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Claim in a sentence

1. They claim I am a.
2. They wish to claim it.
3. The claim is put aside.
4. Every child has a claim.
5. Suppose the claim of Mr.
6. Claim her as your slave.
7. After all she did claim.

8. Not claim her for wife.
9. For years this claim was.
10. Jabar lays claim on the bid.
11. M: I claim nothing as my own.
12. They claim that the spirit.
13. Thus the Muslims claim they.
14. She will claim to be in love.
15. The insurance claim was paid.
16. They claim to be the Edward R.
17. He was off to stake his claim.
18. All we have to do is claim it.
19. Here are a few that I claim:.
20. Not many of us can claim that.
21. All he had to do was claim it.
22. I don’t claim to have the.
23. Once we’re willing to claim.
24. It should be higher they claim.
25. Shattuck, Jared, his claim, 352.
26. Here is the proof of my claim:.
27. The chef’s claim was approved.
28. But, our lease and legal claim.
29. But I can’t claim much credit.
30. How can you deny his claim?
31. You cannot claim financial loss.
32. This is what the diviners claim.
33. In Mark the claim is as follows;.
34. They claim, that was the reason.
35. The landlord has the prior claim.
36. This life is not yours to claim.
37. Mohammed was trying to claim that.
38. They claim he's the prototype for.
39. You don’t want to honor my claim.
40. Yes, I claim her as my own, Elder.
41. You have no claim here, vampire.
42. What data is that claim based on?
43. He could always claim self-defence.
44. And having indeed the better claim.
45. After all, she had no claim on Alex.
46. She couldn’t claim dikaios phonos.
47. She initially chose not to claim it.
48. The lady was dismissive of the claim.
49. For this next innovation I can claim.
50. It did not contain such claim at all.
51. I knew I had to step up and claim it.
52. Casaubon had a claim to be consulted.
53. The Brazilians claim it was all real.
54. Being destitute, he has a claim on me.
55. I mean, there is a reason I claim the.
56. Still the kid did not retract his claim.
57. Any other method invalidates the claim.
58. Pretty bold claim, right? But it's true.
59. In fact they proudly claim that it is.
60. It is there he must claim the engagement.
61. It isn’t something that we just claim.
62. Ahab arrived in Sidon to claim his bride.
63. They don't claim or want that expertise.
64. Creditors have a claim to part of those.
65. The claim is that it may have been done.
66. Why now would her thighs claim him? The.
67. Some claim to have made runs to Proxima.
68. They claim that wealth earned by talent.
69. Judaism, Christianity and Islam claim to.
70. Really, he has lost every claim to——.
71. The veracity of the cult’s claim to be.
72. Won’t claim to have understood all the.
73. Nobody steps forward to claim this crap.
74. They also teach violence as liberals claim.
75. You claim to be so old, but I see that.
76. Say, Call upon those you claim besides Him.
77. David’s only real claim was that God was.
78. Morrel to come and claim me at my own hands.
79. The hijab of women does not claim the truth.
80. Emptiness became the claim of enlightenment.
81. There are precedents for this type of claim.
82. One would claim that 1,002 was a holy number.
83. And so, alas, I can claim very little credit.
84. That life’s pleasures are my gifts to claim.
85. They constantly claim it is that the reason.
86. No one ever came forward to claim the body.
87. Some claim that it is an anonymous literary.
88. Perrin the actuary who had prepared our claim.
89. Not yet, but still that gives you no claim.
90. Nor youth nor beauty saved her from the claim.
91. The benefit of settling a claim with the ad-.
92. Some claim this date is better than the 18,000.
93. They claim that I was ‘mounted’ by three.
94. The claim is as bogus as the entire philosophy.
95. On one point he may fairly claim approval at.
96. Simon said something about ‘jumping a claim.
97. This was his claim as he arrogantly ambled away.
98. It gave her a very strong claim on my goodwill.
99. A second controversy was the claim that Bush Sr.
100. Not, not till then his active soul shall claim.
1. I’m not claiming that the.
3. In my name, claiming they were.
4. Then you admit to claiming to be a.
5. She’s claiming she never did that.
6. The other side claiming his innocence.
7. That’s what they’re both claiming.
8. Though claiming to be ancient wisdom, the.
9. Each of them claiming god was on their side.
10. Claiming, that Jesus was not the son of God.
11. Government, claiming that the five years he.
12. Claiming sufficiency is happiness and peace.
13. And you weren't claiming any benefits anyway.
14. We are not claiming that things have natural.
15. Claiming the spirit of prophecy (Truth, Life):.
16. It would corroborate everything he was claiming.
17. I can understand you not claiming him as father.
18. Suppliers claiming they are almost out of stock.
20. Yes that’s exactly what she’s claiming!.
21. No ones claiming they’ve found the Fountain of.
22. Claiming that it was no trick but provable by the.
23. In fact, it has gone as far as claiming that the.
24. He claims I beat him up, I’m claiming I didn’t.
25. I am, by no means, claiming complete victory over.
26. There are two methods of claiming expenses: You can.
27. Is what’s Phillip's claiming actually true?
28. She chose to learn Egyptian, claiming that she was a.
30. But Clemenceau rejected the bust, claiming it looked.
31. Then Arthur, claiming he could smell breakfast cooking.
32. I visited both places claiming to be the tomb in which.
33. He will then lay claim to Divinity (claiming that he is.
34. Did I hear that well? Is he claiming to know my parents?
35. MacArthur refused to comply, claiming executive privilege.
36. I’m not claiming that this completely settles the issue.
37. They were virtually identical, claiming he was a relative.
38. She made up lies about other neighbors, claiming that she.
39. The cabby tried to deny that he was crying; claiming that.
40. Other than ostracizing my mom and claiming that they have.
41. She called the station in hysterics last night, claiming.
42. A few idly owning, and they the wheat continually claiming.
43. Amilla had kept to her chamber all day, claiming a headache.
44. This was the beginning of the Apostasy, claiming that the.
45. The Koguts were still claiming that they knew nothing more.
46. The people who abused me have been claiming that I am only.
47. Claiming to be the Fourteenth Dalai Lama and to be within.
48. There are people who eat pigeons, claiming that killing can.
49. MPD into claiming that the two men in those composites were.
50. Two women leave, claiming obligations involving grandchildren.
51. They started claiming even more territory until they had it all.
52. I am not claiming that 1+2, 7-4, and 21/7 are the same thing or.
53. The 2009 Recovery Act increased the eligibility for claiming the.
54. Taxable investors can solve this by claiming a credit on their U.
55. And what are you trying to insinuate? Are you claiming my men.
56. He ran with Heather every morning at six, claiming he was staying.
57. Now, I’m not claiming that it’s super-easy to find a programmer.
58. He then returned to Lycania, claiming that the gods had buried Thera.
59. Finally, in the original report claiming that boron reduced loss of.
60. The Church is a body of men claiming possession of indisputable truth.
61. We had to fight for the layer since Batam was claiming it for himself.
62. The spirit grew ever darker, claiming more reverts to the ways of old.
63. A stranger, cowled and limping, claiming to be a surgeon, purchased it.
64. I liked that she was so emphatic about claiming her place in the family.
65. I seem to recall your claiming that it’s the study of yeast and ooze.
66. Claiming to be a prophet, his mission grew slowly and he suffered abuse.
67. TEPCO is claiming it doesn’t own the radiation that is spread across.
68. Big fucking thanks then to Diondra for claiming him, at least in private.
69. Gurus out there claiming that they have the abilities or secrets in.
70. Iraq had been claiming Kuwait long before Saddam Hussein came on the scene.
71. The fire exploded inside her, claiming her completely, body, mind and soul.
72. Now he’s making her look bad by claiming that he’s afraid of her!.
73. He sits there, ruminating, day after day, claiming to see colour everywhere.
74. The antichrist will be a man claiming to be god, claiming to be the Messiah.
75. Buyers claiming that an alternative supplier has offered a much better deal.
76. You have a bunch of different companies claiming they have a concoction of.
77. Others may even try to do you harm, to prevent you from claiming back what.
78. Yes, Yaf, what is it exactly you’re claiming? That you’re appearing.
79. Again with the endless callers, claiming this time to be kidnapped by aliens.
80. Now they are leaving the showers for a few days claiming it needs to dry out.
81. The next day, Marilyn didn’t show up for work, claiming she had bronchitis.
82. A religious group claiming to be based on Christ and the Bible, but whose.
83. This may be claiming too much, but his testimony as a composer is interesting.
84. I am not claiming, nor do I intend, to have developed—or be developing—a.
85. There are too many internet cons out there claiming to give you instant traffic.
86. The next two calls were those pesky bill collectors claiming over due accounts.
87. There are whistles and electronic devices that are sold, claiming to deter dogs.
88. The mind falls to establish soul repression in shares, claiming spirit actions.
89. Fanshaw smiled briefly at Griszt before claiming his arm and steering him away.
90. Frank and and could not admit it and have the poor comfort of claiming his body.
91. Mother, they have surrounded us, he said, claiming to have found nests of.
92. He’d rambled on about his dead wife Daphne, claiming how no man ever loved a.
93. He would reject my food claiming that he was fasting for an undisclosed purpose.
94. Rose elected to pass on the trip claiming she had some shopping she wanted to do.
95. He, Mike and the rest of their brothers are still claiming self defense Evette.
96. No! They said Diane D is claiming that she never saw Marcus in a stretcher!.
97. All the documentation shows they've been claiming you to be a fully natural child.
98. Well, Miss Scarlett, it wasn’t long before the war was over and— claiming them.
99. An entity claiming to be Apollo has demanded that the crew surrender the ship to.
100. Who comes here, claiming to be of House Thurin? he demanded in a booming voice.
1. He claimed an MA from.
2. He claimed it was for.
3. She now claimed she was.
4. I never claimed I was.
5. He claimed to love me.
6. You claimed he had a new.
7. They have claimed that St.
8. It just has to be claimed.
9. He claimed to have urgent.
10. It was perfect, as claimed.
11. Some claimed she was crazy.
12. The leaflet claimed that Mr.
13. He claimed it was all there.
14. Jimmy later claimed it was.
15. Death has claimed this place.
16. He had claimed it as his own.
17. He has claimed I run my own.
18. But one morning she claimed.
19. You could have claimed your.
20. These men of God claimed to.
21. Or so the government claimed.
22. He claimed to not have them.
23. She claimed everything, when S.
24. How is the tax credit claimed?
25. Cindy never claimed to be born.
26. They claimed the exciting game.
27. Dryva claimed at the time that.
28. He claimed he was a true Viking.
29. Not sixteen, as you have claimed.
30. Burman claimed he sold a lot of.
31. She claimed that every language.
32. He always claimed you as His own.
33. She claimed that she was off in.
34. Even those claimed virtually by.
35. Claimed he wanted you to call him.
36. From what he claimed, it had not.
37. Some men claimed killing was easy.
38. You could have claimed all three.
39. The blurb claimed amazing benefits.
40. The oblivion of sleep claimed her.
41. Stroyer claimed that Lenin was a.
42. She’s in here, he claimed.
43. Brenda claimed that she had noth-.
44. She claimed she had accepted Jesus.
45. They claimed it was in the Haddith.
46. They claimed to have translated it.
47. He claimed God understood because.
48. Augustus claimed it was his father.
49. The dead Saxon was claimed by Brixby.
50. He claimed that he never worked out.
51. Freeman claimed a chair beside Davis.
52. But they claimed he was mean, even.
53. He claimed Pete, there, was riding.
54. Someone claimed they were Russians.
55. Still, his father had once claimed.
56. He claimed he was only a hired hand.
57. You claimed the sand was way to fine.
58. Now he was facing a man who claimed.
59. She was the person she claimed to be.
60. Warmbrand had claimed that his diet.
61. Was Hamilton what he claimed or not?
62. They even claimed our lives as theirs.
63. Jesus claimed to be the truth in many.
64. Steve claimed I was one of his mentors.
65. The Angel claimed he was sent by Allah.
66. He claimed he didn't but I know he did.
67. She innocently claimed, ‘Oh, nothing.
68. They claimed our possessions as theirs.
69. Another student claimed that you were.
70. And claimed that it improved the cheese.
72. Janet claimed she acted in self-defense.
73. Sonetchka now claimed my whole attention.
74. Yet she claimed to be one-thirty-seven?
75. But Lance claimed he did it all the time.
76. The other guard claimed not be aware and.
77. Theoretical y, the regime claimed to be a.
78. They claimed it had been revealed to them.
79. Because the woman who claimed to be Mrs.
80. This is what was claimed by proponents of.
81. Jesus claimed you the minute He saw you.
82. Is it not rightly claimed that Webster is.
83. He claimed this mystical power was due to.
84. Gualtieri claimed the Bureau seemed not to.
85. In fact, I claimed more optimism than I felt.
86. Tom had claimed that nobody had followed him.
87. He fibbed and claimed it his favorite store.
88. She claimed to have never told another soul.
89. Though idiot-boy claimed no one could have.
90. Did you know that it is claimed that there.
91. The Godfrey twins claimed the third sighting.
92. Modern fiction was, he claimed, bought as a.
93. Some have claimed that we simply cannot use.
94. They have claimed to be favored and anointed.
95. That’s why I picked them, claimed Robin.
96. The last two merchants claimed to be Tya Nuu.
97. Rhone claimed the queen of hearts for his own.
98. Aiden leaned down and claimed his lover's lips.
99. Thomas claimed this to be another of God’s.
100. Another researcher claimed it was a drum and.
1. But are the claims true?
2. Claims his name is Travis.
3. He claims he is saving up.
4. Each pundit claims to have.
5. She claims the deceased was.
6. He had plenty of claims to it.
7. One of the suits claims that.
8. Not all those claims stand up.
9. No I didn’t, she claims.
10. This, he claims, was a mistake.
11. He did not believe your claims.
12. He claims his brother sent him.
13. Rulers all claims proved a hoax.
14. But such claims are unconvincing.
15. Is he as good as he claims?
16. He claims it was his wife, though.
17. The Claims of Jesus about Himself.
18. No account claims that he was dead.
19. This stat claims that half of all.
20. He claims our Book is mere fantasy.
21. Their claims and explanations shout.
22. Jill claims to have been sexually.
23. And, as China always claims, ours.
24. No one who claims to have received.
25. Anyone who claims they can is lying.
26. One claims the living babe is hers;.
27. The work, needs and claims of the A.
28. A lot of prospectors did buy claims.
29. Ottawa claims it cannot happen today.
30. I have a brother everyone claims is.
31. This group claims that the children.
32. It doesn’t pay to make wild claims.
33. These claims, these social claims--.
34. He, ah, claims to be the father of a.
35. Limitation of Claims on the Government.
36. He claims to be Muhammad alMahdi, and.
37. We have a student who claims that Mr.
38. We’ll investigate it and your claims.
39. Both sides are adamant in their claims.
40. She claims she didn’t do that either.
41. Nick claims he stayed behind to record.
42. She claims it doesn’t hurt her at all.
43. All souls he takes he claims as his own.
44. Hinduism claims to have 330 million gods.
45. That is at least what Jack South claims.
46. Peter claims Rachel has the key to peace.
47. He claims to have had an affair with her.
48. It claims to be from a Freddy Chicken.
49. I laughed at the absurdity of her claims.
50. He claims this, but the charge is false.
51. Another Sheila claims as hers not Ian’s.
52. She claims we’re lying about it?
53. Both the priority of claims and the type.
54. It has simplicity and claims universality.
55. All souls he takes, he claims for his own.
56. Jennings's compassion she had other claims.
57. Is this the only site making these claims?
58. What are the claims, I calmly asked?
59. He claims the co-pilot’s seat for himself.
60. And still my other claims remain unanswered.
61. Some of those claims are greatly overstated.
62. Priority of claims goes to senior mortgage.
63. Miller who claims his party left him, and J.
64. All souls he steals, he claims for his own.
65. She claims not to remember doing that either.
66. We will share those claims with the 99th CAG.
67. Regardless, her recurring claims that I was.
68. She claims that you have wandered seriously.
69. Jennings’s compassion she had other claims.
70. Cambodians are unlikely to cease their claims.
71. He claims that Shugden practice shortens his.
72. Man and the claims of man no longer bound him.
73. Augury – One of the Claims of the Magicians.
74. One of our number claims to have been wronged.
75. Whoever that undead human entity claims to be.
76. Osbairne claims Karim attacked him last Monday.
77. The claims would need to be supported by hard.
78. But the Empire still claims sovereignty?
79. And if they did, what about alien land claims?
80. This ship could be what it claims to be or not.
81. He claims I was the love of his life.
82. Sadly, their claims are unlikely to be realistic.
83. Suspect claims he found his wife with other man.
84. Every count in which these claims were asserted.
85. She claims that Spalding had stayed there before.
86. Write her that I pay no attention to such claims.
87. Ideas are a dime-a-dozen, and anyone who claims.
88. That the Father Himself attested these claims, v.
89. From my eyes, it claims all the waters I can give.
90. Knowing this despair never claims us for a victim.
91. Claims for Military Services in the Old French War.
92. My claims were to the amount of £32,000 sterling.
93. Christian has one nature and the other one claims.
94. People are blinded by his claims of righteousness.
95. Note that shareholders have claims during ongoing.
96. Branson claims the Government are being duped again.
97. You have no evidence to support any of your claims.
98. He disagrees and claims my ear flaps are just weak.
99. He claims I beat him up, I’m claiming I didn’t.
100. A witness claims to have seen him, but it was dark.

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