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Curious in a sentence | curious example sentences

  1. He was a curious mute.
  2. I am curious to know.
  3. It was a curious sight.
  4. I am curious what the.
  5. It was a curious thing.

  6. I was curious – why.
  7. It was a curious scene.
  8. This is a curious thing.
  9. You are a curious one.
  10. In fact it was curious.
  11. I was still very curious.
  12. That was curious to know.
  13. I was curious about the.
  14. It was a curious feeling.
  15. Yeah, but I got curious.

  16. The more curious of his.
  17. Curious, he picked it up.
  18. In fact, she was curious.
  19. It was curious that this.
  20. Then I saw a curious thing.
  21. He gave her a curious look.
  22. Amy tilts her head, curious.
  23. Chris was curious what he.
  24. I’m very curious to know.
  25. He smiled in curious wonder.

  26. Curious, she looked at him.
  27. He or she is curious, in-.
  28. Such was this curious house.
  29. He was getting curious 101.
  30. She shot me a curious glance.
  31. The others were curious now.
  32. I sat up more erect, curious.
  33. Stephen gave a curious choke.
  34. I laugh, nervous but curious.
  35. And I'm curious, I suppose.
  36. Now I was even more curious.
  37. His reply was a curious one.
  38. Really curious now, I went on.
  39. She was getting more curious.
  40. I was also curious about her.
  41. Billy stared at him, curious.
  42. She was curious to know more.
  43. I find their actions curious.
  44. Bahit gave him a curious look.
  45. The curious child decided to.
  46. Here's a curious story for you.
  47. It’s a curious one, this.
  48. He said, I’m curious, Mrs.
  49. I can’t help but be curious.
  50. He found her reaction curious.
  51. Curious, she went toward the.
  52. Carmen gave her a curious look.
  53. The woman was curious so she.
  54. Now he was curious about the.
  55. There was a curious incident.
  56. I asked and you came, curious.
  57. The curious aversion which Mrs.
  58. Kerala cocked her head, curious.
  59. Im curious as to your opinion.
  60. I couldn’t help being curious.
  61. It was curious, but convenient.
  62. I was curious and I regret it.
  63. Yes, and for a most curious one.
  64. A curious idea came into my head.
  65. Greg agreed with a curious smile.
  66. He became concerned and curious.
  67. Still furious, but also curious.
  68. I was curious what he would say.
  69. Freedom is for the curious ones.
  70. Wade’s face was a curious one.
  71. I was more curious than offended.
  72. The others were just as curious.
  73. His crime was a very curious one.
  74. Mitchell tilted his head, curious.
  75. It’s just curious, you know.
  76. He was curious, but he was also.
  77. All right, so I was very curious.
  78. Summers raised a curious eyebrow.
  79. There was a curious lack of paper.
  80. I was curious but also suspicious.
  81. In a curious sort of way they did.
  82. Tom was honestly curious about it.
  83. It struck me as curious that the.
  84. Samantha is curious, He said.
  85. A curious thought crossed his mind.
  86. She just be curious, that’s all.
  87. Curious, he went over and opened.
  88. Curious, Garcia decided to take it.
  89. He’d known why they were curious.
  90. Not in that way, but I am curious.
  91. I was just curious where it was.
  92. Oh yeah? Curious about what?
  93. The five senses are a curious thing.
  94. But I’ve become curious, almost.
  95. I’m curious though, he said.
  96. I’m curious about stuff, I guess.
  97. He was very curious about the boat.
  98. Then, a most curious thing: a smile.
  99. Albert got curious and looked at him.
  100. Curious, he pushed away the curtain.

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