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    1. things might actually be improved if he envisioned as his paramour this tigress, his

    2. A saloon was included in the scheme of arrangements, isolated from the dining hall proper, it was envisioned more of a sitting room with a bar than a bar with a sitting room

    3. Her blood was boiling, as she envisioned stepping into the opening and demanding, they put a stop to the foolishness

    4. She heard all the words, but this was well outside anything she'd encountered or envisioned

    5. and as Uar envisioned it was going to plan

    6. such as that ideal you have envisioned for yourself

    7. such as that ideal you have envisioned for yourself

    8. developed in the world? Who would have envisioned that its own belief system would be the catalyst for its destruction? It’s an extraordinary story and that we are witnessing first hand

    9. She became the ideal he could never have envisioned

    10. years after he’d first envisioned it, he was now witnessing something entirely different

    1. Envision these sins as a festering rot on the human soul

    2. With what you envision them to be, after all, is to what you would do to

    3. “Please use the provided slips of paper and write down your own personal choice for our inaugural production, as well as what role you would envision yourself playing in that endeavor

    4. She may not have been able to envision the summer, but winter was looking up

    5. ) Now, envision multiplying the

    6. then in every living cell - he could envision

    7. match what they envision are the idealists

    8. envision and desire for yourself

    9. Envisioneering is a combination of Envision and

    10. match what they envision are the idealists

    1. My daughter imagines he drives around in her Barbie Bus, while my son envisions him logging on to Wikipedia or reading the newspaper

    2. A friend of mine recently stated that he envisions a day when America will return to a (de facto) separate but equal society

    3. But the human being Lukacs envisions is thoughtful, not aggressive; contemplative, not arrogant

    4. Ras envisions a future under Avery Perelle

    5. Now I am destined to be the woman he envisions in his head

    6. He reflects on the future back at the eighteenth hole and envisions a more settled and contented life without too many of the distractions, griefs and worries that marriage had brought to him, deciding to play life straight and walk the walk instead of talk the talk

    7. Carrie envisions the wrappers, which are printed with soy inks on recycled paper, at weddings, bridal and baby showers and as birthday

    8. In his mind Cass envisions his second momma, Lucy, proudly trying on this fine present

    9. It will help if she envisions a particular color to represent each thing that bothers her

    10. The present text apparently envisions a scheme in

    1. Caroline introduced her to a twenty-five-room country inn that she liked immediately, envisioning a slowed pace with placid afternoons on the deck, capturing the views in watercolors

    2. “Oh, that’s going to hurt later,” she said under her breath, envisioning a purple bruise

    3. But then envisioning her

    4. Outside, on a stool near our well, I sat for a few moments in the light of the moon, envisioning our home with a small child in it

    5. He continually pictured himself being the best cop in LA, envisioning a ceremony of fellow officers in his future, honoring him for his bravery and accomplishments

    6. ‘What’s heaven but hearsay? Won’t the benedictions therein seem make-believe? The Hindu swarga, the Christian salvation and the Islamic hereafter, are they really real? Had anyone called back to earth from those summits of faith? And without a body how does the soul enjoy the earthly pleasures of the religious heavens? How naive is man in envisioning heaven! If the swarga is not make-believe, won’t Sneha join the company of the pativratas, in wait for their husbands they had left behind? But, having sinned so much here, would I gain admission there? Well, if hell were to be my destiny, why not make the best of the rest of my life here itself? It looks sensible

    7. He was too busy envisioning his remaining years in prison

    8. After envisioning all the horrible ways he deserved to be slaughtered, he finally was able to focus on looking for the device

    9. Inside her deep in thoughts, she felt Mitchell to be the emotional anchor for the family, envisioning him excelling at whatever he did later in life

    10. For a moment, Mitchell attempted to look into his future, envisioning Cindy as his girlfriend, filling the empty void he had always discreetly desired

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    Synonyms for "envision"

    envision fancy figure image picture project see visualise visualize foresee predict anticipate prognosticate augur prophesy

    "envision" definitions

    imagine; conceive of; see in one's mind

    picture to oneself; imagine possible