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Event in a sentence

In any event, he said.
For this event we have.
This is a very rare event.
In the event, he was not.
But that is a rare event.
This is such a happy event.
You see the event AS IT IS.

And in 1954 the big event.
In the event that snoring.
Another one is a live event.
Besides, the event of the.
The event that caused the.
It was a twice a year event.
During the event of Miraaj.
In any event we are doing OK.
Insert the name of the event.
The event was a huge success.
Survival of this event, if.
It was an unex-pected event.
November event occurs on 11/8.
It was an event for children.
The event was held in a field.
A strange event to Britons!.
Ah, a very interesting event.
Finally it was the main event.
That is the kind of event Mr.
In the event of dissolution.
In the event you suffer.
In a news event that has been.
This was an event that Jesus.
This event is the Caledonian.
In the event you're able to!.
Oh, I’m wise after the event.
They realized how that event.
This event took place in the.
Any event is caused by ritu-.
He had no memory of the event.
He even video tapes this event.
The event was at a large hotel.
This event transpired while i.

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