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    1. ” My hands shake

    2. I shake my head, there can’t be anything else inside me now

    3. John tries to shake it off

    4. held his hand there for a moment and then with a shake of his head he turned his

    5. As we walk through the entrance into the house – a pretty mansion originally built in the middle ages and rescued from dereliction early in the 20th century – he gives himself a little shake

    6. I shake my head as he rushes into his study … oh Stephen, Stephen, you do wear your heart on your sleeve! Chuckling, I take myself out of earshot … it would be far too tempting to listen in and Stephen didn’t close the study door properly

    7. He’s of the opinion that your Mother will never speak to him again, at least that is the impression he is giving me … though to be honest I could just shake him!’

    8. They all shake hands

    9. Although his first impulse was to go to Darklow and shake the small town criminal community into information about a beautiful 19 year old girl with a foreign accent who had been forced into the local sex trade, Melinda's information somehow made him believe that he should stay on course, that all these things were related

    10. terror coursing through his veins, he managed to shake his clothes out and dress,

    11. I go in and shake hands with the man standing behind the desk while at the same time I am uncomfortably aware that he is scanning what I am wearing, leaving me with the disconcerting impression that he knows what colour my knickers are

    12. He put his face into his hands and began to shake

    13. One or two men shake their fists

    14. He wanted to take the old woman and shake the truth from her

    15. Every time it came round to my turn to shake and roll, with every attempt that I made to scale the ladders of hope by constructing impossible plans for my salvation, with every throw of the dice, I just slipped down another snake

    16. I started to shake and tears broke through the dam of sullen resistance that I had built up during these last few days of torture

    17. She introduced me to three plump and gauky guys as an author and an artist, then we did the round of the offices once again, I had to shake hands and smiles with all those astonished people, once again we arrested everybody's attention

    18. Through it all, through the jokes and the bonhomie, all boys together in the relief trench, I couldn’t shake a nagging sense of indignation

    19. Just as I started to get the image into some sort of focus, at the critical moment when I started to remember details about the garden, their clothes and the house, right then the truck would bounce or shake over rough English roads, and these carefully assembled pieces of the picture puzzle would break and scatter

    20. He has to literally shake his head out of the bewilderment when she laughs

    21. I wanted to grab hold of Beniamin and shake some sort of sense back into him

    22. Are you willing for the potential word that will shake and challenge your beliefs? Are you willing to possibly have to change?

    23. shake in anticipation as the front gate clanged open

    24. ’ Gilla said giving a little shake

    25. Maybe this was the way it would have to end up, Desa would shake him loose as a mother turns a grown son out into the world and Luray would be his first real relationship? Could he stand that? Did he have a choice? Should he discuss this with her?

    26. Big John grabbed Daniel’s hand in a shake that united them as equals

    27. You just can't shake your complexes, can you?

    28. (The JUDGE exits, ROBERT and ERICK shake hands, JOYCE remains in her chair with her head bowed low, KELLY and MARIA put their arms around SAMANTHA

    29. shake the world with the howl

    30. ‘Have you eaten anything today?’ I shake my head

    31. ‘Did you doubt it?’ I asked stunned, sometimes his insecurities shake me

    32. I shake my head, still taken aback

    33. They decided on one last shake of the dice

    34. He gives a little shake then carries on undressing,

    35. Alastair rises to his feet to shake hands and admits that yes, he and Laura have met before

    36. you can’t seem to shake

    37. The boots started to tingle, shake and shudder so much that

    38. This has set off a sequence of thoughts and she sits staring into space for a moment before giving herself a mental shake and apologising to me

    39. twitching flesh and he started to shiver and shake and moan

    40. They shake hands and mutter the usual inanities

    41. He likes to jump on the comforter when I shake it out

    42. rise up to shake hands with the sky, there was once a young boy

    43. ’ He said, holding out a hand to shake hands

    44. And felt the thunder shake the house

    45. He cocks an eyebrow at me but I shake my head

    46. Billy has never quite been able to shake off the provincial history of the six counties

    47. Off stage he has a drink with the owner and a couple of the owner’s friends and they shake on a return visit

    48. The movement of air threw strands of hair across her face, making her shake her head like a pony with an overlong mane

    49. ’ She repeated, trying to shake his hand off without making it too obvious

    50. Harry was actually compelled to shake a few gentlemen's hands as they departed after dinner

    1. Shaken, I stare at him for a moment

    2. ’ I said, shaken by the report on the radio

    3. It is not often that I see Stephen shaken by a crime – he sees too much of that sort of thing – but this has hit him

    4. ‘A bit shaken but we had a reasonably friendly chat and she sounded a lot less anxious by the time we’d finished

    5. I’d heard him coming but it was obvious that Liz hadn’t and she was shaken rigid … I saw his face when he spotted her though he covered it immediately … yes, it was the right thing to do, going and getting Liz

    6. It is plain that this whole incident with the car has shaken Liz badly

    7. together was shaken; and they were all filled with the Holy Spirit,

    8. of the situation as they left for home with a still shaken

    9. Gilla starts as though shaken by the reference to our relationship, but rushes off to do her bidding

    10. ‘I think Joris’ death has shaken him up both as a man and as a Gottesman

    11. Talking to Rob has shaken me

    12. She was a young girl of 14 summers, badly shaken by the loss of her entire family to a Scather raid

    13. ‘Well, I reckon she was pretty shaken by how much her dad had let the place go – not his fault, poor chap, his health had been terrible for some time and her mother was less than useless … an’ she was only a young woman

    14. Visibly shaken, Matai backed up to the wall and pressed himself against it

    15. heavens shall be shaken:

    16. Several of the tenants extremely shaken by the event – as though screaming would help! Decided that strong measures required – announced a midnight feast, and hauled them all into the common room for tea and cake, babes and all

    17. ‘Well, the yobs tried to break in late at night and although the police arrived in time and carted them off, several of the tenants were pretty shaken by the event

    18. The swiftness with which death could oust life had shaken him to the core

    19. ‘Why?’ Andy asked shaken by the sudden change of direction

    20. Mrs Brown, looking pale and shaken, was sipping a glass of water, perched on a chair near the door as though getting as far away from the horror at the end of the corridor as she could

    21. Ozzie’s reaction had shaken her

    22. In the moment that his thumb depresses the switch and light blossoms in the kitchen Ted's faith in boundaries is shaken to the core

    23. For the first time, James Middlesex was shaken out of his poise

    24. Though I’d been shaken by this conversation, I put it out of my head, determined to enjoy the rest of the day … I would think about the connotations later

    25. The carriage occupants were too shaken to help themselves, so it fell to George and Jameson, Belle, Titania and Hipolyta to send for the doctor, rescue the driver and passengers from their now very crumpled carriage, extricate the horses from their harnesses, right the nearly overturned carriage, remove the damaged carriage and still unhurt horse to the livery and lead away the injured horse

    26. Harold was thumped soundly upon his back and his hands were again shaken vigorously by both Harry and Mr

    27. Alan was shaken by the whole incident

    28. "Wait!" He called, too shaken by her abrupt departure to remember to take the truck out of gear before, reaching to pull her back in

    29. The janitor was visibly shaken by the conversation at Carl’s and he

    30. These things are so ingrained in us that they sometimes must be shaken and beaten out of us through unpleasant circumstances

    31. When she said good night, having filled his water-jug and shaken up his straw for him, Toad was very much the same happy, self- satisfied animal that he had been of old

    32. Everything will be shaken but that which is built on

    33. "Holmes!" "Can't you hear me, Holmes?" There was a rustling, as if he had shaken the sick man roughly by the shoulder

    34. shaken in times of trouble, for their hope is in God alone, and

    35. lead them into a relationship with God that will not be shaken

    36. although clearly shaken by recent events

    37. And one fine Sum day when all was humming with bees and sweet nectar the valley was shaken by a roaring that even made Granny look out of her kitchen window in suprise

    38. "One I shouldn't have played with," she said, too shaken to guard her words

    39. The other men had by now shaken the jelly from their hands and were earnestly looking for a door through which to escape

    40. She was shaken after the loss sand

    41. “Yes,” I said deeply shaken but presently relieved a little to find a

    42. and I was shaken to my foundations

    43. I am not shaken that easily, I must say, but this sound

    44. would have shaken the stoutest of soldiers, who sit calmly on our

    45. comforting fact was that I wasn’t the only one shaken; it had not

    46. He’s shaken, nervous and confused

    47. He picked up her clothes and put them next to her on the couch, visibly shaken by this unexpected turn of events

    48. The stunned young Nord just continued to stand by watching as his shaken commander unfolded the parchment and began to read the note

    49. Penelope had shaken the Altmer woman’s hand most languidly, which of course Elenwen answered with a hollow, “Poor thing, I cannot even imagine your heartache, gods be with you”

    50. Whatever his friend had seen had shaken her, evident in her voice and her bruised frame

    1. He shakes his head, pulls into a parking lot next to a hospital compound

    2. John shakes his head

    3. They watch him leave, then Zitteraal shakes his head, turns to John

    4. He shakes his head in confusion, slowly closes the door

    5. He shakes his head, gets back into the car

    6. John raises an eyebrow, shakes his head, looks at his watch

    7. John raises one hand, shakes his head in shock and

    8. Baker shakes his head

    9. John shakes his head and Baker leaves

    10. John just shakes his head slowly, clearly disturbed with things

    11. Enoch shakes his head sadly

    12. Weakly, John shakes his head from side to side, begins to cry

    13. She shakes her head

    14. She shakes her head sadly, pushes away

    15. He comes over and shakes hands with John

    16. He shakes his head, passes the bottle back to John

    17. He shakes his head

    18. John shakes his head, grins

    19. John shakes his head, walks out the door, living Rosita stroking Dave’ cheek

    20. (grins, shakes his head)

    21. Russ digs out a chaw of Redman, offers it to John, who shakes his head

    22. Ricci shakes his head, holds up his hands to calm Ahmed

    23. Workman 2 shakes his head

    24. Workman 1 shakes his head

    25. He pushes himself up sits, shakes his head groggily and looks about, reads the placard -- next to him -- that knocked him cold: "Islam is the Final Solution: For More Information, Contact Shaheet Islamic Center 325567

    26. Bolt shakes his head, grins stupidly

    27. Russ laughs, shakes his head

    28. Russ shakes his head, glances over at Abdullah, who is cleaning his ear with the barrel of his pistol

    29. ‘Yes … I mean, who would want to …’ she stops and shakes her head

    30. Ahmed yawns shakes his head, unconvinced but faltering

    31. The customs official looks at Russ askance, shakes his head, begins to stamp the passports

    32. The plane bounces and shakes through some bad turbulence as Russ snores while holding a drink in one hand

    33. He shakes his head in frustration, sighs, takes a deep breath

    34. The soldier shakes his head, points at his ear to show he doesn’t understand

    35. Bolt shakes his head

    36. Hamo points at a car in front of his, shakes his head in disgust

    37. She smirks, shakes her head

    38. Her artificial limbs would still work and the palsic shakes that came on would go away once she adjusted to them, but she wouldn't have the same fine control as before, not until the damaged interfaces were replaced back at Sagan

    39. It shakes the house and rattles the pictures on the walls

    40. He clicks his tongue against his teeth and shakes his head

    41. The hopelessness of our love has been a fact of life for so long that the possibility that it might not be as impossible as I thought shakes me to the core

    42. He shakes his head and starts re-applying himself to his maths

    43. it’s not quite six weeks … that shakes me – six weeks?

    44. ‘Isn’t there anything that you’re sentimentally attached to, Abi? Something which you had as a small child?’ I asked, concerned that the child was being too pragmatic, but she shakes her head

    45. He rises and shakes hands with them

    46. Sticking her head over the banister, she shakes her head and tells me that they are all in North Wales

    47. He pauses then suddenly shakes his head and grins at me in the mirror

    48. Simon holds his hands up and shakes his head, ‘Not my scene, Alastair!’ he chuckles as I mouth the word ‘coward’ at him

    49. “And he shakes all the time,” Cathy said, holding Twiggs

    50. He laughs and shakes his head at me

    1. “Is it a zombie?” he says, shaking

    2. ” Sam went to shower whilst Tatania arose from the massage table with some relief, shaking her head

    3. Who on earth enjoyed that? Her legs shaking from the unexpected stress, she made her way to her dressing room at the far end of the opulent suite

    4. Well? Well what? What was Henry doing here again? He looked down at his hand and saw the sales report clutched in a shaking, life threatening grip

    5. He’s always up at weird hours, shaking the web

    6. amazingly my hand is not shaking

    7. He was trying to project an aura of mild disappointment, like he was strong enough to take this, but Ava could see each piece of paper shaking as he put it back in its folder

    8. ’ I said, raising a shaking finger and pointing

    9. Violet tried clicking and shaking the reins

    10. And then she started shaking all over

    11. After shaking off the cobwebs in her head, Dizzie realizes she had the most fucked up dream in the history of dreams

    12. 'Dreadfully!' she agreed, shaking her head and pursing her lips

    13. a weak and thin smile, turned on his heels and walked back towards the bar shaking

    14. Annoyingly, my hand is shaking … that was unexpected to say the least

    15. shaking his head as he said, “See what I mean

    16. He was shaking

    17. He panted hard, still mired in the primeval floor, but managed to steel his shaking

    18. Russ smiles at Khalid, who is still shaking from the experience

    19. My breath was shaking

    20. She was shaking, Mum

    21. earth, shaking the foundations of the world to rubble, and finally, in the heart of

    22. I summoned a little of the anger in my blood, using the adrenalin as an antidote to the pain, and held out a shaking hand

    23. I caressed each object, staring at it, turning it over and over in my shaking hands, discovering the simple joy of some bright plastic birthday nothing as if for the very first time

    24. Jordo was the last to get there and when he did, Paladin, Dirty, Holdout and Gush stood in front of the window next to the airlock, shaking their heads

    25. ’ He said, standing and shaking my hand

    26. Then he turned towards the door, shaking his head

    27. We turned over completely, then surfed down it on the hull, then over again and this time it held us down for a long time, shaking us underwater

    28. When you are shaking from a deep-‐seated fear that grips

    29. A flood of marine shapes colonised the roaring seas, monsters roamed the earth, shaking the foundations of the world to rubble, and finally, in the heart of blackness that was a shallow echo of Smith’s loneliness, there was a dream of companionship

    30. shaking the dead heat

    31. His shaking hand fumbled through the shrieks

    32. Shaking with every flak burst, grinding out every second,

    33. The woman was shaking her head yes and pointing up

    34. Let’s go around him,” she said shaking her head

    35. She joined him shaking her head and laughing

    36. " Desa tried to sound calm but her shaking voice failed

    37. She was shaking her head, “you… you don’t understand Daniel,” she said softly and turned to leave

    38. “It’s no use…” shaking her head she took a step back and turned and darted down the hall, he heard her running down the stairs and then the back door slammed

    39. It took another claw at the spot where they'd climbed into the tree, then began rumbling off after the herd again, brushing against the trunk of the frond Alan was in and shaking it enough to almost knock him out of it

    40. Joris throws more and more absurd imprecations at his friend’s back, making me giggle even more - the only suggestion that Berndt can hear any of this being the occasional shaking of his shoulders as he fails to suppress his laughter at the ridiculous things being said

    41. Desa stopped shaking and finally let go of him

    42. The dirt all around him was shaking, and a whirlwind suddenly started above his head

    43. SAMANTHA: (shaking her head) No, no, no

    44. ’ He said warmly, holding out his hand and shaking us all by the hand as Berndt introduces us

    45. Sally smiled at Kate and bid her a silent ‘thank-you’ shaking her head

    46. ’ He said, shaking his waterproofs and dumping them in the corner of the room

    47. I was shaking with fear at first and angry because Uncle just stood laughing while Auntie showered me in kisses and shouted at him for failing to protect me

    48. After shaking hands and getting permission to leave my stuff in the bar, I moved off round the bay towards the distant beach

    49. ’ He said, shaking his head ruefully

    50. ” Andrew’s eyes were wide and Daniel could see that he was shaking with excitement

    1. earth being blessed, with salvation, God did shook the

    2. Schulz shook his head

    3. They shook at their perch and it wobbled loose

    4. Tobias shook his head

    5. Underling shook his head as he looked at what Henry would have to search through

    6. ” He shook his head and kicked the ground

    7. Ackers shook his head

    8. Brandon shook them off and sprinted to the auto shop

    9. Ackers shook his head as he switched off his database and computer, “If Agent Seventy-Seven has nothing to add to this mission except herself, then perhaps we don’t need any more of her help

    10. The Lord just shook his head and said, "What are you talking about? I sent two boats and a helicopter?"

    11. Johnny shook his head and followed after her

    12. Big Petey quickly shook his head, and then realized there was no point in hiding it

    13. “You haven’t even been alive for forty years,” Vinnie retorted as he shook his head in frustration

    14. After a couple of weeks he got over it and we settled down again, though he wasn’t interested in sex … I tried to seduce him a couple of times, but he just shook me off … not nastily or anything, just indifferent

    15. Johnny shook himself out of his thoughts to see that Ms

    16. The rifle never shook

    17. How excitin'!" She shook both fists in the air

    18. Her arms were folded as she still lingered at the table, she frowned and slowly shook her soft blond curls, "And I don't think those ghosts can help you

    19. The Lord just shook his head and said, "What are you talking about? I sent two boats and a helicopter!"

    20. whispered and shook their heads

    21. simply shook his head

    22. smiling at me, and then he shook his head

    23. Travis shook his head, rubbed his eyes

    24. "I was only 21 when they promoted me to regional manager, do you know what that's like?" I shook my head

    25. I shook my head

    26. shook it off and came back into the town where he was stoned and pro-

    27. Theo's gun shook in his hand

    28. He gagged, then shook his head

    29. Scientists nodded, theologians shook their heads

    30. Wambach’s nostrils flared as he shook his head

    31. Tig shook his head 2 degrees in either direction

    32. Then that sound, that inescapable sound in his head got louder until it shook what little he could still see into a blur

    33. He thought for a moment and then shook his head

    34. " She shook her head and exhaled

    35. My hands shook as I pulled the trainers on

    36. I cowered and shook

    37. To my utter surprise and absolute delight, Menachem simply took my outstretched hand in his, shook it vigorously and said in a strong and jovial voice, “Marwan

    38. Steven collected the breakfast trays, winked at us and shook his head

    39. It was Yankee Swamp Fever and Waldeis had transmitted it when they shook hands when they were both scratched from hunting in the brush

    40. The accountant shrugged his shoulders, took a packet of low tar cigarettes from his jacket pocket and offered one to his companion, who shook his head

    41. They hung together in their pleasure a little longer, then he got out, shook a little water off, put his clout back on, and strolled aft

    42. shook Nihar and Dolly from their slumber to step out of

    43. He motioned with the coffee pot asking if she wanted some, she shook her head no

    44. He took it in his and they shook on it

    45. backs and shook hands

    46. The whole house shook, several pictures fell off the walls, and she froze in mid step

    47. “Nice to see that you’re still with us Daniel,” they shook hands, and he tipped his cap to Kate

    48. ” She held her at arms length and shook her shoulders, “you know he is the one! And I know for sure that he’s mad for you! But I haven’t said a thing, not a word came from my lips!” She was smiling at her

    49. They all came up and wished them well, shook hands with Daniel, and kissed Kate on the cheek

    50. He picked it up and there was a slight electric shock and his body shook uncontrollably

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    Synonyms for "shake"

    shake wag waggle shiver tremble handclasp handshake handshaking trill milk shake milkshake shingle didder excite shake up stimulate stir rock sway agitate judder escape from shake off throw off vibrate quiver shudder flutter quake palpitate tremor shock convulsion ague disturbance wave flap flourish brandish disturb unsettle daunt intimidate frighten weaken enfeeble

    "shake" definitions

    building material used as siding or roofing

    frothy drink of milk and flavoring and sometimes fruit or ice cream

    a note that alternates rapidly with another note a semitone above it

    grasping and shaking a person's hand (as to acknowledge an introduction or to agree on a contract)

    a reflex motion caused by cold or fear or excitement

    causing to move repeatedly from side to side

    move or cause to move back and forth

    move with or as if with a tremor

    shake or vibrate rapidly and intensively

    move back and forth or sideways

    undermine or cause to waver

    stir the feelings, emotions, or peace of

    get rid of

    bring to a specified condition by or as if by shaking

    shake (a body part) to communicate a greeting, feeling, or cognitive state