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Wither in a sentence

and I will wither,.
rot and wither away.
He failed to wither.
 marchitar, to wither.
forests wither more still.
I wither him with my looks.
their branches rot and wither.

wither away after a few months.
Echoes of time wither into dust.
innocuous „why? to wither away.
Flowers wither without moisture.
No breath of sin to wither,.
The garlands wither on her brow;.
She’d wither to dust if locked.
adore me will certainly wither away.
The wind blows and they wither fast.
awareness it will wither and fall off.
latter will begin to droop and wither.
Will change, and wither, and be less,.
The flowers of the witch-hazel wither;.
I have beheld them, wither they go back.
The flowers of the witch hazel wither;.
Many hopes will wither in this bitter.
You don’t have to wither and whittle,.
The old that is strong does not wither,.
He shuddered, and hope seemed to wither.
All salts are withering.
Wild eyed, withering in.
As The Withering Flower?.
He gave me a withering look.
I shot him a withering look.
withering lifeline to Leila.
It was simple and withering.
She gave him a withering look.
was met with a withering glare.
Ellie threw him a withering look.
Kate gave Cecil a withering look.
He is withering to his daughters.
With one last, withering look at.
She shot him a withering glare.
She fixed me with a withering glare.
The withering, side winding motion.
Ekseri held her in a withering stare.
watches with a single, withering look.
I stopped to give him a withering look.
only two aged hands withering in flame.
• A gradual withering away of the body.
Audrey shot a withering glance, but then.
she felt like a flower withering in the sun.
I gave him a withering look as I replied.
He fixed the children with a withering stare.
the Knight turned and cast him a withering look.
Jesse… she warned with a withering stare.
Its fair hope withering in the cheerless shade,.
However, he was hit by a withering hail of fire.
gourd that it withered.
His face had withered.
The Withered Fig Tree.
The dragon is withered,.
he quickly withered away.
, withered, pale, 36, 4.
Age has not withered it.
Where the withered hand.
He withered as the magma.
Was withered at the root;.
He has withered altogether.
The bare withered branches.
Old plants withered and dry.
and upon our withered necks.
Withered and cracked graves.
She looked old and withered.
 seco, —a, dry, withered;.
halted beside the Withered Tree.
over dead sea and withered land.
withered black trunks around him.
It probably withered up and.
Thom withered under his gaze.
And at once the fig tree withered.
crackled and withered skin peeled.
The Earthsoul withers.
the stock market withers.
until it withers and dies.
I nominate Simon Withers.
Long after it withers away.
No More, The Flower Withers.
watered lest it withers and dies.
Withers, he instructed as he.
date is „Use Me Up by Bill Withers.
• Bill Withers - "Lean on Me" (1972).
acquiring it and then itself withers away.
Summertime withers as the sun descends.
That which grows fast, withers as rapidly.
She took the brush to Sugar’s withers.
nation’s health system, withers on the vine.
to their withers, and weighing around 700lbs.
• Bill Withers - "Ain't No Sunshine" (1971).
withers up and dies when it has been so treated.
Withers here in a safe place for the time being.
Bill Withers – Ain't No Sunshine (1971).
Then the love stales and chokes as the vine withers.
and the height, to its withers, is a maximum of 3ft.
He tossed the bags over the withers of his horse.
as a drought withers the leaves and chokes the life.
If you do not feed it, it withers and dies.
left, that thou mayest prosper withers ever thou goest.
"Simon Withers, do you have anything to say in reply?".
in her withers as if she was getting rid of flies, so I.
long, and its height to its withers rarely exceeds 4 ft.
Included are fifty withdrawal slips signed by Judy Withers.

Synonyms for wither

shrink shrivel wither fade