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    1. Perhaps she should get a towel, soak it in cold water and douse his head in it

    2. After this I scurried up the hill, stopped to douse the fire on look-out point number one, and then ran the rest of the way to the cottage to rejoin the girls

    3. ran with leaves burning into the water to douse themselves

    4. As he did with all pilots on their last mission, he was in his command jeep in preparation to meet Bannister in the revet�ment where fellow pilots would pop champagne and douse the man who had just flown his last combat mission and was going home

    5. Their attempts to douse it with water were fruitless as the arrow slit windows were just too narrow to throw sufficient water

    6. Revealing her hands at the opportunity she said I douse them in coconut cream

    7. During the night a blizzard had covered the hillside with a thick blanket of snow, he led the horse out first and Athene finally followed in silence, the cold morning air seemed to help douse her temper a little

    8. Although she does not yet realise it, I think we both suspect she may be more powerful than you and I combined Bellack, and she will douse our magic like water on fire

    9. "Quick! Douse the lamps!"

    10. Rothenberg, his father decided to douse the motel room with 3

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    Synonyms for "douse"

    douse dowse drench soak sop souse dip dunk plunge duck put out

    "douse" definitions

    put out, as of a candle or a light

    wet thoroughly

    dip into a liquid

    immerse briefly into a liquid so as to wet, coat, or saturate

    lower quickly


    cover with liquid; pour liquid onto