rock, keeping an eye out for stray or deliberate weapons, he takes what is left of his mind and sifts out the noise and the pain, all the colours of orange, red and black.
THE GAFFER: (Crouches, his voice twisted in his snout) And when Cairns came down from the scaffolding in Beaver street what was he after doing it into only into the bucket of porter that was there waiting on the shavings for Derwan's plasterers.

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