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Claim in a sentence

Make a claim.
The claim of.
He has no claim.
The Muslims claim.
His main claim to.
They claim I am a.
he could file a claim.

They wish to claim it.
All boldly claim the.
Either way, the claim.
Every child has a claim.
Claim her as your slave.
After all she did claim.
This supports the claim.
For years this claim was.
Not claim her for wife.
Jabar lays claim on the bid.
That‘s what they claim.
M: I claim nothing as my own.
their promised land to claim.
he comes, claim the kingship.
the mining claim was granted.
They claim that the spirit.
Court corroborated the claim.
The insurance claim was paid.
Thus the Muslims claim they.
She will claim to be in love.
claim his piece of the action.
Not many of us can claim that.
All he had to do was claim it.
Claiming to be.
Claiming her domain.
to respond by claiming that.
I’m not claiming that the.
many claiming to be this messiah.
In my name, claiming they were.
by claiming that we do not have it.
claiming that theirs was the best.
now claiming was open and obvious.
Then you admit to claiming to be a.
claiming to have a contagious disease.
She’s claiming she never did that.
The other side claiming his innocence.
establishments claiming that their ab.
video, claiming it was all his big idea.
That’s what they’re both claiming.
ground for claiming that we were deceived.
at the moment who are claiming that you can.
Though claiming to be ancient wisdom, the.
Claiming, that Jesus was not the son of God.
Each of them claiming god was on their side.
Government, claiming that the five years he.
Claiming sufficiency is happiness and peace.
And you weren't claiming any benefits anyway.
parents claiming a large part of the property.
claiming to have seen the two Williams at work.
We are not claiming that things have natural.
Claiming the spirit of prophecy (Truth, Life):.
He claimed he.
He claimed to.
Or so she claimed.
They claimed the.
He even claimed to.
He claimed to have.
Once we’ve claimed.
claimed to be divinity.
They claimed that the.
old as he claimed to be.
the way that he claimed.
He claimed it was for.
He claimed an MA from.
She now claimed she was.
The umpire claimed the.
He claimed Tony failed.
I never claimed I was.
She claimed that Joyce.
He claimed to love me.
They claimed to love.
Claimed he mentioned sex.
males claimed to enjoy it.
would not be claimed by it.
They have claimed that St.
It just has to be claimed.
You claimed he had a new.
The messages, he claimed,.
It was perfect, as claimed.
The Pharisees had claimed.
Some claimed that Tom’s.
It claims that.
He claims that.
One claims that the.
NLRB claims that the.
Although Islam claims.
She claims she had.
These claims are under.
and claims along the way.
sum total of those claims.
the African Claims in 1946.
Claims his name is Travis.
But are the claims true?.
He claims he is saving up.
as he claims, he snickered.
My master claims nothing.
Each pundit claims to have.
Other claims didn’t matter.
She claims the deceased was.
He had plenty of claims to it.
claims they will write you off.
One of the suits claims that.
claims that he holds the truth.
Not all those claims stand up.
No I didn’t, she claims.
This, he claims, was a mistake.
He did not believe your claims.
prioritized claims of creditors.
Rulers all claims proved a hoax.
He claims his brother sent him.

Synonyms for claim

claim title call exact take arrogate