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Effect in a sentence

It all had no effect.
In effect, we are to.
An effect of the game.
An effect, not a cause.
The effect was like a.
The effect of the pile.

It was quite an effect.
This, in effect, is an.
Or words to that effect.
In effect, I ignored it.
I just have that effect.
New laws put into effect.
It’s a knock on effect.
This had a strange effect.
Cause and Effect in Life.
On others has the effect.
It had the desired effect.
And the effect of them on.
The anchors had no effect.
This book has the effect.
The effect here is, when.
Imagine the effect on the.
This had the desired effect.
In effect, she was my exit.
The Ghoul paused for effect.
Or something to that effect.
It has a soothing effect on.
The Effect on Dave and Judy.
The effect of water in the.
This would have the effect.
It has more effect that way.
It was the Bernoulli effect.
Effect Similar to the Cause.
The Law of Cause and Effect.
He had that effect on women.
It has the effect of being.
In effect, they believe in.
A magical effect I did not.
Society can have that effect.
Anger was so effecting to reality.
India use for effecting transfer of money.
Effects only targeted insects not effecting the environment.
As this book goes to press, I am in the process of effecting.
Perhaps the lack of sleep was effecting this untroubled perception.
Primary hormone imbalance effecting fertility happens only about 3% of.
To the mode of effecting so desirable an object, I shall confine myself.
Voting with one’s dollar is an important tool to effecting business changes.
Yeah, in its way, but there's math behind it and it's effecting the instruments.
And should we not enquire what sort of knowledge has the power of effecting such a change?
The regular cavalry had extended their left flank, effecting a junction with the Rough Riders.
The ultra liberal Civil War administration of Barack Hussein Obama is effecting a coup d’etat.
These are the means prescribed in the constitution for effecting the ends expressed in the preamble.
And all the worlds will be blessed in this same revelation of life in effecting the overthrow of death.
I felt I had no control and no opportunity to affect world events, much less effecting change in my own personal life.
A process for effecting the tanning of leather in a neat, expeditious, and thorough manner, has been discovered by a Mr.
He wished him to be a model of constancy; and fancied the best means of effecting it would be by not trying him too long.
As in reciprocal crosses, the facility of effecting an union is often very far from equal, so it sometimes is in grafting.
If the doctrine which he maintains were correct, gentlemen might be defeated in effecting the objects which they have in view.
I must admit, said he, according to Ségur, that the Russians are effecting their retreat in the most admirable order.
Lessing has advanced excellent reasons for supposing that the Martians have actually succeeded in effecting a landing on the planet Venus.
Certainly though you may need to do some reaching — however, this can prove considerably easier than effecting harvest by traditional means.
I explained a little of the position to Anthea; not enough to alarm her, but so that we could co-operate in effecting what economies we could.
Have none of me if it is your will, but that you must aid me in effecting your escape, if such a thing be possible, is not my request, but my command.
Because of this stress they are enduring it is effecting them not only at work but in their personal relationships with collegues and with their partners.
In the case of first crosses, the greater or less difficulty in effecting a union and in obtaining offspring apparently depends on several distinct causes.
After having imbibed the ergot extract and after a good hour of waiting for the potion to start effecting behaviour and character, blood then needs to be B.
The King of Naples openly expressed his doubts as to the possibility of effecting a crossing, and in the name of the army begged the Emperor to think of his own safety.
They appeared to him to be calculated merely to put the people on their guard against foreign emissaries or agents employed for the purpose of effecting a dismemberment of this Union.
As there was no time to be lost, the scout immediately set about effecting so necessary a precaution; and when he had gagged the Indian, his enemy might safely have been considered as hors de combat.
There is a large and growing list of companies that have experienced difficult and lengthy exchange offers or were totally unsuccessful in effecting recapitalizations through voluntary exchange offers.
Effecting a short space-time jump to go past the next water-tight steel hatch and reappearing while still in phase shift mode, Nancy saw the incoming enemy group as it was passing through the next hatch forward.
May be it was a suit under trial in a particular country but effects that of were reaching to all nooks and corners of the world effecting world economy, world’s peace and racial, and strategically world groupings.
In effecting this change, the conduct of the United States in relation to Canada has had, undeniably, a mighty influence, by the disgust and indignation felt by the British people at a step so apparently wanton and cruel.
The story of Africa is one of the Europeans plundering the natural resources of the continent and then, when caught with their hands in the cookie jar, hastily effecting a democratic handover to the most likely African kleptocrat’.
An event occurring now is a succession of past events, and it is impacted by the future: the teleologically postulated possibility that is an attractor effecting the present, like the gravity of past mind effects the trajectory of current act.
Therefore, anything which harms the whites in Africa, ultimately harms him; and the worst catastrophe from his point of view would be the destruction of the whites and their culture, which present policies are effecting over a huge area of the continent.
Cardenio and the curate were watching all this from among some bushes, not knowing how to join company with the others; but the curate, who was very fertile in devices, soon hit upon a way of effecting their purpose, and with a pair of scissors he had in a case he quickly cut off.
Is the incorporation of a bank of this character? It is not among the common, necessary, and proper means of effecting either of the foregoing enumerated powers, nor of any other enumerated in the constitution; still less is it incidental or subservient to any of the enumerated powers.
The pollen-mass of the male plant (for the sexes are separate in this orchid) is thus carried to the flower of the female plant, where it is brought into contact with the stigma, which is viscid enough to break certain elastic threads, and retain the pollen, thus effecting fertilisation.
This was effected by Mr.
Use only on effected areas.
What has effected this revolution?
On the Change effected by Regeneration.
Imagine how that has effected your life.
This is how the exchange was effected:.
Effected, and seems suspended with almost.
Zoreosa effected her warm smile of reassurance.
Public opinion has effected all these changes.
This very small change had effected a revolution.
Promotions and reassignments have been effected.
And in that instant the thing was again effected.
Revolution was effected before the war commenced.
It was the means by which the sentence was effected.
The Seven Habits of Highly Effected People Stephen R.
How was this to be effected, asked the Princess.
This they effected, as I learnt, with a precipitation.
Wash effected parts immediately (see Poisons in Health).
They are not going extinct or even appear to be effected.
But the latter, we will confess, was not effected without.
Then let us suppose that the reconciliation has been effected.
Some medication used can be effected the reproductive organs.
This armament of the windows could be effected all the more.
Smoking can be best effected in a smoke house or a smoke tepee.
Joseph entered with two cards, and thereby effected a diversion.
Whitney in the United States effected this valuable desideratum.
In order not to be effected by this emotion a trailing stop of.
And the bad part was, it effected her relationship with the band.
Everyone in the room seemed as effected as Holly by Caleb's kiss.
And how has this effected your relationship with your wife?
Effected families let's stand up and contact carte Blanche!!!!!.
The surgery is required using local anaesthesia in the effected area.
A sort of splendid rectification had just been effected in his mind.
That certain great ends or objects are here proposed to be effected.
Salvation could be effected only by the grace of God in regeneration.
The ones who are compassionate by nature tend to be effected the hardest.
What he noticed the most was how much she was effected by their coupling.
Where had previous intimations of the result, effected or projected, been.
This is effected by the confluence of the doer, the agents, and the action.
Thus these transactions are almost always effected on a businesslike footing.
Cold, effects of, ii, 177.
The punch had two effects.
Does have the effects on.
The Effects of Using Fire.
The health effects on the.
The effects upon the water.
Few side effects have been.
The two main order effects.
And what if the effects of.
Hence, the effects may vary.
In turn, that effects your.
The effects of the galaxy's.
No adverse effects were seen.
The effects of these storms.
What side effects are there?
The effects of the snow and.
And its effects were instant.
Stress effects the growth of.
The effects of the stroke are.
The health effects of Cannabis.
However the effects that the.
The effects of alcoholic excess.
The effects of familiariry on.
Its effects, however, lived on.
Side effects of the medication.
The effects of smoking on health.
Whey’s effects on food intake.
Understand the effects of anger.
To fight the effects of the sun.
The Effects of Hair Loss on Men.
One of the effects of speaking.
Side effects may cause whitening.
It could have disastrous effects.
It does not have any side effects.
Feel the effects of a warm melody.
Awareness of the negative effects.

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