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Dough in a sentence

Cut the dough in half.
There was no dough day.
I have plenty of dough.
Shape dough into a heart.
Now the dough must rise.
Roll out dough into pan.
She was lousy with dough.

I really need some dough.
Knead dough a little again.
On it, roll out the dough.
Mix dough with hands a bit.
She put the dough in my hand.
Knead the dough for 1 or 2.
Let the dough dry for 1 hour.
The dough will be loose and.
Roll the dough only when hard.
Press the dough into the pan.
Method to roll out the dough.
Mix to a dough with the water.
Method to roll out the dough:.
X in the cen- ter of the dough.
Divide dough into two portions.
Poop in the bread dough?
Cover the dough with damp cloth.
Mix with water to plastic dough.
Roll the dough as you would for.
Repeat with the rest of the dough.
The room smelt of dough and grapes.
Grady kneading dough on the counter.
Place the rolled dough on the palm.
He openly admits that he uses dough.
Pat the corn bread dough into a 14-in.
Add eggs and beat them into the dough.
Roll out the dough to the size of the.
Place the dough in a greased bowl and.
Add enough flour to make a stiff dough.
Place the rolled dough on the palm of.
Roll dough and cut into 4 inch circles.
Press and flute edges of the pie dough.
Roll dough out to thickness of 1/2 inch.

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