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Form in a sentence | form example sentences

  1. As a Form of Art.
  2. In this form as C.
  3. It is also Form A.
  4. Not as a form of.
  5. A bit is its form.

  6. This is a form of.
  7. It takes on a form.
  8. The mind is a form.
  9. In his form as water.
  10. Or the form of a sign.
  11. A third form of fraud.
  12. Media in this form is.
  13. This is your money form.
  14. Until you form a habit.
  15. After the form of his.

  16. In it produces the form.
  17. In its Pi numbers form.
  18. We need to form close.
  19. It's a form of torture.
  20. Would this be the form.
  21. Use a form provided by.
  22. Form the shape of a bow.
  23. It has only changed form.
  24. He cannot form a bubble.
  25. It is a form of intimacy.

  26. They saw me in this form.
  27. His form began to change.
  28. A sign in the form of a.
  29. And God reads his own form.
  30. The One Lord in human form.
  31. But the weird shapes form.
  32. Sweat started to form in.
  33. She’s been in rare form.
  34. The air took on human form.
  35. This form of torture was.
  36. Of form in this substance.
  37. Where did that come form?
  38. I got it in the form of a.
  39. In its simplest form, you.
  40. She engulfed his tiny form.
  41. Just ask for the Pre-op Form.
  42. I stared at his massive form.
  43. Clouds in the form of waves.
  44. Creases form on his forehead.
  45. Any form of exercise helps.
  46. Change is substance and form.
  47. I need some form of security.
  48. His form swirled and shifted.
  49. Speech is a form of foreplay.
  50. Her form shifted again, and.
  51. You took his form earlier.
  52. Though this form of art has.
  53. It takes the following form;.
  54. The darkness was taking form.
  55. A very nasty form of torture.
  56. The advantages of this form.
  57. This form of prostitution is.
  58. Even in good health this form.
  59. How the formless becomes form.
  60. This form was chosen for me.
  61. It is a form of astral travel.
  62. It takes the following form:.
  63. Here it is in condensed form:.
  64. Love at its highest form is to.
  65. Cutting is a form of self-abuse.
  66. For some reason, that form of.
  67. This should form half of a bow.
  68. It has its own unique form of.
  69. Santa Claus, in the form of Mrs.
  70. That perfect crystal will form.
  71. Only the words and form used to.
  72. They see it as a form of healing.
  73. I hope the letter and form help.
  74. To form Coordination Teams with.
  75. It is love in its complete form.
  76. The hospital put me on a form 1.
  77. These molecules form the world.
  78. This is a form of epitaxy or a.
  79. I am not attracted to this form.
  80. Outer edge of the ring and form.
  81. Only later did this form return.
  82. He has taken on his Dragon form.
  83. Her lips form into a faint smile.
  84. I hated such form of benevolence.
  85. Most were in human form and 78.
  86. Sat Guru in this form, why not?
  87. It is the second form of gravity.
  88. And always in some form of code.
  89. The stairs were in a spiral form.
  90. This is another form of positive.
  91. Form really does follow function.
  92. Animals were nuzzling at my form.
  93. Some form of abuse in their lives.
  94. That’s a form of relaxation.
  95. Whether noise is in the form of.
  96. In the form I term the unwanted.
  97. On a level of watching - Form,.
  98. When He appeared in human form,.
  1. But a crowd was forming.
  2. An evil nation is forming.
  3. There is no life forming.
  4. Tears were forming in his eyes.
  5. Tears began forming in her eyes.
  6. His mouth moved, forming a name.
  7. A valley is forming going east.
  8. Tears were forming into her eyes.
  9. Ice started forming in my stomach.
  10. David could see a pattern forming.
  11. Men will quake at what is forming.
  12. I don’t remember forming a fist.
  13. Influence of aggregates on forming.
  14. Coherent shapes were forming as the.
  15. Forming new ones required discipline.
  16. A strange, cold sweat forming on her.
  17. Why all the interest in forming a new.
  18. I can see a smile forming on his lips.
  19. Locke felt x-marks forming on his back.
  20. Ben could see anger forming on his lips.
  21. The clouds had been forming since three.
  22. And new patterns are forming all the time.
  23. The reason they were forming here tonight.
  24. I smiled widely, tears forming in my eyes.
  25. It dripped, forming a puddle on the floor.
  26. Some sort of plan was forming in his mind.
  27. There was a pool of it forming around her.
  28. There would be no ‘new nation’ forming.
  29. She couldn’t prevent the thought forming.
  30. What was this? She felt goosebumps forming.
  31. Bubbles started forming in the stock market.
  32. The two issues in forming a portfolio are:.
  33. An immense knot started forming in my throat.
  34. Nothing escaped the darkness that was forming.
  35. But his mouth was moving, forming other shapes.
  36. Forming a text message, Mick sent Sayeed the.
  37. A vile nation is forming under your noses, a.
  38. While forming only 3% of the general Canadian.
  39. Spiders, mode of forming the web of, xviii, 165.
  40. Most of us are forming new habits all the time.
  41. Shadows were forming and clouds were moving in.
  42. Actively lift through the top thighs, forming.
  43. He gulped back the vomit forming in his throat.
  44. A portal opening, a stepped ramp forming under.
  45. Zachary swallows, a line forming on his forehead.
  46. Maronite Christians started forming around 500 A.
  47. It’s almost as if they’re forming an escort.
  48. The one outside Chester’s is still forming.
  49. He went inside to write, already forming a story.
  50. I could see a queue was forming behind our cars.
  51. This then forms part of gravity moving forming.
  52. Even the eyes which seemed to be forming it were.
  53. I felt a headache forming in the back of my head.
  54. There is a new star that will be forming shortly.
  55. Land masses would be forming by volcanic activ-.
  56. Actively lift through the top thighs, forming an.
  57. The first beads of sweat were forming on her neck.
  58. Forming the Pareto Set for 30 Option Combinations.
  59. A new image is forming, looking blurry and unclear.
  60. She raised her head, forming her hands into a cup.
  61. There was no hint of a circle forming at any stage.
  62. All objects are holons forming holarchies (nested).
  63. You cannot get a strong idea of a pattern forming.
  64. Yes, Cari said with tears forming in her eyes.
  65. Streams of consciousness forever folding & forming.
  66. This forming of gravity explains the Coanda effect.
  67. Here are the trapped emotions that were forming her.
  68. All of this is forming before God announces the end.
  69. There were bruises forming, outlines of his fingers.
  70. Nancy, a lump forming in her throat, nodded her head.
  71. Aggregate Functions: These functions mainly forming.
  72. There was a crack forming at the base of the Buddha.
  73. It had only made it to its belly in forming its self.
  74. Each end divided again, forming crude hands and feet.
  75. She looked at me a mocking smile forming on her face.
  76. The rock was hollowed at the bottom, forming a small.
  77. One last tear fell into a small pool of blood forming.
  78. I try to swallow the lump that is forming in my throat.
  79. See the way the shadows are forming on this rock?
  80. He didn’t try to hide the tears forming in his eyes.
  81. What is more disturbing are the forming links between.
  82. A pool of blood was slowly forming on the parquet floor.
  83. Queues to match those at the ladies loos began forming.
  84. Forming up into a line, they trundled towards the gate.
  85. At present the conspiracy went as far as forming dark.
  86. So where the hell is mass a factor in gravity forming?
  87. A germ of an idea was forming in the Neelkanth’s mind.
  88. He and his associates are forming a game plan for this.
  89. Keller folded his arms, forming a wall against his chest.
  90. Aggregates, making the bulk of concrete and forming the.
  91. The skeletons moved forward, forming a crescent around us.
  92. Outside there are storms, forming tantrums and divisions.
  93. Off-white plaster cracked in places, forming the façade.
  94. Big stains of sweat are forming on his light green shirt.
  95. Heavy clouds passed above us, forming and fading swiftly.
  96. Selma looked around and could see a sheet of ice forming.
  97. Wait until the line is out in front forming a small loop.
  98. Me too! Said Heracles, a lump forming in his throat.
  99. Mountains was forming on the western horizon beneath the.
  100. Needless to say, there are no lines forming on the shore.
  1. God has so formed us.
  2. His lips formed a pout.
  3. A half formed plan was.
  4. It had formed from the.
  5. And Hugo formed a close.
  6. A plan formed in his mind.
  7. Tears formed in her eyes.
  8. And a new unit was formed.
  9. It formed a sweet picture.
  10. Sir, the men are formed.
  11. A lump formed in my throat.
  12. The two women who formed.
  13. A lump formed in her throat.
  14. He then formed a resolution.
  15. It was formed at Macon, Dec.
  16. City Church, formed by Don.
  17. It formed itself into words.
  18. A tableau formed for the boy.
  19. Its head formed the closed.
  20. He had formed his resolution.
  21. A picture formed in his mind.
  22. Mud balls formed in my beard.
  23. Indian church was then formed.
  24. Questions formed in her mind.
  25. Raiders formed an arrow shape.
  26. But then a better idea formed.
  27. A tear formed and fell on the.
  28. A sly smile formed on his face.
  29. Have I not formed you, beloved?
  30. A lump formed in Don’s throat.
  31. Words formed in Simon’s head.
  32. Newly formed and still cooling.
  33. When the words were formed in.
  34. A long queue had formed outside.
  35. You formed the bond with him.
  36. A giant lump had formed in the.
  37. Tears formed in Henriette's eyes.
  38. Most of which formed into atoms.
  39. Thus she had insensibly formed.
  40. They formed the shape of a sail.
  41. They formed a circle around him.
  42. Think about how they are formed.
  43. Eyelids and lips formed as well.
  44. Formed in 1939 they continue a.
  45. A face almost formed in her mind.
  46. Environment Policy Act was formed.
  47. By now a small crowd had formed.
  48. When the Moon formed, its outer.
  49. Ideas are formed (by) the mind….
  50. Slowly, a plan formed in his mind.
  51. He had formed a habit of waking.
  52. Curtains of thick icicles formed.
  53. The children quickly formed a line.
  54. It was then that we formed our vow.
  55. Formed in memory of loved animals.
  56. It was originally formed in 1958.
  57. Specifically, he formed a kind of.
  58. It formed hesitantly into words:.
  59. Gravity in the centre formed time.
  60. The whole family formed a circle.
  61. Having formed a mental ASSOCIATION.
  62. The Counsel had formed all sorts.
  63. This is how addictions are formed.
  64. Worse yet a crowd formed around her.
  65. Not so soon after a bond is formed.
  66. Clouds formed above Thinking Stone.
  67. A wedge is formed, Secured in heat.
  68. His lips must have formed the words.
  69. A plan of action formed in her mind.
  70. The three formed an electric chain.
  71. More white-white clouds have formed.
  72. A yellowish bruise formed around it.
  73. They formed a V, with Emily at the.
  74. In my youth love formed in my heart.
  75. When he was ready he formed the egg.
  76. A tear formed on the corner of her.
  77. New Highs off Properly Formed Bases.
  78. For Adam was first formed, then Eve.
  79. A lump of panic formed in my throat.
  80. But his mouth formed the shape of it.
  81. The descendents of Aaron formed the.
  82. Then no stars could have been formed.
  83. It would never have even been formed.
  84. Habits are not formed instantaneously.
  85. Words formed but failed to eventuate.
  86. Even the image formed on our retina.
  87. A horrifying image formed in my mind.
  88. In an instant Dantes' plan was formed.
  89. Initially, Muslims formed the minority.
  90. How they formed, under the tree, the A.
  91. The opposite shore formed the horizon.
  92. He formed his left hand into a tight.
  93. Beads of sweat formed on his forehead.
  94. Her resolution was formed as she read.
  95. Luoto had formed this friendship that.
  96. A lump formed in the old man’s throat.
  97. It could not have formed matter under.
  98. Paul’s lips formed an ear-to ear grin.
  99. Then no planets could have been formed.
  100. The gang formed half a circle around us.
  1. Vex in all its forms.
  2. The two forms of vi-.
  3. Over other forms of it.
  4. It forms a chaining of.
  5. Cycle A forms the base.
  6. OPM can take many forms.
  7. In it lie all forms of.
  8. On warming it forms foam.
  10. It forms a part, says Dr.
  12. All of those life forms.
  13. It thereby forms a bridge.
  14. Love life in all its forms.
  15. Both forms should be plural.
  16. There have been many forms.
  17. First, a reaction low forms.
  18. Forms pairs and is an open.
  19. Gravity forms as not by the.
  20. The mist in the air forms a.
  21. Early Forms of Religion / V.
  22. THE C atom in IRON forms an.
  23. This can again take two forms.
  24. And this forms an essential.
  25. Just as with forms and nouns.
  26. Th e new forms of religious.
  27. For all names and all forms.
  28. The second candle forms a Doji.
  29. They come in different forms:.
  30. Some forms are love for plants.
  31. A crease forms on his forehead.
  32. When all names and forms have.
  33. There are many forms of heaven.
  34. It forms tolerably good marble.
  35. Compared to other forms of life.
  36. These are the order forms from.
  37. Translations of such forms are.
  38. God has three forms or dimensions.
  39. Forms will be included that you.
  40. There are many forms of adoption.
  41. But addiction comes in all forms.
  42. A pool of ice forms in my stomach.
  43. Forms into the bankruptcy software.
  44. Mould forms at around 220 degrees.
  45. Explore other forms of exercises.
  46. One of the first forms of writing.
  47. It forms part of the American.
  48. I have explained how gravity forms.
  49. I’ll organise the forms for you.
  50. With lower forms of nether mortals.
  51. Tests come in many shapes and forms.
  52. Chains come in a multitude of forms.
  53. All life forms will be annihilated.
  54. She can’t shift forms to heal.
  55. There is a connection that forms.
  56. These aerial life forms would have.
  57. The scaffold forms part of the fete.
  58. Other forms of topical zinc can be.
  59. Example of the Use of Standard Forms.
  60. Enemies come in all forms, Wilson.
  61. Fly lines come in a variety of forms.
  62. Formats may take different forms.
  63. Filling out damn forms in triplicate.
  64. My soul walks with me, form of forms.
  65. And this forms the first commandment.
  66. Steel-clad forms littered the slopes.
  67. This next example forms a portfolio.
  68. The Graphite, can be in several forms.
  69. The other forms of a violent sexual.
  70. And they come in al forms, from the.
  71. GRAPHITE are two DIFFERENT forms of C.
  72. Assembling forms for the foundation.
  73. Jojoba oil, in its many forms is an.
  74. Energy comes in different forms for.
  75. Each presented a customer with forms.
  76. Confirmation was found in two forms:.
  77. Blessed are all forms of intelligence.
  78. Some of these life forms would exist.
  79. Use standardized forms and procedures.
  80. Most living will forms are limited in.
  81. One cloud is dispelled, another forms.
  82. His blood forms half-inch round balls.
  83. Assuming that plasma life forms have.
  84. And this forms the second commandment.
  85. There are varied forms of communication.
  86. Each of these forms, though seemingly.
  87. There are two kinds of thought forms:.
  88. Suppression of pain comes in all forms.
  89. A crease forms on Channing’s forehead.
  90. Newton considered all forms of energy.
  91. You can exist in it in many life forms.
  92. Businesses need designs of all forms;.
  93. Selecting words and forms and gestures.
  94. There are many forms and uses for this.
  95. There are various forms of tulipmania.
  96. They just regurgitate them in new forms.
  97. Matter rather than forms should be the.
  98. We lost all forms of communications the.
  99. In terms of their forms rituals can be.
  100. This string of processes forms a system.

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