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Deform in a sentence

1. I say deform a child.
2. Use a cup that can deform.
3. Hold a cup that can deform.
4. Hold an object that can deform.
5. This would compress and deform.
6. Use a middle object that can deform.
7. Use a middle object that cannot deform.

8. Use a cup that does not deform with pressure.
9. Ensure that the cup does not deform and only the thumb moves.
10. It took twenty-six years for that blessing to deform into a curse.
11. You are the conspiracy; you are the one who is trying to deform society.
12. They create confusion in pursuance of yoga and deform the society, It appears one.
13. And they deform easy because Yan doesn’t create connections between itself and others.
14. Also, if he punches into one edge (let us imagine the cube as a wooden crate), the others vibrate and deform.
15. The clapper can temporarily deform the bell rather greatly and in so doing various portions of the bell vibrate at different frequencies, giving forth the bell’s full tonal warmth.
16. What I’m thinking is that bronze is tough enough it won’t deform and strip the way lead does, especially if it takes the total initial force of the powder charge and transfers it to the projectile, instead of the other way around.
1. You would turn your little Head from the Nipple, crying, deforming your Face with Pain and Anger, so that the same Breast that had so recently comforted you, now made you weep quite inconsolably.
1. Deformed arms trailed here and there.
2. Ogg gently pricked the deformed wing.
3. The baby however, was horribly deformed.
4. Not only the deformed, the burned, the.
5. A person with deformed hands could not.
6. It was crippled with only deformed stubs for.
7. Her face was a pitifully deformed replica of.
8. Not because it was deformed as most monsters’.
9. Others said he was deformed, or badly burned from a fire.
10. I was born with a physical defect, I am a little deformed.
11. I had a deformed child with Knume, back in the early 52nd.
12. Half-way across the upper span he saw a gray deformed shape.
13. In our times there are many young people with a deformed tho-.
14. O Roger Chillingworth—a deformed old figure, with a face that.
15. All I see is a skinny, frightened squirrel with a deformed tail.
16. Uneven, possibly rusted blade, with a dirty and deformed handle.
17. The deformed conical monster slid into the stretcher and he could.
18. Th e head of the Sapa Inca (the Great Inca) throne heir was deformed.
19. If she was a runaway, she will have both her legs broken and deformed.
20. This is serious because it affects the muscles and can cause deformed bones.
21. Yet its deformed tentacles darted with the speed and mechanics of an insect.
22. At first the Hurons believed the Delaware had been thus deformed by witchcraft.
23. He died after two weeks of horrible suffering, his body a deformed, bleeding mass.
24. He appeared to be deformed, for he carried his head low and walked with his knees bent.
25. She had a nose that seemed to encroach on her upper lip and slightly deformed her mouth.
26. The Kaiser of Germany, on the other hand, was a physically and mentally deformed cripple.
27. Her left leg was deformed with a condition called proximal femoral focal deficiency (PFFD).
28. Looking carefully at the crushed and deformed steel panels, Kimi had to agree with her mentor.
29. Yes, Pavel Pavlovitch, the most deformed of all deformities is the abortion with noble feelings.
30. His voice was somehow deformed, barely recognisable when he said with a strangely glazed look:.
31. It was very little deformed, and easily recognized, although the flesh had become as hard as wood.
32. The whole scenario was grossly obscene—Adorno deformed upon the bed, his mistress covered in blood.
33. As he watched the deformed body of black bones advance, a burning itch for revenge filled Jai’s blood.
34. But I saw those creatures and I'm sure a body that deformed can't have much of a functioning brain in it.
35. Roosevelt was the weakest, most cunning, most physically crippled and deformed President America ever had.
36. I hear he’s hideously deformed, Fina said in a voice that quivered between titillation and sympathy.
37. The chairs were also damaged, many of them severely; and deep indentations deformed the panels of the walls.
38. There are not such a very great number of civilians, and a deformed man was sure to have attracted attention.
39. The beauty and manliness of warfare has been much deformed, Major Heyward, by the arts of your Monsieur Vauban.
40. As though a cloud has drifted away and for a moment Bastian’s true, deformed character has come glaring through.
41. Moving with astonishing speed, the deformed badger pushed a claw deep into the Preceptor's ear, twisting it savagely.
42. The door to the baggage store was also badly scorched and split, the thin metal blackened and deformed due to the heat.
43. As he gazed down, fighting to suppress his anger, he noticed that the trees nearest the hut were misshapen and deformed.
44. Undead misformed that garden and deformed it and destroyed it and turned the story of its existence into a bunch of lies.
45. Sanskar has always been there: but before the sages conferred perfection on it, it was deformed and in a state of an-archy.
46. His early childhood (which was not a happy one) involved many suicide attempts as soon as he was aware of his deformed body.
47. That kind of near miss was however most likely to have deformed the thin hull of the transport, opening serious leaks in it.
48. Strangely though, the tires still held air although they had slipped through shattered glass and the rims were visibly deformed.
49. I am alone and miserable; man will not associate with me; but one as deformed and horrible as myself would not deny herself to me.
50. Many were simple pillars of rock, some were oddly shaped, and a few were bizarre in form, twisted and deformed into grotesque statues.
51. There was nothing in the field or on the hill except a deformed tree, which writhed and shivered a few paces distant from the wayfarer.
52. I usually pick at my scalp until it won’t stop bleeding, or at my thumb, which is now permanently deformed from years of self-damage.
53. We were floating in the midst of gigantic bodies, bluish on the back, whitish on the belly, and all deformed by enormous protuberances.
54. Every ancient culture speaks of weird, horrible, insane, deformed, mutated monsters that have more than one shape, more than one persona.
55. The response was instantaneous, one moment he was there with me riding his back like some deformed spider monkey and the next he was gone.
56. They struggle to try to get lost somewhere in this new, strange country, a challenge made more difficult with an obviously deformed child.
57. The creature was also emitting some kind of gurgling sound as it was raising a deformed hand with long, sharp claws towards Richilde’s face.
58. But you are not to blame, Pavel Pavlovitch, you are a deformity, and all your ideas and actions and aspirations must of necessity be deformed.
59. Deformed trees created a secluded and deeply shadowed grove all around, black branches aglow with small, luminescent orbs as white as the moon.
60. His only hope of rescue lies with Matilda, their hideously deformed and needy daughter, who lurks in the shadows in her bloodied wedding dress.
61. Media spread false stories about crack babies that supposedly were born severely deformed and mentally challenged and would never be normal.
62. These people not only grow physically and mentally deformed, but also morally deformed, and become incapable of doing anything really needed by man.
63. Charles II called Charles the Mad by his subjects is a perfect example of genetic inbreeding: He was born physically, deformed and mentally impaired.
64. The prayer of a God-knowing person may be so distorted by ignorance and so deformed by superstition that the answer thereto would be highly undesirable.
65. When he was a kid, he had learned how to pop his shoulder so that it looked deformed, and this little sleight of arm gave him an edge in certain situations.
66. As Grindel backed out of the chamber, Skelda's features relaxed into something that might have been a smile; it was hard to tell on such a deformed countenance.
67. He was without a horse and lost in these haunted woods, and that staring deformed thing at his feet was a mute evidence of the horrors that lurked in the forest.
68. The seats were burnt to their twisted and deformed metal frames and most of the carpet had been scorched away, revealing the metal panelling beneath, now bubbled.
69. He is as much mutilated and deformed in his mind as another is in his body, who is either deprived of some of its most essential members, or has lost the use of them.
70. This animal, which has been stigmatized as the most prodigiously deformed creature known to exist!! is generally supposed to inhabit North America as well as Surinam.
71. If he lived, it would be to grow up with his body deformed and dwarfed by unnatural labour and with his mind stultified, degraded and brutalized by ignorance and poverty.
72. The poor pastor bore his son for 2 years , one day his deformed son died relieving his parents of their burden,but tainting his father’s heart with bitterness and anger.
73. The symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease didn’t manifest until after the reproductive years, after the deformed gene had unwittingly been passed on to the next generation.
74. It killed some twenty percent of the infected, receding from the rest like a lethal tide, leaving behind deformed limbs and crippled spines, bodies that would never heal.
75. Their huge, deformed, swollen genitals, so cancerously grown and swollen… that the diseased genitals of the dead fetus are actually bigger than the entire body and head.
76. Still the fact that a man, no matter how painfully deformed, had walked down the ramp brought her fear under control more than all the reason she had used on herself til now.
77. On emerging from that black and deformed thing which is called the galleys, the Bishop had hurt his soul, as too vivid a light would have hurt his eyes on emerging from the dark.
78. Flicking his tail in agitation, Grindel did his best to ignore the sour taste that had suddenly welled up in his mouth at the thought of seeing that deformed old monster once more.
79. So I watched her bloody, blistered, once-pretty, delicate feet turn not-so-slowly into the deformed, agonized things that now look as if they belong on someone 40 years older than me.
80. The yam in the village closest to Nanih Waiya was run by Konshak Lusa, an ancient, small, thin, and very dark man, one of the very few Pansfalaya who still sported the deformed heads.
81. The shock wave from the explosion actually pushed McConnell in the direction of his navigator/bombardier but also deformed his parachute for a few crucial seconds and accelerating his fall.
82. If you saw some of the hot messes that were shambling around with wedding rings on their deformed, scaly, gnarled fingers you'd want to track down their spouse and give them some sort of award.
83. The beauty replied that since he had been so kind to her when she appeared as a witch, she would henceforth be her horrible deformed self only half the time and the beautiful maiden the! Other half.
84. Those who didn’t die in the first days and weeks following the nuclear blasts then had to face starvation and the debilitating long term effects of radiations, including stillbirths and deformed babies.
85. And the birth of his deformed child, and its death, had, as though by special design, been accompanied by another strange and marvelous event, which, as he said later, had left a stamp upon his soul.
86. For example: a full 80% of Napoleon’s Grande Armee retreating from Moscow; had a host of sexual diseases that were so virulent, and infected them so deeply: that their bones and skulls were deformed by it.
87. Some of the best enactments in the Republic, such as the reverence to be paid to parents and elders, and some of the worst, such as the exposure of deformed children, are borrowed from the practice of Sparta.
88. Wood rafters and joists and studs cracked like the whips of the gods, structural metal squealed as it was deformed by the initial shock wave, and what window glass had not shattered in the first blast shattered now.
89. Next to him sat a little cripple, whose pale countenance bore that expression of suffering sweetness so peculiar to the deformed, while his lank hair, bony hands, and misshapen shoulders awakened the beholder's pity.
90. Not the sort with the crotch hanging halfway to the knees that makes the wearer look deformed, but the latest style in which the top is severely cut down so there’s only about fifteen centimetres from crotch to drawstring.
91. A man without the proper use of the intellectual faculties of a man, is, if possible, more contemptible than even a coward, and seems to be mutilated and deformed in a still more essential part of the character of human nature.
92. Once material is pulled into its gravitational force, it too becomes part of the infinite hole, but rather than disappearing forever, it slowly seeps away as unrecognizable, deformed and vapourised atoms at the ‘event horizon’.
93. There stood Peter and Edmund and all the rest of Aslan's army fighting desperately against the crowd of horrible creatures whom she had seen last night; only now, in the daylight, they looked even stranger and more evil and more deformed.
94. By avarice and selfishness, and a grovelling habit, from which none of us is free, of regarding the soil as property, or the means of acquiring property chiefly, the landscape is deformed, husbandry is degraded with us, and the farmer leads the meanest of lives.
95. If we assume to disregard the third part of the energy Δ Ek3 for the purposes of the preliminary study (its share is not actually essential), then Δ Ek2 = Δ Ep, where the right-hand designation indicates the potential energy acquired in the deformed tennis racket.
96. Nor was it his unwonted magnitude, nor his remarkable hue, nor yet his deformed lower jaw, that so much invested the whale with natural terror, as that unexampled, intelligent malignity which, according to specific accounts, he had over and over again evinced in his assaults.
97. They are deformed, and they complete themselves by being stupid; they repeat the puns of Tiercelin and Potier, they have sack coats, stablemen's waistcoats, shirts of coarse linen, trousers of coarse cloth, boots of coarse leather, and their rigmarole resembles their plumage.
98. Indeed, among the various conjectures which were put forward in the public Press, there were some which seriously asserted that supernatural, or, at least, preternatural, agencies had been at work, and that the deformed Monsieur Caratal was probably a person who was better known under a less polite name.
99. In his "American Notes," which followed his visit to this country, he wrote critically of the American breakfast, as follows: "And breakfast would have been no breakfast unless the principal dish were a deformed beefsteak with a great flat bone in the center, swimming in hot butter and sprinkled with the very blackest of pepper.
100. At that moment he actually felt more respect for him, and Vasya's physical defect, of which the reader is not yet aware (Vasya was slightly deformed), which always called forth a feeling of loving sympathy in Arkady Ivanovitch's kind heart, contributed to the deep tenderness the latter felt for him at this moment, a tenderness of which Vasya was in every way worthy.
1. Dark magic deforms the body and soul, true.
2. Repressed hatred is always in action and it deforms.
3. Every time he punches into one edge, at least one other edge deforms in the opposite direction.
4. If you keep checking any lie and resisting the anger which deforms the world you will gradually realise that the poor old wounded self, with it furious whining and its hatred of itself and everything else, is not you at all.
5. When this Information is reprojected into imperfect Configurations of biological Proto-Forms that structure Formo-systems of Worlds, at the level of a primitive Perception of the Formo-Creators of the brain of animals, there is a very strong distortion of positive SFUURMM-Forms typical of the Formo-copies of high-frequency realizational niches of animals, which greatly deforms their psychological response reactions, which gives rise (in different animals toward each other) to aggression, cruelty, fear, misunderstanding, desire to protect themselves from supposed danger and to other manifestations.

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