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Lot in a sentence

1. I had a lot of.
2. I owe him a lot.
3. Not a lot of snow.
4. I missed by a lot.
5. I liked him a lot.
6. That is a lot of.
7. Also on a lot of.

8. We miss that a lot.
9. He taught me a lot.
10. A lot of times he.
11. Not a lot to go on.
12. There is a huge lot.
13. To know quite a lot.
14. Guess I have a lot.
15. She had a lot more.
16. I always spent a lot.
17. I use a lot of his.
18. So Lot was a judge.
19. A lot of the times.
20. Maybe he drums a lot.
21. This takes a lot of.
22. And a whole lot more.
23. He did a lot of good.
24. Make me scream a lot.
25. There were a lot of.
26. You have a lot of it.
27. I missed you a lot!.
28. I have a lot to learn.
29. At Varkiza, a lot of.
30. The misfit of the lot.
31. They missed you a lot.
32. A lot of guys say that.
33. He had a lot of cards.
34. It means a lot to her.
35. It was a lot to accept.
36. That is a lot of evil.
37. A lot of stuff happens.
38. We did a lot of walked.
39. Alan's been thru a lot.
40. That means a lot to me.

Unfortunately we have no example sentences for this word yet.

1. So there are great people in this country but then there are to many others that lotted that area and robbed homes and stores.
1. He saw lots of space.
2. I have lots of wool.
3. I wish lots of things.
4. Lots and lots of them.
5. He knew lots of girls.
6. But with lots to tell.
7. Lots of air and light.
8. I'd have lots more fun.
9. Lots and lots of zeros.
10. At that time, lots of.
11. Lots and lots of money.
12. I have lots of friends.
13. Lots of people knew it.
14. Lots of players do that'.
15. Lots and Lots of Jargons.
16. He has lots of help.
17. So lots of cover (live.
18. We had consumed lots of.
19. Could be lots of things.
20. She has lots of journals.
21. Lots and lots of children.
22. Shoes (and lots of them).
23. And was taking down lots.
24. There are still lots of.
25. Lots of pantomime ensued.
26. Lots of people hate math.
27. Lots of opportunity here.
28. Lots of motivation there.
29. There are lots of reasons.
30. He owes me lots of money.
31. Lots of gamblers do that.
32. Lots of scenarios could.
33. She was lots of fun, but.
34. She told me lots, my boy.
35. I bet there’s lots of.
36. There were lots of armed.
37. They usually have lots of.
38. We’ll need lots of luck.
39. We have water, lots of it.
40. Yeah, lots of relatives.

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