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Waste in a sentence | waste example sentences

  1. The Waste Land : T.
  2. A big waste of time.
  3. Bit of a waste, eh?
  4. It's a waste of time.
  5. Where I turn to waste.

  6. I had no time to waste.
  7. Such a waste of good.
  8. It’s a waste of time.
  9. It didn't go to waste.
  10. Just a waste of time.
  11. One more waste of time.
  12. He’s a waste of semen.
  14. What a waste of my time.
  15. With no time to waste.

  16. It will be a waste of.
  17. That would be a waste.
  18. Envy is a waste of time.
  20. Tragic and such a waste.
  21. It was such a waste too.
  22. You must never waste it.
  23. You have no time to waste.
  24. You don't want to waste.
  25. We have no time to waste.

  26. To him it seemed a waste.
  27. The mindless waste of it.
  28. Waste of time I should.
  29. Are all the words a waste.
  30. Why let it go to waste?
  31. I didn’t waste any time.
  32. This is a waste of time.
  33. There was no time to waste.
  34. I won’t waste your time.
  35. It won’t go to waste.
  36. What a waste of time!.
  37. There is no time to waste.
  38. We can not waste any time.
  39. Conan did not waste words.
  40. Now, that was a real waste.
  41. There’s no time to waste.
  42. We didn’t waste any time.
  43. It’s all a waste of time.
  44. It’s still a tragic waste.
  45. Just don’t ever waste it.
  46. That’s what I call waste.
  47. It is a waste of your time.
  48. Run the waste pipe before.
  49. Gross and a waste of money.
  50. I would waste no more time.
  52. This creates a pile of waste.
  53. What made them a waste?
  54. Bу burning waste, іn the.
  55. Lets not waste any time here.
  56. Nothing should go to waste.
  57. Still just a waste of space.
  58. Wealth is a waste on a man.
  59. Not waste my words on turds.
  60. No, I can’t waste time.
  61. What a waste of human talent.
  62. Is it all a sad waste? —.
  63. Ain’t got time to waste.
  64. Do not waste money on newly.
  65. It would be a terrible waste.
  66. All that money gone to waste.
  67. It is a bloody waste of time.
  68. We can’t waste a second.
  69. Filthy waste water backed up.
  70. This was a waste of our time.
  71. This waste should be reduced.
  72. What a waste of dragon fruit.
  73. Chased, laid waste, the pull.
  74. They recycle their own waste.
  75. Haden didn't waste any time.
  76. It was such a waste of time!.
  77. This should help reduce waste.
  78. Maybe this was a waste of time.
  79. I mustn't waste any more time.
  80. Thomas didnt waste much time.
  81. It would be a waste of a life.
  82. A waste of flesh for a trophy.
  83. This anchorite amid his waste.
  84. And leave them desolate waste.
  85. Why does it waste the soil?'.
  86. Which is a waste of time and.
  87. It's a waste of time and money.
  88. There’s little time to waste.
  89. Yet there was no time to waste.
  90. On all sides there were waste.
  91. I knew we couldn’t waste time.
  92. Don’t waste your time, Vicky.
  93. Liver is vital for waste remove.
  94. Dont waste your time with him.
  95. What a ridiculous waste of ore.
  96. But that's utter waste of time.
  97. He knew it was a waste of time.
  98. Byron frivolous waste of money.
  99. There is no more time to waste.
  100. Don't waste your time sitting.
  1. And for wasting my time.
  2. Now stop wasting my time.
  3. Weak wasting hand on mine.
  4. You are wasting your time.
  5. He's not wasting his time.
  6. I wasn’t wasting my time.
  7. He’s not wasting any time.
  8. Wasting ammo at this range.
  9. Stop wasting your time with.
  10. I knew I was wasting my life.
  11. If he ended up wasting even.
  12. Wasting asset, option as, 26.
  13. This way instead of wasting.
  14. Hovering was wasting all the.
  15. Without wasting even a single.
  16. I think I’m wasting my time.
  17. There was no sense wasting time.
  18. We're wasting time here, Brice.
  19. Let's go, we're wasting time.
  20. She told me to stop wasting time.
  21. He saw a flabby man wasting away.
  22. There's no point in wasting time.
  23. But they were wasting their time.
  24. Instead of wasting them (a sin!).
  25. Indulging the body, and wasting.
  26. There was no use in wasting time.
  27. The wasting sickness, I said.
  28. Just wasting time… nothing else.
  29. We could be wasting valuable time.
  30. Wasting no time the girl ran to him.
  31. Using alcohol is a wasting of life.
  32. In short, you are wasting your time.
  33. I was wasting my time on the surgeon.
  34. Why are you still here wasting your.
  35. Then came the dreaded wasting disease.
  36. She was only wasting her eloquence!.
  37. I think you’re wasting good food.
  38. There is no point in wasting resources.
  39. They were obviously wasting their time.
  40. Gerald, wasting his days as a pensioner.
  41. The girls ranted about him wasting food.
  42. Go home, you're wasting your time here.
  43. The option you write is a wasting asset.
  44. In the meantime, you're wasting my time.
  45. She’s wasting time waiting for him.
  46. I can see I’m wasting my time here.
  47. You feel you are wasting your life away.
  48. I can’t just sit here wasting my time.
  49. Without wasting any time, Anne went to.
  50. Without wasting your time focusing on it.
  51. But it was still a wasting game he played.
  52. I was wasting away in a hospital bed?
  53. We’re wasting our time with this one.
  54. You're wasting precious time, yelled Sam.
  55. It was a wasting disease that had no cure.
  56. More wasting of time so we’ll be caught.
  57. So without wasting much time, the course.
  58. Come on - we're wasting opportunities!.
  59. Stop wasting your time with lousy prospects.
  60. We could be wasting a valuable opportunity.
  61. You’re wasting your time, both of you.
  62. In fact obsession is wasting the energy of.
  63. I told them they’re wasting their time.
  64. You can learn from it without wasting much.
  65. Wasting no time, they both mounted the tan.
  66. You're wasting your breath speaking to him.
  67. I think they were just wasting their energy.
  68. Were it the latter, she was wasting her time.
  69. Why are you wasting time talking to this.
  70. So I called up Palak without wasting any time.
  71. We are wasting our time here, said Will.
  72. Rate Chasers: Wasting Time Earning $25/Month.
  73. That’s wasting valuable word real estate.
  74. Stop wasting water , there are lives at stake.
  75. Edmund also realized he was wasting his breath.
  76. Why was I wasting my time? What would happen.
  77. Stop Buying Leads and Otherwise Wasting Money.
  78. Wasting its power it crashed over everything.
  79. You’re wasting your time, sighed Chloe.
  80. Without wasting time, let's dive right into it.
  81. We're probably wasting our time on this, Kate.
  82. Wasting another day! There are 365 days a year.
  83. Stop wasting your time up here talking to me.
  84. Following that, came the great wasting away of.
  85. If you don’t want her to die, stop wasting it.
  86. I can't believe how many things I was wasting my.
  87. But bah! what am I saying? I am wasting my words.
  88. You’re not wasting your time, Garcia said.
  89. There is much coughing and a wasting of the body.
  90. The Mastiff didn't bother wasting any time with.
  91. I don't know why you're wasting your time here.
  92. I whiffed it before wasting its subtle fragrance.
  93. You are wasting time with ideas that go no where.
  94. They thought we were nuts for wasting that space.
  95. No and to be frank, I don’t like wasting time.
  96. You're not wasting yours or complaining about it.
  97. This is not a good time to be wasting our time.
  98. Out wasting my time, in the People’s Republic.
  99. Waiting is one of the most time wasting activities.
  100. For one, in order to avoid wasting time, and any.
  1. In the ones I wasted.
  2. What a thing I wasted.
  3. He wasted no time in.
  4. Not a move was wasted.
  5. No time was wasted on.
  6. He wasted no more effort.
  7. Was it a wasted journey?
  8. It's not all been wasted.
  9. Much time has been wasted.
  10. Miss Simone wasted no time.
  11. I had merely wasted my time.
  12. My mind being wasted there.
  13. But it was applause wasted.
  14. Ed then wasted no more time.
  15. It would be a wasted effort.
  16. He wasted plenty of riches.
  17. He wasted no time whatsoever.
  18. Fuck the time we wasted!.
  19. Sorry you wasted your money.
  20. His sarcasm was wasted on her.
  21. They wasted so much time on.
  22. I wasted my time before that.
  23. Everything was wasted in him.
  24. Alan was pretty wasted by now.
  25. That there is wasted effort.
  26. I wasted so much time on you.
  27. She wasted, eating only soup.
  28. Pierre Gustave wasted no time.
  29. Our inspection was not wasted.
  30. She feeds their wasted dreams.
  31. Hell, I wasted half a bottle.
  32. He had wasted an entire week.
  33. That half his joys were wasted.
  34. Crying tears of a wasted mind.
  35. Wasted before he slammed cement.
  36. Steve had not wasted any time.
  37. Then we’ve wasted our time.
  38. Sorry to have wasted your time.
  39. In other words, we were wasted.
  40. But it’ll be a wasted journey.
  41. He wasted no time with amenities.
  42. A lot of people’s time wasted.
  43. No heat will be wasted that way.
  44. He strong guy but pretty wasted.
  45. Oh, how we wasted our time!’.
  46. I don't want to have wasted my.
  47. Rhone wasted no time here, and.
  48. I thought I’ d wasted my money.
  49. In sum, an action is never wasted.
  50. Just think of the time wasted!.
  51. After all those wasted years of.
  52. It will all be wasted on trifles.
  53. Sorry to have wasted all your time.
  54. We’ve wasted much time as it is.
  55. You had wasted your trip for that.
  56. I regret all the time I wasted on.
  57. The effort was literally a wasted.
  58. And you have wasted a trip!.
  59. We have wasted enough time talking.
  60. It wasn't that he was still wasted.
  61. I see that my efforts are wasted.
  62. So that three days have been wasted.
  63. The day had not been entirely wasted.
  64. Darren wasted no time with the rest.
  65. Conan wasted no time trying the door.
  66. Time spent in kneading is not wasted.
  67. They had wasted enough time with him.
  68. This can reduce energy wasted while.
  69. He wasted little time in elaboration.
  70. A merrier hour was never wasted there.
  71. No part of a carcass should be wasted.
  72. You would have wasted valuable time.
  73. They wasted no time coming to see him.
  74. He wasted no time unrolling the scroll.
  75. Without the wasted human effort that.
  76. It was a wasted question, wasted time.
  77. Already too much time had been wasted.
  78. Completely wasted in the police force.
  79. Sorry again, I hope I’ve not wasted.
  80. It's worse, when the people are wasted.
  81. For 50 miles he wasted the countryside.
  82. Those challenges were not wasted on Mr.
  83. Imagine all the talent that is wasted.
  84. Conan scarcely wasted a downward glance.
  85. All of it will be money wasted if you.
  86. He wanted to see what was being wasted.
  87. He hoped their efforts weren’t wasted.
  88. I wasted no time putting us in the lead.
  89. It seemed that half the night was wasted.
  90. So if you wasted a lot of time looking.
  91. They'd wasted much time near the forest.
  92. Their money and time will not be wasted.
  93. The remaining immortals wasted no time.
  94. I have wasted three weeks doing nothing.
  95. It means a lot of money wasted on costs.
  96. I feel so pity to see you getting wasted.
  97. He had already wasted two of his dreams.
  98. I have wasted great wealth: he boasts.
  99. Chrovel’s form wasted away his strength.
  100. They wasted a floor of such a beautiful.
  1. Leather wastes 2-4 1-2 1-4.
  2. Such wastes of riches do occur.
  3. It groans and wastes away in sin.
  4. The wastes fill my heart with the.
  5. Solid wastes littered the passageway.
  6. Dont use a sprinkler - it wastes water.
  7. I’m surprised he wastes his time on me.
  8. The wastes are alive, with the sound of.
  9. Location: Found in Bone Wastes or Auchindoun.
  10. Where do you store the wastes from the process?
  11. He also uses sodomy and wastes the precious seeds.
  12. Evaporation from irrigation wastes precious water.
  13. He feels it wastes the time he could use otherwise.
  14. Let the protein skimmer remove the dissolved wastes.
  15. Also his own chamber pot that flushed to remove wastes.
  16. Wastes can also be excreted via sweating and deep breathing.
  17. The guru wastes all our time complaining about delayed fees.
  18. Chuang Tzu describes the kind of friction that wastes ch’i.
  19. Out of the rolling blue wastes all glory and wonder had gone.
  20. He knew these humans had been here long enough to void wastes.
  21. They survive and proliferate from feeding off the wastes and.
  22. No self-respecting freelancer wastes his or her time like that.
  23. The playwright wastes his substance thinking up excuses for her.
  24. Putting his jacket on Lewis wastes no time in getting out of there.
  25. No, he was the one that bought the slaves from the Black Wastes.
  26. The last thing to say is don’t plan too much because it wastes time.
  27. All this unused software does is wastes disk space and slows you down.
  28. She grins and wastes no time, thrusting a roundhouse kick to your knee.
  29. The sleigh rides through frozen wastes marked off with burning torches.
  30. She was thinking about Pete the Plumber’s receipt for wastes and plugs.
  31. Kitchen Composting: It pays to be able to save all of your kitchen wastes.
  32. For speed you can skin a bird—but that wastes the food value of the skin.
  33. And there are wastes of stump and bramble where once there were singing groves.
  34. You see, this shelter wastes a lot of our time with clients that are not.
  35. You can also bury the kitchen wastes into your garden allowing the worms a meal.
  36. I suggest that you can compost the kitchen wastes by layering into your compost.
  37. Negative subjects of imagination create negative emotions and that wastes energy.
  38. Chemical filtration involves removing the dissolved wastes from the aquarium water.
  39. With much grinding of teeth and as a result of many bruises, my child wastes away.
  40. If you forget this part of the configuration, the output of show isdn status wastes no.
  41. Anyway, this is common knowledge; well, common to anyone who wastes time in the Antonis.
  42. It wastes dream time if you have to search around for a book or (perhaps worse) a mirror.
  43. It looked like the wastes of Baluchistan this time, but furred with those metal whiskers.
  44. If he wastes away his time of leisure then God may put him again in the rut of daily labor.
  45. It should only be used when food is plentiful since it wastes most of the fat from the meat.
  46. What is there in the system or office layout that wastes time? How could you change it for.
  47. Rosamond had that victorious obstinacy which never wastes its energy in impetuous resistance.
  48. The Army denies burying wastes but residents testified to seeing Army people and trucks on site.
  49. Gas is very efficient for heating devices; it heats up much quicker and wastes far less energy.
  50. He demands more stone than a world of dwarves could mine, yet wastes our time by making us wait.
  51. In these great wastes of forest, life, which abhors darkness, struggles ever upwards to the light.
  52. If sharks are present try to avoid passing body wastes, which could attract the sharks’ interest.
  53. Since he never arrived, we must assume he met his end in the Mountains of Death or on the Frozen Wastes.
  54. We compost all of our kitchen wastes and recycled paper wastes as well as the wood from the matches we use, etc.
  55. He wastes a critical second forming in his mind the chemical interactions he understands are going on in his body.
  56. Body detoxification is actually a natural body process where the organs assigned to eliminate body wastes are at work.
  57. Representations of spiders, octopi and the tree-dwelling octarsier of the hubland wastes figured largely in the heap.
  58. It first wastes what is its own, and then seeks how it may make up its deficiency out of the property of other people.
  59. In the Arctic wastes, birds, whales, sea lions and enemy warships have gone about their destined affairs time and again.
  60. For example, when a bucket is filled with wastes from the barn, in a few days, flies are produced from the bucket! Wow!.
  61. Although the body is a wonderful mechanism that works tirelessly each day it still needs appropriate elimination of wastes.
  62. After White wastes a turn getting his King out of check, the Black Bishop then slides over and kills the White Queen on A5.
  63. The machine did not go directly to Cloncurry, but zigzagged to and fro across the wastes of Central Australia, depositing.
  64. The site is a vacant lot, covered with toxic industrial wastes, but unfortunately in the heart of a struggling neighborhood.
  65. It also helps in increasing blood circulation towards the kidneys that helps in cleansing the wastes increasing blood supply.
  66. Interruptions in the data stream force the tape drive to stop and start repeatedly, which wastes both time and tape capacity.
  67. She continued, I figured we'd leave the stair door open with your room in use—I usually don't because it wastes more heat.
  68. Add a thin layer of rock dust to the compost pile, alternating between layers of grass clippings, manure, kitchen wastes, etc.
  69. The deed contained a stipulation that Hooker would not be responsible for any physical harm or death due to the buried wastes.
  70. It is thus that so many reach God from amidst the Unfruitful wastes of heathenism, of Mohammedanism, and of European superstition.
  71. Generation of Income for Totality of the People, Organizations and Countries inflation and without the unnecessary expenses or wastes.
  72. It is now your duty to hone that talent, because a Khaled Hosseini The Kite Runner person who wastes his God-given talents is a donkey.
  73. In some cases, it is micro-biological life deep in the frozen wastes of planets distant from this one, which we seek to help to develop.
  74. In winter one gets so cold that one beats one's arms together to warm one's self; but the masters don't like it; they say it wastes time.
  75. First, following a body detox program improves the release of harmful wastes and toxins in the body, as it nourishes the detoxifying organs.
  76. We don’t need to hunt for love when given freely, expect the best and flow the mind towards the fountain of life far away from the wastes.
  77. Coupling that lack with the use of airpower which lacks mass, surprise, and consistency and you have a situation that wastes lives and money.
  78. It is the taste that plays Mozart and Bach and Beethoven and wastes no moments with the Mendelssohn sugar or the lesser inspiration of Brahms.
  79. Another shame of its impotence is to allow the deviations of trillion dollars that are diluted in the corruption, wastes or illicit enrichment.
  80. He had not come to the limits of his endurance, but he knew another day under the merciless sun in those waterless wastes would bring him down.
  81. Now, there's no one, absolutely no one, in ecstasies over the Madonna; no one wastes time over it except old men who are hopelessly out of date.
  82. Winter is a stupid; it wastes its merchandise, it loses its labor, it can't wet us, and that makes it kick up a row, old water-carrier that it is.
  83. But while stump speakers stir the call to arms, American government wastes many billions of taxpayer dollars on the drug war that it will never win.
  84. All the human and animal manure which the world wastes, restored to the land instead of being cast into the water, would suffice to nourish the world.
  85. These days, most people have their organs functioning at half-capacity or are simply overwhelmed by the amount of wastes and toxins they have to expel.
  86. It achieves absolutely nothing and actually makes matters worse (it puts out negative vibrations into the environment and wastes precious life energy).
  87. And now, the first two actual men he’d seen in an age had gone off to be et by some nameless, motherless, fatherless, godless thing out in the wastes.
  88. In 1986 the federal government entered the battle to clean up toxic wastes by mandating cleanup procedures and penalties with a $9 billion appropriation.
  89. Because of the vitamins, minerals, digestive enzymes, pure water, and nutrients that juices have, they have the power to cleanse your body of toxic wastes.
  90. Why should one let an innocent soul languish when the mother is dying? Others do like this: they just leave the baby, don’t feed it, and it wastes away.
  91. In addition, detox programs speed up the removal of wastes to reinforce the body's fight against serious illnesses such as cancer and degenerative diseases.
  92. However, by getting a quick emotional charge out of his victim’s fear, the torturer or sadist immediately wastes the energy he is drawing from his victim.
  93. Great strips of the western coast sank; Vanaheim and western Asgard—uninhabited and glacier-haunted wastes for a hundred years—vanished beneath the waves.
  94. Yet, though he does not feel this all, he must pronounce Al’lah’s Name loudly over his animal when slaughtering, for Al’lah never wastes a whit of goodness.
  95. It’s such a horrible thing to do! A complete outsider walks in, sits down, stays on with nothing to do, wastes their time and worries himself, and walks away!’.
  96. If its homing instinct led it upon the right line, there can be no doubt that somewhere out in the wastes of the Atlantic the last European pterodactyl found its end.
  97. Smart tech-info systems produce new wastes and create new complex, inseparably integrated smart world system problems that can't be fixed with brute force economies, e.
  98. We put miles between us and my grandfather’s estate, heading south towards the southern lands where there were vast tracts of sandy wastes where we could lose ourselves.
  99. Yet at her last gasp she wastes her one remaining rouble and prints in the paper that she prepares for all the scholastic establishments, and what's more, gives lessons in arithmetic.
  100. Already we are left with just 2 years in school that means 731 days (next is a leap year) out of which that stupid moron wastes about 30-40 days because of his issues with his girlfriend.

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