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Evidence in a sentence

We have it in evidence.
Look for evidence of a.
You will be the evidence.
I had run out of evidence.
We had even more evidence.
Best Evidence by David S.
He seizes it as evidence.

The only evidence of any.
Typical of the evidence Dr.
No beer in evidence today.
Show me any evidence that.
There was no evidence the.
I just follow the evidence.
Well, there may be evidence.
He’s in the evidence room.
There was some evidence of.
The kid was not in evidence.
There was never any evidence.
They were evidence of safety.
There is some evidence that.
But they had no evidence of.
Because all of the evidence.
None of them fit the evidence.
What is called legal evidence.
No evidence of Alan was found.
It is arguing without evidence.
The evidence is not convincing.
You should show your evidence.
To him it was more evidence of.
There was no evidence of Eric's.
This is crime scene evidence.
All evidence to the contrary.
What does the evidence suggest?
His gory bat bore the evidence.
There's actually evidence of it.
I'd seen plenty evidence of that.
But she can alter her evidence.
We’ve got no forensic evidence.
It’s hardly evidence of murder.
Evidence in both the office and.
When there is a break in the symmetry of awareness (for example, when a desire arises — evidencing attractions and aversions) a universe manifests.
In the section describing trading opportunities, we presented data evidencing frequent deviations of option market prices both toward being overvalued and undervalued.
Furthermore, the pentagram directly refers to Venus and Isaiah 14:12 directly refers to Marduk and the Priesthood of Belial, further evidencing that Islam was purposely built around Babylonian.
The subscription privilege was to run to November 1, 1938, and was protected by a provision for the issuance of a detached warrant evidencing the same privilege per share in case the preferred stock was redeemed prior to November 1, 1938.
This resolution is not an answer to a Message from the President of the United States; there are not in it any words of relation between it and a message evidencing an expression or intended direction of that nature; neither are there in it any words manifesting an intention to transmit it to him as an address; for these and other reasons, which, if necessary, might be mentioned, it does not appear that this joint resolution can, with any propriety, be named an answer or response to a Message from the President, or an address to him.
The last years repeatedly evidenced what.
As evidenced by what Peter says regarding the.
This was evidenced by a gap in both their journals.
This is evidenced by the data presented in Figure 1.
Its use is evidenced throughout the Hebrew canon and.
The market is in a downtrend, evidenced by a long black day.
Alex could hardly contain his excitement, as evidenced by the.
Abraham, as evidenced by their texts and many historical facts.
The market has been lower, as evidenced by another long black day.
This is evidenced by studies in adult nonhuman primates where early.
This is further evidenced by the undeniable and verifiable fact that the.
I am not aware that anyone has done a properly evidenced study of this yet.
Accordingly, I have proven that the symbolism evidenced in the canons of all.
This theory has been exceptionally influential, as evidenced by the fact that.
The smile disappeared from her face, and a wrinkle on her brow evidenced her suffering.
The structure of the symbology evidenced throughout the Hebrew canon and ancient Egypt.
Major was proud enough for both of us, as evidenced in the huge grin on her face when she.
That we are in a period of transition is evidenced by the unrest which is everywhere apparent.
When the stock price spiked, long call positions paid off handsomely, as evidenced by the 701.
Rather it seems attributable to the talents evidenced by the GPs in accessing capital markets.
They were making it work quite obviously, as evidenced by Solin’s emerging signs of pregnancy.
As evidenced above, there are a number of options when it comes to payment solutions for business.
Any imbalanced excess or lacking of the human psyche is ultimately evidenced as psychobiologic pain.
Accordingly, when you remove the sections that stand out as obvious later additions–as evidenced by.
Neither Krane nor Ancor were expecting that remark, as evidenced by the look of surprise in their faces.
These swings create patterns, as evidenced in the price movements of a market at every degree of trend.
According to Time, he has battled terrorism, as evidenced by his conviction of the Times Square bomber.
The episodic evolution of this enhancement is evidenced within the science of geology’s fossil record.
Carol’s vision of true success was the intangible that could only be evidenced by the people around her.
A: The trader’s variation has been steadily increasing, evidenced by the expanding upper and lower bands.
He drove them all, maids, matrons and widows, and toward all he evidenced the same uncompromising contempt.
What foresight he had shown in inventing such a thing! If only he had evidenced just a bit more foresight.
Some of these teasings occurred as a byproduct of the massive extinctions evidenced in the geological record.
A definite deterioration in the upward strength is evidenced by long upper shadows on the second and third days.
It could not be seen by his achievements nor was evidenced by his great physical person, but was in the spirit.
Serena’s faith had been a sure thing as evidenced by how she had defined her life in her belief in her Savior.
Some glanced up as Colling and Oblieska entered, but none evidenced any particular interest in the two newcomers.
This was evidenced by the very yellow eyes, constant runny noses, and overall unhealthy appearance of many of them.
However, individuals with pre-existing kidney disease should be cautious as evidenced by the development of kidney.
In fact, more than 75% of the trades in this group had negative returns, as evidenced by the 3rd Quartile return of –2.
Instead, there are many evidences.
Evidences for the Christian Faith (U.
There were evidences of it everywhere.
The evidences of it are to be found even at Cairo.
It is one of the first evidences that a man is born again.
The math of string theory instead evidences a user-driven.
Prey evolved to detect subtle evidences of danger around them.
I told her it is not necessary to see everything, to have evidences.
Moses built is still there as well as other evidences of a very large.
He proved his saying by logical evidences derived from the Holy Qur'an.
On his way home the philanthropist saw even more evidences of Christmas.
It’s the same as proving or refuting of religious evidences within.
The scientific evidences of the Qur’aan clearly prove its Divine Origin.
He proved his saying by logical evidences derived from the Holy Qur’an.
There are three separate evidences of this spirit indwelling of the human mind:.
There are many evidences in the holy Qur’an of the return of Jesus Christ (cpth).
You can tell when people are bitter - there are a number of evidences of bitterness.
It is the evidences of this destruction, which is symbolized by smoke that will last.
It is always attended by certain marks, evidences, effects, results, and consequences.
They still sat about the pool, but were beginning to show evidences of an evil impatience.
Allphin said smoke symbolizes the effects or evidences of fire and the evidences of this.
Al phin said smoke symbolizes the effects or evidences of fire and the evidences of this.
It did not contain those evidences of care and sagacity that ought to beam in every feature.
I believe in the things that were done, and there are evidences of many things done on Mars.
I found it a large, handsome residence, showing abundant evidences of wealth in the proprietor.
Hebrew canon and history evidences various proofs of the different influences that led to the schisms.
Over the years, they have found new evidences which are consistent with the teachings of spirituality.
Besides this effect upon vegetables, there were additional evidences of the saline quality of the wind.
She has given evidences of a rather unique gift of magnetism, the development of which will bear watching.
Their thoats were found wandering upon the sea bottom and evidences of a bloody conflict were discovered nearby.
Allphin said smoke symbolizes the effects or evidences of fire and the evidences of this destruction will never.
Allphin said smoke symbolizes the effects or evidences of fire and the evidences of this destruction will never end.
Allphin says smoke symbolizes the effects or evidences of fire and the evidences of this destruction will never end.
Dimmesdale reached home, his inner man gave him other evidences of a revolution in the sphere of thought and feeling.
Science can only see what’s observable, it will never have evidences to few things like believe, faith, love and God.
This fact further evidences that we are all connected and need to treat others the same way we would like to be treated.
Because these evidences are not complete does not argue against an existence and chronology for those long-gone entities.
He had climbed the cliffs, passed through the jungle that bordered them, and now stood surrounded by evidences of a vanished state.
The message was only a little article about the fact that still no suspects have been arrested and no evidences have been found yet.
I have now, I believe, sir, given a full and I trust fair and correct statement of the evidences and facts relative to the question of title.

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