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    1. could slam dunk an educated man

    2. Then this little smile came over his face at about the same time there was a close up of Scotty Pippen doing a two handed slam dunk right in the face of Patrick Ewing

    3. Men would wait in line for a chance to dunk their faces into the sweet brown honey-booze, gulping as much of it as they could before taking breath

    4. He gestured and the metal cooled aided by the smith’s quick dunk into a bucket of water and then sand

    5. Clara next had Heracles dunk his head in a barrel full of water and scrubbed vigorously his hair with her fingers

    6. The scar … the scar made it a slam dunk

    7. “You could dunk,” she whispered, as if mouthing the most decadent and depraved activity known to man

    8. “You could dunk!”

    9. With a dunk and a bob his arm

    10. I looked tan and dirty, despite my recent dunk in the river

    11. A guard, either dunk or too much muffled up in the bitter frost, had not heard the train moving back, and had

    12. I dunk my teabag in the small pot that Christian has provided

    13. He was securing Will’s future, and Cate’s, as surely their grandfather would have wanted (against whom Keith had been told the case was a slam dunk, “even without your testimony”), and still he felt unsteady

    14. Four champions, Dunk thought

    15. “I have a matter I must attend to,” said Dunk, uncomfortable with the notion of accepting hospitality he could not return

    16. Bereft of excuses, Dunk had no choice but to follow, leaving Egg at the puppet show

    17. “There’s food as well, if you’re hungry,” Raymun said negligently as he held the flap for Dunk

    18. ” He handed Dunk a wine cup

    19. Dunk ran after him

    20. Dunk shouldered through them, ignoring their curses

    21. Dunk put a big hand on his chest and shoved, sending the man flailing backwards to sprawl on his arse in the dirt

    22. He is mad, thought Dunk, but he is still a prince’s son, and he means to kill me

    23. The crowds should be less on a day like this, Dunk thought

    24. Even so, Dunk crammed himself into the window seat as the sun came up, and stared gloomily off across town and field and forest

    25. Dunk winced whenever he heard that last; it reminded him of the noise Tanselle’s finger had made when Aerion broke it

    26. Dunk supposed that was just as well

    27. They did as he commanded, though Dunk noticed that they left the heavy wooden door ajar

    28. “Your uncle,” said Dunk

    29. Dunk lifted the skewer and bit into a chunk of meat

    30. Dunk had to laugh

    31. Dunk shoved the platter aside, and stood

    32. Dunk knelt before him

    33. “Punished?” Dunk did not like the sound of that

    34. Dunk could not speak

    35. “I,” said Dunk, “I…Your Grace, I…” They meant no treason, it was only a wooden dragon, it was never meant to be a royal prince, he wanted to say, but his words had deserted him once and all

    36. Dunk heard soft moans and cries of pleasure coming from within one tent

    37. Dunk could only stare at him and wonder whether the princeling was trying to play him for a fool

    38. Dunk counted on his fingers

    39. Dunk looked at the princeling suspiciously a moment

    40. Dunk turned to find Steely Pate standing behind him, holding an iron lantern

    41. ” He looked Dunk up and down

    42. Yet now that Dunk held it in his hands, it seemed all wrong

    43. Wherever the armor had come from, Dunk was grateful

    44. “Six,” said Dunk in wonder, pointing

    45. ” A head taller than Ser Raymun and almost of a height with Dunk, Ser Lyonel wore a cloth-of-gold surcoat bearing the crowned stag of House Baratheon, and carried his antlered helm under his arm

    46. Dunk reached for his hand

    47. “Six,” Dunk said hopefully to Raymun Fossoway as Ser Lyonel joined the others

    48. Dunk was fully armored by the time Ser Steffon finally appeared

    49. “And you,” said Dunk

    50. Frowning, Dunk moved a hand to the hilt of his longsword, then hesitated

    1. and dunked it thoughtfully into his soup

    2. I responded, ‘Yes,’ to all and then he dunked me under the water so that my entire body was immersed

    3. They sipped coffee, not speaking, just watching and dunked their rolls while familiar stars faded into the lightening atmosphere

    4. Finally I dunked down into the water and held my breath; listening to the tinkling and gurgly watery sounds

    5. She dunked down into the depths of the tub to rinse off

    6. night! Junya dunked his head into the bubbling water and shook his head from

    7. Derek picked one up and dunked it in his tea

    8. “Why is it I end up getting dunked all the

    9. The crowd went quiet, and for a moment the captive's mask-muffled screams could be heard, then Halfdan dunked the wolf-head into the ice-hole and held it underwater

    10. Avion forest and the Avion giants wil have slam dunked

    11. Terrified screams accompanied each spin, loudest as Pruitt was dunked into the freezing water

    12. Of course it’s entirely unnecessary, as you don’t need food, but it’s really worth it to see the last of an extinct species shaved, dunked in batter, and deep-fried alive (complete with gruesome screams)

    13. Liu dunked his tea bag a few times, wrapped the string around the spoon and squeezed it

    14. After Yum dunked his mop inside the stool, he pulled it

    15. dunked his hand into it and then pulled out the ‘moist’ bread

    16. The stink of mako in his nose set Cloud ill at ease as well, stirring memories he'd rather not have had in his mind, of being dunked in Lifestream and nearly losing himself, twice

    17. "That�ll wake your ass right up!" He then, dunked his head backwards to attain uniformity in his boyish haircut

    18. Realizing that deflecting the attention of most of the Migs from the fleeing bombers was the best she could do right now, Ingrid went in pure defensive flying mode, turning and twisting around her plane continuously like a devil dunked into holy water and taking a few potshots when opportunities presented themselves

    19. He dunked him again, this time for fifteen seconds

    20. He’s wearing a dark green suit and looks like he dunked his whole head in the gel instead of rinsing with it

    21. He dunked a slice of grilled cheese in the soup and ate a bite

    22. He dunked Damon`s head under the water to cool him

    23. “Damn basketball,” he muttered as he collected his things, walked over to the ball and carefully dunked it into the trash

    24. His hair was sopping, as he’d just dunked his head in the water

    25. He lifted his hood and dunked his face into the stream; the cool rush of water eased the pain

    26. The puppy wandered in, dunked his nose into the bowl and started drinking

    27. Under the waves it went, over and over again, being dunked like a drowning child

    28. loathsome object and dunked its proboscis in some of his

    29. This is in the same manner that hot glass will often break when dunked into cold water

    30. he dunked them into his beer before eating

    31. Mick dunked the card in and out of the

    32. You are like me,’ Bala said as he dunked his first piece of

    33. dunked they shouted in state of high excitement

    34. him, my teeth chattered as if I’d been dunked in an ice

    35. Kneeling, I braced one hand on the rock and cautiously dunked the other into the water

    36. He dunked his head into the stream and ran his hand through his short hair

    37. Sucking in a deep breath, she dunked herself

    38. Rapp dunked under again, struggling to get his matted hair clean as Bruno McGraw slipped away in a tailored business suit

    39. Although rock hard, pieces can be broken off with a stone or stick and then dunked in water to force the termites out

    1. ’ I replied, pouring the water into the mugs and dunking the teabags

    2. One of his golden sleeves was soaked from dunking Alec's head while the rest of his robe was splattered with stains of puke

    3. We would keep dunking the bird and cleaning it off until it was, for the most part, completely bare of fur and feathers (or, about as clean as I would get an ear of corn when I peeled it, leaving several small hairs and fibers)

    4. I am referring to his allusion to dunking basketballs and running one hundred yard dashes that seemed rather transparent if not racist

    5. “Oh, I’d been through all the training! I had learned how to interrogate a suspect with intimidation and the application of some force, slaps, dunking heads in water or slaps in the face or sharp jab to the solar plexus and I can remember fighting my conscience over the idea of using any of them

    6. He is growing strong in spite of all that strange water dunking to which your Ani’ Yun’-wiya are constantly subjecting him

    7. they were saying but watched with excitement while dunking some

    8. stench accumulated in their canal dunking, get a set of

    9. Unfortunately, I didn’t feel that way while my father was dunking

    10. I sat beside their son on the settee, sipping weak tea and dunking rock cakes, wondering if they were insane, having me on, or delightfully liberal

    11. They do not, unfortunately, perform a religious service involving dunking a polymer artificial domesticated fowl in water

    12. poured her drink into a glass and was methodically dunking her

    13. “Corey, why is there a dunking stool in the far corner of

    14. shirts standing next to the dunking stool?”

    15. They heard me laughing and Wille pulled me in for a dunking

    16. The only issue was fifteen minutes ago when, apparently, Dylan thought it would be a good idea to get rid of Adriana’s latest boyfriend by dunking him in the pool

    17. With memories of my earlier cold dunking still

    18. purring words told me that she was going to baptise me with her gift, by dunking my head

    19. They clambered out of the City of Seattle, onto the floating dock, and reenacted a universal ritual of winning crews: the dunking of the coxswain

    20. People in rowboats were standing up now, risking a dunking to see what was happening

    21. New Year’s was the one time of the year when Mom would bypass the bulgur wheat and wheat germ at the store in favor of the sweets Sam craved, and then they’d sit up together on the couch, dunking pizzelle in hot chocolate until sugar shock set in

    22. There was a water tub in the center of the living room, waiting, with a sack of apples nearby, for dunking to begin

    1. Another wave dunks the “bow” and the heads of the men

    2. After about half a dozen dunks, the tickle was gone

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    Synonyms for "dunk"

    dunk dunk shot stuff shot dip douse plunge souse anoint sprinkle submerge immerse purify baptise asperse

    "dunk" definitions

    a basketball shot in which the basketball is propelled downward into the basket

    immerse briefly into a liquid so as to wet, coat, or saturate

    make a dunk shot, in basketball

    dip into a liquid while eating