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Darken in a sentence

1. To never darken my door again.
2. In August the nights started to darken.
3. Flocks would darken skies hours on end.
4. Stains will darken the wood to varying.
5. The atmosphere on top of the hill darken.
6. He paused to watch his opponent’s aura darken.
7. The moon seemed to darken, then turned blood red.

8. They continued north until the sky began to darken.
9. Swiftly everything seemed to darken before her eyes.
10. Joad’s face seemed to darken with the growing light.
11. And why weep for this? No fear of death will darken St.
12. She saw his face darken and his eyes snapped to the door.
13. The man, whoever he was, did not darken the lighted doorway.
14. It was grey April weather, and the sky began to darken early.
15. This way, I could darken the room with my shade, and my wife.
16. The sky seemed to darken as if a cloud had passed over the sun.
17. These darken souls then starts feeding off the negativity of any.
18. Use a mask and darken below eyes with charcoal to avoid recurrence.
19. His eyes darken, his smile devious, and he cocks his head to the side.
20. Suddenly, the day appeared to darken almost as though night was falling.
21. Thick gloomy clouds pass swiftly overhead and darken the afternoon sky.
22. BEING DARKEN BE THE TRIBULATION, not something that comes after the.
23. On the other hand, in a darken place where the waves rose terribly, in a.
24. I must forestall Zax and his coterie, lest they further darken the spirit.
25. In the scene in the pool Thor holds up his arm, and Loki sees the sky darken.
26. The clouds began to darken and flashes of lightning were visible in the south.
27. As the fluttering subsided to a gentle cat’s purr, the sky continued to darken.
28. Outside the sky was starting to darken but the street lights had not yet come on.
29. The same figurative language of the sun, moon and stars being darken or falling.
30. First the flames disappeared from her fingers, and then her skin seemed to darken.
31. And when I extinguish you, I will cover the heavens, and darken their stars; I will.
32. Jesse nodded then I watched his eyes darken as they shamelessly fixated on my breasts.
33. And then there was a blinding white light that caused the windows to darken momentarily.
34. Figurative language of the sun, moon and stars being darken, and the stars falling from.
35. Consilla’s face darken for a moment until he quickly slid the thoughts he’d had away.
36. For the briefest of seconds Holly thought she saw his eyes darken when they settled on them.
37. The light of the sky began to darken and a gust of air gave promise of an approaching front.
38. This is another of those bloody acts of cruelty which darken the pages of the Prophet’s life.
41. But the jubilation that brightened all faces seemed to darken that of Madame Lefrancois, the innkeeper.
42. Her twin hearts beat faster than they ever had before as she climbed and her rage continued to darken.
44. But not long into her dream the Cyrodilic sky would darken and crack, speared by massive, twitching shadow.
45. The sky had already begun to darken and when I checked, I could see the telltale yellow glow starting to appear.
46. I watched her warm brown skin darken and she glanced up at me inquiringly in regards to my intense perusal of her.
47. All the shining lights in the heavens I will darken over you and will set darkness on your land, declares the Lord God.
48. I stared out over the land in a demolished rapture, too tired to even rise and walk to my tent, watching the sky darken.
49. As she bent to put the boot on, a searing pain shot through the back of her head and caused her vision to temporarily darken.
50. Because blush tends to darken in color based on your body heat, applying too much can cause the color to appear much more dramatic.
51. As she spoke I could see her husband's face darken and draw together, as though the passion in him were shriveling his being to its core.
52. The air within the circle of poles seemed to darken and then the air itself began to whirl violently, as if entering an unseen whirlpool.
53. She did insist however, that his land was out of bounds to him and all of them and that she did not want that man to darken her door again.
54. The room seemed to darken noticeably; the torch batteries are failing, he thought, and stood upright to ease his pain with a stretch.
55. You will find that the scumbled tone of your ground will mix with the tone of the lights with which you are painting, and darken it somewhat.
56. And when I extinguish you, I will cover the heavens, and darken their stars; I will cover the sun with a cloud, and the moon shall not give its light.
57. Her abundant sexuality was withering without glory, her lovemaking was slowed by her sobbing, and her eyelids were beginning to darken with old bitterness.
58. What short sellers knew was that the companies ate money; what investors did not know was whether earnings per share would ever darken the income statement.
59. And besides, to come forward and tell everything about himself must include declarations about Bulstrode which would darken the suspicions of others against him.
60. The sky was beginning to darken and they could see the last rim of light in the western sky where the sun was sinking fast below the distant silhouette of trees.
61. The same figurative language of the sun, moon and stars being darken or falling from heaven is also used of the fall of Judea [a national judgment] in Jeremiah 4:1-28.
62. Hey- What’s happening to the lights? cried out Micaiah and Shaylah, both girls suddenly stopping in their tracks, becoming afraid when the room started to darken.
63. It was true, the sky was beginning to darken, and with nightfall came the risk of another demon horde crossing the distance between the Travelling Gate and their campsite.
64. For the rest of us, all we did was wait in that grey theatre, sitting in semi darkness as the heavy clouds which had seemed to darken the sky for the past week refused to clear.
65. Finally she wound up by saying that she was disgusted with Spencervale church and she never meant to darken its door again, and she hoped a fearful judgment would come upon it.
66. The New Year celebration of carnivals, bonfires, fireworks, the lightening of stars like electric bulbs and tubes were darken, and soon flew away with the swinging wind within a few days.
67. On that particular Sunday, senor, she scolded so that I went out of the house swearing that I would never darken their door again unless to fetch away my hammock and my chest of clothes.
68. Most Millennialists move the sun being darkened from immediately after the tribulation, and make the darken be in the tribulation, not something that comes after the tribulation.
69. For a little while he could see her through one of the windows, standing with her friend, but then they moved deeper into the house, gone from his sight, and the night seemed to darken a notch.
70. This method will lighten or darken a tone in varying degree, according to whether the lines are thick, thin, or gradated—somewhat in the same way that lines of shading are drawn in line work.
71. However, Peter speaks of the utter destruction, passing away, disappearing, disintegrating, being dissolved of "the elements" on the day of the Lord; not just being darken, or not giving their light.
72. The Radical papers, which were only read by Charlotte's family when nobody was looking and were never allowed openly to darken their doors, took her under their wing and wrote articles in her praise.
73. This mystic union of coal, iron, and fire was to raise on the banks of the little Cuyahoga [River] immense furnaces, rolling mills, and factories, whose chimneys would darken the sky of the city before the Civil War began.
74. The sky had continued to darken as large thunderheads loomed and blossomed menacingly above her until the Tower of the Ocean Forest came into view once again; by then, the clouds had seemed to linger above the hotel grounds and the surrounding area.
75. As a member of the committee, I feel no hesitation in saying, that if there be a member here, not determined to go with us to the extent of our measures, I prefer now to take my leave of him, rather than be deserted when the clouds darken, and the storm thickens upon us.
76. Figurative language of the sun, moon and stars being darken, and the stars falling from heaven are used of the fall of Judea (a national judgment) in Jeremiah 4:1-28, and "The sun shall not give her light, and the stars shall fall from heaven, and the powers of the heavens shall be shaken" (Matthew 24:29).
77. Why then does he think to darken your understanding by such remarks as, “Who ever heard that death died, or hell died?” Why does he desire to impress you that they don’t die, when his definition would only separate them from God? Is he keenly cognizant at times of the grand fundamental idea of death? If not, then why does he oppose the thought of “dying twice” as taught by Holy Writ? Let him answer it; I shall not endeavor.
78. But Priscilla could not forget all she had made her suffer; and the Prince, who had thought of everything, suddenly producing her head woman from some recess in Baker's Farm, where she too had spent the night, Annalise was superseded, her further bitter fate being to be left behind at Creeper Cottage in the charge of the gentleman with the cheque-book--who as it chanced was a faddist in food and would allow nothing more comforting than dried fruits and nuts to darken the doors--till he should have leisure to pack her up and send her home.
1. He sat in the darkening room.
2. The sky was darkening overhead.
3. He shrugged, his face darkening.
4. However darkening the sky for.
5. That soothes the darkening shires.
6. Flames shot into the darkening sky.
7. With the darkening city limits far.
8. The sky is darkening, and darkening more.
9. On into the darkening afternoon we drove.
10. He frowned at me, his blue eyes darkening.
11. His darkening gaze came to rest on her lips.
12. A hole in the roof frames the darkening sky.
13. The sudden darkening of the staircase behind.
14. That’s a shame, he said, his eyes darkening.
15. Frodo felt his senses reeling and his mind darkening.
16. He watched me as I moved, his eyes darkening to hazel.
17. Sweat poured down his back, darkening his denim shirt.
18. I remember the shadows of the leaves darkening behind.
19. With his mood darkening, he decided to escape for a while.
20. A darkening blue mist blurred the outlines of the foliage.
21. The thick-bodied Carlson came in out of the darkening yard.
22. You will see what will come should the darkening continue.
23. They watched the darkening skies with drawn, bloody swords.
24. Other reasons for darkening of areolas other than pregnancy.
25. He looked different, a shade of a mustache darkening his lip.
26. She bleeds slowly, darkening his vision amid a deep sense of.
27. It went on and on slowly, dying, darkening, ebbing, melting.
28. As she continued down the darkening passage, so did the story.
29. Night was creeping in, further darkening the dreary grey sky.
30. Only rosy fingerprints of the sun remained in the darkening.
31. The woods were filled with them and so was the darkening sky.
32. His face darkening, Kevin turned to Andrew and said in a low.
33. Oh, the quiet and the loveliness of gathering, darkening death.
34. During the silence that followed, she sensed his mood darkening.
35. As they moved along, Nem counted three bodies in darkening alleys.
36. He had to dive and look around for it in the green darkening water.
37. And? It came out in a sharp retort, his eyes darkening with.
38. You have an evil touch, she said, her face suddenly darkening.
39. She was too heavy to carry, and we were alone on the darkening beach.
40. The familiar rumblings had started, deep within the darkening forest.
41. Earlier, he had only peripherally noticed a certain darkening of the.
42. Toby took a long pull at his beer, and stared off at the darkening sky.
43. The room was darkening to his sight; the world was narrowing around him.
44. Davis pressed his weight into the cushion as he scanned the darkening sky.
45. He frowns, his face darkening, and his mouth presses into a thin, hard line.
46. She liked to watch them change, deepening, darkening and then slowly fading.
47. Behind her was a flash of white, contrasting with the stark darkening forest.
48. Newman stood in the darkening room feeling as if his heart had turned to lead.
49. His thoughts were interrupted as a defender burst forth from the darkening trees.
50. He stood up and with a last look on the darkening sky, he turned to his company.
51. It started with a glint of light, a dot on the darkening horizon might be moving.
52. Biddy cried; the darkening garden, and the lane, and the stars that were coming.
53. Already the sky was darkening, though it was only mid-afternoon, and as the train.
54. Claire dashed out the door and flew down the stairs, out into the darkening evening.
55. The three Wilkinses and the jackalope walked down the street under the darkening sky.
56. The cool touch of his hand in the darkening day sent chills up my arm and I shivered.
57. The snow-raven had flown on ahead and he could not see the bird for the darkening sky.
58. Now there was a thrashing and pounding and a crying out from within the darkening place.
59. We sat in matching rockers and listened to the crickets singing in the darkening night.
60. Behind was the ghost of the mountain range barely silhouetted against the darkening sky.
61. He was about to unleash himself into the darkening forest when the footfalls grew louder.
62. By purifying the blood, it helps to reduce the darkening of blood during menstruation as.
63. They came out upon the high road to Alfreton, which ran white between the darkening fields.
64. I saw Kathleen cover her eyes as hundreds of cameras flashed out across the darkening lawn.
65. I couldn’t help but stare at the darkening gash and the white bone peeking from beneath.
66. Ryan lifted his gaze to the shore line, a plume of smoke rising into the now darkening sky.
67. As he drove into the darkening evening, Bezart considered this last point then dismissed it.
68. The mind-cane rested in his hand, and above him the snow-raven circled in the darkening air.
69. The faint glow of Proxima‘s sun radiated past the darkening bulk of countless bodies as it.
70. He turned his confounded gaze upward, noting the clouds sliding against the darkening expanse.
71. Patches of darkening blue sky could be made out at regular intervals in between serried rows.
72. The rain of ashes quickened as the other craft disappeared into the darkening gray veil that.
73. The hills were golden with evening; deep in the woods showed the darkening purple of bluebells.
74. The signs in the heavens, the darkening sun and falling stars, refer to the falling of Jewish.
75. They continued to toss down the torches, darkening the space around them, hiding their numbers.
76. Then, through tears, the world came back into view—trees, mud, and the darkening evening sky.
77. The blood on the road was already darkening to the colour of the mud into which it was soaking.
78. They drove back down the darkening beach in the light truck with the big treaded tires in silence.
79. In the darkening laboratory Doc and Old Jay went softly into the third bottle of Old Tennis Shoes.
80. I leant my head against the window and stared out at the darkening sky as we rose above the clouds.
81. The only means you have to express this in a line drawing is by darkening and sharpening the line.
82. The ship he had come to for salvation was now slowing his pulse, darkening his brain, poisoning him.
83. Much later, as the air became cooler with the darkening of the evening, William held onto her again.
84. A few drops of rain began to fall as Bulwer was carried away, darkening his surcoat where they fell.
85. I stroked his neck where sweat was already darkening his coat and found my worst fears had come true.
86. He collected them together and proceeded amongst the darkening shadows until they reached the far end.
87. Daniel opened the door and I walked outside, the sky was darkening and not because the sun was setting.
88. That's all right,' she said, and went down and around in a darkening spiral until the earth vanished her.
89. The next I knew I was standing alone in the darkening cornfield, not knowing how or why I had gotten there.
90. Then, horribly clear across the darkening, empty combe, there came the agonizing squeal of a stricken rabbit.
91. That’s all right,’ she said, and went down and around in a darkening spiral until the earth vanished her.
92. The Shemites opened fire at five hundred yards, and arrows flew like hail between the hosts, darkening the sun.
93. When he stopped, Thaniel went round the desk to catch him and pressed his cheek against Mori’s darkening hair.
94. Soon, wood and fat fed, red and gold flames jumped into the air and the fire’s smoke rose to the darkening sky.
95. The rain of ashes quickened as the other craft disappeared into the darkening gray veil that slowly enveloped them.
96. The barn was darkening gradually and, in their stalls, the horses shifted their feet and rattled the halter chains.
97. They made rapid progress on horseback, but all the same the afternoon was darkening when they reached the clearing.
98. The deep shadows of the bordering wood lapped at the darkening road, sliding patches of night across Mahood’s face.
99. Alone in his darkening front room, Ian Nikelseer watched the dying light drape his school in spurious Gothic splendour.
100. They took advantage of the crowd’s distraction and flew in the darkening night sky, coming upon the building ablaze.
1. His face darkened and he.
2. The midnight sun is darkened.
3. His face flushed and darkened.
4. His eyes darkened with desire.
5. As I went on, his face darkened.
6. The darkened windows of the two.
7. Scully froze and his face darkened.
8. Ellie’s eyes darkened with anger.
9. And the wall darkened a final time.
10. The room darkened and then in the.
11. A large shadow darkened our doorway.
12. I watched Darkened for the next hour.
13. But then my father’s face darkened.
14. It was old, built of darkened bricks.
15. It was quiet in the darkened forest.
16. Night peered into the darkened room.
17. This new mystery darkened her spirits.
18. Toward the filthy, darkened alleyway.
19. Letters? Her face darkened with flush.
20. The room darkened to a very low amber.
21. His gaze suddenly darkened with disgust.
22. Clayton’s eyes darkened with concern.
23. The sky darkened to almost a pitch black.
25. And proceeded down the darkened corridor.
26. Their faces darkened and they hurried away.
27. Darkened streetlamps whip past the window.
28. In the darkened sky above that blankets us.
29. His face darkened and he looked at Shannon.
30. With every step I took, the woods darkened.
31. The sky darkened, and all sunlight vanished.
32. His face darkened as he took in my injuries.
33. Mayrin’s face darkened, No, he was not.
34. His face darkened and his eyes turned stormy.
35. His face darkened and he went up to the boy.
36. They turned onto the darkened road in silence.
37. Desperation darkened the edges of her vision.
38. Sampson’s eyes took in the darkened kitchen.
39. Stars were now appearing as the sky darkened.
40. She looked at the bottle and her face darkened.
41. Ishbel’s room was darkened when they arrived.
42. A few wrinkles sketched his sun darkened face.
43. His expression darkened, but he did not deny it.
44. Tobias's forehead wrinkled and his eyes darkened.
45. Reacher and Chang sat quiet in the darkened den.
46. Clouds darkened the sky driven by cold southerly.
47. Reed moved closer to my bed and his face darkened.
48. His mouth hangs open, caked in his darkened blood.
49. Her eyes darkened and her expression became cold.
50. The moist dog food had darkened around the edges.
51. There was no one in the darkened hallway upstairs.
52. His killer waited in the darkened kitchen as his.
53. This was a thing of beauty and affection darkened.
54. At one point, a large red stain darkened the snow.
55. He staggered several steps down the darkened tunnel.
56. In a darkened doorway, a man would pause, hand on.
57. This shadow darkened the lives of the entire family.
58. Abbott’s eyes darkened and the grin left his face.
59. Night darkened the windows outside the kitchen hall.
60. His eyes darkened at the memory of that moment when.
61. A figure sat huddled in a corner of the darkened hut.
62. Her mood darkened as a storm of thoughts drifted in.
63. They must change the time of the sun being darkened.
64. He searched the land, but found only darkened roots.
65. It was only the darkened house that could contain her.
66. His head began to spin and his world darkened quickly.
67. Gary’s mood darkened a little more when Jane spoke.
68. I looked into her darkened face as the minutes passed.
69. Not willing to give up, he entered the darkened room.
70. Within seconds I was standing in a darkened basement.
71. Her blue eyes darkened with distaste as they came to.
72. Its darkened interior limited the number of observers.
73. Herist hit the ground and his mouth darkened the dirt.
74. Her expression darkened in warning, but Zac ignored it.
75. He opened his eyes and peered around the darkened room.
76. The plant needs to remain wet, inside the darkened box.
77. Damien face darkened with sadness as he reached for her.
78. Damien's eyes darkened, his lips drawn into a thin line.
79. Moments later, their eyes met from the darkened doorway.
80. Just then, shadows of other figures darkened the doorway.
81. Must have been located in the rear, darkened by the fire.
82. His strong voice resonated throughout the vast darkened.
83. He saw, incredulously, what the darkened room had hidden.
84. Once the search results appeared, Lunarey's eyes darkened.
85. The phone darkened down as the call was ended and Shandy.
86. She watched, mesmerized, as his eyes darkened with emotion.
87. Farther down the darkened alley he heard the woman scream.
88. Her athletic wear was moist and darkened with fresh sweat.
89. Her forehead smoothed as a slight frown darkened her eyes.
90. When Max had left Jill in the darkened hallway outside her.
91. The work space darkened as they sealed the hatch behind her.
92. Thomas stopped laughing, even smiling and his face darkened.
93. I found it at the far end of the room in a darkened corner.
94. Cheekbones taught, eyes darkened, even her lips looked pale.
95. Loken paced by the hearth, his long face darkened by concern.
96. They escaped into a darkened park and emerged near a bridge.
97. Her eyes seemed to change hue as they darkened and narrowed.
98. When he was young they used to put him in darkened rooms so.
99. He entered the darkened sphere, now softly illuminated by a.
100. Her mood darkened, I should never have told you about that.
1. Then his face darkens.
2. His mind untimely darkens.
3. The atmosphere in the cave system darkens and thickens.
4. Anthony stares into the distance and his countenance darkens.
5. Further south, at the V of her body, the sea darkens to form a dark recess.
6. And when one of them is given news of a female infant, his face darkens, and he chokes with grief.
7. When she is pissed-off her face darkens like a wet Wednesday but when she smiles she can light up a room.
8. He sees everything; he sees them set the coffin down at His feet, sees the child rise up, and his face darkens.
9. Yet when one of them is given news of what he attributes to the Most Gracious, his face darkens, and he suppresses grief.
10. The tears well and fall as the dog barks in the hollow, the children skim after hoops, the country darkens and brightens.
11. Overhead the dome tint darkens by some unknown mechanism that only Master comprehends, almost completely blocking out the sun.
12. If the sky is covered with cirrus clouds and the sky above them darkens and the formation changes to cirrostratus it is an indication that rain or snow are coming.
13. Still you are miserable; for hope has quitted you on the very confines of life: your sun at noon darkens in an eclipse, which you feel will not leave it till the time of setting.
14. They moves through the air together, but the earth is always nearest to the sun and consequently once a fortnight the shadder of the earth falls on the moon and darkens it so that it's.
15. The sky overhead is threatening rain, which will royally suck if it happens, but the good news is that in the meantime, it darkens the sky and brings the rough equivalent of nightfall prematurely.
16. If their incentives are attractive enough… I think we should consider it, though I’m not sure about the damned heat here… I agree Detroit has its advantages, too, and it’s cooler… His face darkens momentarily.
17. The waning light darkens the land and increases the contrast between it and the sky, with the result that all the landscape towards the west is reduced to practically one dark tone, cutting sharply against the wide light of the sky.

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