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    1. sense to claim you are in relationship with God and still

    2. claim you have with God, becoming more progressive

    3. When made redundant, I had to claim Job Seekers Al owance

    4. "The maps were there, but the claim ticket wasn't," Ava told him

    5. "You might have actually saved us by discarding that claim slip

    6. "We still have the maps," he said, "But you can be sure she has the claim ticket

    7. "But now we can be sure she has the claim ticket," he bellowed

    8. But of course, this is not easy to prove in the court of law since substantial evidence would be needed to back such a claim

    9. "I'm here to claim a crate that I believe is stored in that area," he said to the guy sitting there, bringing out a piece of paper

    10. Taktor would assume Tahlmute's claim was valid because doostEr was there to haul for him

    11. He probably has the second biggest claim to being the rightful owner, but I don't think he will attempt to steal it, but he is one reason I wanted to keep this quiet

    12. that she could lay claim to was sold

    13. His main claim to

    14. in our way, and see who could claim the most souls…”

    15. people who would step up and claim it

    16. sadness claim that because I was doing this, having great wrath

    17. On the other side, “What is the meaning of life? To have children, of course” claim all parents in robotic unison

    18. Obliterate that and then claim some land for themselves, plant their seed and begin their advance across the planet, as they had done across Asia in the preceding centuries

    19. Bahkmar had time to understand that he had no firm claim on being restarted after the upcoming death

    20. "You don't have to, I have the claim slip," Herndon said

    21. The estates in the mountains, the never visited, decrepit palazzos, everything that she could lay claim to was sold

    22. His main claim to fame in these still relatively tender years had been a youth appearance for Scotland, although sadly a combination of injury and a tendency towards dilettantism meant that such early promise remained as yet unfulfilled

    23. But in a very real sense, we can claim that it has come

    24. There are many details that are yet future, but we have a symbolic pattern that we can see and claim in our life here and now

    25. It isn’t something that we just claim

    26. But this kind of dogmatism to claim anyone who says something counter to what you have said sounds so arrogant

    27. That claim had been made by some scientists at some of the smaller observatories that wouldn't have had the instruments to properly analyze that plume

    28. The Indians claim that people who are afflicted with arthritis or allied complaints should keep a raw, unpeeled, winter-crop potato—yes, I did say a potato!—close to their skin day and night until the condition is relieved

    29. She owned property in Yoonbarla and had a claim on space in Zhlindu

    30. He did claim the entangled states being exchanged were information

    31. "The Brazilians claim it was all real

    32. This lovely old place was once owned by a famous television personality, whose claim to good fortune and favour was based upon his inestimable knowledge of all things horticultural

    33. One thing stopped him and that was; what would happen if her backup was to probe within that veron store and find herself running in there? To preserve her own life she would have to shut her other self off and claim she wasn't there

    34. You can claim you can't quit because the cigarettes help you cope with your crappy life, or you can quit smoking and use the extra money to:

    35. its inhabitants’ only claim to grandeur was the dusty tether that

    36. "Both she and Alan claim that she and Yellelle were in the room at the same time

    37. No doubt all they heard was her claim that she had not been duped

    38. There are many products on the market that claim to get you all the internet

    39. “I was rather hoping to claim your coat to keep me warm this coming winter

    40. And to address your second claim, namely that its equal can not be found in the reaches of the entire state

    41. As she lay waiting for sleep to claim her, she mused over how much Ozzie had changed since she first met him

    42. Clement, to put the claim categorically into words would be

    43. others who have testified to the same claim? It’s a wonder

    44. There had never been a public claim by the Kassikan that Ava was the person they had transferred, they had started a rumor that the soul transferred had been lost and might have come up under any helmet within sight of Narrulla at the time

    45. 'You claim that he is the son of an incubus

    46. “I was, it was disturbing wasn’t it? It is so powerful I thought about saving it, I was tempted to even claim it, but in the end I left it with Yorthops

    47. “Back when you explained that ancient mathematical symbol which explains the structure behind everything, and we are not to that grand claim yet so far as I can see, you did not make clear to me how that symbol, which presented even sevenths and even thirds could be a true reflection of the octave we know

    48. ” Now it would take them years to catch him at what they could afford, but they had no future but to claim payback of that aluminum

    49. "She probably hoped she could claim one of them" Jim cut her off rudely, and with a dirty look directed at his mother that Emma couldn't help but notice, silenced her

    50. He knew from Kartha that there were people out there who didn’t socialize, he was going to claim he came from such a background

    1. Venna claimed Tdeshi would have come around by the time she was twenty decades

    2. that, God did this because He claimed Levi from birth as

    3. He claimed that the guards were feeding him zombie meat

    4. However, Micah’s paranoia reached the point where he claimed even the bread and water were contaminated

    5. The Operator had mentioned that he got nervous because of a traumatic experience he had as a child when he claimed a computer had tried to kill him by electrocuting him

    6. Because Brasil claimed formal discovery of Kassidor after the Pan Solar League disavowed its existence, and because Kassidor was also mortal, Talstan and the remaining Angel states were quick to suspect a Brazilian-Kassidorian alliance, in spite of the 11

    7. Ernesto had claimed Isabel's affection before they even entered orbit of the planet, she was pregnant before the shuttlecraft first landed

    8. Could she have just kept up this caterwauling even then and claimed he just drew some blurry pictures? It looked like he had the choice of using force on her or giving this up and he had to make this decision while she was bellowing about how savage Alan said they were and how they would use force to take him back

    9. Augustus claimed it was his father

    10. , Caesar claimed he to be god, and had a 12-day celebration that he called the 12 days of advent

    11. He has claimed to be all these things, and has promised all of these things… but where is the evidence? Who is really bringing peace? Who is really Lord? This was the Gospel

    12. It was claimed to be more massive than people could imagine

    13. They claimed to have been attacked by a huge stone spaceship with a captain so scarred it made their gonads crawl

    14. "But you can still have kids," he said, "I know you said you had a child once and Luray claimed she had two

    15. They claimed to have transmitted the code to the virus that stopped mortals from aging back to Brasil

    16. "So she claimed to know something about the impactors?"

    17. When Naria claimed the throne by right and overthrew the previous Regent, she found a loyal friend in Gordon

    18. No one this small could have the strength and abilities that they claimed

    19. If what Thom claimed was true, those signals were fast enough to run a remote soul over these distances

    20. They muttered and mused on how a government that claimed to

    21. “I’m surprised you haven’t already claimed it as an attack by the Curitiba,” Heymon said

    22. She claimed she knew for a fact that Ogatu were not as the Elders said and so believed that perhaps they had lied about the humans also

    23. Many have been claimed in marriage as virgins with extravagant offers on their first night, and many dream of it

    24. To cap it all, they claimed that their documents were so

    25. Some have claimed that we simply cannot use

    26. who claimed to have a cure for the common cold

    27. Could she be a copy, while her original self continued the argument with Thom and waited the five additional minutes, then claimed she couldn’t feel a thing after all? Might she have already shut that veron store down? Would going back make yet another copy that would have to fight her original for survival, the reunification all over again?

    28. Claimed all sorts of pressure had been brought to bear on the committee and more or less accused Bunty of having slept with half of them … there was actually a case brought against him for slander but it fell through when he speedily retracted his statement

    29. It turned out he was a guy who claimed to know the girl who donated Ava’s body

    30. If I had been the new person I claimed to be, it would have been a problem, but I was a century old

    31. Some claimed it to be over ten thousand years

    32. He had been bringing his brew up here much longer than the mere decades she’d been coming here, the date he claimed was in Earth’s fourteenth century

    33. Countless callers claimed they had either seen an alien or

    34. There were hundreds of others who claimed to be the Yingolian also

    35. What if Himla’s supplier had changed the dose? If Himla claimed something like that, should he believe him? No doubt he would get embroiled in a circular web of contradictory lies

    36. He had taken the bottle that Himla showed him, the one that he claimed Tdeshi brought

    37. But he had raided the granary, though he claimed that he had no memory of doing so

    38. If their history was as long as this girl claimed and they had been exposed to an advanced civilization during the ice-age, they had plenty of time to advance in many other areas

    39. parents might have looked on and claimed lunacy, they couldn’t argue the fact that

    40. When Jesse entered the room a few minutes later, she claimed not to know what was being asked

    41. claimed as their own, you knew the forces of spring would always win out

    42. The records had been left here when the business went under and no creditor claimed its space and it was abandoned

    43. Alan had already calculated that there was over forty eight coppers worth of fuel just waiting to be claimed in those old files

    44. The umpire claimed the

    45. There have been many inventors and scientists who claimed that their greatest achievements were based on revelations from God

    46. One woman claimed a baby was hers, the other woman claimed the opposite, but Solomon had a revelation: Then the king said, “Bring me a sword

    47. He was always interesting and she actually wound up becoming friends with the ancient eccentric even though he claimed to be older than any religion she knew of

    48. When Paul sought out the apostles in Jerusalem, he claimed to

    49. She never actually believed he was from anywhere more exotic than the outer fringe of Wescarp, which was what he claimed when he wasn't full of yaag

    50. ‘The brute claimed the boy was

    1. second kiss claiming the promise that he had given the man

    2. After an hour or so Mrs Stavrakis appears again and tells me that “Parissis is talking about you all the time! She is furious at you! She is always accusing you of everything! She is even claiming you have refused to type some entries about ''Christianity'' for her!”

    3. He was a little queasy about these computer programs claiming to be people for they had not existed outside Asia till he arrived at 61 Cygni, even though they were of Earth

    4. What kingdom is it that we subscribe to when we choose our homes? How much land is sufficient? How large of a house is conducive to claiming that we are Kingdom oriented? What is the proper mentality to hold for occupation and self-life? When guests come, what is the proper way to house them and feed them? What I find is that even across the United States of America the answer to these questions are vastly different depending on where you live

    5. salvation; claiming heaven in the eye of the storm,

    6. “I’m claiming he has to pull his old universe from backup,” Ava went on about her side of the case

    7. Ava had been claiming he was too busy with his signals, but she could just as well be driving this cherub as anyone

    8. video, claiming it was all his big idea

    9. South of the Potomac, Dallas was still trying to consolidate it’s position as the capital of the new Republican States, Denver, Atlanta and even Charlotte were claiming they were really the new capital because they had larger economies than Dallas

    10. He mustered the ‘moral’ minority to form an action group claiming that the presence of, and I quote, ‘all those wanton women’ would have a detrimental effect on the neighbourhood and all the families living round there

    11. ‘Well … claiming a liking for classical music was stuck up … it was pointless to argue that my ballet exercises were usually done to classical music

    12. It wasn’t that he made anything of it, as some men would have done, but just mentioned it in passing, claiming it as a plus point when he was unwell and not sleeping

    13. Again with the endless callers, claiming this time to be kidnapped by aliens

    14. with him and end up claiming his debt by taking the man’s

    15. "So you can have him look at it without, claiming the other property?"

    16. He ran with Heather every morning at six, claiming he was staying

    17. "This would be more like a crackpot, spouting really wild theories of God and the universe and claiming great revelations

    18. Instead, they bowed before him, claiming that to die at his hands was the pathway to enlightenment

    19. There are too many internet cons out there claiming to give you instant traffic

    20. He’d rambled on about his dead wife Daphne, claiming how no man ever loved a

    21. "Curious though," said the collector, "that this woman you spoke of should arrive at your chambers, claiming to be incapable of feeding herself

    22. The receptionist told Raiya of a distressed woman claiming to be the partner of Scott Alendry

    23. New political party, Sacred Earth, immediately capitalised on the anger, riding the wave of public condemnation and claiming to represent all nations on Earth against an out-of-touch government

    24. Some of the soldiers were claiming their reward for killing the saboteurs, who were actually men from other parts of an area of the old lands, which the captors were not familiar

    25. Moral was never a problem during the war despite some books claiming otherwise today for the sake of political correctness

    26. “This Zydlak14 wants to take my house, claiming that it was his house before they took him to Auschwitz

    27. Every study released by the government claiming success or a low rate of killing civilians has been met with skepticism, since the evidence presented is dubious

    28. In the 1960s he gave a series of notorious speeches as a shill for the American Medical Association, claiming if Medicare became law, Americans would tell their children “what it once was like in America when men were free

    29. When he ran for president in 2004, his campaign asked peace groups to quit demonstrating, vaguely claiming Kerry would halt these wars

    30. ) Ironically, Bush was often mocked during the 1988 election by commentators claiming he could not be elected because of “the wimp factor

    31. Amazingly, a grand jury blamed the Irish, claiming they planned to force the removal of the Bible from schools

    32. Fillmore's stated, if hypocritical, goal of claiming to run for compromise on the slavery issue failed

    33. Defenders of the program also point to the many imposters claiming to have been part of Phoenix

    34. Claiming that a man living almost all his life in a free state (Illinois) who was a poor country lawyer barely able to afford a small home could be a slave owner is ludicrous

    35. He wouldn’t use our information, but came with his own intelligence files and questions, which he wouldn’t share with our office, claiming it sensitive to American Intelligence

    36. Reagan in particular led a jingoistic campaign falsely claiming the canal was “ours

    37. Many US conservatives reacted with hysteria, claiming these revolutions must be “radical Muslim

    38. “Pull him in, Kevin,” she screamed, claiming that thus was her shout as Kevin’s horse took off

    39. In the middle of the campaign, Perot pulled out, claiming unnamed political dirty tricksters were out to sabotage him and harm his daughter

    40. Even as she tried to debate the issue in her mind, or what remained of her mind, he stripped her nude and they were on the floor, and she wantonly pressed against him, fiercely, in the most unmaidenly fashion, pulling him to her, lifting her mouth once more to his, claiming his mouth with hers, biting his lower lip, nipping him, kissing his face, his neck, all common sense gone to the four winds

    41. McGill was claiming that the plane ‘pulled itself out,’ and it was technically possible

    42. But, things had gone wrong, so terribly wrong, and in a perverted way, Comandante Cobra had his day, claiming victims from their own family

    43. What really mattered right now to Hilderich though was that they were off that accursed place that came close to claiming his life

    44. [18] Recent statistics suggest that people claiming a connection with the Church of Scotland has fallen to 24% of the population

    45. On 9/17/2010 the state of Texas sued the EPA in a federal appeals court in Washington, DC claiming

    46. Society blasted her statement claiming that reports showed that their legal actions had not interfered

    47. be paid to sue and interfere with private property while claiming to be protecting the environment

    48. There had, over time, been a plethora of “false prophets” claiming the mantle of Messiah (an expected deliverer, the Anointed One)

    49. Eventually, he contacted the police claiming he had been out of state, and it was no longer necessary for the police to check up on the baby

    50. I liked that she was so emphatic about claiming her place in the family

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    2. His strange new work colleague Moses Tah, an immigrant from the battle-scarred West African state of Liberia claims the ability to give him these powers, but is he for real? If Moses does possess the powers that Michael wants, will he be able to gain them? If he can learn them in time, will they be enough to change the destiny of the people around him? Lives are at stake; families, friends, colleagues, innocent bystanders

    3. Then, full of arrogance, she claims it is very easy for a travelling salesman to earn as much as 600,000 drachmas per month, whereas the basic salary of an office employee is no more than 140,000 drachmas

    4. Jesus claims that this entire system that is based off of violence, greed, isolation, and we’re-in-and-you’re-out-mentality is over

    5. She's very good, Alan claims she didn't get much from him because he didn't know what clearance she had, but she discussed what has been made public intelligently

    6. politician was stunned when he heard these claims

    7. Before she made any claims about where she’d been, what she’d seen or what she’d learned, she wanted to know if it was real or a hack

    8. Stubbins opened her mouth as if to rebut Mandy's observations, but being without any other ammunition than her own myopic prejudice, ignorance, and baseless claims to superiority, snapped her jaw tight, turned on her heel and waddled back to her store, wagging her head as if in heated abuse of some mutton-headed underling

    9. “No, she claims to be about four hundred years old

    10. The merchant outlined the tenets of the discipline and various verifications of its claims, adding as he did so that he himself was at liberty tell her what he knew of it, as he had declined the invitation to the 'path' when he was still young and very foolish

    11. second marriage was legitimate and he had no claims on

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    Synonyms for "claim"

    claim title call exact take arrogate lay claim right pretension due privilege prerogative counterclaim demand assertion petition request requirement asseveration allegation avowal require challenge ask command call for deserve be entitled to assert declare maintain affirm profess pronounce aver allege

    "claim" definitions

    an assertion of a right (as to money or property)

    an assertion that something is true or factual

    demand for something as rightful or due

    an informal right to something

    an established or recognized right

    a demand especially in the phrase

    assert or affirm strongly; state to be true or existing

    demand as being one's due or property; assert one's right or title to

    ask for legally or make a legal claim to, as of debts, for example

    lay claim to; as of an idea

    take as an undesirable consequence of some event or state of affairs