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    1. The driver is monosyllabic, uttering brief, curt instructions to the animal and barely using the reins

    2. A curt knock on the door interrupted their conversation

    3. tended to be curt with me as well

    4. gave the Bailli a curt nod of recognition

    5. mercenary, dismissing him with a curt wave of his hand

    6. Louis?’ A curt nod was the only response, but at least

    7. One of the winning pictures for the New York Mets that year was an Arizona State pitcher by the name of Curt Gentry, a very good pitcher

    8. This is one game where Arizona did not win but even as a loyal University of Arizona fan, I have to applaud Curt Gentry for that game

    9. And guess what? Curt Gentry pitched the entire game for Arizona State, all 15 innings, again that's one of the greatest pitching performances I have seen in my life and Curt was pitching just as good in the 15th inning as he was in the first inning

    10. before eventually sending him on his way with a curt wave

    11. She answered with a curt, “A girl has to have her things about her; I like gadgets

    12. has been babbling about!” He sounded a little curt and as the evening progressed his remarks became more on the

    13. you’re there?” His voice was curt!

    14. It was curt

    15. She cut him off with a curt shake of her head

    16. It was a quick walk across the wharf, and with a curt nod, he walked past the guards and bolted up the gangplank onto the vessel

    17. Finally, he managed a curt nod, and when Amaranthe ran from the scene, he followed

    18. I assure you, when leaving a couple of months later for the train station, they ran, not walked, ran full speed to the trucks as if the kit bag weighs nothing with a curt “Bye bye sergeant

    19. Dorian gave a curt nod and stepped up to join them, taking the empty place between two of them so that he stood in front of the last line

    20. The figure spoke to her in a curt, hushed voice:

    21. He then talked to her earnestly in a clear-cut, straight manner, his tone of voice curt and precise:

    22. The driver’s answer was curt and to the point, as had been the case previously as well

    23. She spoke in Igbo, her sentences small and curt but fluent

    24. He rarely answered in anything other than a curt, official tone; he could hardly remember what had been going on around Headquarters for the past couple of days

    25. I walked into the rink John where Big Ted from school and Curt Columbus were seemingly just hanging out in the bathroom shooting the shit – pun intended

    26. I was unintentionally staring through the bathroom mirror and it became rather obvious that Curt was holding a bag of weed in his hands

    27. Curt hurriedly hid the bag, when he saw me looking through the mirror but Ted reassured Curt, “Phil’s cool, he hangs out with Blacklung and Coughman once in a while

    28. Curt pulled the bag back out of his pocket again and Ted reiterated, “Do you have any rolling papers dude?”

    29. Curt looked at Ted and said, “Hey let’s try using that paper towel you were just talking about?”

    30. After Curt was done sprinkling the 420 onto the paper towel, he interjected his bright idea and told Ted, “Hey we can use this liquid soap to seal the jay shut

    31. I heard someone bellow in a good natured, yet scolding tone, “Ted and Curt what have you fellows been up to?”

    32. Which I happened to know was currently empty; Ted and Curt had made their STONERuous exit minutes ago

    33. Although, something told me that Ted and Curt would be back in line at the snack shop in a few minutes to cure their newfound munchies

    34. Bruno Capone had Curt Columbus pinned up against the fence

    35. The thought blipped through my mind that I had probably looked as Curt Columbus had looked when he was pinned up against the fence by the taco stand last night at Suburbanite rink

    36. With a curt calling out of his name, followed by the word “Back!” and a sharp handclap, the dog spun around and loped home

    37. ”) and her curt nod would indicate: You're OUT

    38. By contrast, Neville's emails were blunt, curt, and sent without even a salutation

    39. Once aboard the ship, we bade a seemingly curt farewell to Juchi and abruptly turned to present ourselves to the master of the ship

    40. Before long, he had wheedled Sierra away from Curt altogether

    41. On the way home, Sierra told Manda that for a while now she had been pitching an idea for her own show to Curt

    42. A few days earlier, Sierra had found out that when she had asked Nik to reschedule her meeting with Curt, he had told Curt instead that Sierra had changed her mind about wanting a television show

    43. She had learned about this when Curt had called about her party, and at first she was livid

    44. It was tempting, but I had the job in NM, and he soon had quit or was fired, because when I emailed him from Cruces, I received a curt reply that he was no longer with that agency (he formed his own agency)

    45. “The middle of what?” came Benjamin’s curt reply

    46. “The middle of what?” came Benjamin's curt reply

    47. ‘Shush, face forward and follow the track,’ was his curt response

    48. His thoughts were interrupted by a knock on the door, which he answered with a curt, "Come

    49. The Coralute gave Cliff a curt command and the jesterfish hurried back into the castle, whisking the dish of rosy water away with him

    50. ‗Where‘s Sebastian?‘ Con was curt, they didn‘t have much time

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    Synonyms for "curt"

    crisp curt laconic terse brusk brusque short half-hearted bluff abrupt impatient dry severe off-hand abbreviated quick blunt brief

    "curt" definitions

    marked by rude or peremptory shortness

    brief and to the point; effectively cut short