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Scrunch in a sentence

I scrunch my face at him.
Scrunch up the toes in the boots.
I scrunch down and look up into his face with the.
A moment of processing caused them both to scrunch their faces up.
His toe nails jumped out of his feet making his feet scrunch up in his shoes.
Butt plug? Does it do what it says on the tin? I scrunch my nose up in distaste.
The scrunch that was when they were screwing the screws into the coffin: and the bumps when they were bringing it downstairs.

Her father was burning the last of the rubbish at the top of the garden, he turned as he heard Ceri’s footsteps scrunch on the frosty grass.
Meanwhile, Brice appeared worried and puzzled all at once, his eyebrows appearing unable to decide whether they should rise up in arcs, or scrunch together.

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