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    1. ’ He said, giving me a sideways glance which makes my stomach flip in an entirely different way

    2. He risked a glance and saw a child staring out of a smudged window, finger lodged up his nostril, digging for gold

    3. As soon as Barney spots the bouncy castle, all interest in his old Gran disappears and he starts clamouring to have a go … Emma and Adrian exchange a glance

    4. The young couple exchanged a quick glance before he replied

    5. You may have said to yourself, “Whoever wrote this had to have escaped from a loony bin,” which is entirely true, but at a closer glance the apparent madness of Emanuel Bronner, 88, of Escondido, California, is in fact complete sanity

    6. Theo followed the glance down to the Garda's left hand

    7. Feeling about ten years old, I glance conspiratorially at Stephen and conclude from his expression that he feels much the same

    8. I cast a glance at Stephen, just when did he learn about the arson attack, I wonder? I hadn’t seen him before I left the house and Molly hadn’t said anything over breakfast … Hmmm

    9. Travis exchanged a glance with Betsy, rubbed his head, then nodded his affirmation

    10. ’ I said, catching the revealing glance that passes swiftly between the two of them

    11. Daniel exchanged a glance with Joshua and they smiled

    12. I cast one last glance out of the window at the sunset and allow Stephen to help me back towards the bed

    13. A glance at the clock tells me that it is nearly half past one

    14. What shall I wear today? A quick glance out of the bedroom window tells me that it is windy but dry … at the moment … there are some clouds over to the west that look rather unfriendly

    15. At first glance I could see nothing remarkable about him

    16. I go and wash my face trying to restore some normality – a glance in the mirror confirms the fact that I look a mess, but I plead a headache as I go from house to house checking everyone is okay

    17. Iain cast an equally enquiring glance in her direction but didn’t say anything

    18. A glance at the clock speedily obliterated her self-satisfaction and set her running … her train was due to leave in five minutes’ time! Safely on the train, though still panting from the exercise and more than a little overwhelmed by the crowds of commuters thronging the station subways, she settled herself in a seat and, leaning her head against the headrest, closed her eyes, forcing herself to relax

    19. ’ She said, admiring how steady her voice was and registering Iain’s sideways, concerned glance

    20. Love, the fleeting glance that catches hold,

    21. He threw her a ferocious glance, recognised that he was being wound up and, reluctantly, snorted as amusement got the better of him

    22. glance in the courtyard where the children were playing

    23. ’ Kara replied with a smile, casting a glance at the heap of her belongings … her bulging bag and the basket carrying flowers and produce that Issa had insisted she take with her

    24. ‘Drink?’ he offered, his glance flicking to the beautiful beads … he’d not seen her wearing jewellery before, had he?

    25. I glance at the Element briefly by the glow of the lightstones … I’ve not looked at it properly since I retrieved it

    26. In the end, I give in, throwing a dirty glance in the direction of the tormenter standing over me before subsiding against the pillow again

    27. At a glance John can see where there is a need for improvement

    28. He’s sitting on the edge of his bunk, Gottestones in hand … for a moment I wonder if I have disturbed his devotions but a second searching glance shows me clearly that he’s just sitting there

    29. She gave him an appraising glance also, noticing both Troll and Yondure in his ancestry

    30. Then one of them produced a baglama, a tiny long-necked bouzouki, and began to play and without so much as a glance over his shoulder, his mates linked strong arms across powerful shoulders and began slow, thoughtful steps for no one but themselves

    31. I glance at my man – that is going to cost him dearly

    32. I glance at him a couple of times, but he doesn’t seem to notice

    33. Another town appears on our right and for a time the trackway is populated by wagons and other riders … some wave at us in a friendly way, but most hardly give us a glance

    34. Auntie shot me a glance, 'Aaaagh! They’re horrible people

    35. ' She shot a glance at the men, 'And take care Mr

    36. Berndt catapults himself onto Adamant’s back and, with a brief glance at me to check I am ready, leads off back to the track

    37. For a moment I am scared that I’ve somehow broken some taboo or other … but surely Berndt would have told me… a glance at my companion shows me that he is as taken aback as I am

    38. He took one last glance at the executive summary and checked his notes

    39. She shot me a glance, 'It still is

    40. I glance across to where he is indicating

    41. I glance at my boots now claggy with clay as well as soaked

    42. During a minor off the ball fracas between two of his own team's midfield players Terry happened to glance up from the match

    43. Ish and 1 exchanged a what-are-we-doing-here glance

    44. Omi stood up, gave Ish a disapproving glance and left the room

    45. I glance across at Alastair, engrossed in the music – he’s not what you’d by any stretch of the imagination call classically good looking but has a pleasant face and is considered attractive by many people … his hair is dark but there are grey hairs showing in places now – it needs a cut by the look of the way it’s starting to dangle over his ears

    46. Simon is standing in the door, this tragedy outside his sphere … I glance up at him and smile at him through my tears, drawing him into our circle

    47. I glance up at him – there is so much love in his eyes it stuns me

    48. “Yes sir,” Elmore said with a glance at Heymon, “but the testing is difficult, it could be some time

    49. He looks rather proud and I catch a glance between him and Jo; I look enquiringly at Jo, who explains that she got it as a birthday present for him

    50. We never glance in the mirror while we’re

    1. Micah glanced at the clock

    2. Probably not the best time in the world to be using elevators anyway,” Vinnie said as he glanced at his departing teammates

    3. He glanced upon the girls smiling and fluttering about the room on the balls of their feet

    4. He glanced at his watch; he had to be quick to get to school in time

    5. Ackers glanced toward the window and thought about throwing the Chip outside

    6. I glanced out the window to see what it was, but I didn't see anything

    7. Some still glanced at the sunset the Haadij had selected for this meeting, but all had seen many like it at meetings during the crossing

    8. Burn glanced up and out of the dome at the debris from the battle

    9. He glanced only questioningly at Moamar but said to the Haadij, "but is it the will of God to destroy them all?"

    10. He glanced at Parker at the same time she looked to him

    11. On the way out of the room he glanced at the remote process that watched over the few signals still coming down from the dusty old starship hanging up there in front of the inner moon

    12. ’ she glanced at Iain, wetness standing sparkling in her eyes

    13. She noted a dusty cobweb draped across the window as she glanced through the grimy glass only to see a rather dilapidated and neglected yard where three cars were parked

    14. As she neared the corner, she went wide, eyes scanning ahead and spotted the men, standing together to one side of the walkway … ostensibly talking animatedly … no, one of them’s glanced to see if I’m coming … They paid her no attention as she neared them – she didn’t expect them to

    15. Kara glanced at Iain sat holding himself stiffly beside her, the knuckles of the hand clutching his bag tense and white

    16. ’ Iain glanced at Kara who was concentrating on her lunch

    17. She glanced through it, selected several and handed them to Kara, replacing the balance and locking them again

    18. He glanced and smiled at the sleeping Pandora and whispered to me, 'The sleep of the innocents

    19. I glanced at the clock just as its alarm bell sounded

    20. "I was getting close to playing with a cherub," he admitted as he glanced up at it before stepping inside

    21. 'Just wait till the festival, there's nothing quite like the peal of bells announcing early morning service,' she glanced at me sideways and grinned

    22. She glanced at Adrian, a half smile pulling at a corner of her mouth whilst he waited obediently at the gunwales, legs astride, hands on hips, watching me, weighing me up

    23. Ish glanced at me with disdain as if I had shot down his mission to Mars

    24. As she prepared to head back to the Hold, she glanced up the hill one last time and to her surprise the Paint pony was watching her – with the carrots in his mouth!

    25. At one point, He’d glanced over to the other cottages and asked which one was Anna’s – telling me how much he was going to miss her

    26. He glanced up

    27. He glanced frantically

    28. Petr shielded his eyes from the Sun as he glanced

    29. He turned and glanced ruefully at the car

    30. seemingly ready to blush if she so much as glanced in his direction

    31. Petr glanced across at his old friend, ‘I don’t expect

    32. When she reached that point in the path, she glanced across towards the nest the Arlosh Warbler had been building, half expecting to see her little friend

    33. She glanced back towards the barracks to see Sheila striding along

    34. The other woman glanced at Chrissie, her expression almost gloating as she took in Chrissie’s obvious upset

    35. She glanced up as Chrissie joined the group; her eyes derisive as though she knew exactly what Chrissie had been delayed doing and considered it ridiculous

    36. Chrissie glanced at him – he was staring at the body on the floor, his eyes nearly popping out of his head

    37. The Sportsman glanced in the indicated location and looked back at George with an uncertain grin

    38. A few gathered, glanced briefly, and whispered

    39. Chrissie glanced across at Andy

    40. Just as he’d nearly convinced her that this was real, he glanced up at Ozzie, his expression wary

    41. He came over to help himself to tea from the pot and glanced at the windowsill

    42. “They are doing very well, thank you, ma'am,” responded Harry and glanced at the thermometer on the wall above the counter

    43. Sergeant Williams held the door open for the woman and glanced up both hallways

    44. He glanced at the occupants, his eyes assessing

    45. He glanced at Andy before turning to the Sergeant who had risen to his feet, his face full of recognition of the new arrival

    46. Bram glanced at his father, who raised an eyebrow

    47. He leaned as far out as he could reach and looked toward the Engine, and seeing nothing that suggested itself as an obvious cause for the delay he glanced at Mr

    48. About halfway along, he’d glanced up and seen Chrissie standing frozen in the doorway of the bathroom

    49. George spread a few strange little packages on the floor and picked up a page of diagrams which he glanced over one last time

    50. He glanced at the rear view mirror and saw the chains and shackles

    1. Violet's mother and Gary traded glances and shrugged at each other

    2. This time it’s Kira’s and Sadie’s turn to exchange glances

    3. John glances at the fountain

    4. ’ He glances at the rice which is boiling away merrily

    5. They stole glances at the bracelets

    6. I will walk the beach in a swim suit that is stretched over a bulging body, and will dive into the waves with abandon if I choose to, despite the pitying glances from the jet set

    7. He glances over at Bolt, who has wandered into the snack bar with his camera

    8. The clerk glances at the photos

    9. Ricci peers in at John, glances at the moonshine in the backseat

    10. Ricci glances into the rear view mirror at his captives

    11. Russ shakes his head, glances over at Abdullah, who is cleaning his ear with the barrel of his pistol

    12. He glances at the screen and they exchange a

    13. Russ glances around at the military trappings

    14. John glances awkwardly about the limo, his big secret suddenly exposed

    15. Ricci sits beside his driver, glances back at the long row of trucks following the lead truck, smiles

    16. He glances around at the soldiers, who give him a nod of respect, back away, and then at the interrogating officer, who hastily starts uncocks his weapon, starts to put his gun away

    17. ’ Stephen glances across at me anxiously

    18. He glances round as he hears my footsteps

    19. She takes one look at me, glances round the room and goes quickly over to where the kitchen roll stands and tears off a chunk, bringing it back to the table and handing it to me

    20. He busied himself loosening her boots, lifting one foot at a time to draw them off, all the time casting glances at her face as if measuring and assessing her state of mind

    21. furtive glances at each other, and melt into the sway

    22. Berndt glances round then sets off at speed, urging me onward

    23. Berndt glances across at me anxiously, but I have her in hand

    24. She studied her critics from beneath her eyelashes as she worked and exchanged glances with me

    25. Furtive glances shot in my direction when I appeared in the door-frame

    26. They shot each other glances and busied themselves stuffing their backpacks

    27. At that they exchanged glances

    28. He glances up and gives me a tight smile … what’s been said? He wasn’t at the rehearsal on Wednesday and this is the first time he’s been here since moving in with me

    29. ’ He glances at me, obviously worried that I cannot see what is coming

    30. huddle, one on top of the other, they exchanged flint eyed glances,

    31. He glances at his watch

    32. He glances up the road to the other houses

    33. whispers and furtive glances

    34. I hear the door open behind me, Gary glances over my shoulder and I can gauge who has just walked in by the look in his eyes

    35. Dave glances across at me and raises an eyebrow, his lips are twitching

    36. He glances over at me and we grin at each other in the moonlight

    37. He glances up at the top floor windows of the dairy but makes no sign of recognition

    38. As he does this he glances at Ken and motions to him to go and fetch the little toe rag

    39. thought if he had not, just at that moment, noticed certain glances

    40. He glances at the clock calculating

    41. He glances at her

    42. Sitting morosely at the table where they waited, casting anxious glances at Ozzie every now and then almost as though he expected the man to explode or something equally irrational

    43. Brad and his wife exchanged glances for a moment, then he

    44. Many smiles and glances passed between them

    45. Again they exchanged glances

    46. He glances up at me then back to the cup before continuing

    47. Alastair glances at his watch

    48. He proceeded straight through the offices of lesser managers and subordinates with Harry in tow, and Harry couldn't fail to notice the glances and stares he received in their passing

    49. There were other glances at the

    50. apparently nonchalant glances toward the hallway

    1. Glancing at the clock, I swallow the acrid liquid which is gathering in my mouth … concentrate, Liz …

    2. ‘Surely, they weren’t seriously seeing you as the perpetrator?’ he asked glancing round at me as his hands are busy washing the dishes under the hot tap

    3. ’ Stephen said, glancing at the clock

    4. ’ I suggested, glancing at the clock

    5. ‘Shouldn’t Liz have been back by now?’ I asked, glancing at the clock

    6. ‘I went to the hotel as I said …’ the girl started, glancing at Kara as though assessing her fragility

    7. There were also steps on the sides of the blocks leading up to the second floors of the buildings … separate storage? Glancing up, Kara saw that more guards were evident on the roofs of the buildings

    8. ’ He said, glancing through the pages

    9. This is not time wasted but time well spent even though it might take you some time to train yourself not to keep glancing up at the clock and listing in your mind all the chores you have to do while you are ‘relaxing’ on the floor

    10. As we are stacking the dishes on the draining board, there’s a knock at the back door – Sally, glancing at the clock, runs to open it

    11. 'Is it that time already?' I asked, glancing at the clock in consternation

    12. ’ He asked, glancing over to where I am standing while he gets out cups and saucers and puts them on a tray

    13. Glancing around the room apparently unconcerned, Chrissie noted that Chas was standing at one end of the table, his eyes speculative, a faint smile lingering on his lips

    14. say,” Bram concluded, glancing meaningfully at his father

    15. Glancing at the other men, he paused on the path, letting them go on ahead

    16. Glancing back along the path she couldn’t discern any difference in the land surface … so how come there was a cliff here? This unanswerable question causing her to chew on her lip in frustration, she looked about her

    17. Ozzie and Chas were hurrying down the hall from the other end of the corridor, Kev was standing anxiously in the doorway, alternately glancing into the room and down the corridor

    18. Glancing around, he could see that some

    19. ’ She said, glancing at the clock

    20. Dumping his bag on a chair, he rooted around in it for his wallet, counting the limited cash at his disposal … bugger it! Glancing up at the list on the wall he calculated carefully, concluding with a sigh that even if he could afford nothing else, he would blow some of the cash on a coffee

    21. ’ Andy answered after glancing at the price list on the wall

    22. He looked up, glancing instinctively over the causeway

    23. Billy keeps glancing out of the window

    24. But her gait was driven erratically by constantly glancing stiffly over one shoulder, then over the other at the aliens behind her

    25. ” responded Harry glancing down at his feet in the turf

    26. glancing meaningfully at his father when they heard about the

    27. Glancing about the cluttered rooms, she could hardly believe her eyes

    28. could only nod dumbly, and kept glancing behind the wine

    29. "Now, what kind of ideas do you have?" he asked glancing down at her with every bit the mischief of a young lover on his first date

    30. "It is instinct for a woman to chase money, hey what?" Alfred blurted out, glancing sheepishly at Viktor

    31. They all kept glancing towards them

    32. He quickened his step and, glancing back, looked out over

    33. Almost too late the guy understood what was actually happening and moved just enough to only suffer a glancing blow

    34. Glancing up, she saw a pale white hand to her left

    35. She locked that down and reset it, glancing quickly and finding to her horror that

    36. Glancing over, Nerissa saw he was having

    37. He slowly made his way near the marketplace, glancing at his fellow merchants languishing in their boredom

    38. Glancing back over her shoulder, Nerissa managed a small smile

    39. Several times she looked over her shoulder, glancing through her tears at the ruler until distance finally prevented it

    40. All the while setting out the covered platters slowly and methodically and glancing surreptitiously at Jista's progress at the desk

    41. Glancing down at the front of his pants quickly, she noted with excitement that there was a definite protrusion there

    42. brightly, glancing off a crashing waterfall about a hundred metres above them, giving the illuminated mist an ethereal quality

    43. ” Glen nodded, glancing behind him before he turned his attention back to Alex’s grave

    44. Rogan seemed as anti-social as ever, though Sebastian did catch Rogan glancing at him once or twice

    45. We all rushed, glancing up at the distant storm

    46. ” he said, again glancing at Kevin suspiciously

    47. Glancing around, I noticed dyed material with a needle stuck into it

    48. The other few passengers were glancing at her, but then quickly returned to their

    49. Sometimes, when the weather was too bad to go out she would sit in her room, glancing through books from Shelagh's large collection

    50. Frank offered to drive them but she declined, glancing quickly at Rosemary

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    Synonyms for "glance"

    coup d'oeil glance glimpse glint peek shine gleam glisten glitter scintillate flash sight look reflect cast

    "glance" definitions

    a quick look

    throw a glance at; take a brief look at

    hit at an angle