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Sugar in a sentence | sugar example sentences

  1. The sugar in my tea.
  2. Add the sugar to taste.
  3. Sugar is sugar but the.
  4. With all of that sugar.
  5. Add the sugar and lemon.

  6. Bread gives a sugar rush.
  7. He put sugar in the trap.
  8. Add brown sugar and stir.
  9. I didn’t ask for sugar.
  10. Pour out any excess sugar.
  11. The sugar reading was 181.
  12. Don't sugar coat it, Liz.
  13. But sugar turns to spirit.
  14. Tea, without sugar or milk.
  15. By the Sugar and Sassafras.

  16. Sugar can affect this area.
  17. Cream the butter and sugar.
  18. Stir into hot sugar mixture.
  19. The mighty Sugar would say:.
  20. Spread 1/2 cup brown sugar.
  21. You are a sugar refiner, Mr.
  22. Beat the eggs into the sugar.
  23. Sugar planted one on my lips.
  24. Beat the butter with the sugar.
  25. Add the sugar and lemon juice.

  26. Just call me Elvira, sugar.
  27. But corn is almost pure sugar.
  28. The pill is coated with sugar.
  29. Never use sugar, he said.
  30. No sugar, I got it last year.
  31. Cream the butter and the sugar.
  32. Sprinkle a little sugar on top.
  33. I put the milk and sugar into.
  34. Bobby said you prefer Sugar.
  35. I’m hating this one, sugar.
  36. Add sugar & butter an mix well.
  37. When hot, strain and add sugar.
  38. Sprinkle pear halves with sugar.
  39. Carl scattered sugar on his mush.
  40. Tired she is, of Sugar and Sass.
  41. Then he set out cream and sugar.
  42. Proof yeast in water with sugar.
  43. Roll the balls in powdered sugar.
  44. It all gets converted into sugar.
  45. Pretty please with sugar on top.
  46. Stir in the confectioners' sugar.
  47. Vogel measured the sugar carefully.
  48. Hey sugar, don’t be like that.
  49. Sophy would put sugar there for it.
  50. Christ sugar, you taste so good.
  51. Sugar was on the table, they said.
  52. He obviously liked tea with sugar.
  53. Now, heed me well, sugar is a salt.
  54. Cream the butter and sugar together.
  55. I think I like sugar, he said.
  56. He apologized for not having sugar.
  57. Put the sugar into a clean saucepan.
  58. Whisk with the sugar into meringue.
  59. Add the brown sugar and white sugar.
  60. It’s just too much sugar at once.
  61. Sprinkle 1/4 cup of the sugar over.
  62. Insulin spikes to process the sugar.
  63. Sprinkle with sugar and grated lem.
  64. The sugar helps the onions to brown.
  65. Beat the butter and sugar to a cream.
  66. Combine eggs, sugar, and apricots.
  67. Cream together the butter and sugar.
  68. The sugar reading was another issue.
  69. You got it okay there, sugar?
  70. Cream the butter, sugar and cheese.
  71. I've got tea and sugar and a samovar.
  72. A can of Pepsi has 41 grams of sugar.
  73. Her spoon ceased to stir up the sugar.
  74. Stevia is not a sugar; it is an herb.
  75. Add sugar to it and continue boiling.
  76. At end of 1 hour, add sugar to taste.
  77. Mix cream cheese, sugar, & Cool Whip.
  78. A sugar swan sailed over one of them.
  79. Lead him here and bring me some sugar.
  80. Testing yeast can be done using sugar.
  81. In a pot combine water, sugar and salt.
  82. No sugar or cream should be used for.
  83. The sugar reminded her of the brownies.
  84. I have a telegram for Eight Dog Sugar.
  85. The horses love you, especially Sugar.
  86. Powdered sugar cascades down his chin.
  87. Do not use the same sugar syrup more.
  88. It starts out as sugar cane, and then.
  89. Blend 1/3 cup sugar with the cornstarch.
  90. Beat the yolks and add sugar and lemon.
  91. Proof yeast in the water with the sugar.
  92. Hey pretty girl, she said to Sugar.
  93. Sprinkle top of cake with powdered sugar.
  94. Could be sugar, could be something else.
  95. Serve hot with cream and sugar or sauce.
  96. Roll in confectioners' sugar, and serve.
  97. Sprinkle on the brown sugar, flour and.
  98. Sprinkle about 1/2 cup of sugar on the.
  99. In other words, I was having a sugar fit.
  100. If you ate a lot of sugar and processed.
  1. Sugaring: Recipes to Try Yourself.
  2. Waxing or sugaring is generally best.
  3. Then use a waxing or sugaring solution.
  4. What are the differences between sugaring and waxing?
  5. Sugaring With Hair Inhibitors Is A Perfect Combination!.
  6. Waxing or sugaring is the best method for all these areas.
  7. The coffees arrived and they busied themselves with sugaring and stirring.
  8. As sugaring removes hair by the root, the hair inhibitor has maximum effect.
  9. The effects are less than with other hair removal methods such as tweezing, waxing or sugaring.
  10. It is an art to produce a sugaring paste with the right consistency which provides best results.
  11. Men have one exception - they cannot use sugaring on the beard due to a different hair root system.
  12. Waxing and sugaring are preferred although you have to wait until there is about a quarter of an inch of growth.
  13. Some hair removal methods such as waxing, sugaring and threading can only remove the hairs which are currently above the skin by 1/8 or 1/4 inch.
  14. Rosemary passed around the coffee mugs and when they had all completed the ceremony of milking and sugaring she had to pull out a chair on the opposite side of the table from Frank to sit.
  15. It took all my self-restraint not to piss on him when he wittered on about the problems of bringing up a physically and mentally challenged child; sugaring the pill by insisting that god loved me, even if the rest of the world would find it all but impossible to love such a strange little creature.
  1. He sugared his coffee.
  2. The sugared sonnets follow Sidney's.
  3. Nuts like cashews, peanuts, chestnuts or ones that have been sugared.
  4. One heavily sugared tea and a large bowl of Sugar Puffs, wasn't it?
  5. They filled their plates, poured bacon gravy over the biscuits, and sugared their coffee.
  6. The dessert was served: sugared strawberries, honey wafers, dates and raisins, and spiced wine.
  7. He actually said ya’ll, his voice sugared with a trace of drawl from his years in Florida.
  8. My coffee came and I sugared it heavily and then followed up the sugar with a triple dose of cream.
  9. Just now, before I came down to you, I drank a glass of sugared water; I left half, because it seemed so bitter.
  10. Jo's one strong point was the fruit, for she had sugared it well, and had a pitcher of rich cream to eat with it.
  11. I found the chief in his office, staring at his computer, coffee mug in hand, a box of sugared doughnuts on the side chair.
  12. It was Agent What’shisname, the one everyone called Scooter, of all absurd things—Scooter, with the eager eyes and constant snacking on sugared carbs.
  13. José Arcadio would bring slices of ham to him in his room, sugared flowers which left a spring-like aftertaste in his mouth, and on two occasions a glass of fine wine.
  14. The endless hours had only been broken on occasion by Madame Luc bringing in hot coffee and sugared delights, which refreshed them both, allowing for further hours of tedious attempts.
  15. Oli White (UK), host of the Guinness World Records OMG! YouTube channel, broke his own record for eating a sugared jam doughnut – without using his hands or licking his lips – in 30.
  16. These sugared words, displaying so much of the milk of human kindness, seem to have perfectly reconciled us to his loving Majesty, and to have quite obliterated the remembrance of his harsh and unkind language so lately used towards us.
  17. Sister Perpetue was a robust nun from Marines near Pontoise, who chattered her patois, droned, grumbled, sugared the potion according to the bigotry or the hypocrisy of the invalid, treated her patients abruptly, roughly, was crabbed with the dying, almost flung God in their faces, stoned their death agony with prayers mumbled in a rage; was bold, honest, and ruddy.
  18. Without stopping and without hurrying, Natálya Nikoláevna dressed herself, and upon the arrival of her husband and her son everything was ready: the trunks were no longer in the rooms; in Pierre's sleeping-room everything was arranged as it had been for several decades in Irkútsk: the morning-gown, the pipe, the tobacco-pouch, the sugared water, the Gospel, which he read at night, and even the image stuck to the rich wall-paper in the rooms of Chevalier, who never used such adornments, but on that evening they appeared in all the rooms of the third division of the hotel.
  1. High in Refined white sugars.
  2. The coffee was black, two sugars.
  3. Cream butter and sugars; beat in egg and.
  4. Sugar alcohols are a common substitute for sugars.
  5. Your fat runs on unhealthy fats, refined sugars and.
  6. Place sugars, butter, eggs and vanilla in mixing bowl.
  7. Avoid refined sugars that may cause bowel difficulty.
  8. The sugars convert directly to fat, because the body.
  9. Therefore, you should avoid processed grains and sugars.
  10. About the only permitted sugars are the lactose found in.
  11. I have mine with two sugars, he called to his grandson.
  12. Sugars and starches are what our body will break down and that.
  13. Carbohydrates are broken down into sugars, providing the body with.
  14. Both are very nutritious, rich in sugars and a useful survival food.
  15. Look for hidden sugars, preservatives, and saturated bad fats.
  16. If you aren't active, those sugars are converted into fat cells to.
  17. Then, how many sugars did they put in? Again it comes down to detail.
  18. Eat complex carbohydrates instead of simple sugars for a leaner body.
  19. Anyone, they have both got two sugars as the coffee is a bit strong.
  20. High glycemic or refined sugars cause elevated glucose, which elevates.
  21. With zero sodium, zero sugars, zero added flavors and colors of any sort.
  22. Remember refined sugars unnaturally spiking and elevation of insulin and.
  23. Starches turn to sugars in the digestion process and are best avoided or.
  24. To reduce your carb intake, it’s better to cut out refined sugars and.
  25. Reduce, with the plan of eliminating, grains and sugars in your daily diet.
  26. Keep yourself well-hydrated with lots and lots of water and stay away from sugars.
  27. Since sugars and starches are our body’s main sources of energy, when we ingest.
  28. It addicted them to all kinds of drug-foods; laced with artificially added sugars.
  29. It is also important to limit the intake of sugars, such as baked goods and candy.
  30. Most fast food is overly processed and filled with sugars, salt, and saturated fats.
  31. Probably all the carbs and sugars she ate, Garcia said, going to the replicator.
  32. Of all the plant sugars: corn sucrose is the hardest to digest, and the worst for you.
  33. Some foods contain sugars that are absorbed slowly, such as fructose in fruit juice or.
  34. Carbohydrates are used first; simple sugars from fruits and then more complex carbohydrates.
  35. While, for example, Muscovado sugars from the British plantations pay, upon importation, only 6s:4d.
  36. Be sure to limit sugars and unhealthy fats, especially hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated fats.
  37. Two sugars in mine! said Able Seaman Tupp as though he was talking to the guard, which raised.
  38. We still have, though not altogether, yet very nearly, the monopoly of the sugars of our West Indian islands.
  39. It is the fermentation process that converts energy to the plants as readily available sugars, and minerals.
  40. Simple carbohydrates are the sugars that occur naturally in foods, along with the sugars that we add to foods.
  41. Put the butter and both sugars in a large bowl and beat with electric mixer until well blended, light and fluffy.
  42. Cut back on non-essential fats, excess carbohydrates, sugars, salts and alcohol (and consume them in moderation).
  43. It also means that the teeth have this time (up to 4 hours) to recover from the effects of acid produced by sugars.
  44. It ruins the energy—producing resources of the human system, advancing as the necessary fats and sugars are withheld.
  45. Very high in natural sugars that will spike your insulin production and increase your blood sugar soon after consumption.
  46. The doctor orders a blood count, blood sugars, paracetamol and aspirin, and makes a call to arrange an immediate CT scan.
  47. Today we choose to snack all day long and drink soda and energy drinks and food that is packed with sugars and sweeteners.
  48. They suck the sugars from the plant, leaving a great deal of this nectar behind on the leaves of the plants being attacked.
  49. The high fructose, highly processed sugars in many processed snack foods are like a poison to the healthy state of the body.
  50. Those that have saturated fats such milk, butter and sugars are not good for your health and definitely not good for your skin.
  51. The use of honey presents no such problems as it consists entirely of natural sugars that do not have to be oxydized by the digestive tract.
  52. Food companies can produce foods at a lower cost using goods made with these corn fructose and oils and sugars and it helps them make a great profit.
  53. Your body absorbs complex carbohydrates more slowly than simple sugars and this allows your blood sugar levels increase and decrease in a slower fashion.
  54. It is best to eliminate all those foods high in sodium, fat and sugar; yes, unfortunately that means all the yummy junk food, processed fats and refined sugars.
  55. When it comes to plants, they want the type of energy that can be converted into sugars that they need for the various plant functions such as assimilation and flowering.
  56. Unhealthy processed foods with unnatural preservatives, dyes, hormones, concentrated fats or sugars (and other nastiness) are leading to an epidemic of disease and obesity.
  57. That artificial sugars must be broken down by the digestive tract into simple sugars before they can be utilized by the body, and thus they put an undue strain upon the system.
  58. The long counter in front of him displayed an assortment of hot and cold small cabinets, an old till, sugars pourers, cartoon cow milk sachets, and shinning condiment containers.
  59. Ingestion of simple sugars (such as sucrose or fructose) can lead to suppression of immune function; therefore, some doctors believe simple sugars should be avoided during illness.
  60. When those high duties were imposed, Great Britain was the sole, and she still continues to be, the principal market, to which the sugars of the British colonies could be exported.
  61. While you’re cutting down on the sugars and animal proteins that feed the bad bugs, the foods in your new diet will help you pack your day with nutrients that feed the good bugs.
  62. Another great thing about post-workout meals is that you can satisfy even the worst sweet tooth, since this is the one time of the day where you can get away with eating extra sugars without adding to your gut.
  63. On the other hand, when you start to cut out the sugars, preservatives, unhealthy fats, and bloating foods, replace them with ZERO BELLY foods, and allow your gut to begin to heal, you’ll start to see real changes.
  64. Besides breaking down the phytic acid and enzyme inhibitors found in grain, sprouting also helps to break down the complex sugars that our bodies cannot and produces numerous enzymes that aid in the digestion of the grain.
  65. Highly processed sugars, from white refined all the way to high-fructose corn syrup, cannot be properly digested and lack the nutrients essential to the proper upkeep of our bodies, while blocking our bodies ability to absorb water.
  66. Why, I wonder, did we abandon honey, nature’s most nutritious sweet food, in favour of dry, sterile, refined sugars? I am afraid that there can be only one answer—sheer ignorance of the basic needs and capabilities of the human organism.
  67. In danger, as she is, of being shut out from the Baltic, and fighting for her existence, she wants not the luxuries, the sugars, and the sweetmeats of the West Indies—she wants the provisions, the timber, the masts, and the spars of the North.
  68. If sugars are exported within a year, therefore, all the duties upon importation are drawn back; and if exported within three years, all the duties, except half the old subsidy, which still continues to be retained upon the exportation of the greater part of goods.
  69. My own research has convinced me that by eliminating refined sugars and refined flours from our diet, significantly increasing our intake of clean water, and doing some general exercise (300 minutes of vigorous exercise a week!), we are preventing more health issues than just about anything else we could do.
  70. They can do this by starting on small requirements of body detoxification such as minimizing the presence of toxins inside the body which are usually caused by too much use of cigarettes, high levels of alcohol intake, over consumption of coffee, and eating foods that contain refined sugars as well as those that contain saturated fats.
  71. What is there called the quintal, weighs from a hundred and fifty to two hundred Paris pounds, or a hundred and seventy-five Paris pounds at a medium, which reduces the price of the hundred weight English to about eight shillings sterling; not a fourth part of what is commonly paid for the brown or muscovada sugars imported from our colonies, and not a sixth part of what is paid for the finest white sugar.
  72. Mawmsey, a chief representative in Middlemarch of that great social power, the retail trader, and naturally one of the most doubtful voters in the borough—willing for his own part to supply an equal quality of teas and sugars to reformer and anti-reformer, as well as to agree impartially with both, and feeling like the burgesses of old that this necessity of electing members was a great burthen to a town; for even if there were no danger in holding out hopes to all parties beforehand, there would be the painful necessity at last of disappointing respectable people whose names were on his books.
  73. For instance, carbs come in the form of sugars,.
  74. Before I enjoyed 2 creams and 2 sugars in coffee,.

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