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Culprit in a sentence | culprit example sentences

  1. I am an admitted culprit.
  2. March received the culprit alone.
  3. M: Search for the culprit within.
  4. I knew the culprit: glowing algae.
  5. The culprit is now on trial, and.

  6. Odd, isn't it? The culprit is our.
  7. Luna began interrogating the culprit.
  8. They seem to always nail the culprit.
  9. Alcohol was a culprit at The Boar’s Head.
  10. A convicted culprit could die in detention.
  11. So I suspected the culprit was an otherkind.
  12. The camera! It could show the culprit!.
  13. Sodas, regular or diet, are the worst culprit.
  14. My sight restored, I saw that the culprit was Lope.
  15. There and then, he decided Osbairne was the culprit.

  16. And I sincerely hope you find out who the culprit is.
  17. In this midrash, Cain represents the universal culprit.
  18. The State Department is the real culprit in this crisis.
  19. The introduction of agriculture seems to be the culprit.
  20. The culprit was blatantly obvious and made no appearance.
  21. In the beam of the flashlight, Strather caught the culprit.
  22. However, there is one reason that I believe is the culprit.
  23. But the culprit and his buddies were able to identify the.
  24. In most cases, the culprit behind this are not your fingers.
  25. The culprit is usually only a matter of using the incorrect.

  26. Millie? I turn to her, then realize she is not the culprit.
  27. The suspected culprit now lives in North Vancouver and works as a.
  28. The main culprit in an allergy-induced sore throat is postnasal drip.
  29. One can see who the culprit was more clearly by looking to the north.
  30. Whoever the culprit is, his day of reckoning is near! warned Mr.
  31. So it became necessary to find another culprit for the suspected arson.
  32. Obviously that would lead to revenge or a broken finger for the culprit.
  33. I was the culprit who fobbed him off with a mini-cab firm’s telephone.
  34. Stuffy nose can also be considered as a culprit since it limits the space in.
  35. Prasad states that nicotine is not the culprit and if you want to stop smok-.
  36. The two men left in a hurry, hoping they werent too late to catch the culprit.
  37. What he did helped to destroy our family, Vicki, but the real culprit was the.
  38. Petritsky, whom he liked, was implicated in the affair, and the other culprit.
  39. Survival is a serious matter, but in an indirect way we had the culprit to thank.
  40. So far there had been not a single piece of evidence that pointed to the culprit.
  41. He almost tore the door wide to run around and seize the culprit out into the light.
  42. However, the real culprit was methodology; beta was used as a tool for predicting.
  43. So, considering that, maybe the culprit did have some motive in keeping our men intact.
  44. I immediately located the culprit of the smell: a 5 pound bag of potatoes that had been.
  45. In this way, she was able to isolate the school paper as the culprit for today’s faint.
  46. It must have been one of Lord Henry’s specimens, and I suspected Rollo was the culprit.
  47. The firstnamed malefactor will be subjected to the mazzuola, the second culprit beheaded.
  48. They are often tagged as the culprit in the case of wrinkles, loss of skin elasticity and.
  49. The culprit was toxic mortgages and related securities, a market that Radian was a player in.
  50. Instead, she had all but exonerated the culprit and taken all the blame and shame on herself.
  51. The culprit stops on the fourth floor balcony, and then slides up a window before entering it.
  52. They had been told there was a fifty-fifty chance that a culprit chemical might be identified.
  53. When he saw the door, he threw a fit, ranting and waving his hands in the face of the culprit.
  54. The culprit had then appeared in all his menace, even accentuated by the effect of the strobe.
  55. Once the warrant is in hand (maybe two or three days in the future) they can arrest the culprit.
  56. It appears that Lord Talbot is the culprit, but he seems to have some other source feeding him.
  57. He had been unable to save him, and more than that a friend of his was the culprit who killed him.
  58. A number of arrests were made but no single person could be identified as the culprit and charged.
  59. There was one culprit that was responsible for this information getting everyday news and he was E.
  60. But, as they walked into the store, two cops staggered by with the struggling culprit in their arms.
  61. After several weeks undercover they pinpointed the culprit, a company vice president and set a trap.
  62. As Cass approaches, he reasons that his long strides should place him just ahead of the tiny culprit.
  63. The one thing you could be sure of with white-collar crime, was that the culprit would be a surprise.
  64. Avenworth, we will show you that Miss Tik is the culprit in this affair and that she stole the formula.
  65. On the same day, the village headman and the village folks called for a meeting to find out the culprit.
  66. He recognised Justin climbing over the wall, and at last knew who was the culprit who stole his potatoes.
  67. What I heard on the news was that there was a sole survivor and he or she was believed to be the culprit.
  68. When he was knocked flat on his back it was only then he could look up and identify the culprit as Worm.
  69. He thought it impossible that the culprit - who must have been an ’outsider’ - was still in the town.
  70. The culprit could expect a fatherly talking to from his sergeant afterward for his horrible liberal ways.
  71. The axe which was the culprit was stuck into the seat and had gone in through the driver’s side window.
  72. The culprit was caught off guard which made him resort to his club instead of the revolver or the dagger.
  73. Sucrose most familiar to us as sugar, is the leading cause of tooth decay, but it is not the only culprit.
  74. Officer Sheikho said, ‘You! Admit the truth! You’re the culprit and I have witnesses that can swear to it.
  75. On seeing the lion, the small folk recognised the true culprit and, ignoring Siri, they ran over to the body.
  76. At first he thought it was from the cold desert night, but after a few minutes he realized what the true culprit was.
  77. Obviously, greed was the culprit, but he didn't recognize it until later that week when he lost all his profits and more.
  78. Corbin never surfaced as the culprit, and the truth did not come out about his involvement until after his death in 1990.
  79. Wall Street is a culprit of the highest order as are the financial institutions that allowed the mortgage crisis to erupt.
  80. M A Sheikho said, You! Admit the truth! You are the culprit and I have witnesses that can testify that this is the case.
  81. He started his engine, then came back to the door and gave it one last mighty kick and told the culprit to get off his bus.
  82. That in itself is enough to show us that the shoe had been drawn in that direction and that the culprit had taken refuge there.
  83. That in itself is enough to show us that the shoe had been drawn in that direction, and that the culprit had taken refuge there.
  84. I'll provide you with a thorough description of the culprit, and then your government will ensure that he is apprehended on sight.
  85. I was about to accept the punishment and the Hail Mary's that went along with it, when Andy steps out front, says he was the culprit.
  86. Before one of them could turn around to see who the culprit was that interrupted their cipher, Brian pulled out his Smith and Wesson 40.
  87. Even though, more than likely the footage would show the culprit to be a wild animal, a bunch of teenagers or something to that effect.
  88. The same flower of innocence had flourished, or was still flourishing, on their brow, that is seen on the brow of the culprit in your house.
  89. Are you sure she is responsible for these manifestations? Are you sure that she is the culprit? Is it possible that you have other enemies?
  90. Why are these properties often in a state of disrepair? Truthfully, there are many reasons but the primary culprit in this situation is money.
  91. Vishnu’s celestial astra shot a fine filament, which slipped through the culprit, dividing Ishtar and Upaya into separate beings once more.
  92. Where did the rest of the yield advantage disappear? It turns out that the obvious culprit, default losses, made only a small dent on returns.
  93. I still wasn’t acknowledging the illnesses as the primary culprit of my situation, or that the responsibility to change began with me alone.
  94. The KOSTROMA had been rightly considered as the nemesis of the defunct Earth Federation and the chief culprit in the fall of the Zembelo regime.
  95. It must be confessed, however, that the case looks exceedingly grave against the young man, and it is very possible that he is indeed the culprit.
  96. In reporting crime, it would omit the racial identity of the culprit; simultaneously, it began, in 1945, a program to employ Negroes as reporters.
  97. There may be a student in the class who deplores what took place and even knows who did it but says nothing for fear of retaliation by the culprit.
  98. Only it wasn’t exactly like Japanese Aircraft Carrier Task Groups painted with national colors all over, clearly representing the culprit nation.
  99. Immediately following this, is the fatal shot at Z313, shot#13where, again, ballistics would make it the driver as the culprit for the fatal head shot.
  100. Chief Justice and members of the council!In my view decision to declare one accused or a culprit cannot be announced before hearing both sides at light….

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