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    1. the Lord now was beginning to manifest in His life

    2. only manifest His full power in your life if you are a

    3. should manifest in your family, health, business, where

    4. It has nothing to do with intelligence - on the contrary, it is much more manifest in persons of mean or low intelligence, and it is thanks to cunning that the mediocre often supplant the excellent

    5. Universe uses to manifest on your behalf

    6. It could manifest itself as undue stress,

    7. allows this creative force to manifest itself through us to create

    8. I cannot manifest abundance when I’m focused on all that I

    9. cannot manifest a house if all I’m worried about is how much it

    10. Nor can we manifest solutions to end poverty, eliminate

    11. you and what you yearn to manifest in the world around you

    12. catalyst for you to manifest a new opportunity that does

    13. manifest it and co-‐create new realities

    14. Which basically means not all our thoughts manifest

    15. outcomes that reveal your heart’s desires and manifest a

    16. You manifest what you already have without the hard work and stress

    17. Inside was a really large telescope in a case, many large, securely-locked map cases, a large finely-detailed globe of the world on a gimbaled stand, an unintelligible plastic machine, other purposeless tools, another table, more chairs, a comfortable reading chair with a plumbed lantern, a whole library of bookcases and a big clipstand holding what must be the ships manifest

    18. was silent and invisible until she began to manifest

    19. The connectedness that we all have will often manifest

    20. Something is going to manifest out of those

    21. the Universal Law of Attraction wil manifest the thing or situation in your

    22. “These three forces manifest themselves into the universe we know through the process of an octave, seven notes leading to the beginning of a new series

    23. He looked at the details of the manifest

    24. I believe it is God’s will for us to live in this place of the manifest presence of God on a regular basis

    25. His presence is always with us, but his manifest presence is with us as we follow him and yield to him

    26. Prophetic ministry can manifest through those who give prophetic words over individuals, groups, or regions

    27. It is a manifest encroachment upon the just liberty, both of the

    28. was the manifest interest of every particular class of them, to prevent the market from being

    29. This is given off in the form of sun flares that manifest themselves visibly as Life-Light

    30. Love, satisfaction, and, ultimately happiness manifest themselves, out of the blue sky, as soon as one has satisfactorily assimilated the lessons he had been assigned

    31. I know my true love will manifest himself in my life, when I’m ready for a

    32. It only needs be manifest — made real in the

    33. manifest in the physical world

    34. To restrain private people, it may be said, from receiving in payment the promissory notes of a banker for any sum, whether great or small, when they themselves are willing to receive them; or, to restrain a banker from issuing such notes, when all his neighbours are willing to accept of them, is a manifest violation of that natural liberty, which it is the proper business of law not to infringe, but to support

    35. area, is manifest here too

    36. Also anything can be made manifest, everything is connected and that we are actually sons and daughters of the Sun but due to karma act out our lives in set ways

    37. That was the gamble and the price they all paid for their duties, all of the unknowns that congealed in their minds and would manifest upon their homecoming

    38. Would it be a reasonable law to prohibit the importation of all foreign wines, merely to encourage the making of claret and Burgundy in Scotland ? But if there would be a manifest absurdity in turning towards any employment thirty times more of the capital and industry of the country than would be necessary to purchase from foreign countries an equal quantity of the commodities wanted, there must be an absurdity, though not altogether so glaring, yet exactly of the same kind, in turning towards any such employment a thirtieth, or even a three hundredth part more of either

    39. And it was anyone’s guess as to when they would manifest

    40. The proposition is so very manifest, that it seems ridiculous to take any pains to prove it ; nor could it ever have been called in question, had not the interested sophistry of merchants and manufacturers confounded the common sense of mankind

    41. To prohibit a great people, however, from making all that they can of every part of their own produce, or from employing their stock and industry in the way that they judge most advantageous to themselves, is a manifest violation of the most sacred rights of mankind

    42. On the other hand, Disciple B has confidence and faith in himself, and this too will manifest in his reality

    43. We can literally manifest whatever situations we focus our intent on

    44. We help manifest our realities!

    45. At this juncture, one should remember the ability of the soul to ‘shape shift’ or manifest different appearances

    46. When there is great and sincere underlying intention, prayers and mantras will be more effective as the intent is like an ‘energy boost’ which helps manifest the situations we wish for

    47. This is because we are part of the Creative Source and it is our nature to manifest new realities

    48. made manifest without some transformation taking place

    49. Himalayas and manifest all kinds of things without

    50. So much was different for her now, and it seemed to be manifest in her painfully thin appearance

    1. manifested wherever He went

    2. John: 2:11: This is the beginning of miracles did Jesus in Cana of Galilee, and manifested forth his glory; and his

    3. All the authority given by Jesus must be manifested through the Church,

    4. The region of ‘other dimensional’ space that manifested between star systems as a hypermass transit was always narrow

    5. The probe manifested itself in Alan's universe in something called a wee-flutter

    6. on the issue, you have manifested vibrational change within

    7. In a nutshell, you are a part of al things manifested in this

    8. 5And ye know that he was manifested to take away our sins; and in him is no sin

    9. We had to sacrifice our own energy so that the portal could be manifested on Earth

    10. As the presence of God is manifested in the earth the earth will be moved

    11. As the presence of God is manifested in our lives it will also be manifested through our lives

    12. God calls us more than conquerors (Romans 8:37), yet we don’t always see our victory manifested in the earth

    13. Tetloan was the second closest to Emily in strength, though for him, his power had manifested itself differently than anything Brice had ever seen

    14. In the time it took for their ale to lose its pleasing chill, a host of new realizations had manifested as reality

    15. The Lord Jesus Christ is called the last Adam and is specifically referred to as “the only begotten Son” of God or God manifested to us in person

    16. And on the never-ending subject of political correctness manifested as racial sensitivity, how about the movement underway in the last few years to change to non-white, for the statue to be built at Ground Zero, the race of two of the three white guys that raised the flag there? These three white guys just happened to raise that flag, and they weren"t discriminating against anybody

    17. It was that simple! Manifested from the imagination

    18. " And further: „As under the smiles of Heaven, America is indebted for freedom and independence, rather to the joint exertions to the citizens of the several states than to the conduct of the Commander-in Chief, so she is indebted for their support, rather to a continuation of those exertions, than to the prudence and ability manifested in the exercise of the powers delegated to the President of the Unites States

    19. Into Floppy’s range of view came his worst fear manifested into reality—a giant brown bear, slowly wending its way around the tree to get a better sense of its prey

    20. ” There is no question of right or wrong in their creed, for the fetish is a spirit, or combination of spirits, manifested in material things, and which is ever ready to seriously injure unless handsomely propitiated

    21. Generals Shafter, Wheeler, and Gilmour, Colonel Morse, and their aides, moved out beyond the lines to attend the conference, and Toral manifested that his desire to surrender was only outweighed by the fear of blame in Spain

    22. ‖ Their resentment has manifested itself repeatedly over the years as Conservative influence within the party has gradually increased in proportion to its rapidly increasing numbers

    23. manifested as theatre critics) Equipment: his gadget, clothing, actors tools of the trade, lots

    24. He would simply remove the Honduran customs seal and reship it, manifested as cargo originating in Mexico

    25. ” He was currently on down swing, and if he had any doubts it had just manifested itself, when Gordon, ‘the perfect black gentleman’, began behaving like Texas white trash in his favorite saloon, a country yokel screaming across the barroom

    26. This purity was a gift from her Father, which manifested in a birthmark and the ability to hear and see what other Humans couldn't

    27. “Very well, if you insist,” said the Patriarch and the chair blinked away in the same logic defying manner that it had manifested in the first place

    28. should unleash my latest works without them manifested

    29. She sat next to Gawavolf who in his outstretched hand manifested flowers and beautiful stones

    30. He told of the eight cities in Karawia that had attracted the all of Laru’s negativity and manifested a Dark, which now threatened all of Laru with its evil

    31. This manifested itself in what we call the Purity War

    32. A huge misconception has manifested itself in Christianity where the Word of God refers to whoredom

    33. Suicide is a physical action manifested from the thoughts and stress that persist on one"s mind

    34. Aggressive behavior in humans and animals is consistent with the behavior patterns, manifested in the prey, in the competition for mates, in hurt or attack, in the competition for positions of power, in these cases in humans and animals more aggressive

    35. research the healthiest manifested the strongest man from the body immunity is a force of feeling and temperament (natural expression of from the inside out, not in order to show to see others, if in order to reflect to others, is affected, is reflected in the temperament, but funny)

    36. Whirlwind and Wind: Coming storm; manifested presence and glory of God; Shekinah glory; armies of the enemy; transfiguration; armies of

    37. Left: That which is of the Spirit; God manifested through the flesh of man; rejection; unity to meet a goal; the honor and riches of wisdom

    38. Taka turned and she could see panic manifested in his eyes

    39. Elena: There were many times my powers manifested

    40. Many titans whose powers have been dormant for years, had surges of power; even those who never manifested any power other than that that all of them had – strength and a faster healing process – saw themselves getting stronger

    41. It was then that the love of the Shearim for all creation became fully manifested

    42. was manifested by being acted out in full

    43. manifested as corruption in ethical and economic domains

    44. My eyes widened, as Jiva’s resurrection of the past manifested itself once again in front of my retinas

    45. His vampire abilities manifested themselves, and I was taken aback by the force, the sheer power of his passion, the enthusiasm, the zeal with which he kissed me threatened to overtake me

    46. The manifested (saguna)

    47. the manifested altogether, there can be no relief

    48. Therefore our knowledge of the manifested is un-

    49. Can you say you know the manifested?

    50. M: If the manifested is the sum total of all actual experiences,

    1. God does not work without manifesting His glory

    2. with you to the point where His favor is manifesting in

    3. why things are or are not manifesting in our favor

    4. critical piece really is the foundation for manifesting all

    5. guru will ever teach you about manifesting your desires

    6. Gilla is floating round the house singing to herself and, although I am delighted that she is so happy, quite frankly, it gets on my nerves and only serves to point up my own pretty parlous situation with regard to relationships … their non-existence generally and, more specifically, the chances of one actually manifesting itself at any time in the future

    7. manifesting in and through them does

    8. opposite manifesting in the natural, but I proclaim the truth I see in Heaven, and guess what? Things are changing

    9. Then, the ego has entered and manifesting (the universe-driven process)

    10. He didn’t care about the bystanders – he just couldn’t stop himself from openly manifesting his grief and sorrow

    11. within and creating the present moment, manifesting this shared reality

    12. If you are a student of the many metaphysical Masters offering all types of courses these days, you will realize that Imagining clearly what you want and pretending it has already come to pass, is a vital step in the manifesting process

    13. God’s promises to begin manifesting

    14. Again, note the wrath, judgement and condemnation of God, manifesting in fire and ashes!

    15. We"ve already noted in chapter four some of the abilities these new incarnating souls will be manifesting

    16. depending on what you are manifesting with your meditational development

    17. This being based upon what type of ability(s) they are manifesting:

    18. The energy that we see clearly manifesting in that moment has a continuing force and power

    19. When you realize these things, instead of manifesting externally, your anger digests itself

    20. News got to the Three Kings’ ears that titans who never had a specific power are manifesting strangely

    21. Hades: Their powers are indeed manifesting because of the war, because of the danger we are facing

    22. Zeus: Elena, you need to calm yourself, your power is manifesting and it is way too strong

    23. Elena’s energies were manifesting as never before and the titan was not even conscious

    24. manifesting itself in your body; the primary function of this creative force is creation

    25. It is likely, if you do succeed in purposefully manifesting intentional directedness in one of these entrenched situations, you will experience some change in your moral stance

    26. anxiety by this point was manifesting itself in a violent

    27. With that he reappeared back beside Mark, while remaining on the dais, manifesting in two places at once

    28. So we would like to declare adjournment so that we can start manifesting this reality with love and joy

    29. around us, manifesting His love and grace even in the times of

    30. That means that He learned the Scriptures supernaturally through His Father manifesting that knowledge in Him, similar to what He did to Roland Buck, but on a much, much greater level

    31. That’s because every part of God’s being is alive, and thinks from the attributes of God that are manifesting eternally, infinitely, and incredibly at all times

    32. If you’re born again you also have a measure of the heart, mind, and will of God manifesting in your soul and body as well

    33. Remember the Scripture earlier that said that the sin nature has been “rendered powerless?” Well powerless means, it has no power to operate in our lives! Instead we are powerfully filled with the love and glory of God! The attributes of His love are alive and active within us, manifesting more and more of Himself

    34. These things are ALWAYS manifesting in our spirit, and are beginning to/will manifest in ever-increasing measures through our whole being

    35. So for Paul to say he behaved blamelessly among the Thessalonians, and that ANYTHING the Phillippians saw, heard, learned, or received from Paul should be put into practice, is to say that Paul was manifesting such a righteousness of Christ that it was as if he was “without fault” among them

    36. I believe a big part of the shaking here is God shaking all the religious, natural, and worldly mindsets that have been hindering God’s children from manifesting His glory to the world

    37. Agreeing with His promises enables us to partake of His diving nature, by manifesting His nature in us

    38. We can only love if we first see the love of the Father manifesting in and through us

    39. Now there are multiple dimensions to what I’m about to share, but the overall focus is that the greatest solution to every problem we see in the church today is that we NEED more of God’s love manifesting in our lives

    40. The less revelations of God’s love we know, the less faith we will see manifesting in our lives

    41. I believe the greater problem we have is the need for more of God’s love manifesting in our lives

    42. It’s not that we should ever keep God as our lifeline to call on in times of trouble, it is realizing that without the life of God manifesting in us at all times, we are already in trouble! To be empty of God, or to be filled with sin, is to be void of anything meaningful, and to stray from the very purpose of our existence

    43. One is that things like wrath, anger, sorrow, grieving, jealousy, and such attributes, are eternal attributes/characteristics of God’s nature that are always manifesting in different ways, just like all of His other attributes

    44. These “responsive attributes” become active when sin is manifesting in God’s people/creation

    45. Without sin being present these manifestations of God’s nature stop manifesting (He only manifests these things when sin is present)

    46. Meaning that anger, wrath, sorrow, grief, etc, are only temporary manifestations of God’s nature in response to sin, and are not things that we should be manifesting at all times

    47. The problem is that often times our soul is still so cluttered with sinful thoughts and ways, that our spiritual sight isn’t manifesting like it should through our whole being

    48. The more of God’s heart, mind, and will that is manifesting in our souls, the easier it will be to hear God clearly

    49. Since all of God’s words come from His attributes, the more attributes we have manifesting in our souls the more we will recognize God speaking to us in different ways, and the more often it will happen! His love has a voice, and that voice is Jesus!

    50. Ever wonder why so many people love to eat good food? Because all of God’s creation, that is good, was created from His attributes of love, and these attributes are what give the food it’s flavor! Without God’s attributes manifesting in the creation nothing would taste good

    1. that the essence of the ministry manifests more outside

    2. The reason why He manifests His power to us, is for us to

    3. It manifests within us an invisible, unlimited

    4. Yet its power manifests itself in waves

    5. If the Bible then is considered to be inspired by God and manifests similar complexities to that which is found in our own fabric, we should be able to identify the following:

    6. I went to the deep file drawer on the lower left and found business bills, shipping manifests and accounts payable

    7. The stores had been rushed forward indiscriminately, no manifests were provided, and no specific attempt was made at headquarters to evolve order from chaos

    8. In the port, Truman leafed through shipping manifests and saw among them his container

    9. Lesser officials busied themselves with arranging communiques, writing down orders and manifests and then calling for couriers or perhaps taking it upon themselves to forward the appropriate documents and even matériel to their intended recipients

    10. Being unprotected normally manifests itself within the emotional and spiritual

    11. How could he do that from all that distance? He was an exceptional logistics officer, very capable at handling personnel and men via manifests and report forms, but his communication skills were somewhat sub-par

    12. The psychological and emotional stress also manifests physically in the habit of clenching and grinding the teeth and this has direct physical consequences for the tissues in the mouth as we have seen

    13. It can also be easily treated as soon it manifests itself during the initial stages of the teenage period

    14. They could never choose the type of energy they received as it manifests in its own way in every human, just as it also manifests differently in titans

    15. spite of me, manifests Himself to me, and allows me

    16. and wanted and manifests itself as something tangible or con-

    17. At best the values, or lack of values, this art world manifests is a nihilism of whimpering indifference

    18. you are indolent or restless, that your inner Self manifests as the

    19. the outer and the inner the Supreme Reality manifests itself

    20. Q: It is said that Reality manifests itself as existence — con-

    21. truth, is the bottom line of everything spiritual as it manifests in this vibrating universe

    22. Simply stated, the bridge manifests mighty forces of Nature, for the winds and the waters of the seas interlace as the only architects to sculpture that famous bridge

    23. His stomach reflected that sickening tenseness that manifests itself as a critical moment moves irrevocably closer

    24. directedness manifests as the directed movement of tape in conjunction

    25. “Sir Silaran is flying at twice the speed of a stooping hawk as he manifests in his gleaming barding within a hand’s breadth of the leading edge of this flight of twelve renegade Shiganzhu warriors, his head down to present his blade as he charges, with most of his power being channeled through his horn and into that blade to shatter the Shields of his foes

    26. It manifests as a tiny volume of destruction both as thin as a hair and only eight centimeters in length

    27. “God manifests in many ways

    28. When Krishna manifests, it is with two heads, four arms, and four legs! The man is afraid, just like Star One was when she first saw Mother’s true form, and he wants to run and hide

    29. Admiral Loy advocated close cooperation with the Customs Service and INS to monitor and police crew rosters and cargo manifests

    30. Lawrence Seaway to check crews, cargo and ships manifests

    31. The Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) inspects foreign vessels, crews, and manifests to enforce compliance with U

    32. It manifests as a tiny volume of destruction both as thin as a hair and only three inches in length

    33. Remember everything God does, comes out of a way that God manifests, and out of an attribute that He is

    34. To help share a little bit on what can happen when the attribute of infiniteness manifests in a person’s life, I want to share a little bit of a testimony from a man named Roland Buck

    35. As spiritual beings created in the image of our Father we think from the mind of God in our spirit, which then manifests into our soul, which then flows into our body, and imprints upon our brain

    36. He has made us one life with Himself, which is the highest form of intimacy with God we could have! God shares the attributes of His life, glory, and love with us! He manifests these things in our spirit, so we can live as one life with Him! His thoughts are our thoughts, and His ways our ways (unlike the Old Testament where His thoughts were not our thoughts, and His ways above our ways)

    37. God manifests the attributes of His love in our spirit, which then form His heart, mind, and will in us

    38. What I am referring to instead is a form of sin that manifests itself as being “the ways of God

    39. Remember no attribute of God ever manifests by itself, and they are all found in love

    40. So wherever God’s Love manifests though His attributes, every attribute is present, though some maybe less active, inactive, or in other dimensions

    41. Without sin being present these manifestations of God’s nature stop manifesting (He only manifests these things when sin is present)

    42. Wow! Isn’t that awesome! It’s so cool how God manifests himself to the humble and child-like in heart

    43. When God manifests the fragrances of His glory you don’t just smell something good, but you encounter the glory of God that is released with that fragrance

    44. As we’ve gone over before every time His love manifests, all the other attributes are present, it’s just that some may be less visible than others/are inactive

    45. So if His love manifests, all of His attributes are present in that manifestation; some may just be less visible than others, are inactive, or are manifesting in different dimensions

    46. When there is a break in the symmetry of awareness (for example, when a desire arises — evidencing attractions and aversions) a universe manifests

    47. When the perfect symmetry of the superposed-void is ‘disturbed,’ it collapses and manifests as this or that, left-handed or right-handed universe — which counter-balance each other

    48. This manifests as the loud crashing sounds

    49. As you grow up, it manifests itself in several ways

    50. aligned that magnetism and a magnetic field manifests in the bar of iron

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    Synonyms for "manifest"

    manifest attest certify demonstrate evidence apparent evident palpable patent plain unmistakable exhibit reveal show express make known evince clear distinct obvious visible confirm declare

    "manifest" definitions

    a customs document listing the contents put on a ship or plane

    provide evidence for; stand as proof of; show by one's behavior, attitude, or external attributes

    record in a ship's manifest

    reveal its presence or make an appearance

    clearly revealed to the mind or the senses or judgment