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Death in a sentence

He was sick of death.
And then I saw death.
A Death and a Burial.
My kiss is not death.
Of what use is death.
Q: And what is death?
He was sick to death.

Will be the death of me.
I wanted his death to.
It is there with death.
She was scared to death.
Death is the end of life.
Death is a part of life.
But after the death of.
It is the kiss of death.
He went down into death.
He had her put to death.
I was the Angel of Death.
She was as pale as death.
The death is no accident.
This is the second death.
Into the valley of Death.
No one could cheat death.
That was the first death.
Some in death have more.
Shame is worse than death.
A solo act was sure death.
Death Boy to the Rescue.
A quick death for Alexia.
Even to the point of death.
Through His death on the.
Death is a defeated enemy.
Are you scared of death?
Who held the end was Death.
Death walks the long paths.
Death was not fast enough.
This one is close to death.
He hung on for grim death.
Now he was long past death.
It is not a physical death.

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