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Fuck in a sentence | fuck example sentences

  1. I need to fuck you.
  2. You want to fuck me.
  3. Now shut the fuck up.
  4. So dood what the fuck.
  5. Fuck, I have a scar.
  6. I hope the fuck not.
  7. But who gives a fuck.
  8. Fuck it, let's do it.
  9. He told me to fuck off.
  10. Now fuck off out of it.
  11. I am not a trophy fuck.
  12. Snap the fuck out of it.
  13. Do not fuck with me.
  15. Holy fuck, he was huge.
  16. Fuck off, you old git.
  17. Where the fuck is it?
  18. Fuck it fuck it fuck it.
  19. What the fuck you know.
  20. Fuck, I wish I was rich.
  21. I need to fuck her now.
  22. Finally, I said, Fuck it.
  23. Come the fuck on Charlie.
  24. Where the fuck did you.
  25. Holy fuck, it's a fairy.
  26. Shut the fuck up, Scott.
  28. Fuck! I hoped that was it.
  29. I should fuck you instead.
  30. Fuck me and stop acting.
  31. Oh, fuck you, I snap.
  32. Fuck ‘em! They can wait.
  33. You owe me another fuck.
  34. What the fuck could it be?
  35. Now you ask me to fuck you.
  36. True enough, but fuck ‘em.
  37. Don't fuck with a witch!!.
  38. Your time ran the fuck out.
  39. The memory of the Fuck Queen.
  40. Fuck, this house is amazing.
  41. No, don’t stop now, Fuck!.
  42. What the fuck was I doing?
  43. You can all fuck yourselves.
  44. Oh, fuck, said the sim.
  45. Fuck the time we wasted!.
  46. Fuck me, Hunter, fuck me.
  47. What the fuck have I done?
  48. Aadi- "What the fuck guys!".
  49. Fuck Liam, not another cat.
  50. Her throat is worth a fuck.
  51. Oh, fuck them, he said.
  52. Fuck love, it just takes it.
  53. That fat blubber fuck shit.
  54. It was letting him fuck her.
  55. Fuck his stupid team policy.
  56. To compete with FUCK Inc.
  57. Fuck your mother raw, Wash.
  58. Get the fuck away from me.
  59. What the fuck was going on?
  60. Fuck the daughter first and.
  61. Fuck me, he says softly.
  62. Tell me you’ll fuck her.
  63. Let's find the Albanian Fuck.
  64. My conclusion was Fuck it.
  65. We have not seen them fuck.
  66. Just fuck off, will you.
  67. He told me to fuck myself.
  68. Up and out the fuck with you.
  69. You know what, fuck you!.
  70. Who the fuck is this?
  71. Holy fuck – it’s exciting.
  72. Well, what the fuck was that?
  73. What the fuck did that mean?
  74. He just freaked the fuck out.
  75. What the fuck you want?
  76. No tracks? What the fuck? He.
  77. What the fuck is this?
  78. This pot is a total mind fuck.
  79. He told the CO to fuck off.
  80. What the fuck was i thinking?
  81. Fuck the hell out of me, baby.
  82. What the fuck? I mumbled.
  83. Who the fuck are you?!.
  84. Most of all he had to fuck off.
  85. Baker, just what in the fuck.
  86. Drink it and shut the fuck up.
  88. What the fuck? Ed asked.
  89. Fuck! What is wrong with me?
  90. What the fuck are you?
  91. What the fuck? Pam asked.
  92. Don’t fuck around with me.
  93. I’m sorry for the fuck up.
  94. He was going to fuck it all up.
  95. What the fuck? Jeff said.
  96. How the fuck does she do that?
  97. He told the OIC to fuck off.
  98. What the fuck? Henry said.
  99. Fuck me? Fuck you! ’ And he.
  100. The joint is one big head fuck.

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