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Credit in a sentence | credit example sentences

  1. A credit to the party.
  2. To the credit of his.
  3. This credit has had a.
  4. Add in the credit of $0.
  5. My credit would be good.

  7. On all his credit cards.
  8. I have credit card debts.
  9. And she might credit it.
  10. No debit or credit cards.
  11. It is a credit to you as.
  12. He should take the credit.
  13. This gave us a credit of $.
  14. Who Else Gets the Credit:.
  15. He gave Credit a knowing.

  16. The war on Low APR credit.
  17. Get a credit card with a.
  18. Say, a donut is one credit.
  19. Give me some credit, Sam.
  20. Credit headed for his truck.
  21. There is a net credit of 0.
  22. I then put the credit of 2.
  23. Just like child tax credit.
  24. The credit union was also.
  25. And you collected a credit.

  26. Credit pretended to be hurt.
  27. Give the reader some credit.
  28. Credit closed his eyes and.
  29. Credit sensed the panic in.
  30. Well give her some credit.
  31. Letter to the Credit Bureau.
  32. Do not rely on credit cards.
  33. Credit gazed stupidly at her.
  34. Credit had no answer for him.
  35. The initial credit is then.
  36. Credit wasn't about to argue.
  37. Credit pointed down the wash.
  38. Nominated Bank of that Credit.
  39. Her credit card, her rules.
  40. Credit cards can be replaced.
  41. He broke out another credit.
  42. Your credit card is returned.
  43. I have to give Sherrie credit.
  44. Laouste– took credit for it.
  45. He always gave credit to God.
  46. Is his credit card safe?
  47. The relevancy of any credit.
  48. Again to her credit, Hesper.
  49. How the Elderly Credit Works?
  50. Credit? I'm sorry I said that.
  51. I'll give her credit for that.
  52. A credit meant we’d rented.
  53. If the credit bubble and its.
  54. Who could figure? Credit mused.
  55. Who deserves the credit here?
  56. To his credit Gavin left the.
  57. I didn’t have a credit card.
  58. Credit stared down at her legs.
  59. Because we have a credit of 2.
  60. His name was Credit Lews and.
  61. What will I do? Credit whined.
  62. They tell her that her credit.
  63. You are a credit to me and.
  64. Credit selected a rock on the.
  65. How is the tax credit claimed?
  66. It does not have a credit limit.
  67. This is the chase credit cards.
  68. Will that be cash or credit?
  69. The credit cards have been cut.
  70. The line of credit is increased.
  71. The net result is a credit of 2.
  72. Credit card is an image of money.
  73. She knew she had to warn Credit.
  74. For this reason credit for the.
  75. Crazy? No, Credit wasn’t crazy.
  76. Pay off credit cards each month.
  77. Not to mention cash and credit.
  78. But I can’t claim much credit.
  79. Credit shook his head and smiled.
  80. To Hal's credit, he finally sold.
  81. Think like God and bring credit.
  82. The price of letters of credit:.
  83. How is the tax credit computed?
  84. Even though my credit card use.
  85. Give credit where credit is due.
  86. My credit cards are in my purse.
  87. The net result is a credit of 0.
  88. Something had happened to Credit.
  89. They deserve some of the credit.
  90. These farms gave food on credit.
  91. Is Vital To Your Credit History.
  92. Your distress does you credit.
  93. She could have your credit card.
  94. Credit laid back and did the same.
  95. Credit squinted into the distance.
  96. The credit is issued in his favor.
  97. He is inclined to live on credit.
  98. Credit watched the bird observe.
  99. Using these quotes, a credit of 3.
  100. She has not used her credit card.
  1. He said, You might be crediting me with more forethought than I have, Tandy.
  2. I’m having trouble crediting that you would go into this situation effectively unarmed.
  3. Examples: Hall Printing Company wrote up its property account by $6,222,000 in 1926 and 1931, crediting this appraisal increment to capital surplus.
  4. Typically, a liability reserve is set up by writing off the expected cost of the restructuring as an expense and crediting a restructuring reserve or other accrued liabilities and payables account that is recorded as a liability on the balance sheet.
  5. Chin had to do was doctor the paperwork that the deputy warden had unwittingly signed which stipulated that a two hundred and fifty thousand dollar payoff was to be direct-deposited into his secure bank account by way of crediting his debit card that was listed as his primary checking account.
  6. And let the presbyters be compassionate and merciful to all bringing back those that wander visiting all the sick and not neglecting the widow the orphan or the poor but always providing for that which is becoming in the sight of God and man; abstaining from all wrath respect of persons and unjust judgment; keeping far off from all covetousness not quickly crediting an evil report against any one not severe in judgment as knowing that we are all under a debt of sin.
  1. I am credited on you for six millions.
  2. He was credited with saving many lives.
  3. Mussolini’s regime is often credited.
  4. Bigelow was also credited with preventing.
  5. The Mac is often credited with popularizing.
  6. She credited it to the fact that they were not.
  7. When you believe, your faith is credited as your.
  8. But Paul did not choose the letters credited to him.
  9. The next three questions must be credited to the CBC.
  10. It is only credited to the bank account of the payee.
  11. Saul credited the success of the MMARV operations to J.
  12. Ceana credited the soreness in her back for her ability.
  13. Cheques payable to a partner are not be credited to the.
  14. Several team members credited her with saving their lives.
  15. That one family is credited for killing over 100,000 heku.
  16. The fact that the individual credited with the early books of.
  17. Knop is often credited with producing the first commercial unit.
  18. I credited Keturah the most for the success of what was happening.
  19. In his illustrious life Sir Isaac Newton was credited with saying:.
  20. They are just credited with the performance gains of the index blend.
  21. Mandal of Rigved and is credited with the first correct prediction of.
  22. Peter, the man credited in the book of Matthew with founding the Church.
  23. He credited his change of heart to a good woman whom he met and married.
  24. She credited it for turning her towards becoming an excellent therapist.
  25. Your account will be credited with (320 – 300) × $500 × 2 = $20,000.
  26. If the buyer wires the money, it will usually be credited the same day.
  27. Your account will be credited with (300 – 250) × $500 × 3 = $75,000.
  28. P Hubble is generally credited with discovering the red shift of galaxies.
  29. Called the world's fastest woman (Page 1991), she not only credited her.
  30. Archbishop Emeritus, the nation’s moral giant, is credited with saying:.
  31. Moreover, the department and DS would be credited for cleaning its own house.
  32. Since then, lots of sunken boats in the area have been credited to her ghost.
  33. They simply credited the accounts of people and firms that they owed money to.
  34. His approach has been credited as the origin of current candlestick analysis.
  35. If he then sells at the market price of $435, $35 will be credited to his account.
  36. This amount, less income tax thereon of $104,000, was credited to surplus in 1936.
  37. Judas of Galilee was credited by the Jewish-Roman historian Josephus with being a.
  38. The monetary amount credited in the Current Account Personal constitutes the.
  39. A proverb credited to Cato the Elder has it that wise men learn more from fools than.
  40. APOC is credited with kick-starting the application of Knowledge Management in business.
  41. I visited Major Dows and her pilots one hour ago, to give them the final credited scores.
  42. The impression was gone almost before he’d credited it, and left no colour on his mind.
  43. I consider the featured part to be the following statement credited to Stephen Kendrick:.
  44. These receipts were not reported as current income but were credited directly to surplus.
  45. Payments made after the said date will be credited, but will also be fined a lateness fee.
  46. The cut-out cremation illustration on the cover of the book is credited to Henry Mühlpfordt.
  47. If the point value is $100, the trader’s account will be credited with 25 × $100 = $2,500.
  48. Essiac is credited to the Canadian Nurse René Caisse, who lived in the early twentieth century.
  49. With the futures contract now trading at 1,025, the trader’s account will be credited with 25.
  50. This bird belonged to the finest of the eight species credited to Papua and its neighboring islands.
  51. If the value of each index point is $100, the long futures position will be credited with $100 × 1.
  52. But once again, said, Bridges, the UK is being credited with having somehow organised it all.
  53. They also have a great tiered referral program, which you're credited 5-10% of everything the referral makes.
  54. He’s credited with describing a system of philosophy concerned with relationships of cause, act, and effect.
  55. My own reputation suffered from his actions, for our close resemblance caused me to be credited with many of them.
  56. This new coin results of the computation of values, which is credited or debited in Current Account Personal.
  57. The names are different but the message is the same credited to give the large that is needed against Satan terror.
  58. A forty-year missionary effort in which he is credited with being the author of letters to guess what? Seven churches.
  59. He was credited with writing the seminal Taoist work, the Tao Te Ching, and he was recognized as the founder of Taoism.
  60. With the sellers’ accounts credited, the cash is made available to be withdrawn by account holders when cash is needed.
  61. The truth behind Obama’s intent is obscured, as it is calculated to be, by what is widely credited as his great oratory.
  62. We used a sound bite from Rivers Cuomo, the lead singer of Weezer, who credited the practice with curing his stage fright.
  63. These were the guys who were later credited with, ‘cheerfully,’ sacrificing their lives for the upper-class establishment.
  64. The team he supervised was credited with helping to make terrorists think twice about their raiding forays into the United States.
  65. It tracks and tabulates every ivote automatically, everything you look at is constantly credited, evaluated, analyzed and projected.
  66. If the opening index value is 1,040 and the multiplier is again $100, the trader who is long the option will be credited with $4,000.
  67. Each year, the cash value of your account gets credited with an amount of interest gain based on the performance of the blended index.
  68. I always check the credits to see who’s writing their own songs and Smokey’s songs are always credited to Smokey Robinson and the.
  69. If accounts lately received are to be credited, we may calculate on the universal control of the French Emperor over the ports of Europe.
  70. In our example, we can see that the trader prefers upward movement because he can earn interest on the variation credited to his account.
  71. If the gossips are to be credited, Count Philippe has sworn that, for the first time on record, the Chagnys shall not keep their promise.
  72. Even the communist Chinese leader Mao Zedong partially credited his victory over Chiang Kai-shek and the Kuomintang in 1949 to this text.
  73. On the other hand, if the market index goes up 23%, the policy holder will be credited with a 17% gain on the total cash value of his policy.
  74. In this moment of my assuming my 64th year, I find that another gift has come to me that I would scarce have credited a very short time before.
  75. If one invention can be credited (or blamed, if you prefer) with having created the twentieth-century teenager, it was the 45 rpm single record.
  76. The Greek philosopher Protagoras, who is credited with authoring this statement, was an agnostic whose philosophy foreshadowed secular humanism.
  77. He was credited with saving the lives of over a dozen women and children by giving them time to flee while he delayed the assault on their house.
  78. Marta had credited him with the possession of sane views, and even with a restraining power over the general's everlastingly discontented vanity.
  79. The old man had just finished his lunch, and certainly his empty dish bore evidence to the good appetite with which his housekeeper had credited him.
  80. Whenever you sign a Brand Name Loyalty Oath, your eye time is recorded and your account is credited or debited according to what and how long you gaze.
  81. Steve Wynn, the billionaire gambling mogul credited with transforming Las Vegas into the entertainment capital of the world, is one of my dearest friends.
  82. The inventor of the electric starting gate for horse racing is credited to Clay Puett, who was a rider and starter at various tracks in the American West.
  83. She credited him for her existence, when the truth of the matter was that Alec didn't care the least bit about her father, had never intended to save him.
  84. He’s also credited with inventing an algorithm for the systematic identification of prime numbers, in addition to his work in cartography and other fields.
  85. Buffett has credited Munger for encouraging him to focus on long-term sustainable growth rather than on simply the valuation of current cash flows or assets.
  86. In the future, I was determined, that there would be a series of press announcements, and at each announcement each attendee would be credited with the award.
  87. Within another three months the seven part series was in production with one well known actor, two lesser known but credited actors and a retinue of unknowns.
  88. Wow! Thats pretty impressive! He is also credited with creating all life, giving this life the ability to procreate, gather food and continue its existence.
  89. Barron and many of Coltrane’s other biographers credited his experimentation and spirituality with the notes that came out of his saxophone as he developed.
  90. You know what their reaction was? That they were most happy, not for getting credited for those air kills, but for having prevented a bombing of Henderson Field.
  91. But because the options are settled like stock, the profit on the synthetic position will be unrealized—there will be no cash credited to the trader’s account.
  92. The letter of the Duke of Cadore, of the 5th of August, was already before the public, but it was not credited that on this letter the proclamation had been issued.
  93. Stark then credited every officer in his command and the state police for all they had done to stop this one-man crime wave that took the lives of innocent citizens.
  94. The trader who owns the call will be credited with an amount equal to the difference between the exercise price and the opening index value times the index multiplier.
  95. One modern day bloodhound, if you call the early 1900‘s modern, was credited with picking up a scent four days old and following it to its owner—an escaped convict.
  96. This could be a big propaganda coup against the Taliban, Maryam, and I will make sure that your women will be credited for it…without being named publicly, of course.
  97. Elizabeth Boggs later credited Eunice’s Saturday Evening Post article with helping to pave the way for public acceptance of the many recommendations made in the report.
  98. Collins has been credited with enhancing the morale and cohesion of Team Coast Guard, and upgrading the technology, facilities, and air and water platforms of the service.
  99. Captain Michael Wittmann and his crew have been credited with destroying one hundred and thirty eight tanks and one hundred and thirty two anti-tank guns when they were killed.
  100. Melanie knew she had Ashley securely, so she could well afford to any woman and had never credited any woman except her mother with motives other show such a Christian spirit.
  1. Pay a few credits to the.
  2. He also credits blind chance.
  3. Now look in the Credits column.
  4. He credits his brother Jose, who.
  5. Because elections use up credits.
  6. Child and Dependent Care Credits -.
  7. Scarce credits what his eyes can see.
  8. I had no EURO funds or gold credits.
  9. But he gained credits a friend vouched.
  10. He began to bet max credits while play-.
  11. There were no secured credits outstanding.
  12. Please collect all the credits you can.
  13. MA, and credits towards a PhD in the process.
  14. The use of it withheld Credits from the OWG.
  15. Some tax credits, though, are non-refundable.
  16. And the credits would not be physical in form.
  17. He credits Nelson, commonly considered to have.
  18. Those deaths could have saved even more credits.
  19. With this amount of credits anything was possible.
  20. However, since the credits would bestow economic.
  21. These credits can be used for Goods and Services.
  22. The movie ended and, when the credits started, we.
  23. Take as many credits as you can handle at one time.
  24. Workers would be paid with electronic credits on a.
  25. History credits the Persians with this honor.
  26. Plus, he was in enough trouble regarding sex credits.
  27. Further, credits total will be placed in liability /.
  28. She cashed out her six hundred and fifty credits that.
  29. He probably made a million credits or star-bucks a year.
  30. The community used Federation credits for its currency.
  31. Credits given in lieu of army certificates cancelled; 7.
  32. The analysis of the GMAC credits focused on all of these.
  33. I got more than enough credits to graduate, I said.
  34. You studied hard and graduated with the required credits.
  35. Her name didn’t appear in the opening credits, however.
  36. If you don’t have any credits, don’t worry about them.
  37. Elaine's father only managed to watch the opening credits.
  38. Not enough credits were available to fix the bus properly.
  39. And after you get paid, you’ll have some credits to use.
  40. Tax credits are different from tax deductions or allowances.
  41. Soon the thousand credits had just became the minimum wage.
  42. But with tax credits, you get to reduce your taxes directly.
  43. Exchange user is busy surfing to gain credits for themselves.
  44. Let’s just say it started off as a government credits idea.
  45. At some point, they’d receive a few credits to shut them up.
  46. After that the rests of the credits in that semester are free.
  47. A rough mental calculation put the value at a million credits.
  48. The bank, in turn would loan those credits out to worthwhile.
  49. While the final credits were still rolling the com-unit in the.
  50. If someone wanted something that cost more than the credits he.
  51. They use up credits that could generate more Goods and Services.
  52. Credits to the account are first appropriated to discharge the.
  53. Credits increase income account balances and debits decrease them.
  54. Pat and I writhed as our credits rolled by on the screen and hoped.
  55. Practice for Documentary Credits applies (UCP 600 being the latest.
  56. In order to graduate, you need x math credits and y English credits.
  57. You simply select the safelists from which you want to earn credits.
  58. We put on the head phones and watched as the opening credits started.
  59. The Coalition funneled billions of credits into the anomaly program.
  60. The agent will figure it out when you don’t mention writing credits.
  61. Although documentary credits are enforceable once communicated to the.
  62. Stan’s interest went up again as the credits appeared on the screen.
  63. The new Government that developed started with the issuing of credits.
  64. Of course, sex credits, Locke mused, his legs locking up then relaxing.
  65. Jeff searched the audience as the opening credits of Enter the Dragon.
  66. Most universities charge you per credit, but only up to twelve credits.
  67. She’s never referred to by name and the credits list her as The Girl.
  68. Credits for the pay of the Army, for which no certificates were issued.
  69. The more credits you have, the more traffic you will receive in return.
  70. These crates and kegs represent millions of credits in alcohol products.
  71. Even if that meant less monthly credits so the OWG could be more secure.
  72. This is because of the new energy-efficiency home and vehicle tax credits.
  73. Credits for the pay of the army for which no certificates were issued; 8.
  74. The OWG deserves its credits to be collected because of all it does for us.
  75. There are certain limitations that exist when filing your child tax credits.
  76. However, this all pre-supposed a female would use her sex credits with Hiss.
  77. Somebody who needs something that can’t be obtained with your OWG credits.
  78. Cheers and whistles leaped up and fil ed the air as the credits rol ed up the.
  79. The project cost millions of credits to get the three astronauts there and back.
  80. Eating out cost more credits than staying in, so the Masses ate out infrequently.
  81. I just have to see to it that they can meet the states requirements for credits.
  82. Your publishing credits should be paid credits, rather than work you've done for.
  83. Music began to play as the ship zipped by, credits rolling, and then faded to black.
  84. The waitress put up with it, smiling as if she recently received five extra credits.
  85. It’s definitely worth upgrading and getting a butt-load of credits to start with.
  86. But there was no way he’d ever use his sex credits with another female beside Jade.
  87. Whilst members you’ve referred surf and recruit others – you will receive credits.
  88. The One World Government un-mandated such devices since they used up too many credits.
  89. With tax credits, the burden that taxpayers carry them throughout the year is lessened.
  90. The credits in this man’s account would keep him in comfort for the rest of his life.
  91. In addition to your bio, if you have publishing credits you'll want to mention them here.
  92. I had arranged the necessary credits for her and she was able to pay cash for everything.
  93. If a person had more credits accumulated in his account than he had immediate need of he.
  94. The device was no bigger than the card used to swipe in their sex credits, and just as thin.
  95. You could even receive credits that would reach over $2,000, which is actually the maximum.
  96. Lending banks are the creditors for supplying air which in turn supplies credits to markets.
  97. Full bibliographical credits for a reference source will be footnoted for the first referral.
  98. The equivalent of hundreds of millions of Imperium Credits per year at the least, Countess.
  99. Then a few years ago, the new Exalted Ruler mandated the moon was a waste of time and credits.
  100. I wonder such a fool was ever able to get together as much property as report credits you with.

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