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Mint in a sentence

Add the eggs and mint.
The mint looked to be.
Cost me a mint, too!.
These cards are in mint.
The car was in mint condition;.
He tasted like mint and tequila.
I�d rather have a mint instead.

Mint condition, never been played.
Not even if he could offer a mint.
Sorry I mint this coffeehouse!.
It’s calming and you smell of mint.
Lavender with a slight touch of mint.
And it was grape and mint flavoured too.
Back at the mint factory, an engine revs.
He handed me a mint green piece of paper.
They don't house a mint, or anything of.
Mint planted around the home repels flies.
Decorate with mint leaves just before serving.
Pour sauce over the top and garnish with a mint leaf.
Add a lemon slice and the remaining mint, and serve.
I smell his breathing; a mixture of mint and whisky.
Would you like a breath mint? the driver offered.
Grate cucumber and slice mint leaves into thin pieces.
He jumped when Mori threw a mint humbug at the glass.
Double dip chocolate mint for me, she announced.
Mutually, they had mint green eyes, with honeydew hair.
Mint! Decidedly mint! I have learnt about it, you know.
The smell of water mint filled all the hydrophanic air.
Hey, can you taste mint in this? said Tom to Jane.
Mint is traditionally used in animal feeds as an appetiser.
Add the marinade, coriander, mint and chillies, the fried.
Serve with crushed ice in a tall glass with a sprig of mint.
We just took in this mint Bluewater yacht that is incredible.
And the gold and the silver that would flow into the mint!.
We rode some rides and got mint chocolate chip ice cream cones.
Newton became Warden of the Royal Mint in 1696 and in 1703 was.
He tells me that he loves me, his breath laced with strong mint.
A piece of celery may be added to give flavor, or a little mint.
I shuddered, although he tasted faintly of mint and nothing else.
She had short blonde hair, and a curved body and mint green eyes.
Minting Corporation of India Ltd.
At that point the Government started minting new coins in the.
From it he took something which glinted dully in the mellow light—a broad gold coin of antique minting.
Brooke's success must depend either on plumpers which would leave Bagster in the rear, or on the new minting of Tory votes into reforming votes.
How do we justify the exploitation of poor, wastage of food, raping women, killing people, settling disputes through war, grabbing land to build temples, churches, mosques in God’s name and minting money on the name of faith and so on.
The most surprising thing had been Dimarico's disclosure of an extensive minting operation by four different stamping operations—unknown to one another so as to prevent the loss of the entire silver hoard should part come to light and be interfered with by someone in authority.
That’s a surprise to me, that we’re minting our own money! Mark noted as he took a quick look at one of the coins, struck on one side with a bust portrait of he and Talia wearing similar ornate crowns and smiling into each other’s eyes, and on the other with a map of the island with the sword-star of Hilia in the center.
Sadly, the Money minted.
For al the money printed or minted.
The Currency and Coins minted by Nation’s.
England is the world of minted lamb and peas.
His newly minted wedding ring caught the sunlight.
Frank looked around at the sea of newly minted foot soldiers.
I looked up on the Internet the year the Krugerrand was minted.
For the sake of convenience ordinary minted coins were eventually put.
As I cross the street I see a set of footprints in the freshly minted.
Out rode the newly minted Constable on his beautiful dinosaur Camellia.
And now your rulers' faces minted with the motto, 'Guaranteed by God'.
Fornication was the minted coin of the land, and masturbation its handmaiden.
A ship carrying newly minted sovereigns would be in pretty close to Aggadeh itself.
The newly minted widow closed the phone and mentally rehearsed what she was going to say.
One thousand one ounce gold Hilian Crowns, the first coins minted as Hilian currency.
Are not fair weather there and rain and minted silver coins lost in a high new grass?
They were the texts of the years when the coins had been minted and passed through different hands.
Words used to me at work by a young, newly minted attorney roughly forty years my junior, a few years ago.
Then, each newly minted but lesser king, in his own way, strayed further afield than had the father, Solomon.
Andre handed the coin to him and Olin observed that the entire motto minted onto the coin was "God zij met ons".
Two young men, recently minted medical professionals, currently resident of Boston, met the bus when it arrived at the temple.
Frosty minted drinks of a golden nectar appeared on the glass table at the corner between their seats when they looked for them.
Ancient cults of the goddess temples minted money, and then put the image of its patron deity on the coin to guarantee fineness.
Foreign coins not minted by the United States were never put back into circulation but were sold by the jewelery stores, for a nominal.
When the minted gold in the vault smiles like the night-watchman's daughter, When warrantee deeds loafe in chairs opposite and are my friendly.
Their religious fervor for minted gold runs in the invisible traces of Ahab's equally religious fervor for the true wounds and the true blood of the Beast.
Suddenly I knew that if I should seize the captain’s dark machine electric lenses, behind them I would find eyes the color of minted silver, of fish that had never been born.
By adding a new block of transactions to the blockchain, the miner who added the block is rewarded with newly minted bitcoins (as well as old bitcoins in the form of transaction fees).
Various newly minted billionaires paid huge amounts of capital gain taxes, and the tax base was broadened, as a new industry created demand for highly skilled, and mostly well paid, workers.
I do not see the justice of my never making more than $100k in this materialistic world where newly minted masters of the universe on Wall Street and kids right out of law school make $150k.
During the late 1990s, at the height of the stock market bubble, there was a constant stream of media stories describing in great detail the wealth and lifestyles of the newly minted Silicon Valley millionaires.
But the newly minted literalist interpretation also referred to in another previous chapter seems to have been made without reference to the God is spirit declaration made within the context that it was taken from.
Modern conventions have apparently lost its (reasoned) capacity to appreciate, at their face value, the (potential) pitfalls of unbecoming attitudes although (seemingly) encouraging the flaunting of anti-social behavior that is typically provided refuge in recently minted (psychogenic) disorders.
Out around the lake was a hunting-lodge ruin where wild horses might plunge through minted shadow to sink away in green-water grasses by yet further cold ponds and single graves of daughters whose sins were so rank they were driven forth even in death to the wilderness, sunk traceless in the gloom.
Still somewhat dazed by the unfolding of the events that allowed him to suddenly possess fifty thousand dollars in cash, Preacher Cooper slowly opened the satchel to glance inside at the motley assembly of currency, some crisp as though they had just been minted and some worn and dirty with years of abuse, that had been collected and neatly stacked inside the bag.
Not only did she have a sun-metal face stamped and beaten out of purest gold, with delicate nostrils and a mouth that was both firm and gentle, but her eyes, fixed into their sockets, were cerulean or amethystine or lapus lazuli, or all three, minted and fused together, and her body was covered over with lions and eyes and ravens, and her hands were crossed upon her carved bosom and in one gold mitten she clenched a thonged whip for obedience, and in the other a fantastic ranunculus, which makes for obedience out of love, so the whip lies unused….
Add some mints.
He pulled out a pack of mints.
Similar mints are also effective.
Homemade mints can be frozen well in.
He shrugged, pulling out a packet of mints.
Allow individual mints to air dry for 2 hours.
She had little white mints in nearly all her.
Many couples want to have mints and nuts to go along with the cake.
The waiter returned moments later with the check and a handful of mints.
Fischer with a small box of chocolate mints accompanied by a sympathy card.
I must not leave it to be supposed that we were ever a great House, or that we made mints of money.
This is fine, but you should buy the nuts in bulk from a warehouse store, and make the mints yourself.
These party mints are great for special occasions, and they can be made ahead of time for convenience.
For example, you can say to yourself, When I reach into my pocket there will be a box of mints in there.
Wrigley's brands include the Juicy Fruit, Orbit and Eclipse gums, Life Savers hard candies and Altoids mints.
About the end of the fifth century a coinage was issued from these mints which is ascribed to uncertain satraps.
Or unlike them, who knows? And where has Mercer gone? To the top of the giant O of the Knickerbocker Mints sign.
But, first, We cannot always judge of the value of the current money of different countries by the standard of their respective mints.
Stepping into the stable Adam was engulfed by warmth, he stroked the horse's ears as it snuffled in his jacket pockets for pony nuts and mints.
It was, however, one of the boys who urged them onward, as he said he smelled on the air flowers that reminded him of mints and beckoned them forward with but a wave of his hand.
Ignoring the nervous butterflies in my stomach and a nagging feeling that this might not be the right way to finally initiate my sex life, I grabbed the mints and my new find, and headed back to Toby's room.
The satrap Tiribazus employed the mints at Issus, at Soli and Mallus; the satrap Pharnabazus established his mints in various cities in Cilicia, particularly at Nagidus; Datamus also issued coinage in Cilicia.
This game goes into high gear during the week or two prior to option expiration, when the floor mints money out of thin air, selling naked puts and calls that have almost no chance of reaching their exercise price.
Before the reformation of the silver coin in King William's time, exchange between England and Holland, computed in the usual manner, according to the standard of their respective mints, was five-and twenty per cent.
THE PLACE IN QUESTION WAS A SOOTY FACTORY in the old industrial district west of the Port Authority; from street level, you could see the tops of rusty letters spelling out Knickerbocker Mints welded to a scaffold on the roof.
Nisha Gandhe, mid forties, head-turningly attractive, even dressed down in cotton shirt, T-shirt, and jeans, marveled that her boss could be an investigative genius and still not know that breath mints were useless at disguising the smell of whisky.
We know that Datames succeeded Pharnabazus in the command of the Persian armies, their coins then must have been struck under the same circumstances and in the same mints, that is, in the ports of Cilicia where preparations were made for the expedition against Egypt.
Though the current coin of the two countries, therefore, were equally near the standards of their respective mints, a sum of English money could not well purchase a sum of French money containing an equal number of ounces of pure silver, nor, consequently, a bill upon France for such a sum.
The former pay in a species of money, of which the intrinsic value is always the same, and exactly agreeable to the standard of their respective mints ; the latter is a species of money, of which the intrinsic value is continually varying, and is almost always more or less below that standard.
Supposing the current money of the two countries equally near to the standard of their respective mints, and that the one pays foreign bills in this common currency, while the other pays them in bank money, it is evident that the computed exchange may be in favour of that which pays in bank money, though the real exchange should be in favour of that which pays in current money; for the same reason that the computed exchange may be in favour of that which pays in better money, or in money nearer to its own standard, though the real exchange should be in favour of that which pays in worse.

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