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Core in a sentence

1. I was shy to core.
2. Is a core of love.
3. It hurt to the core.
4. The slip of our core.
5. He had no inner core.
6. Or was that its core.
7. That's the core of it.

8. The real core of the P.
9. I too was at Lock Core.
10. Fear of the hollow core.
11. It is your core of heart.
12. Core of Being, 233, 240.
13. The core is made of an.
14. I hate this shit, Core.
15. In fact the core of our.
16. In addition to our core.
17. It socked me to the core.
18. What are my core values?
19. This hurts ME to the core.
20. We need our touching core.
21. In the core of your need.
23. Yet, this is not the core.
24. Love is at its core, not.
25. The Key to the Inner Core.
26. It was rotten at the core.
27. At our core, there are no.
28. Protecting the Core of You.
29. He thrust it into her core.
30. Its granite core has been.
31. The very core of me said, No.
32. The core had a face of a man.
33. States, but true to the core.
34. That is the core in taming.
35. And no one left in the core.
36. Our core areas of strength.
37. Soul opens the creation core.
38. The life’s core is a place.
39. I lay there, sick to the core.
40. Peel, core, and slice apples.
1. Thinly slice (horizontally) the apples 1 at a time without peeling or coring.
2. Weigh six pounds of pineapple, after paring, coring, and cutting in rather small pieces.
1. Inductance of an iron cored solenoid = 1.
2. I felt hollow, like I had been cored out.
3. The peeled and cored apples are cut into small.
4. Chop the venison and add it to twice as much peeled, cored.
5. I kept watching the clock as I cleaned and cored apples over a colander at the kitchen.
6. They also consisted of old-fashioned musket balls embedded in a matrix of pitch and cored with a small powder charge.
7. And when she found out, once Loverboy had gone away, that Nicky was also fucking Sam, it cored her, essentially, gored and quartered, jammed the blade down into the soft white flesh and ran it around in there until almost nothing of the person she’d thought she was was left.
8. In no time, it seemed, the cabbage had been cored and tossed into boiling water to blanch, and Betty was put to work dicing and slicing and mixing, turning up her nose at first about sliming around in ground beef, eggs and onion, but soon with no more concern than the guts testers at Halloween.
9. Whole fruits can be cooked in an open fire, then cored and filled with other foods such as coconut milk,.
1. That is, the cores of spirits.
2. I suspect their cores are in.
3. They both could sense that fact, in their cores.
4. Nuclei that fuse are actually the cores of atoms.
5. Do all cores of planets have spirits within them?
6. Peel the apples, remove the cores and cut them in thin.
7. Inside galactic cores, however, annihilations are expected to.
8. The apple cores are reminiscent of almond paste in their flavor.
9. Picking up the apple cores from the blanket she walked over to.
10. Peel the remaining pears, cut into quarters, and remove the cores.
11. Now, the violence appears to be making its way into the cores of.
12. SILICATE + 1 % Bentonite, with this mix you can make small cores &.
13. To make filling: Peel 6 of the pears, cut in half, and remove the cores.
14. Male and female universes sharing the veron cores with a slice doubler.
15. The cores plutonium-239 was the most toxic substance known to man; a.
16. With these systems you can make both moulds & cores , like in SHELL, but.
17. If, along with suns, molten planet cores and gas nebulae, Smith had invented.
18. Some components, such as bus interface and cache, may be shared between cores.
19. The clouds over the west had lost the red edging now, and the cores were black.
20. Ria climbed downwards, searching between the cores around her for some sign of Peter.
21. As he released the blockage cores so he started to gain the purified talents of this process.
22. It shocked both of them to their cores and rocked the very foundation of the Cezanne Empire.
23. Little potatoes with hot cores into which he and Marie-Laure would plunge forkfuls of butter.
24. One of the cores was booby-trapped with a bomb and we’ve no way of knowing what else has been done.
25. The cores of these testaments are mostly based on morals, how we should live, what to avoid and so on.
26. What are you doing with the cores? I’ve seen you put a hundred of those into your bag in the past.
27. The acrid smoke attacked her eyes but she pushed between the processor cores to look for Peter anyway.
28. We knew what each other’s Cores were, what led us to choose the light and what we most feared about this mission.
29. Garann was watching the west, watching as a hundred shadows moved in step, their cores pulsing with that dim light.
30. This is why Stars have inner cores that for most of their life span: are not affected by what happens to the rest of the star.
31. He has nice bowls with foam cores to keep it warm and good glazing to keep it clean, but an iron deposit to take them off site.
32. Speeds get faster and faster until a physical barrier is reached, then we leap over it by introducing several cores to replace one.
33. About 7 years ago, an Antarctic expedition took ice cores to look back in time at the conditions prevailing when the ice was laid down.
34. The leaves are curled at the edges, frequently dotted with yellow or brown patches, the trunks scabbed with fungus suggesting rotten cores.
35. They have been walking with the Lord for years and they wonder why there has not been many changes in the very cores of their personalities.
36. Meagan flinched at his tone and then moved slowly away from him feeling as if her entire systems of internal organs had been shaken their cores.
37. On top of that, the flares were not much different from standard Cluster signal flares, but with their tasrac cores overcharged to a certain degree.
38. But seriously, I was checking the computer sub-processor cores and found that core three has an extra circuit fitted in its secondary circuit bay.
39. This effectively multiplies the processor's potential performance by the number of cores, if the software is designed to take advantage of more than one processor core.
40. One radio manufacturer had to improvise the tuning system by dipping ferrite cores into coils instead of using conventional tuning capacitors which were difficult to manufacture.

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