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Funny in a sentence | funny example sentences

  1. And he is so funny.
  2. She is a funny girl.
  3. It was a funny sight.
  4. It was sort of funny.
  5. He makes a funny face.

  6. It was a funny word.
  7. It was a funny sound.
  8. It was not funny now.
  9. He looked at me funny.
  10. It would be funny if.
  11. She can be real funny.
  12. Not so funny, in fact.
  13. I suppose it is funny.
  14. It was so funny to me.
  15. But the funny part is.

  16. Life is a funny thing.
  17. Not funny as in ha ha.
  18. This funny joke is my.
  19. He gave me a funny look.
  20. The funny thing is he.
  21. He was a funny old man.
  22. It was more than funny.
  23. It struck her as funny.
  24. It was so funny I had.
  25. I thought it was funny.

  26. Hope he finds it funny.
  27. You know that WAS funny.
  28. It's so small and funny.
  29. He was clever and funny.
  30. It wasn’t a bit funny.
  31. And life is sure funny.
  32. Don't try to be funny.
  33. Jack was making a funny.
  34. It’s not funny at all.
  35. I got that funny feeling.
  36. It wasn’t funny to him.
  37. But the funny thing is.
  38. Dreams are a funny thing.
  39. But a funny thing happens.
  40. He gives her a funny look.
  41. But it was a funny thing.
  42. It was SO funny back then.
  43. They think he is funny.
  44. I thought this was funny.
  45. It isn't the least funny.
  46. We thought it was funny.
  47. She had that same funny.
  48. This is not that funny.
  49. He’s so cute and funny.
  50. Funny how they now mold.
  51. He had me in a funny spot.
  52. Aidan looked at me funny.
  53. He thought it was funny.
  54. He was funny and charming.
  55. It was so funny, you know.
  56. She was also funny, too!.
  57. Funny goings on, they say.
  58. Heads; it was funny, that.
  59. Funny you should say that.
  60. Mass-e, what a funny name.
  61. Was also quite funny and.
  62. It wasn’t all that funny.
  63. It was a funny thing to do.
  64. This is not funny, Damien.
  65. It sure is funny that you.
  66. The guy was actually funny.
  67. This isn't funny you know.
  68. David: It’s a funny story.
  69. It was a funny thing to say.
  70. It sounded funny and wrong.
  71. Did he say something funny.
  72. Then a funny thing happened.
  73. Humans are a funny species.
  74. Saxon was funny and sexy.
  75. Goodness me, that was funny.
  76. He thought it pretty funny.
  77. He'd funny ideas had Pimple.
  78. Funny how she was like that.
  79. Funny how life is, he mused.
  80. What's up? You sound funny.
  81. Funny I should not know him.
  82. Thomas: Funny you should ask.
  83. A funny notion struck Martha.
  84. Bru was funny about his feet.
  85. Funny I don't remember that.
  86. This might seem quite funny.
  87. In a funny side note, they.
  88. How funny the duckling was!.
  89. Some would see this as funny.
  90. I wasn't trying to be funny.
  91. A funny walk? he mused.
  92. Raphael gave him a funny look.
  93. He was a funny customer and.
  94. It wasn’t so funny anymore.
  95. What did ya say? Funny how?
  96. Here is so funny game,.

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