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Hunker in a sentence

Outside, mountains of rubble hunker everywhere.
Come hunker down here before you tear into that.
Then once landed, they’d had to hunker down for days.
Every so often she’d hunker down and cry out, No, no.
I would hunker over the hole and watch this little nightmare.
It was either that or hunker down and wait for a rescue that might never happen.
They came diddly-bopping down a trail so Krocek and Haskell motioned their troops to hunker down.

Hunker down in a folding chair, read the same two pages of Leaves of Grass over and over, get high, wait.
She had to hunker down pretty far in those reeds before the people in the upper stories of the houses along this creek couldn't see her.
He’d retreated to the south end and found a spot to hunker down in, and there he had waited and eventually fallen into an exhausted sleep.
He quickly checks the nearest bush for carnivorous leaves, red berries or the antennas that move against the wind, so that he could hunker down and relieve his need.
Newscasters of every nationality were claiming victory and imploring their viewers not to give up, to hunker down and keep on fighting, because there was still hope—we could still win this.
As a result many devout churchgoers had to forego the lightening rod and hunker down fearfully in their dark cellars during violent rainstorms while their heathen neighbors stayed in the safety and calmness of their protected parlors.

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