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Extension in a sentence | extension example sentences

  1. Mary, too, is an extension of Him.
  2. This is an extension of what I am.
  3. This can become an extension of you.
  4. A gun is an extension of themselves.
  5. Sam asked to put Ned on the extension.

  6. In an isolated extension christy on.
  7. Addiction can be seen as an extension.
  8. By extension, his client was my client.
  9. If your file shows the file extension.
  10. I picked up some extension cords by the.
  11. A free Firefox extension that saves you.
  12. This tip is a logical extension of Tip #1.
  13. This is just an extension of tip 31 above.
  14. The world is but an extension of attach-.
  15. Tatton who was listening on the extension.

  16. This would be kind of a natural extension.
  17. The extension of Π is well received as a.
  18. Your hands are you first extension of that.
  19. But what is the purpose of this extension?
  20. This command will add an extension to a file.
  21. It had a heavy base with an extension chord.
  22. Because extension points don't need all the.
  23. We’re not an extension of the police force.
  24. The world is nothing but an extension of mind.
  25. Install is the main screen of Extension Manager.

  26. Individualization is related to the extension.
  27. Nick Marsden was listening in on the extension.
  28. Degree extension! It was a thing that should I.
  29. Texas, Texas Agri-life Extension, and the Texas.
  30. This screen allows you to install extension to.
  31. Karma is an extension of natural universal acts.
  32. It was expected that NASA, and by extension the U.
  33. He returned with both saws and an extension cord.
  34. After all, speech is just an extension of thought.
  35. This is an extension of the earlier language recipe.
  36. But by keeping up a bold front he got an extension.
  37. I see diplomacy as an extension of war by other means.
  38. It is merely an extension of courtesy, in good faith.
  40. You can alter your thoughts and, by extension, improve.
  41. Think of it as an extension of what you have been doing.
  42. He picked up the phone and dialed Winston’s extension.
  43. Strengthen and use your body as an extension of your mind.
  44. But he saw it was Roger’s extension so he took the call.
  45. Get an extension ladder set up, and Trask will inspect it.
  46. An extension of the early Protestant Version, but with a.
  47. The Super-Web was an extension or an evolution of the old.
  48. In a way, the bedroom is just an extension of the airlock.
  49. The sleek stiletto lanced forward, an extension of his arm.
  50. In this instance there will be one extension of two minutes.
  51. This chart shows leg CD as a 127 percent extension of leg AB.
  52. The judge reluctantly gave them an extension until July 16th.
  53. Women's bodies and, by extension, women themselves are never.
  54. Don't use older extension cords without inspecting them first.
  55. Like an extension of his will, X’ander was already in motion.
  56. There was a wooden extension that she guessed was the kitchen.
  57. As a precaution he ordered an extension of the perimeter guard.
  58. There was an extension telephone on a rattan table at his elbow.
  59. By extension, we know that the Bible as whole is God’s word.
  60. Self-speech is an extension of negative thoughts and programming.
  61. The lease was worth almost 40,000 INR for extension of 10 years.
  62. This controller will load the DOMPDF extension and output our PDF.
  63. Cuba in the 1950s was virtually an extension of the United States.
  64. Extension handles: We covered them pretty well earlier in the book.
  65. Perhaps like just a simple extension and retraction of a robot arm.
  66. He stopped at the pinnacle of the extension, gazing attentively at.
  67. Some members of Congress have been pushing for another extension (H.
  68. It is merely an extension of your day to day interaction with others.
  69. Carson City, back when their town was nothing more than an extension.
  70. Adjust the theraband so that the line of pull opposes knee extension.
  71. This magnetism is a simple and natural extension of the same creative.
  72. When it is put onto our extension pole a little weight is a good thing.
  73. I went on a hunt and found a couple of extension leads which are ideal.
  74. The extension of improvement and cultivation tends to raise it directly.
  75. Coming out of the end of the casket was a bright yellow extension cord.
  76. Install from URL – another alternative option to install an Extension.
  77. One of the labourers working on Vincent’s extension told Tom about a.
  78. Instruct the patient to flex their knee while maintaining hip extension.
  79. This is will as extension of product loyalty, consumerism as patriotism.
  80. In the downstairs entry, he heard her pause and dial the extension phone.
  81. Adjust the theraband so that the direction of pull opposes hip extension.
  82. This permitted maximum leg extension while covering the minimum of flesh.
  83. What the hell is the extension cord coming out of the casket? I said.
  84. Clausewitz stated that war is an extension of politics by different means.
  85. Adjust the theraband so that the direction of pull opposes wrist extension.
  86. Adjust the theraband so that the direction of pull opposes knee extension.
  87. Self, that is, he will see the extension of the same Self everywhere, and.
  88. Adjust the theraband so that the direction of pull opposes elbow extension.
  89. Learning to be comfortable while you exert is an extension of this ability.
  90. Cynthia, at his nod, had hurried to take the extension phone in the kitchen.
  91. Adjust the pulley so that the direction of pull opposes shoulder extension.
  92. Though this is not an extension of the ego, it is merely a development tool.
  93. As implied by the literal translation of pranayama, "life force extension,".
  94. With an extension of her arm, she drew back the curtain to the main sick bay.
  95. Furthermore, by direct extension of that knowledge, you will know that the.
  96. Adjust the pulley system so that the direction of pull opposes hip extension.
  97. Ensure that the arms are held behind the hand-rail to maintain hip extension.
  98. Over a longer sample period, the reward for duration extension is more meager.
  99. However, the negative effect of layers extension should not be overestimated.
  100. Adjust the theraband so that the direction of pull opposes shoulder extension.

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