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    1. He gave the place some credit, he liked the land where he was

    2. Now Michael worked for a local company that processes credit card transactions

    3. Did not care who got the credit - Moses was not concerned with receiving

    4. Preachers, be sure and give the congregation credit for providing a list of men that

    5. ‘Rubbish!’ he said with a grin, ‘Give yourself some credit, woman!’

    6. You can offer things such as free trips, gift cards or credit card gift rewards, movie tickets, backstage concert tickets or tickets to their favorite sporting event of the year

    7. And with that I knew I was in full credit with the gods

    8. Her behaviour was quite beyond the pale and he took all available legal steps to ensure that every one of her lines of income and credit were suspended with immediate effect

    9. She sent text messages by the score and took pictures of everything and anything that moved, but, and much to her delight, every time that she checked the credit on her phone it was full

    10. Even if she didn’t have any credit she could display his number and call him on one of her friends’ telephones

    11. the balances of all credit and debit cards

    12. She would sell on credit and buy on cash - the first

    13. now,' 1 said to a credit seeker

    14. with has to do with credit cards

    15. on the back of a credit card is encoded with specific

    16. usefulness of the credit card

    17. steps to ensure that every one of her lines of income and credit

    18. I have to give him credit for being tenacious; he went to the library and studied about the bird and how to raise it

    19. When the bill finally arrived, your credit card

    20. checked her credit and checked the battery but she couldn’t find

    21. place because they had stolen a credit card and gone

    22. Give credit where credit is due

    23. I'll give her credit for that

    24. It might make for a good novel or television show, but I don't put much credit on the tabloid stories

    25. He didn’t think he had much in the way of cash and couldn’t remember if he had his credit card with him or not

    26. His credit card … it was on Tracey’s account … one of those spare cards if you share the same address ploys … he only hoped she hadn’t cancelled it

    27. ’ He said, holding out the credit card

    28. As the woman handed the credit card to the uniformed man without comment, he felt panic surge through him

    29. ‘This yours, sir?’ the copper asked holding out the credit card so Andy could see it clearly

    30. It had been a bloody stupid mistake on his part to think that Tracey wouldn’t have reported the credit card missing … especially after he’d abandoned her like that

    31. ‘Well, it seems a little odd that you and the young lady split up nearly two months ago and this is the first time you have tried to use the credit card

    32. All they had on him was the credit card and he’d explained about that

    33. How will you be paying?" Dave fishes his wallet out of his jeans and selects a credit card

    34. credit answer, I just wanted to see if you could answer a problem we have not

    35. Stopping outside the house, I collect the post from the box on the wall and, as Sam wags her way round my legs, I finger through the half dozen letters … two offering me credit cards I don’t want, something addressed to ‘The occupier’, a bank statement, an electricity bill and a consumer survey

    36. “Harry is not impartial in this matter, Chloe, whatever other attainments with which we might credit him, in this matter he is biased, I'm afraid

    37. A bank statement by the look of it, some rubbish offering me credit cards I don’t want and a letter for Jo

    38. moaned, whilst Henri could hardly credit what he had

    39. He should take the credit

    40. His credit card sat on the cash register—collateral for the tab

    41. " Crystal made sure they got their credit

    42. class was having their extra credit day in advance

    43. to offer Jacob credit for some ointment he needed for his

    44. If nothing else you had to give this girl credit for speaking whatever was on her mind

    45. ‘It’s difficult to credit, isn’t it? The man had taken her

    46. So why give her the credit? I just don't understand, one minute you’re looking for recognition and the next you’re giving it away

    47. “I'm joking, there's no way that could work, the natives don't have any way to transmit credit

    48. "Why don't you ever give me credit for being able to take care of myself?"

    49. I must give credit where credit is due

    50. cheques or credit card, and none of the banks were open,

    1. She credited him for her existence, when the truth of the matter was that Alec didn't care the least bit about her father, had never intended to save him

    2. The bank, therefore, it is said, would in this case make no scruple of paying, either with money or bullion, the full value of what the owners of bank money, who could get no receipts, were credited for in its books; paying, at the same time, two or three per cent

    3. The value of a share in a joint stock is always the price which it will bring in the market ; and this may be either greater or less in any proportion, than the sum which its owner stands credited for in the stock of the company

    4. Bigelow was also credited with preventing

    5. ” While in the Senate, Gwin was also credited with

    6. The great thinker of the third age, Almani Zolandric, who has been credited as the primary contributor to the Temporal Directive, had not envisioned such extraordinary events brought about by the corrupting influence of technology

    7. They carried wounded, drew rations but twice; and the reports, inspired by the conduct of starving pacificos and exaggerated by irresponsible correspondents, that credited the Cuban rebels with laziness and theft, are not only unjust but absolutely false

    8. Even the communist Chinese leader Mao Zedong partially credited his victory over Chiang Kai-shek and the Kuomintang in 1949 to this text

    9. These were the guys who were later credited with, ‘cheerfully,’ sacrificing their lives for the upper-class establishment

    10. ’ There had been no ongoing Port Authority investigation of Segovia: when he mentioned the name to Gordon, he had barely recognized it! Additionally, the Port Authority Police were being publicly credited with beating the feds to the source of Limon’s cocaine: exactly Gordy’s stated goal and Captain Flores was Gordon’s man in the OIJ, on his payroll for years

    11. The article credited Gordon Edward’s relentless pursuit of drug traffickers in Limon Province for the implosion of the Tweety-Bird gang, and asked rhetorically why the federal government was incapable of following his brilliant example

    12. A forty-year missionary effort in which he is credited with being the author of letters to guess what? Seven churches

    13. But Paul did not choose the letters credited to him

    14. Mandal of Rigved and is credited with the first correct prediction of

    15. See other examples: the donations of trillion dollars that are collected by Third Sector; the payments of wages that are effected by the companies; the taxes and duties that are deposited in the Banks; savings and investment of billion of citizens that are credited in bank current account; governmental transfers that are sent to States and Municipal districts and other values that circulate in the banking system

    16. doesn’t let the credited income to be utilized for other ends or being embezzled

    17. The monetary amount credited in the Current Account “Personal” constitutes the

    18. converts this credited money in Virtual Coin for

    19. This new coin results of the computation of values, which is credited or debited in Current Account “Personal”

    20. For instance, all the corporations receive a full income in working capital form that is credited in its Current Account “Personal” to pay suppliers and to accomplish its production, without there to be financial burden, without it is loan and without the need of its devolution

    21. For instance, a citizen receives sufficient income that is credited periodically in its Current Account “Personal” for usufruct of the wealth and complete attendance to its necessities for all its life, independently that is working

    22. Therefore, the cycle of the utilization of the generated wealth with its products and services happens when the individuals utilize the credited income and received with abundance in Virtual Coin “Utilizational” to only accomplish transactions of payments with the organizations that render them services so that they validate the process of those organizations

    23. For instance: Brazilian tourist when paying the hotel in Japan will have the debit in its Current Account “Personal” with the coin of Brazil and the hotel will receive equal credited value immediately in its Current Account “Personal” with the coin of its country

    24. Those images or illustrations which have not been credited are used according to the rules of Wikimedia Commons, are in the public domain, are used under the free licence agreement, purchased for commercial use or they are images I have taken myself

    25. The cut-out cremation illustration on the cover of the book is credited to Henry Mühlpfordt

    26. They also have a great tiered referral program, which you're credited 5-10% of everything the referral makes

    27. Conklin credited his wife

    28. The truth behind Obama’s intent is obscured, as it is calculated to be, by what is widely credited as his great oratory

    29. Wow! That"s pretty impressive! He is also credited with creating all life, giving this life the ability to procreate, gather food and continue its existence

    30. credited with rescuing UN staffers who were buried under the rubble of the

    31. The impression was gone almost before he’d credited it, and left no colour on his mind

    32. Perhaps the enemy was expending his powers on the scribe and had less time for other battles? She hoped so, especially as Simon Hartstongue appeared to have abilities greater than they’d credited him with

    33. When you believe, your faith is credited as your

    34. National NLUS President Fanning credited the Coast Guard with being the primary federal agency for maritime law enforcement and security, and said the naval service was chronically under staffed and underfunded, given its responsibility over “25,000 miles of coastline to patrol, 350 ports,” and thousands of “foreign flag ships, many of them carrying hazardous materials,” some of which come ”from countries identified by the U

    35. Collins has been credited with enhancing the morale and cohesion of Team Coast Guard, and upgrading the technology, facilities, and air and water platforms of the service

    36. ” In 1964, Phyllis Schlafly wrote the book, A Choice, Not An Echo, which sold three million copies and is credited with winning the Republican nomination for Goldwater

    37. The Greek philosopher Protagoras, who is credited with authoring this statement, was an agnostic whose philosophy foreshadowed secular humanism

    38. A proverb credited to Cato the Elder has it that wise men learn more from fools than

    39. Mussolini’s regime is often credited

    40. Actually, he credited

    41. She credited it to the fact that they were not

    42. largely credited with help ushering in the

    43. Moreover, the department and DS would be credited for cleaning its own house

    44. Called the world's fastest woman (Page 1991), she not only credited her

    45. One modern day bloodhound, if you call the early 1900‘s modern, was credited with picking up a scent four days old and following it to its owner—an escaped convict

    46. Several team members credited her with saving their lives

    47. should rightly be credited to the masses, which created

    48. He was credited with saving the lives of over a dozen women and children by giving them time to flee while he delayed the assault on their house

    49. He was credited with saving many lives

    50. Saul credited the success of the MMARV operations to J

    1. And let the presbyters be compassionate and merciful to all bringing back those that wander visiting all the sick and not neglecting the widow the orphan or the poor but always “providing for that which is becoming in the sight of God and man”; abstaining from all wrath respect of persons and unjust judgment; keeping far off from all covetousness not quickly crediting an evil report against any one not severe in judgment as knowing that we are all under a debt of sin

    2. crediting her reaction to the fact they barely knew each other

    3. ����������� �These days, electronic crediting and debiting are used a lot more often than cash money

    4. crediting him with the idea

    5. Chin had to do was doctor the paperwork that the deputy warden had unwittingly signed which stipulated that a two hundred and fifty thousand dollar payoff was to be direct-deposited into his secure bank account by way of crediting his debit card that was listed as his primary checking account

    6. I’m having trouble crediting that you would go into this situation effectively unarmed

    7. , Gulf States Steel Corporation in 1933, have followed the better practice of crediting this profit direct to surplus

    8. Examples: Hall Printing Company wrote up its property account by $6,222,000 in 1926 and 1931, crediting this “appraisal increment” to capital surplus

    9. He said, “You might be crediting me with more forethought than I have, Tandy

    10. Typically, a liability reserve is set up by writing off the expected cost of the restructuring as an expense and crediting a restructuring reserve or other accrued liabilities and payables account that is recorded as a liability on the balance sheet

    1. “I got more than enough credits to graduate,” I said

    2. the opening credits started to play

    3. I just have to see to it that they can meet the states requirements for credits

    4. First of all, you could take six college credits which would be like half being a full time student and you can get half of your G

    5. Credits of this kind are, I believe, commonly granted by banks and bankers in all different parts of the world

    6. The banks, they seem to have thought, could extend their credits to whatever sum might be wanted, without incurring any other expense besides that of a few reams of paper

    7. They complained of the contracted views and dastardly spirit of the directors of those banks, which did not, they said, extend their credits in proportion to the extension of the trade of the country ; meaning, no doubt, by the extension of that trade, the extension of their own projects beyond what they could carry on either with their own capital, or with what they had credit to borrow of private people in the usual way of bond or mortgage

    8. The banks, however, were of a different opinion ; and upon their refusing to extend their credits, some of those traders had recourse to an expedient which, for a time, served their purpose, though at a much greater expense, yet as effectually as the utmost extension of bank credits could have done

    9. The man who employs his capital in land, has it more under his view and command ; and his fortune is much less liable to accidents than that of the trader, who is obliged frequently to commit it, not only to the winds and the waves, but to the more uncertain elements of human folly and injustice, by giving great credits, in distant countries, to men with whose character and situation he can seldom be thoroughly acquainted

    10. and the credits started to roll (Elaine had memorized

    11. watched until the last of the credits had rolled

    12. Elaine's father only managed to watch the opening credits

    13. Roll the credits!

    14. Buying and selling upon credit, and the different dealers compensating their credits with one another, once a-month, or once a-year, will supply it with less inconveniency

    15. When neither of them imports from from other to a greater amount than it exports to that other, the debts and credits of each may compensate one another

    16. But when one of them imports from the other to a greater value than it exports to that other, the former necessarily becomes indebted to the latter in a greater sum than the latter becomes indebted to it: the debts and credits of each do not compensate one another, and money must be sent out from that place of which the debts overbalance the credits

    17. If, for such a bill, no more additional money was paid than what was sufficient to compensate the expense of the French coinage, the real exchange might be at par between the two countries; their debts and credits might mutually compensate one another, while the computed exchange was considerably in favour of France

    18. The owners of bank credits, and the holders of receipts, constitute two different sorts of creditors against the bank

    19. The far greater part of the bank money, or of the credits upon the books of the bank, is supposed to have been created, for these many years past, by such deposits, which the dealers in bullion are continually both making and withdrawing

    20. His wages were strictly Atlantica credits, so he would need something else to offer the air service or their government

    21. the difference between credits and debits in an account

    22. The story in Pittsburgh is that Atlantica plans to leverage the Aquifer in order to gain trade and economic credits from the UN

    23. I had no EURO funds or gold credits

    24. memoirs, he credits this to “the breezes of a loftier region

    25. Pay a few credits to the

    26. The only way out was to save enough credits to bribe an official, but a Roller would never be able to earn enough to do that

    27. The credits in this man’s account would keep him in comfort for the rest of his life

    28. With this amount of credits anything was possible

    29. He probably made a million credits or star-bucks a year

    30. She had always liked that idea, part of the Republican’s so-called “Contract with America,” probably because she liked debits and credits to balance out

    31. with state-based high risk pools to provide affordable coverage and tax credits where needed

    32. “Social” of the agreed organization in Virtual Coin and it credits equal value in the Current Account

    33. Bank3Sector of Japan credits in Virtual Coins the negotiated value in the Current Account “Personal” of the financial institution that is creditor of the foreign debt security in Japan, such as: Central Bank, private Bank, investment Fund or world financial organism

    34. and the Area of Activity FINANCES credits this value

    35. All receive in Virtual Coins and they utilize those credits in its Current Accounts “Personal” through the solicitation of services rendering of the agreed organizations that is offered by the Coordenational Structure

    36. He flew in a private jet and to offset this pollution and the energy consumption in his three homes (fourteen thousand–plus square feet) he paid for carbon credits to a firm, it turned out, he partly owned!

    37. Lafayette College released its male student body for the effort and Cornell offered course credits to volunteers

    38. After that rather novel expression of thanksgiving, he began with a more predictable line of credits, thanking his mother for cooking the turkey and his father for buying the turkey

    39. “I’m sure you know that Terry split songwriting credits with Nigel and that each wrote his own songs

    40. They also have a great affiliate program which credits you $5 for every referral you send, who completes at least one survey

    41. that AC credits transfer to Texas’ public

    42. He credits his brother Jose, who

    43. You studied hard and graduated with the required credits

    44. greatest asset and credits his staff with much of

    45. MA, and credits towards a PhD in the process

    46. The credits are transferable to universities throughout the United States, and many students from states other than California join this effective and relatively inexpensive study abroad program

    47. To create just one gallon of fuel, ethanol consumes roughly four gallons of water and that when you count the water needed to grow the corn it requires 1,7 00 gallons of water, according to Cornell‘s David Pimentel, and 51 cents of tax credits

    48. As a result, they sent teachers to our Route 32 condo and Mike finished his junior year with enough credits to return as a senior

    49. Mike had taken a three-month drafting course at Thames Valley State Tech just down the road, but forgot to take his exams, so he earned no credits which might have later transferred to UConn Avery Point

    50. involved in various ways, and then spend these credits on website visitors to

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    Synonyms for "credit"

    credit course credit credit rating recognition acknowledgment citation cite mention quotation reference deferred payment credit entry accredit power authority influence trust belief confidence credence faith reliance credibility trustworthiness reputation worth honour character prestige condition distinction esteem merit commendation funds assets stocks bonds account believe confide in have faith in

    "credit" definitions


    money available for a client to borrow

    an accounting entry acknowledging income or capital items

    used in the phrase `to your credit' in order to indicate an achievement deserving praise

    arrangement for deferred payment for goods and services

    recognition by a college or university that a course of studies has been successfully completed; typically measured in semester hours

    a short note recognizing a source of information or of a quoted passage

    an entry on a list of persons who contributed to a film or written work

    an estimate, based on previous dealings, of a person's or an organization's ability to fulfill their financial commitments

    give someone credit for something

    ascribe an achievement to

    accounting: enter as credit

    have trust in; trust in the truth or veracity of