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Eye in a sentence

1. Is the eye of God.
2. A blink of the eye.
3. The apple in my eye.
4. Keep an eye on it.
5. Ea: Lord of The Eye.
6. The glint of an eye.
7. In a birds eye view.

8. He kept his eye on.
9. In a bird's eye view.
10. With one eye on the.
11. The eye of the storm.
12. One eye began to see.
13. I fixed my eye on her.
14. He's got one mean eye.
15. A sign caught his eye.
16. Keep an eye on him.
17. Jaxon wiped at his eye.
18. In a blink of the eye.
19. His eye twitched a bit.
20. What the eye could not.
21. Or the look in her eye.
22. I had a keen eye on her.
23. I kept an eye on Cynthia.
24. And keep an eye open.
25. In his mind’s eye he.
26. Only with your left eye.
27. Dan cocked an eye at her.
28. I looked Phil in the eye.
29. Just keep an eye on him.
30. It could be my eye next.
31. She looked me in the eye.
32. A tear fell from my eye.
33. In the eye of your smile.
34. I don‘t think The Eye.
35. A blood shot eye peered.
36. She raised it to her eye.
37. Keep a close eye on them.
38. She sighs with an eye roll.
39. Ben looked him in the eye.
40. Emily cocked an eye at him.
1. It was still eying us.
2. Featherstone, who was eying him intently.
3. He was eying the spoke in Buck’s clutch.
4. He was eying her as a snake eyes its prey.
5. The Administrator was eying their every move.
6. I dug up a stone, eying a cauldron full of stew.
7. The pair advanced, each eying each other carefully.
8. Ethan was focused on the two men, eying them intently.
9. In that instant, the babe was eying me, and I the babe.
10. She’d been eying me lately because her ledger on me.
11. Oh great, Enjteen said, eying the potent beverage.
12. While eying the Pincer Street trees, I decided to turn.
13. He worked the corkscrew, gritting his teeth and eying me.
14. Rosita keeps eying Dave, who is pleased at the attention.
15. Going to wash my cock, lady, he said eying her oddly.
16. That wasnt here before, Rhone said eying up the chairs.
17. Still, Roy was eying the little man’s ears and nose and chin.
18. Eying the mouse he murmurs, Hoenir would have fun with this.
19. Eying them cautiously, he forced a welcoming smile that fooled no one.
20. As I walked around the Murano, I was eying the building with apprehension.
21. He’d become a self-declared tube guy before eying up jurors in practice.
22. Ricci begins to sing, a bit over-the-top, eying Ahmed as he phrases each word.
23. But the old man, stunned, was silent, eying each picture in turn upon the wall.
24. Your dad’s never been too keen on the idea, either, she said, eying Paul.
25. She approached cautiously, eying not only the structure but the areas around it.
26. Sure, I replied warily, eying the spot again where the rabbit had once stood.
27. His opponent eying Omar take another drink, then moved around the table, as one of.
28. I see, replied Giles, eying the soldiers with an inquisitive though hasty look.
29. Trisha packed a shirt or two in a box, eying her laptop, Yeah, well you’re at the.
30. Even Mercer could not deny her knack for the trade, nonetheless eying her suspiciously.
31. But Casey was eying the immense canvas, and said, ‘How much does the monster weigh?’.
32. He swung six bats in his thin hands, eying them critically with his shiny green little eyes.
33. Speaking of places outside the country, where have you been off to? I asked, eying Desmond.
34. He stared at us without any visible display of interest or warmth - a rattlesnake eying a mouse.
35. Allison sipped at her water again, eying Damien as he placed the first piece of meat in his mouth.
36. Brynjolf looked down at the parchment, eying the name that he strongly suspected was misspelled:.
37. You do have a pretty big collection of books, I see, I commented, eying the shelves of books.
38. Ethan’s stare wandered to a couple of men who were gathered outside, eying both of them intently.
39. The awestruck Breton thief slowly took a few steps toward the stranger, eying the black sash that hung from his waist.
40. And then it was discomforting to see Huck eying Joe's preparations so wistfully, and keeping up such an ominous silence.
1. I eyed up the target.
2. And the big eyed wing.
3. She eyed me and smiled.
4. The boy eyed the pistol.
5. She eyed one of the men.
6. With a watery Eyed look.
7. I eyed them with caution.
8. Glen eyed the gun, warily.
9. So with a heavy eyed grin.
10. Come on ya slit eyed cunt.
11. Uncle Roran eyed the dragon.
12. The man eyed Trid curiously.
13. Ben eyed the coin carefully.
14. Her mother eyed her narrowly.
15. Mary Vance eyed her gloomily.
16. Abby eyed her with amusement.
17. He eyed the scene curiously.
18. She whipped it out, eyed it.
19. She eyed him with disbelief.
20. Marge eyed him with suspicion.
21. He eyed Smith with suspicion.
22. He eyed the man with distaste.
23. He paused and eyed her fixedly.
24. The others eyed her enviously.
25. Barnes eyed her with interest.
26. He eyed the clock on the wall.
27. The old priest eyed the screen.
28. The boy eyed the car and nodded.
29. Brownie stared wide eyed at Avi.
30. Fred Hargreaves eyed me saying.
31. Cam eyed the bag with suspicion.
32. Joey eyed his drink suspiciously.
33. His wife eyed him with derision.
34. Wide eyed, she stood and stared.
35. Lov eyed the ring, then declined.
36. Doug and Kate eyed their choices.
37. Rod eyed the waitress discretely.
38. The judge became teary eyed and.
39. Alex eyed me up for a few seconds.
40. The sergeant eyed Ben quizzically.
1. I looked at her eyes.
2. All eyes were on him.
3. If he shut his eyes.
4. I see it in your eyes.
5. Then I closed my eyes.
6. He eyes her with scorn.
7. Dead eyes stare at him.
8. I could see his eyes.
9. Tears are in her eyes.
10. His eyes were red and.
11. The Colour Of Her Eyes.
12. I rolled my eyes at him.
13. Cat looked into his eyes.
14. Having eyes as wide as.
15. He opened his eyes and.
16. At last her eyes opened.
17. Ali's eyes met with Ish.
18. His eyes only saw black.
19. She looked into his eyes.
20. His eyes burned my soul.
21. His eyes were wild and.
22. Eyes of Blue and Brown.
23. Ah! But, the eyes again.
24. Her eyes are not afraid.
25. Theo stared into her eyes.
26. His eyes narrowed at her.
27. Mine eyes have seen evil.
28. I saw it with my own eyes.
29. John eyes fill with anger.
30. Tears formed in her eyes.
31. His eyes were even slier.
32. Tears welled in her eyes.
33. His eyes started to droop.
34. She loved his dancing eyes.
35. She closed her eyes again.
36. Her eyes filled with tears.
37. But it was the eyes that.
38. Her eyes watered and she.
39. Jo nods, her eyes on Sally.
40. Her eyes rolled up at that.

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