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  1. There are 2 types of compress.
  2. Compress it in all that you do.
  3. But it did not compress evenly.
  4. This would compress and deform.
  5. This is only where we compress it.

  6. Then we are going to compress all.
  7. Her breasts compress against his chest.
  8. A cold compress was placed against her cheek.
  9. Provided you could find some way to compress.
  10. Leaving the compress in place, he selected an.
  11. Provided you could find some way to compress it.
  12. She reached over, trying to help compress the wound.
  13. The man was asleep, and wearing a healing compress.
  14. And in his emotion he could hardly put on the compress.
  15. But in the meantime, can I have a cold compress?

  16. And the big, lumpy bales standing, going to the compress.
  17. It is said hot compress will help to reduce regional pains.
  18. When released, the spring will compress and pull on the slide.
  19. Gzip Page Compression – Select yes to compress buffered output.
  20. A cold compress and good strapping, that’s what you need, Bear.
  21. She wiped her face with a cold compress and washed out her mouth.
  22. Cold compress one of the most commonly used methods in hydrotherapy.
  23. A cold compress was put on my forehead and I heard someone call my name.
  24. The advocates of the post-tribulation Rapture compress the Rapture and.
  25. Path, to compress into a few lives the evolution which otherwise would take.

  26. I could compress it into a ball and I knew then it held at least a little water.
  27. Black holes compress all the three basic elements of our Universe simultaneously.
  28. Even a warm compress applied to the affected eye can help relieve the discomfort.
  29. Cold compress also helps to bring in blood flow to the abdominal region, thereby.
  30. In traditional herbal medicine, a compress or ointment of sweet clover is applied to.
  31. What you can do about it is to apply cold compress on your eyes for about 10 minutes.
  32. A cold compress was being gently wiped around her face, in a cooling, soothing manner.
  33. She returned after several minutes with a cold compress on her head as it was pounding.
  34. Cold compress is said helping to stop or reduce bleeding, thereby decreasing the heavy.
  35. Hydrohterapy-- hot water compress is the one of the oldest type of hydrotherapy, it has.
  36. It was getting harder to catch her breath as the muscles in her chest began to compress.
  37. We compress the earth into bricks, so as to remove them without revealing what they are.
  38. I put an herbal compress on your foot and on a few of the smaller wounds on your face.
  39. It is said that cold compress helps to improve the circulatory system by stimulating the.
  40. It is said that hot water compress also increases the fluid circulation in the lymphatic.
  41. You can also grind the raw potato and put the grinds into a thin cloth to make a compress.
  42. I will compress the story as far as may be done without omitting anything vital to the case.
  43. She's burning up, we would need to put a cold compress on her to stabilize her body temperature.
  44. We tried all we could: we rubbed it with different ointments, made compress, and simply warmed it up.
  45. Someone was just lifting a red-soaked compress from her belly where they had already cut her shirt away.
  46. France, by her edicts, would compress Great Britain by destroying her commerce and cutting off her supplies.
  47. To counter it, one of the best remedies is to apply hot and cold compress on the affected areas alternately.
  48. Under intense pressure and heat, hydrogen fuse and compress into helium atoms creating energy, heat and light.
  49. A cold compress (like a poultice, but cold—ice wrapped in a cloth is ideal, if available) helps to reduce pain.
  50. On the way back out he watched her compress herself into a small ball and bury herself deep in a grinding barrel.
  51. The advice I always give to those with varicose veins is to wear nylon stockings which can compress their varicose veins.
  52. In between charges the nurses compress her chest, counting out the rhythm of life in beats delivered by the heels of their hands.
  53. Douglas Stone took his case of bistouries from a drawer, and placed it with a roll of bandage and a compress of lint in his pocket.
  54. The purpose of the cube transform is to compress the signals near zero of an indicator that swings between the limits of −1 and +1.
  55. Whichever you choose all cases involve a warm compress on the infected eye several times a day for ten minutes to reduce inflamation.
  56. I ran headlong—what could it be? I saw my Fedosey Nikolaitch, his head bandaged up in a vinegar compress, frowning, sighing, and moaning.
  57. She wondered, ‘If this movie is not made this time, it’s sure the hubby will compress me to leave thi all and I’ll have to agree with him.
  58. The countess had a headache brought on by all the noise and turmoil and was lying down in the new sitting room with a vinegar compress on her head.
  59. For both golf and tennis elbow, the treatment is generally R-I-C-E; rest, ice, compress and elevate along with taking some anti inflammatory medications.
  60. I only know that I found myself, with a perseverance worthy of a much better cause, making the most strenuous exertions to compress it within those limits.
  61. But before she could say anything I got a sinking feeling as the camera captured Shamansky reaching under Jennifer’s skirt to compress her inner thigh wound.
  62. My mother lay on the guest bed with both a warm and cold compress carefully dabbing Jake's cuts and bruises and trying very hard not to cause him any more pain.
  63. If you do not use teabags to prepare the drink, you can readily take out the soaked leaves and put them inside a thick cloth to apply them topically as a compress.
  64. Whereas the Fisher transform expands the base indicator near the extremes, the purpose of the inverse Fisher transform is to compress the indicator in these regions.
  65. For it is not the genius of oriental speech to compress infinite ideas into tame and inadequate expressions, with Spartan sententiousness, but rather to magnify them.
  66. He then unfastened the hook on the back of her bra and she slipped out of it and came up against him, letting her soft, warm breasts compress against his muscular chest.
  67. This can compress the spinal cord and the nerves around it, causing pain which is often accompanied by a feeling like an electric shock going down the legs, or numbness in the legs.
  68. It’s a place where a man takes ten or twenty years of his life and all he’s learned and he condenses it into a few hours so that you can compress years of learning into days, he answered.
  69. Hence, I advocate being patient and buying shares when valuations are attractive (low/cheap) so that when price earnings multiples compress, the securities you have bought will be resilient and hold up.
  70. No one has or can show, by any logical deduction, or any detail of facts, that the loss of those countries would so compress Great Britain as to induce her to abandon for one hour any of her maritime pretensions.
  71. This is a natural force that tends to compress spreads as buyers bid slightly higher and sellers offer lower in competition for fills, and is one of the main reasons why active, liquid markets tend to have tight spreads.
  72. In her indignation there was a sense of superiority, but it went out for the present in firmness of stroke, and did not compress itself into an inward articulate voice pronouncing the once "affable archangel" a poor creature.
  73. Compress space even today with a piston in a cylinder and then pump the compressed air into a container and such confining of space will increase the heat by the piston effort to reduce the space brought about in the container.
  74. The Dangler urged his steed to hold fast, to squeeze tighter, to compress the monster to glittering ash just as Silver’s diamond mist had destroyed the bone claw hand of Sorid in the Secret Stream, but the unborn brethren of Syn could not contest the power of a demon that had a heart of its own.
  75. Hot water compress besides increases the liver function in fat and protein metabolism,.
  1. It is compressing space to form heat.
  2. Compressing the arteries that feed his brain.
  3. That compressing or liquefying we call the atmosphere.
  4. After she walked me through the process of splitting and compressing.
  5. He looked at me fixedly, compressing his well-cut lips while he did so.
  6. Yes, after she walked me through the process of splitting and compressing.
  7. Nigger? said Johnny, head compressing back into his neck with the shock of it.
  8. Compressing the known science into a few lines, I believe the theory leading to time-.
  9. This is necessary for compressing ideas into a form that can be transmitted by speech.
  10. A compressing flat spring 11 and an adjusting screw 13 with spring are positioned on Z3.
  11. Every ten seconds a cannon ball flew compressing the air around, or a shell burst in the.
  12. The more it is compressing and the more weight at this point, the slower time passes there.
  13. How swiftly a crowd comes, he thought, like the iris of an eye compressing in out of nowhere.
  14. It felt as if the ceiling had fallen on her, compressing her torso, her head, and every limb.
  15. Use the heels of your hands, then press the cylinder, compressing it to the length of the pan.
  16. She could only get away with compressing her lips but even that told Jorma that it was too late.
  17. She giggles as her foot sinks, compressing a few inches of snow with a noise like falling leaves.
  18. Gravity is the contracting or compressing of the space surrounding the earth and this is by way of.
  19. The Coanda effect is a relation between material spinning and air or liquid compressing and that is what.
  20. The room began to close in on him, crushing him ever smaller, compressing his lungs, his bones, his muscles.
  21. But it also shows the movement of the aircraft compressing space in relation to the aircraft moving as well.
  22. Gravity is the contracting or compressing of the space surrounding the earth and this is by way of rotation.
  23. The application of gravity is that which condenses space by bringing about heat with the compressing of space.
  24. This is especially likely if pain is severe or if the slipped vertebra is found to be compressing the spinal.
  25. It is also capable of compressing the object or matter down smaller than trillions of an inch and destroying it.
  26. It is heat reduced in space that turns by the compressing thereof into a liquid parting the hydrogen solid atoms.
  27. Obtaining the shape by stretching and compressing with his vice like fingers; the face of an Arct soon began to show.
  28. It can be temporarily controlled by compressing an artery where it crosses a bone, against that bone, at pressure points.
  29. The purpose of the cube transform is to clarify the major swings by compressing the distractions of the smaller swing values.
  30. The sun forms time as it initiates space through the Hubble concept and it ends time by compressing space into the oblivious.
  31. The heat does not rise because heat cools by expanding while it remains heat and heat rises in levels by compressing the space.
  32. Alexey Alexandrovitch, ready for his speech, stood compressing his crossed fingers, waiting to see if the crack would not come again.
  33. During this little speech there was an unravelling of furrowed brow, knotted fingers, and the lines compressing the headmaster’s mouth.
  34. By turning it compresses what is in outer space into what is inner space and by compressing the space gravity increases the heat levels.
  35. For your benefit I will shortly give a summary by which I hope to interest you in reading the manuscript: Compressing space produces heat.
  36. The escaping necessarily involves expanding of compressed heat because the gravity was eons of accumulating compressing heat into the star.
  37. Shela could see the burden of their brother’s disappearance pressing down on Fionn’s spirit, physically compressing her body, it seemed.
  38. If the circle is as large as the sun is, then the compressing of space turns the air into squirting liquid precisely as the picture of the sun shows.
  39. Every ten seconds a cannon ball flew compressing the air around, or a shell burst in the midst of that dense throng, killing some and splashing with blood those near them.
  40. The Unseelie King completes the complex process of reducing himself, compressing fragments into various, new human forms those who live in Dublin have not seen him wearing.
  41. When the container 15 is filled with too many balls it becomes heavy and moves downwards thus compressing 16 and closing the contact 17, which actuates the electrical motor 1.
  42. The application of gravity that condenses space and bringing about heat by the compressing of space we apply in the way we go about tapping into the energy that nature provides.
  43. By compressing values near the extremes many extraneous and irrelevant wiggles are removed from the indicator, making interpretation of the real meaning of the indicator be far simpler.
  44. I was a little embarrassed when the cameraman let Emma go out of focus while she was still talking, in order to get a close-up of me taking off my shirt and compressing Jennifer’s shoulder wound.
  45. He endeavored to pronounce the name, but could not manage it; and compressing his mouth he held a silent combat with his inward agony, defying, meanwhile, my sympathy with an unflinching ferocious stare.
  46. He endeavoured to pronounce the name, but could not manage it; and compressing his mouth he held a silent combat with his inward agony, defying, meanwhile, my sympathy with an unflinching, ferocious stare.
  47. Santi called retreat, and it was made quickly and efficiently, with the lines compressing into a thinner and thinner arc until the last of them was inside the courtyard, and the gate could be secured behind them.
  48. Those laser beams, entering the fusion chamber at carefully calculated angles, hit a tiny pill of deuterium-tritium, vaporizing it while at the same time compressing the gasses under tremendous pressure and temperature.
  49. Now, in this moment, she was being carried up the hill within compressing dark, a stone in a peach, silent and terrified, the touch of the father against the coffin material outside; gentle and noiseless and firm inside.
  50. Now, in this moment, she was being carried up the hill within compressing darkness, a stone in a peach, silent and terrified, the touch of the father against the coffin material outside; gentle and noiseless and firm inside.
  51. The modification in this example might be to purchase a higher-end videoconferencing system that includes special hardware for compressing the audio and video in real time so that conference participants can see and hear each other in real time.
  52. Plyometrics is used to develop explosive speed, and focuses on maximal power instead of maximal strength by compressing the force of muscular contraction into as short a period as possible, and may be used to improve the effectiveness of a boxer's punch, or to increase the vertical jumping ability of a basketball player.
  53. About the extremities of the transverse axis, is also an overlapping of two feet, which continues nearly two rods on the curve each way from the axis, and in most places is double, overreaching internally and externally, exhibiting likewise, some irregularity where the compressing forces acted at right angles to each other.
  54. What this picture shows is that objects are always moving extraordinarily as they move in relation to the earth’s atmosphere where everything that always moves independent of the earth’s movement must move according to the earth when it moves in relation to the earth’s gravity compressing space into forming the atmosphere.
  55. But as Don Quixote's sense of smell was as acute as his hearing, and as Sancho was so closely linked with him that the fumes rose almost in a straight line, it could not be but that some should reach his nose, and as soon as they did he came to its relief by compressing it between his fingers, saying in a rather snuffing tone, Sancho, it strikes me thou art in great fear.
  56. Whatever the biologists say! Without detracting from the laudable work of these creatures that scholars praise for their role at Earth; making it suitable for farming, loosening roots and compressing soil, by fertilizing the land, and if this were not enough, as ultimate sacrifice, they serve as food to birds, mammals and reptiles; the truth is, it must be said, that nature behaved with them as a cruel tyrant when it comes to lavish her gifts.
  57. But in the midst of his conversation he stopped and became silent, keeping his eyes fixed upon the ground for some time, during which we stood still waiting anxiously to see what would come of this abstraction; and with no little pity, for from his behaviour, now staring at the ground with fixed gaze and eyes wide open without moving an eyelid, again closing them, compressing his lips and raising his eyebrows, we could perceive plainly that a fit of madness of some kind had come upon him; and before long he showed that what we imagined was the truth, for he arose in a fury from the ground where he had thrown himself, and attacked the first he found near him with such rage and fierceness that if we had not dragged him off him, he would have beaten or bitten him to death, all the while exclaiming, 'Oh faithless Fernando, here, here shalt thou pay the penalty of the wrong thou hast done me; these hands shall tear out that heart of thine, abode and dwelling of all iniquity, but of deceit and fraud above all; and to these he added other words all in effect upbraiding this Fernando and charging him with treachery and.
  1. The ramp compressed over time.
  2. I would use compressed air for those.
  3. It shows both compressed and expanded.
  4. Her lips compressed with his assertion.
  5. He smiled, but his brows were compressed.
  6. Time will become more compressed and dense.
  7. His face was gloomy and his lips compressed.
  8. The earth is compressed because it is under.
  9. Maslennikoff compressed his lips and meditated.
  10. It can hardly be compressed into 100 chapters.
  11. Danglars felt the irony and compressed his lips.
  12. A star is compressed heat because when a star.
  13. His lips were strangely compressed like a thread.
  14. Garside’s mouth had compressed into a thin line.
  15. A star could be compressed using magnetic fields.
  16. He turned, shaking his head, his mouth compressed.
  17. They just exist in an intensely compressed Condition.
  18. Denser, as if the rock had compressed itself into….
  19. She bit her lip and then compressed her eyes, thoughtful.
  20. Defensively, he compressed his lips and flared his nostrils.
  21. You fire this compressed energy thought-ball at the target.
  22. Oak compressed his lips and continued to walk alongside Pine.
  23. We humans don’t want to be compressed into roles that are.
  24. His brows were knitted, his lips compressed, his eyes feverish.
  25. When using compressed air, direct air away from eyes and skin.
  26. The machine glittered with hidden, shifting, compressed power.
  27. She scarcely looked at me, and compressed her lips scornfully.
  28. The well of the preheated ladle was cooled with compressed air.
  29. Mitchell compressed his lips, searching for a quick explanation.
  30. This is how the true meanings of words are compressed over time.
  31. One word is compressed to include both the eaters and the eaten.
  32. Yes, here was all of Time compressed in a Japanese paper flower.
  33. In addition, we believe that space is not compressed and expanded.
  34. Danton’s fellow revolutionaries, compressed as they were into.
  35. No sort of necessity!’ she compressed her lips, and dropped her.
  36. In a bronze bowl, a stick of compressed caymay burned like incense.
  37. The wings slowly bent, compressed at a time, and sunk into his back.
  38. His lips were sternly compressed, and his eyes looked away from her.
  39. Thomas looked at her, threw all his compressed hatred into the glare.
  40. In the young animal the tail is less compressed than in the old one.
  41. Rachis compressed, slender, flexuous, hairy on its exterior surface.
  42. I have here compressed into a few sentences what, there, required many.
  43. Until their contribution of wisdom becomes a compressed base of truth.
  44. The sheer mass of stone and brick surrounding him compressed his sight.
  45. And a feeling of rage compressed my heart, and I tried to quiet myself.
  46. Abanir carefully rested his chin on her head and compressed her further.
  47. That is because you are above light speed and the waves are compressed.
  48. After a few laps, I had compressed the soil enough to have a solid path.
  49. Her eyes were dry and glistening, her lips compressed, her cheeks sunken.
  50. F) Keep all compressed gas cylinder tanks secured and keep covers in place.
  51. Each section had to be filled with compressed air and checked for leakage.
  52. On his right, Senor Fuentes, small and lean, looked on with compressed lips.
  53. Two other options, B (for Block) and C (for Compressed), are no longer used.
  54. Glancing at her in concern he noticed her tightly compressed eyes and mouth.
  55. He hunkered to hold the rock then compressed it and concentrated to break it.
  56. He gave me one other nod, compressed the post-office exceedingly, gave me one.
  57. The trail compressed between hillside and gully, becoming steeper and rougher.
  58. They shoot a small lead bullet with CO2 compressed air and they will kill you.
  59. Pipes should be properly labeled that carry compressed air and the direction of.
  60. This presents a summary and compressed view of the span and flow of human events.
  61. Pedicel of the neutral florets also compressed, and hairy on its exterior surface.
  62. This time, the pain was like all the world’s suffering compressed into a moment.
  63. She stopped, looked back over her shoulder at the café and compressed her lips.
  64. Her heart compressed in apprehension, but before she could do anything the shadow.
  65. The narrator did not say "Yes," but compressed his lips and gave a significant wink.
  66. It then spews this intense form of compressed energy out of its two polar orifices.
  67. He fancied that her mouth was unnaturally compressed in order to keep back the tears.
  68. The thought goes away as Mosa’s low, compressed growl reverberates beside his ear.
  69. There was again the noise of compressed air as two torpedoes left their launch tubes.
  70. He was sitting with compressed lips, his feverish eyes fixed on Porfiry Petrovitch's.
  71. The fact that Black Holes exist proves that space, Energy and time can be compressed.
  72. Until they begin to merge into a collective-shared-consciousness of compressed wisdom.
  73. Jaden notices this is creating a tunnel through the steamy compressed hydrogen clouds.
  74. He was sitting with compressed lips, his feverish eyes fixed on Porfiry Petrovitch’s.
  75. The ship is moving faster as it rides out the compressed hydrogen’s exploding forces.
  76. Back to the score of compressed darkness ONE MAN IS A MADMAN - BUT AN ARMY A MADMAN’S.
  77. Mitchell compressed his lips in angst, as they both abruptly made their way out the door.
  78. It seemed to him that she unnaturally compressed her lips in order to suppress her tears.
  79. The submarine shuddered as compressed air ejected the torpedoes in the four forward tubes.
  80. When the spring is compressed it can be re-loaded by means of the handle 10 of the screw 8.
  81. Compressed air in the cylinder would counter hull pressure at the shallow depths involved.
  82. It was meant to be compressed and integrated into the shortest, smallest sequence possible.
  83. The road was highly compressed, rock hard soil, rutted and pitted, but a road none the less.
  84. You can't produce jobs out of thin air, certainly not in this kind of compressed time frame.
  85. Compressed liquid O2 is about 1000 times as dense as gaseous O2 in a comfortable atmosphere.
  86. Rogojin was not smiling now; he sat and listened with folded arms, and lips tight compressed.
  87. But the elastic heart of youth cannot be compressed into one constrained shape long at a time.
  88. She compressed her lips but replied, Some alien artificial life form in the information domain.
  89. He was able to drift into a semi-sleep while he was poked and prodded, stretched and compressed.
  90. He compressed his lips, hoping that Thomas – who usually helped him – would get the message.
  91. Magnetic tape storage capacities are often supplied by manufacturers in terms of compressed data.
  92. Energy, Space and Time are not destroyed inside a black hole; they are just intensely compressed.
  93. A 10-liter tank of compressed liquid CO2, vented into the Hab, will be enough CO2 to do the trick.
  94. My initial feeling of having returned, as I put it, to the living (less compressed state of.
  95. Again, the noise of compressed air and shudders told him that his four torpedoes had hit the water.
  96. The air compressed inside the craft sent its decks flying, as if the powder stores had been ignited.
  97. My introduction as well as introducing the readers to general cosmology in a very brief and compressed.
  98. When all of that change was compressed into a week, he sold a large part of his position to gratify Mr.
  99. It contains 4 billion years of our entire genetic history, compressed and collated into instinctual wisdom.
  100. It sounded very dignified and compressed to ears accustomed to Luther's lengthy rendering of the same thing.
  1. Such compresses should be applied for at.
  2. This step compresses the impact of the two.
  3. She replaced the cold compresses on his body.
  4. The theory compresses, in one among many ways, the.
  5. She kept putting cold compresses on his forehead, and wiping his neck and chest.
  6. Henrietta hurried out of the room and came back double quick with the cold compresses.
  7. Even to-day, in fact, and take him straight to the hospital and apply cold compresses.
  8. It is said that hot compresses helps to detoxify the body toxins accumulated through.
  9. I found her in tears, almost in hysterics, with compresses of eau-de-Cologne and a glass of water.
  10. BUT: there is one historical legacy of Daoism that compresses its entire evolution of corruption into a nutshell.
  11. He holds out his hands so she can watch as he compresses the snow between his palms and shapes it with his fingers.
  12. He insisted on immediate compresses, and told Velchaninoff he must drink two or three cups of very hot weak tea—boiling hot.
  13. I floated on wavelike currents, dipping in and out of reality, feeling gentle hands laying cool compresses against my burning forehead.
  14. When 10 is full it becomes heavier and compresses the spring 8 and via the rack 21 and the gear 20 rotates the time indicating hand 19.
  15. By turning it compresses what is in outer space into what is inner space and by compressing the space gravity increases the heat levels.
  16. The Jewish myth compresses six million years of sinning into one short subconscious message so compact that it skips millions of years in a few words.
  17. The yields move in tandem most of the time, but the real opportunities come when they move in opposite directions—that is, when the spread expands, it is time to buy; when it compresses, to sell.
  18. The whole of the previous night he had spent tossing about and groaning, and poor Nina Alexandrovna had been busy making cold compresses and warm fomentations and so on, without being very clear how to apply them.
  19. It was found difficult to prevent his passing every night beside the wounded man; he had his big arm-chair carried to Marius' bedside; he required his daughter to take the finest linen in the house for compresses and bandages.
  20. As for the other prisoners, they abstained from questioning him; when once they had applied compresses they paid no more attention to him, thinking probably it would be better to leave him alone, and not to worry him by their questions and compassion.
  21. She compresses her shoulders to shrink in on herself, and with difficulty she tears her face away and stands, hunched, with her eyes squeezed closed and her brow draw together in hopes that if she doesn't look at him for a moment everything will be back to the way it was before.
  22. Leona Cassiani helped him to bathe and to change his pajamas every other day, she gave him his enemas, she held the portable urinal for him, she applied arnica compresses to the bedsores on his back, she gave him the massages recommended by the doctor so that his immobility would not cause other, more severe ailments.
  23. She gave her a vial of castor oil, put compresses on her stomach and ice cubes on her head, and she made her stay in bed for five days and follow the diet ordered by the new and outlandish French doctor, who after examining her for more than two hours reached the foggy conclusion that she had an ailment peculiar to women.

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