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    1. “Now!” Scar barked as a trickle of blood ran down his neck

    2. A few students start to trickle in now to get their morning meal

    3. He was near a tiny spring with one date palm next to it and an acre of weeds along the little trickle that ran a few hundred feet before disappearing into the sand

    4. cave where a small trickle of water came pouring down from the

    5. She knew there was a clear trickle on the way however, one she would come to once she saw the smoke way in the distance and turned off this road

    6. They followed the watercourse north-northeast a short Afternoonday of just a few miles at the most, but camped where it was just a trickle for the dark

    7. ' He was pointing to a trickle of muddy water leaking from between two boulders into a mossy puddle moistening the roots of a self-conscious adolescent pine tree

    8. I filled my flask and let the water trickle down between my shoulder blades

    9. His razor sharp blade had done its damage as a trickle of blood ran down all their throats

    10. He can feel a trickle of perspiration running down his side, making the material of his shirt cling to his damp skin

    11. In between pouring pints and dealing with the steadily increasing trickle of voyeurs and masochists, he tries to get Bex into conversation

    12. trickle of cold sweat dripped down the centre of his

    13. While he looked up at those eroded and mossy gates leaking a little trickle of water from twelve feet above, he thought of that lake runner just scudding along before a fair wind up there on Chardovia Lake

    14. The tub was also fed by a little trickle that ran down thru the fields, but the weather had been rather dry lately and that was barely running

    15. thinned to a trickle as I headed east

    16. A thin trickle of blood appears on his right shoulder

    17. The trickle of words became a strong, raging torrent that threatened to drown everything in its path

    18. gave, and she felt blood trickle down the inside of her thigh

    19. ” His response was clipped short by a slap across his mouth that drew a trickle of blood

    20. They were all linked, that was how they were able to cut them all off from the Power and shield them while Adem and his friends only held on to a trickle of teron or terael

    21. None of them could release their Battle Angels from their Resting Points without at least a trickle of the Power

    22. It made her chuckle when she noticed water begin to trickle through the floor

    23. Inside the hinge and latch door of this mini chicken resort, he would set a small tray of baby chick feed, and an upside-down jar of water that would trickle out into a round dish for them to drink from and splash in

    24. During these celebrations, we all trickle in at different times; some of us early to help, some of us later because we’re just not good at being on time

    25. But now the first trickle of data entered his sight, becoming a stream of code

    26. A small trickle of blood emerged from the edge of the wound

    27. It would just be a trickle

    28. At his touch, the trickle of awareness in his presence turned into a sudden flood of raw need, no buffer left in my exhaustion

    29. It was a heavily-dented metal bucket, lying on its side, and with a thin trickle of water still moving down a smooth rock ledge towards the pond

    30. I shook myself—shook my head to try to clear it of the fog that was beginning to trickle in again

    31. Climbing into the next level, Elohat was met with a thin trickle of redness running down the centre of the vent

    32. A trickle of blood trailed from the corner of her mouth

    33. There was a millpond, a broken water wheel, with a thin trickle of water from the head, falling through long trails of algae

    34. A small trickle of blood dripped down from the small indent

    35. It was as if a small trickle of divinity flowed through the essence of God made manifest; the air, earth and water resonating with godly purpose and sacrosanct silence

    36. He was startled by the sheer clarity of his memory and felt that the trickle of passing supporters must have thought him weird, standing there like that

    37. ” A bottle of Coca Cola was opened and a small amount allowed to trickle into his mouth

    38. The clutches of reality were inescapable though and he snapped back to it when the sweat running down his forehead had turned into a small, steady trickle

    39. He then let the trickle fill the two flasks he was carrying drop by drop, waiting patiently

    40. His nose ran with snot in a constant trickle, his head hurt, and his body ached all over

    41. Again a trickle turned to a torrent

    42. The most helpful piece of information comes from a trickle of fleeing civilians that seemed to have fought for their lives to escape Pyr

    43. Wine flowed from it, but only in a trickle

    44. He was bleeding, a small cut on his calf, hardly a trickle of blood from it

    45. grants trickle through its complicated network in a way that baffles the IRS

    46. beads of murky water trickle down his face in the mirror, the

    47. the cold slime trickle down his back, his eyes adjusting to the

    48. trickle of blood that had escaped her mouth

    49. trickle of water along the base of their path stirred amidst the

    50. A faint trickle of light seeped through the slit in the

    1. The ball hit the bat and trickled out in front of the plate

    2. That same dull light trickled into my cell, opening up a chequered world of dusk and shadow through the fibres of my hood

    3. He demanded our attention when with three screw tops of drink between the fingers of one hand he trickled the contents into his mouth and over his chin and onto his shirt

    4. tear trickled down his cheek, down his chin and all the way down

    5. ” With her other hand she wiped a tear that trickled down her cheek

    6. unable to stop the single tear that trickled down her face

    7. Blood trickled down her leg then fell on the bed

    8. A bead of red trickled from his nose down to his upper lip

    9. As the light trickled down, Brice felt as though he was standing at the bottom of some deep pit hundreds of feet within the earth

    10. He was busy trying to feed his crickets grain that had trickled from the miller’s cart

    11. The wood yet burned, blood trickled from his fingers, winding down the length of it

    12. A tear trickled down my cheek at what this poor animal had endured

    13. It trickled down my throat to envelope my heart in its grainy grip

    14. He’s hardly slept, convinced that only the sips of water he trickled down your throat were

    15. The blood that trickled down her leg, but not the one whose flow she staunched

    16. “Have faith in me, Carius…please…” She whispered to herself sadly as a line of tears trickled down her cheek

    17. She could feel the ooze of his sweat as it trickled from his pores down over her flesh

    18. The rock was soaked with fluid and blood still trickled down its sides

    19. Elijah turned him over and held him in his lap we could see the small entrance wounds in his chest with blood stains round them it his blood had also trickled down his chin

    20. Pushing each other aside, they buried their beaks in the water and lifted their heads, eyeing her suspiciously as the water trickled down their throats

    21. The rain trickled down the back of her neck and she pulled up her hood, sloshing toward the house again

    22. Another open cell had an inch of water coating the floor, which trickled away through a stinking, blocked drain

    23. Darkburst pressed forwards, quickening his strokes, but all too soon the last of the air trickled from his mouth and he began to panic

    24. Once we were walking barefoot at the edge of the ocean, the sea water rushing over our feet as the flat waves trickled with the ebb and flow, did we dare to speak on the subject of his leaving again

    25. Patty’s lips started to quiver as tears trickled down her cheeks

    26. The water tipped over the edge of the bath and trickled onto the floor as I sank beneath the warm, soothing water

    27. Blood trickled along her neck, but nothing appeared broken: arms and legs okay, neck sore from the cut but it moved all right

    28. A small tear of blood had trickled from under the tape covering her mouth

    29. Sweat trickled down his temples

    30. A few more pilots and gunners trickled in as we studied the map

    31. While a limited supply of that money must have trickled back into the coffers of the government, they exported little to the barbarians, or to the spice-lands of the East

    32. Air hissed from their lungs, blood trickled from their ears and noses, until, at last, they lost consciousness

    33. It took over everything and she laughed until the tears trickled down her cheeks

    34. As I ploughed through the soft sand onto the firmer part of the shore the gently frothing surf trickled in, barely disturbing the sand as it quickly disappeared; the placid woolly breeze did little to take the edge off the tropical morning air even though it was still only seven am

    35. tear trickled out the corner of her eye

    36. One feeling, one thought, sat high and mighty on the throne above all else: this is not fair! Now the tears trickled down her cheeks

    37. The sweat trickled down over his face

    38. She laughed herself so tears trickled, but she would not give up

    39. Still the tears trickled down their cheeks, but they looked straight into each other’s eyes

    40. The tears trickled down his cheeks

    41. She held father’s hand and saw the tears that trickled down his face and dripped onto the yellow grass

    42. Beautiful, luminous tears trickled down her cheeks, but still she smiled

    43. A tear trickled down her cheek; warm against her ice-cold face

    44. Perry's oily, complacent voice trickled on

    45. face away, trying to hide the single tear that trickled down her

    46. ” He paused and sweat trickled down his forehead

    47. The air was damp, and small streams of water trickled down the walls, collecting in small gutters on either side

    48. Additionally, I mused, as I trickled my fingers down Levi’s scalp, twirling my fingertips lightly on his face the way the ink moved in my eyes when I transformed, my father had probably visited me, and he wasn’t in the light, which could only mean one thing, he wasn’t dead

    49. Ogg prayed as a tear trickled from his eye to the ground

    50. Water cascaded down her dark hair and trickled down her delicious body

    1. Ahmed is so moved at the thought that his lower lip begins to quiver and a teardrop trickles down his cheek

    2. shine, chaotic water trickles, illuminated

    3. Billy has rolled away and is sitting with his head in his hands, sobbing as the blood from his torn knuckles trickles down his arm

    4. I twisted the belt and tightened it until the stream of blood stopped and turned into small insignificant trickles

    5. It warms my mouth and my throat and trickles into my stomach

    6. Water trickles into the bottom of the tank

    7. Sweat trickles down my forehead

    8. That was just as well, for I suspected some of the small rivers we would be following would be little more than trickles by now, and would afford little protection from fire

    9. I immediately felt trickles of cold sweat

    10. Slowly, I felt the faint trickles of healing magic wash over me and begin to repair what the wizard had done

    11. Layers of history, soon to disappear in trickles or soundless sublimation

    12. topple, then a thin steam of water trickles downwards

    13. Despite the bitter cold, trickles of sweat were running down Steve’s forehead

    14. Ed doesn’t moan anymore, his breathing comes out irregular and blood trickles out of his mouth

    15. Blood trickles down the stairs

    16. This produced a high within minutes and a surprisingly pleasant trickles of stone-laced mucous down the back of the throat

    17. The murmuring sound of the speakers spreads a shiver that trickles up the spines of those left on their cushions

    18. Maybe it is a little fresher than I anticipated; a wave of cold sweat trickles over me

    19. As a result, too little wealth trickles down’

    20. When Sera removed her hand the wound was gone, only leaving behind the trickles of blood

    21. Sheer badness had triumphed over the few pitiful trickles of good like tsunamis passing over an indolent shore

    22. A branch curved around her brow like a circlet and trickles of blood where thorns had scratched her forehead contrasted starkly with her pale face

    23. Throughout our life span, we are constantly exposed to the harsh realities of adversities, difficulties, pitfalls, discouragements, annoyance but as we look back and analyze, sometimes we capture the pains and neglect the beautiful sunshine, the blessings that may start as raindrops or trickles and later as great downpour of multiple joys

    24. The thin trickles of a grey dawn light barely stained the walls, and grew little stronger in what must have been, oh, an hour? Two? Three?

    25. The moisture is collected from the ocean, brought across the land in clouds, cooled down to such an extent that the clouds cannot retain the moisture and then this water trickles down onto our homes and gardens as rain

    26. He sensed Flint nod his head even though he was still staring at the amber fluid before him, watching the misted glass turn into trickles of water on the outside base

    27. Wine is poured on the head and it is lapped up as it trickles down the body and is considered highly energizing

    28. His ba ck wa s horizonta lly strea ked with crim son, a nd from wea l to wea l ra n thin trickles of blood

    29. Rain trickles through a downspout

    30. I just get whatever trickles down

    31. Blood wells up from a shallow cut and it trickles down his face

    32. trickles from the cheeks of our blessed Mother, the Holy Virgin Mother of God’

    33. One declines, descends, trickles away, even crumbles away, and yet is hardly conscious of it one's self

    34. Sudden rain beats on the tree canopy, turning trickles into raging torrents and rivers rise at an alarming rate, but—just as suddenly—it is gone

    1. Tears were trickling down her face, and Titania took her arm and led her casually to their suites upstairs

    2. face her escort – water trickling off her wimple and onto

    3. “Is that a dare?” she whispered when she came up for air, water droplets trickling down her ample wet breasts, her hair hanging in streaks down her forehead

    4. She had spread her legs slightly and Sammy could feel beads of moisture trickling from her pussy, touching his lower lip

    5. using the ink, that was trickling down his face, as long as it lasted

    6. candlelight he could see a tear begin trickling from the

    7. He tried to avoid touching the Power, though its allure was so strong he found that he had to allow a trickling of teron to flow through his veins at least once a day

    8. Sitting on the floor before him, she sighed and looked up at his face to see tears trickling down his cheeks

    9. He knew what was happening as he saw tears trickling down her cheeks

    10. He became nauseous as he felt the warm blood trickling down his face

    11. Staring intently at the lighter patch of water ahead, he paddled his feet through the cold liquid, relieving the, pressure in his lungs by trickling small bubbles of air from his mouth

    12. Marco and Josie were silent but I could see the tears trickling from Josie’s eyes and I could sense the emotions stirring in Marco

    13. Urine began trickling down her legs as the others attempted to calm her down

    14. (The unfortunate little Bill had left off writing on his slate with one finger, as he found it made no mark; but he now hastily began again, using the ink, that was trickling down his face, as long as it lasted

    15. “God,” she breathed, the sweat trickling down between her breasts, “that was good

    16. I could see the scarlet of the blood against the snowy white of my dress; I could feel it trickling around his lips to pool hotly beneath my shoulder

    17. The blood from his cuts had flowed across his cheek and was trickling down into his ear

    18. Or, was she remembering what Gene Frazer said about her fights with her son? She wasn’t sure but, in a confusing whirl of knife blades, ceiling beams, fat cheeks waggling with laughter, squinty-eyed grimaces while his cock befouled her, taut shoulder muscles, angry shrieking, a dagger penetrating the soft flesh below her chin as she contorted her neck to escape it, blood trickling along her neck, the color red, a wash of green, a snickering cockroach crawling over her, red again, the ceiling, black, all black, it ended

    19. The tears began trickling

    20. So quietly, the tears began trickling down Enilia's cheeks

    21. The tears still began trickling and at the same time, she found out that Laino also cried

    22. A tear from the corner of one eye was trickling down his cheek

    23. The men began trickling in and I started positioning them

    24. Just as the jaguns were trickling in to reform the tumen, Ignace rode up with the rest of our Ordu

    25. hand, tears trickling down her round cheeks as she obediently

    26. Exploration’s head shimmered with trickling sweat, his

    27. soothing sound of trickling water reached their ears as they came

    28. inside the open mouth of the effigy, trickling down its masked

    29. slowly trickling into the town with much needed supplies

    30. The soothing sound of trickling water is what woke me in the early hours of the morning

    31. It was like spring water trickling over pebbles

    32. and that the body of water was a trickling stream or tepid pond or

    33. As they drew close, they saw that there was a small spring trickling water out of the wall, and it flowed down in a tiny stream to a small pond in a shallow depression

    34. Simon could feel the sweat trickling down his body, even though the air was crisp and cold

    35. were suddenly trickling out of everything

    36. stun of the cold water ran over our bodies, trickling to our feet

    37. At the sight of the trickling streams a strange

    38. You'll come across a little rill trickling over moss and rocks, thinking it's pristine, but sure as anything there's some shepherd upstream who's squatted down next to it

    39. At the rear cart Gephart's shirt and undershirt were stripped off, blood trickling from several wounds

    40. “It’s my fault,” repeated Bryony, unable to stop a tear trickling down her snout

    41. The trickling of subterranean streams rushed through the air

    42. The mercenaries continued to hear the trickling of underground water sources running through the rocks

    43. I was surprised, of course, but more by the tears that began trickling down my cheeks than by his apology

    44. The blood trickling from chewed nipples and other bits came from capsules in their mouths, which burst when they bit on them

    45. Glaze was slumped against the desk, eyes closed, saliva trickling from the corner of his mouth

    46. Retail sales figures create an economic process of "trickling up" to the manufacturing sector

    47. He bends over to soak his long hair, removing bits of dirt and crust, then sits in the small pool of running hot water trickling out from the craggy mountainside

    48. On legs wide-braced, hands gripping notched and dripping swords, blood trickling down their arms, they stared at one another across the mangled corpses of friends and foes

    49. "Oh, God! I'm running!" she cried, tears of relief trickling down her white cheeks

    50. The water in the fountain swirled around a carved stone basin, trickling over a handful of coins which had been tossed in by visitors

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    Synonyms for "trickle"

    dribble drip trickle filter leakage loss flow escape leak

    "trickle" definitions

    flowing in drops; the formation and falling of drops of liquid

    run or flow slowly, as in drops or in an unsteady stream